Friday, October 20, 2017

Terrifying Paranormal Video That Will Make You Believe in The Afterlife

Tyler's Kiln Hunted? 

Disturbing Video... (WARNING)


Recordings of strange happenings at The Tyler's Kiln pub have left staff and regulars a little fearful.
The owners of a pub in the British city of Canterbury say that the movement's sensors have picked up things that move in the dark of night, prompting suspicion that the establishment is haunted, reports Kent Online.
The videos of strange events at The Tyler's Kiln pub have left staff and regulars with a little fear. Employees have reported on shadows that pass through the doors, glasses falling off the shelves and lights that mysteriously light up, according to the medium.

The number of incidents is such that a local paranormal research group claims to be willing to conduct an inspection at the pub. The owner, Allister Collins, put together a video using clips from the local security cameras for a period of two months since August 4.
In the recording you see how the chairs move mysteriously, the doors of the living room open and an umbrella unfolds alone.
Collins says he "always listened to stories about his pub being haunted." In addition, the owner of The Tyler's Kiln was overwhelmed by the interest in the video, which was posted on the pub page on Facebook. "It was quite surprising how many reactions there were."

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