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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sparkol Videoscribe v2.1 Full Release

Sparkol Videoscribe v2.1

 VideoScribe 2.1 is here


January 2015 following a 2-month beta period, during which we as kedfor your feedback on the new version. The full release includes anumber of brand new features and a host of improvements to existing VideoScribe functionality. Read on to find out more.

2.1. Here’s how we’ve improved the software. 

Brand new features

1) Animated GIFs – use in your scribes 

Choose from the 200 new GIFs available in the image library or import your own. You can also adjust the length of each GIF’s loop and have several running at once.

2) Charts and graphs – create from your data click the charts and graphs icon, enter your data, choose a pie, bar or line chart, select your colour scheme and VideoScribe formats it into a unique graph for you.

3) Rulers and guidelines – be more precise 

Drag the ruler down or across to create guidelines for a more precise placement of your text and image elements.

4) New controls – save valuable time

Double-click on an element to bring up its properties – no need to select it from the timeline and click on the ‘change properties’ icon.

5) People images – hundreds more added.

Use one of the 47 new people characters, each available in 10 poses. That’s over 400 new people images.

6) Hands – use 13 new styles

Choose from 13 new hand styles with a mix of old and young, male and female and a variety of skin tones. 

Improved functionality

1) Colour palette – wider range added

A more diverse range of colours has been made available for your text and image silhouettes.

2) File finder – remembers where you last saved

Version 2.1 remembers the last place you exported a scribe to, so you won’t have to specify the location all over again.

3) Stability and recovery – log back in immediately

You can now log back in immediately if a crash occurs, instead of having to wait 5 minutes before getting back to your scribe.

4) ‘Move-in’ – images move on axis

The move-in function now forces images to move along their axis, instead of moving from the centre-edge of the canvas.

5) Fonts – optimised for faster upload

The font import process is now quicker and more memory efficient.

Sound effects are temporarily switched off

Your feedback about the sound effects feature told us that it wasn’t working as well as it should. So we’ve removed this feature from 2.1 while we fix it.

Well make sound effects available again as soon as the feature is ready – expected in time for version 2.2.

Any sound effects that you saved while using the 2.1 beta will not be available in the full version of 2.1

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