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Wednesday, February 3, 2016


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As has been denouncing, among others, the researcher Jon Rappoport in his last articles, the Zika virus possibly being used as a cover to hide the damage caused by corporate agribusiness giants that are causing a surge in cases of microcephaly certain areas of Brazil.
The Zika, which is known to exist for decades, would thus become the perfect cover to avoid facing the overpriced responsibilities arising from the damage caused by the monstrous consumption of highly toxic pesticides in Brazil.
In his third article on the Zika, Rappoport focuses on one of the potential causes of the many cases of children born with brain damage and microcephaly in Brazil.
And it turns out that another potential cause of such damages, are genetically modified mosquitoes that have been released in Brazil in 2012, in order to decimate the population of mosquitoes that transmit dengue, Zika, yellow fever and chikungunya.
They genetically modified mosquitoes that now tell us they want to "solve the problem".
As they told in RT: "From the first moment arose concerns about the release of these genetically modified mosquitoes without conducting further studies on possible side effects."
"It's a very experimental approach has not been successful and can cause more harm than good," he said in 2012 Dr. Helen Wallace, director of GeneWatch institute, told the Guardian.
Dra. Helen Wallace
Dra. Helen Wallace
The first human cases of Zika were documented in Brazil last May, estimated today that 1.5 million people would be infected.
Critics of the company Oxitec, producing these genetically modified mosquitoes, remember that the area where they were released OX513A transgenic mosquitoes is the same where the spread of the virus began.
And it is in fact the same area of ​​Brazil (Juazeiro), where now most birth defects are reported.
Since the beginning of the outbreak have been reported in Brazil more than 4,000 cases of babies born with microcephaly since last October.
All this should be considered a crucial clue for scientists and should have been the first thing that would have indicated the media, rather than contribute to paranoia to a virus, Zika, from which there is no scientific evidence to cause microcephaly.
But let's talk for a moment Oxitec company, which released these transgenic mosquitoes.
To begin, note that Oxitec, aid has Bill Gates for his experiments, which to properly informed about the true intentions of Bill Gates eugenicists people, is a very bad sign.
Oxitec is owned by Intrexon, which is owned by billionaire Kirk J Randal.
Randal J Kirk
Randal J Kirk
Intrexon is developing technology that uses synthetic biology and biological engineering, to make "progress" in many fields, from pharmaceuticals to genetically modified plants and animals. The company has development agreements with AquaBounty, which in turn produces genetically modified salmon.
Recall that the main controversy surrounding the production of genetically modified plants and animals is that there is no independent rigorous study to ensure they are safe for consumption and will not have negative effects on the environment.
As stated Jon Rappoport, Intrexon has the famous Dr. Sam Broder as Vice President of the Health Sector.
Dr. Sam Broder
Dr. Sam Broder
For six years, Broder was the Director of the National Cancer Institute in the US where he was a key impetus for the AIDS drug, AZT piece. This drug had initially failed chemotherapy treatments, was taken again and underwent a trial riddled with scandals, which led to its approval by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of USA).
According says Rappoport, AZT is extremely toxic. Prevents human cells from replicating and suppresses the immune system, that is, the same system is supposed to AIDS is attacking.
The November 28, 2011, Intrexon welcomed two new executives to the board of the company: Robert B. Shapiro and Jeffrey B. Kindler.
Shapiro was the former CEO of Monsanto and NutraSweet (aspartame manufacturer controversial, a highly toxic sweetener contained in many soft drinks).
Robert B. Shapiro
Robert B. Shapiro
Meanwhile, Kindler was the former CEO of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and executive vice president and general counsel of McDonald's.
Jeffrey B. Kindler
Jeffrey B. Kindler
That is, people "of confidence in the field of public health" related nothing more and nothing less than:
With the commercialization of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide carcinogen
-The Toxic Aspartame, which causes obesity, metabolic syndrome and cancer
-The Anti-inflammatory Bextra (valdecoxib), linked to severe allergic reactions and heart attacks in patients and prompting Pfizer had to pay a fine of 2.3 billion dollars for criminal behavior to market it ...
And of course:
-The McDonald's junk food, which has caused so much harm to health of several generations.
These people, with a "so prominent curriculum" were responsible for directing the company Oxitec when genetically modified mosquitoes were released to fight dengue ... no comment.
In an article published on Activist Post, Claire Bernish reveals a little-known connection mosquitoes with antibiotics used in the livestock industry.
Recall that the scientific hypothesis that justifies the use of genetically modified mosquitoes, provides that the transgenic male mosquito to natural inseminating females, but not proliferate any real generation of mosquitoes beyond the larval stage, because the modified genes.
But asserts Claire Bernish in his article: "According to an unclassified document of the Commission Directorate for Trade and Agriculture of Brazil, dated February 2015, Brazil is the third largest consumer of tetracycline, an antibiotic that is supplied animals through food.
As a study by the American Society of Agronomy, he explains: "It is estimated that approximately 75% of antibiotics are not absorbed by the animals and excreted in waste"
One of antibiotics specifically named in the report for their persistence in the environment is precisely tetracycline, which can be found in soil, surface water and some food.
And what is the net effect?
A confidential internal company document released in 2012 Oxitec own clarifies us Oxitec recognizes that up to 15% of the larvae could survive.
What conclusion does all this?
Well, we have some genetically modified mosquitoes released into the environment, which are supposed to die alone, but in reality, due to contamination of food and water caused by tetracycline antibiotic, could survive in its larval stage, causing the birth of generations of descendants of normal mosquitoes and mosquitoes genetically modified mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes, which, incidentally, are not only vectors of dengue, but also Zika.
Has anyone studied what effects on human health can be bitten by one of those hybrid mosquito-ups?
The answer is loud and clear: a resounding no.
Well, if we consider that the epidemic of cases of microcephaly are produced in precisely the same area of ​​Brazil where these mosquitoes were released, we find a possible cause-effect that nobody seems willing to take into account relationship.
Could it be that genetically modified mosquitoes released by Oxitec own with support from the Brazilian authorities, the perpetrators of these terrible effects and self outbreak of cases of Zika?
Does the Zika virus itself is being used as a cover to hide the true causes of the epidemic of cases of microcephaly among neonates?
What is clear is that there is not a single scientific evidence linking the Zika virus with 4000 cases of microcephaly appeared in Brazil since October. Not one.
There is nothing to justify that after 60 years of knowledge of the existence of Zika virus, suddenly such epidemic outbreak occurs and appear effects hitherto unknown and never reported before.
The only difference between now and decades ago, is the obvious temporal and physical overlap between the occurrence of these cases of microcephaly and record consumption of highly toxic pesticides in Brazil in the past, the application of Tdap in pregnant women in Brazil ( initiated in 2014 against the warnings of the manufacturers) and the release of genetically modified mosquitoes company Oxitec and the probable creation of hybrid mosquitoes whose effect on the environment and human health is absolutely unknown.
Why such evidence to the media obediently follow repeating bullish WHO official version that is not based on scientific evidence and elude talk about these obvious signs?
Where are the journalists, those people who spend four years studying at a college and are supposed to communicate the truth about the facts in the population?
How is it possible that none of them see the elephant in the room?

What is clear is that if it were shown that the epidemic of cases of microcephaly pesticide is due to vaccines or genetically modified mosquitoes, large companies should face huge fines and compensation.
However, if you are it blames a virus (which had long been there and that no case to have a lower incidence), big companies can get on with your business and even expand, bringing alleged solutions to the epidemic, as vaccines and release of more genetically modified mosquitoes, always with the support of the mafia entity serving the major economic powers called WHO.
And it's not just a matter of business and gain obscene amounts of money.
We are also to maneuver a large-scale social manipulation.
They are laying the foundations of the world of the future, a technocratic dictatorship in which we are all subjected to the designs of the new priests, who no longer wear robes, but white coats and to which we must obey blindly to be the bearers of the "truth absolute most indisputable. "
The priesthood of the New World Order
The priesthood of the New World Order
They are the most visible face of power and authority in the new regime and dictate the future of populations and individuals.
These new priests acquire multiple ways: they are doctors, physicists, chemists, biologists and economists.
When they enact "epidemic" everyone should be vaccinated when they decreed that something is "disease" everyone should take this medication when they decreed "crisis" everyone must tighten their belts and stop using or increase the consumption as appropriate.
We are now accustomed to obey them, year after year, by a thousand and one unfounded terror campaigns presented as the only saving line that separates us from disaster or even the apocalypse.
Has anybody noticed that for some years over here, every season a new disease appears trendy capacity to become "global epidemic"?
Bird flu, SARS, swine flu, swine flu, MERS, superbugs, Ebola and now Zika ...
Not only is using the Zika virus as more than possible cover to hide unwanted effects caused by large companies (if not caused voluntarily), but also all part of a long-term agenda.
Is anyone willing to see the elephant in the room?

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