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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dick Clark New Year's Eve 2012: Host Celebrates 40 Years Of 'New Year's Rockin' Eve'

Dick Clark New Years

Dick Clark has become synonymous with New Year's Eve, so it's no surprise the renowned television host is back to ring in 2012 and celebrate the 40th anniversary of his iconic program, "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve."
Clark will once again make an appearance alongside Ryan Seacrest on the annual ABC special, set to air beginning at 10 p.m. EST on Dec. 31.
Seacrest has been co-hosting the extravaganza since 2005, the year after Clark suffered a stroke that impaired his speech, according to People magazine.
Friend and fellow television host Regis Philbin filled in for Clark in 2004, CNN reports.
But since then, health troubles haven't stopped the indefatigable 82-year-old Clark from taking an active role in his show's production.
"This is very important to him. This is one of his children," producer Larry Klein told the Associated Press.
Saturday's program will recap highlights from the last 40 years of the show.
"The army of talent we had join us over the years has truly been outstanding, and this year we top it off with an appearance by Lady Gaga," Clark told ABC. "'New Year's Rockin' Eve 2012' promises to be one of the most exciting ever, and I'm proud to be part of the team."
In an email interview with USA Today, Clark said he's hosted a number of memorable New Year's Eve celebrations, but he called festivities following the Sept. 11 attacks "the most nerve-racking."
As for Seacrest, the longtime "American Idol" host has no problem sharing the spotlight with the man he watched on television as a child.
"He still runs the show. He'll make as many appearances as he wants, and I kind of just stand there and take the ball when he passes it," Seacrest told ABC News.
With temperatures forecast to be in the 40s, a record crowd of nearly one million people are expected to gather in Times Square to watch the ball make its iconic descent.

2012 fireworks around the world

Fireworks to welcome in New Year

31 December 2011 Last updated at 11:25 GMT
Revellers around the world are celebrating the end of 2011 and starting to see in 2012.

Bad weather prompted some New Zealand planners to cancel outdoor events, but a fireworks display off Auckland's Sky Tower started at midnight (1100 GMT).

Sydney was up next, with a spectacular display set to music in the city's world famous harbour.
In Tokyo, people released helium balloons in front of the Tokyo Tower at midnight with notes attached listing their hopes for 2012.
In Hong Kong the countdown to 2012 was made in giant illuminated numbers on the side of a skyscraper facing the harbour.
And Dubai welcomed 2012 with a firework display around the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Revellers around the world are celebrating the end of 2011 and are seeing in 2012.
Sydney heralded the new year with a 15-minute multi-million dollar firework display at midnight (13:00 GMT).
In Dubai an extravagant pyrotechnic display lit up the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, with fireworks spouting from the top floor.
Celebrations are now taking place in Europe, with large crowds on the streets in many cities.
Thousands of people gathered in Red Square in Moscow to witness a firework display at midnight, although alcohol was banned to prevent the festivities getting out of hand.
Heavy rain dampened the celebrations in the Turkish city of Istanbul, but the main square in the Ukrainian capital Kiev was illuminated with an array of colourful lights and fireworks.
The first places to celebrate were Samoa and Tokelau after they jumped across the international dateline.

As the clock struck midnight at the end of 29 December, the two South Pacific island nations fast-forwarded to 31 December, missing out on 30 December entirely.
Tourists and locals partied throughout Saturday as Samoa revelled in being the first country to ring in the new year, rather than the last.
Hopes and fears
In Tokyo, people released helium balloons in front of the Tokyo Tower at midnight with notes attached listing their hopes for 2012.
Many wished for a better year, following the earthquake and tsunami that brought devastation to the north-east of Japan in 2011.
"I hope it will be a year full of smiles. For those who are crying now, I hope they'll be smiling too," said 21-year-old Horie Soichiro.
Days after the death of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, the authorities issued a New Year message urging people to back his son and successor, Kim Jong-un.
"The whole party, the entire army and all the people should possess a firm conviction that they will become human bulwarks and human shields in defending Kim Jong-un unto death," it said.
A downbeat tone was reflected in the new year's message of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said 2012 would be more difficult than 2011, but hoped Europe's debt crisis would bring its member states closer.
In a televised message marking the start of an election year in France, President Nicolas Sarkozy, issued a similar warning, but tried to remain upbeat.
"We have to be courageous and we have to be lucid. What is happening in the world announces that 2012 will be a year full of risks but also full of possibilities," he said.
For his part, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who starts his second term on Sunday, said he hoped the new year would continue the move towards democracy that protesters had started during the so-called Arab Spring in 2011.
For the UK, meanwhile, New Year's Eve is just the start of a year of festivities that will include the Queen's diamond jubilee and the London Olympics.
In Brazil, revellers are set to enjoy a fireworks display on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.
And hundreds of thousands will pack into New York's Times Square later for the ceremonial ball-dropping at midnight.
Musical medley
Sydney's firework spectacular had the theme "Time to Dream", which producer Aneurin Coffey said was about giving people a chance to put a bad year behind them.
An estimated million-strong crowd watched the pyrotechnics around Sydney Harbour Bridge, which were accompanied by a medley of wild animal sounds and pop music.
Some of the fireworks resembled waterfalls, rainbows and clouds - which Mr Coffey said was "because every cloud has a silver lining".
Bad weather prompted some New Zealand planners to cancel outdoor events, but a low-key fireworks display went ahead at Auckland's Sky Tower.
Heavy rain meant celebrations in Palmerston North, Mount Maunganui, Rotorua and on Wellington's waterfront were called off, the New Zealand Herald reported.
"We hate having to cancel events but especially for something like New Year's Eve," Wellington's events manager Lauren Fantham told the paper.
"We'd rather have people safe inside somewhere than catching colds from a cold wet southerly," she explained.



Lindsay Lohan Playboy photo

Lo and behold ... the only surviving shot from the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photo shoot that hasn't been touched up by professionals ... and it might be the best one of the entire spread. 

The pic was taken behind the scenes during Lindsay's 2-day shoot back in November -- right before she disrobed for a Marilyn Monroe-inspired spread.

The final shoots were leaked onto the web yesterday -- and while Lindsay looks good, it's obvious they were photoshopped like a mutha. 

So, we gotta ask ... 

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Camera Falls At Insight Bowl: Iowa, Oklahoma Players Not Harmed By Skycam Accident (VIDEO)

TEMPE, Ariz. — Flying cameras have been providing unique perspectives on everything from golf to college and professional football for more than a decade, becoming so commonplace that fans rarely notice the whizzing remote-controlled devices.
At the Insight Bowl on Friday night, no one could miss the overhead camera when it came crashing down to the field late in the fourth quarter, nearly taking out one of the players.
The ESPN camera narrowly missed Iowa receiver Martin McNutt Jr., who became entangled in the guide wire but wasn't hurt.
"First, I looked: `What is it that fell from the sky?'" McNutt said after Iowa's 31-14 loss to No. 19 Oklahoma. "The next thing I know, the camera kind of scratched me a little bit. It was just pulling me and I knew I didn't want to keep going with it."
The camera at the Insight Bowl was supplied by SkyCam, a division of Winnercomm, Inc., a sports production and development company in Tulsa, Okla. According to the company's website, SkyCam is the only stabilized camera system in the world that can unobtrusively fly anywhere in a defined three-dimensional space.
"We apologize for the accident," ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said Saturday. "The independent company that operates SkyCam for us is in the midst of a thorough review to determine the cause of the problem. We will work with them and bowl officials to determine our future course of action. As always our primary concern will be the safety of fans and those on the field."
ESPN has consistently used the cameras for football coverage, making it a staple of "Monday Night Football." The cameras also have been used occasionally in the NBA, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA basketball, baseball and at the island-green 17th hole at the TPC Sawgrass during The Players Championship.
The cameras, despite flying over the playing field, have rarely interfered with the action.
In 2007, a cable camera was forced to make a controlled descent during an NFL game between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks from what was called human error.

At the 2009 Las Vegas bowl between BYU and Oregon State, the overhead camera reportedly had to be taken down due to wind gusts of around 40 mph.
The incident at the Insight Bowl occurred with Iowa trying to rally from a 10-point deficit in the closing minutes.
While lining up for a play near the 20-yard line at the south end of Sun Devil Stadium, two Hawkeyes had to jump out of the way when the camera fell when the wire appeared to snap with 2:22 left.
McNutt dodged the camera as it fell behind him, but became entangled in the guide wire after it thudded to the ground. McNutt suffered only a minor scratch, but the game was delayed for about five minutes as crews dragged the camera off the field and made sure the wire was out of the way.
McNutt was able to joke about the incident.
"I fell like somebody was trying to kill me on their (Oklahoma's) staff," he said. "If you are looking, I'm looking for you. No. It was lucky it didn't hit me."


Brock Lesnar retires after losing at UFC 141

By Lance Pugmire

His first-round loss by technical knockout to Alistair Overeem caps a championship heavyweight run in a sport that now loses its No. 1 draw. A return to WWE is expected.

Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem
Former UFC champion Brock Lesnar trades punches with Alistair Overeem during their heavyweight fight on Friday night in Las Vegas. (Eric Jamison / Associated Press / December 30, 2011)

Reporting from Las Vegas -- As the gravity of what just happened sank in, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White's sickness became severe.

"I'm really not feeling good, let someone else talk," White announced to reporters late Friday night following the first-round technical knockout loss and subsequent retirement by heavyweight Brock Lesnar, the organization's most popular fighter.

Indeed, White has some thinking to do.

Even though he fought only seven times in the UFC Lesnar was a pay-per-view audience magnet because of his compelling past as a "champion" in the scripted action ofWorld Wrestling Entertainment.

He reigned as heavyweight champion, headlined UFC 100, continued to generate the most Internet traffic of any mixed martial arts fighter and actually has fights left on his contract.

His departure is sobering, perhaps sickening.

Looking around, the UFC's next most popular champion, Georges St-Pierre, is recovering from a knee injury and likely out of action for nine months. Middleweight champion Anderson Silva has cleaned out his division. And Lesnar's conqueror, Alistair Overeem, is a lesser-known veteran of other circuits who made his UFC debut Friday.

Overeem's next fight ikely will be in the summer against UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos, who will be making his first title defense.

White and UFC Chairman Lorenzo Fertitta took the high road with Lesnar Saturday even after the fighter blew off the post-fight news conference of his final fight.

White said, "When a guy decides he wants to retire, you let him do it. This is not, 'Go hit a ball with a stick for the next two or three years on your way out.' This is the real deal, guys. … We'll figure it out."

Fertitta maintained he'd have to "look up" how many UFC fights Lesnar had on his UFC contract, adding, "Doesn't matter. If he's done, he's done."

What complicates this situation is the depth of the behind-the-scenes plotting about Lesnar's post-UFC career.

He told the MGM Grand Garden Arena crowd that he was poised to retire if he lost Friday after battling for two years the effects of the intestinal disease diverticulitis. Lesnar said if he won in Las Vegas, he would pursue a chance to recapture the belt he took from Randy Couture in 2008 and lost three title defenses later to Cain Velasquez in October 2010.

"Tonight is the last time you'll see me in the octagon," Lesnar said.

Said White: "I had no idea he was going to do that. There were no signs."

Some wonder if Lesnar, 34, would have bolted from the UFC if he could have beaten Overeem and Dos Santos, exiting with belt in hand.

There have been rumors dating to last year that Lesnar was exploring a return to WWE. He told The Times recently he wouldn't shy from doing business with Vince McMahon.

The WWE will start a new television network April 1 when it stages its annual Wrestlemania event in Miami, and it is feasible he could be added – with a UFC blessing – to appear at the event alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Cena and special guest Shaquille O'Neal.

Dave Meltzer, who writes the Wrestling Observer newsletter, said a Lesnar transfer back from UFC to professional wrestling is compelling but loses some of its impact with how he leaves the octagon.

"Losing hurts his marketability," Meltzer said. "He's not coming home as the conquering hero, not the super hero who won a UFC championship, and he won't draw like he would if he was coming from winning a title. Vince is going to change the offer.

"He was worth umpteen times more [with a belt] than coming off these last two losses here. Yes, he's still a star, but he lost two straight fights in two minutes. Every pro wrestling fans knows what happened here."

Overeem expressed excitement about his coming battle with powerful striker Dos Santos to settle who is the most powerful MMA puncher.

As for Lesnar, he said, "I think he shouldn't walk away. Love him or hate him, it's always something when Brock fights. To me, it seems like there's still more to gain from him in fighting."

There is. Only now the outcome will be pre-determined and hurt less.


Sydney, Australia celebrates the New Year 2012 with a massive fireworks (VIDEOS)

Spectacular fireworks lit up the night sky in Australia as 1.5 million people flocked to Sydney Harbour to watch the display and to celebrate the New Year.

People gathered at mass at vantage points along the harbour to watch the show that has the arch of the bridge as its focal point.

This year's theme was 'Time to Dream' and it is hoped it will help inspire those who have had a particularly bad 2011 to look forward to the year ahead.

Some of the fireworks exploded into shapes of clouds - because every one has a silver lining - and a series of colourful lights were beamed into the centre of the bridge forming an 'endless rainbow'.

Time to Dream: Fireworks in Sydney Australia light up the skyline over Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House
Time to Dream: Fireworks in Sydney Australia light up the skyline over Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House

Fireworks ring out in the New Year above Sydney Harbour

Thousands of people gathered in Sydney to watch the impressive display as Australia welcomed in the New Year

Thousands of people gathered in Sydney to watch the impressive display as Australia welcomed in the New Year

The New Year's Eve party on the island of Samoa started a whole day earlier than normal after the South Pacific nation moved 24 hours into the future, making it the first to see in the new year.

People began celebrating as soon as the clocked ticked over from Thursday, December 29, skipping Friday and moving straight onto Saturday, December 31 at 12.01am.

Samao and neighbouring Tokelau lie near the date line in the Pacific Ocean and both islands decided to realign themselves from the Americas side to the Asia side in order to be more in line with major trading partners. It is hoped the move will help improve the economy.

Pools and beaches have been packed with Samoans and tourists who are keen to be the first to celebrate rather than the last.

Elsewhere across globe millions of people are preparing to say goodbye to a year that saw mass uprisings in several Arab countries, the deaths of Osama Bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi and Kim Jong-il.

It was also a year of economic turmoil which saw an endless string of natural disasters that devastated several countries across the world.

In Australia people gathered on the shores of Sydney's harbour to watch the iconic fireworks display over the Harbour Bridge. 
The theme for this year's fireworks is Time to Dream, in the hope it will inspire people who have had a particularly bad 2011

The theme for this year's fireworks, top and below, is Time to Dream, in the hope it will inspire people who have had a particularly bad 2011
Fireworks in Sydney light up the night sky

In London a dazzling fireworks display is expected to attract up to 250,000 people.

The London Eye will be the focal point for the pyrotechnics, which London Mayor Boris Johnson said would be a fitting way to mark the start of an extraordinary year for the city.

There will be some 12,000 fireworks, producing 50,000 projectiles, launched during the display, which is triggered by Big Ben's chimes and lasts for 11 minutes and 15 seconds.

People from across the world started to gather at the Sydney Opera House early on Saturday afternoon to watch the celebrations and get to see a 9pm preview show before the real celebrations begin at midnight
People from across the world started to gather at the Sydney Opera House early on Saturday afternoon to watch the celebrations and get to see a 9pm preview show before the real celebrations begin at midnight

Mr Johnson said: 'A glittering display will light up the sky to herald the start of 2012, the most extraordinary and exciting year we are likely to see in our lifetime in this city.

'We will stage an incredible Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will put us in the global spotlight and spur the long-term rejuvenation of east London and bring benefits to the whole capital.

'From the magic of the Games, to the Diamond Jubilee, and the London 2012 Festival to our own outdoor arts festival, we will welcome the world with thrilling events in every corner of the capital, to create a summer like no other.'

The colourful fireworks light up the Sydney Opera House. A rainbow can be seen lighting up the Harbour Bridge in the background
The colourful fireworks light up the Sydney Opera House. A rainbow can be seen lighting up the Harbour Bridge in the background

Describing the planned show, a spokesman from the Mayor of London's office said: 'Without wanting to give too much away, it describes London: diverse, quirky, surprising, evolving, inspirational.

'There is a nod to the nostalgic past, but, like the city, it is very contemporary and of course it looks ahead to an amazing year for the capital.'

London-themed songs will accompany the fireworks, which are expected to be watched on television by millions of people around the world.

Those travelling to the Southbank to see the pyrotechnics have been warned that visibility may not be good.

Gareth Harvey, a weather forecaster said: 'It looks like it will be cloudy on the night but temperatures should remain mild, with the chance of a few spots of drizzle.'

The South Pacific Island of Samoa was the first to celebrate this year rather than the last
A party goer in Sydney celebrates the New Year
Samoans celebrated New Year's Eve first this year, left, rather than last, after they skipped Friday altogether and a woman, right, celebrates in Sydney
Indian students in Ahmadabad show off placards as they prepare to welcome in the New Year
Indian students in Ahmadabad show off placards as they prepare to welcome in the New Year
Some 3,000 police officers will be on duty overnight to deal with the crowds expected to descend on the capital, not only on the banks of the Thames to watch the fireworks but also in Trafalgar Square.

Some will be stationed on podiums to give them a bird's-eye view of any troublemakers in the crowds.

Chief Superintendent Julia Pendry, of Scotland Yard, said: 'New Year's Eve is a special time of the year and we want people to enjoy it to the full. 

'Make sure you look after yourself and those around you. Officers will be out and about to deter criminals and keep crowds safe.

'New Year's Eve in central London is extremely busy so do come prepared and wrap up warm, as you may have to wait to prevent overcrowding. The viewing area does fill up really quickly and each area will be closed off by the organisers once it reaches its capacity.'

She urged people to consider watching the fireworks on TV instead, as sometimes the viewing area fills up as early as 8pm.

All travel in London will be free from 11.45pm on New Year's Eve until 4.30am on New Year's Day. Road closures will be in place in the city from 4pm on December 31.

British Transport Police have advised travellers to expect queues on their journey home from the centre of London