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Friday, April 29, 2011

What Prince William whispered to Kate

This morning, an estimated 2 billion people tuned into watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton (now Princess -- Duchess, rather -- Catherine). As the grand affair unfolded on TV and social media, the conversation focused on everything from the dress (Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen!), to Maid of Honor Pippa Middleton's dark tan, to the fancy cars, to the newlyweds' balcony kiss(es). There was also a highlight on what we didn't hear in the broadcast. Behold, the Royal Wedding's biggest, buzziest moments:

What William said to Kate: When the bride and her father joined the groom at the altar at Westminster Abbey, the Prince mouthed these words to Middleton: "You look beautiful." According to some lip readers, he then quipped to Papa Michael, "We were supposed to have just a small family affair." Cheeky! Meanwhile, tweeting observers could not resist rewriting history with jokes at William's expense, such as this one: "We should have gone to Vegas."

What Prince Harry told William: As Middleton walked slowly down the aisle, Wills -- visibly nervous -- gazed stoically ahead, avoiding the urge to sneak a glimpse of his future wife. Not Harry. The flame-haired best man peered backward at his sister-in-law, informing his brother: "Right, she's here now." Flashing a roguish grin, he added: "Wait 'til you see her." Cue swoons from lovestruck Harry Hunters.

The kiss(es): The bride and groom smooched not once but twice on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. The crowd roared. Princess Catherine blushed, and Prince William beamed.

What Princess Catherine wore: As widely expected, McQueen's Sarah Burton, who took over for the late designer following his tragic suicide, scored major sartorial bragging rights as the bride's No. 1 pick to craft her gown. It's safe to say Burton has entered new levels of celebrity, thanks to the high-profile gig, and her creation will no doubt be copied the world over. The demure creation wowed wedding watchers who declared it a throwback to the timeless elegance of legendary princess Grace Kelly. Everyone oohed and ahhed over the long sleeves and lace bodice with the subtly sexy V-neck, the full skirt with embroidery that took hours to stitch. Middleton's Cartier "halo" tiara was on loan from Queen Elizabeth, and her earrings (in the shape of the Middleton family crest) were a gift from the bride's parents.

Hats galore: Forget love and tradition. Friday's theme might as well be "Hats, Hats and More Hats." All varieties of festive and colorful toppers popped up at Westminster, nearly stealing thunder from the newlyweds. Honorable mentions: the Queen's canary yellow hat with handmade silk roses, Victoria Beckham's dramatic black headpiece and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's royal blue fascinator.

And so 4/29/11 will go down in history as one of the most important dates in the young couple's life. Amid all the buzz and pomp and circumstance, for one ecstatic moment the world soaked up the fairytale. Thirty years from now -- if the monarchy still exists! -- the cycle will begin anew with the next wave of Young Royals.

Mozilla slips SpiderMonkey into Dev Platform of the Future™

Mozilla is building its own version of Node.js – the increasingly popular open source platform for coding server-side applications with JavaScript – moving Node from Google's V8 JavaScript engine to its own SpiderMonkey engine.

"We think V8 is great and the fact that Node has become so widely used is a testament to that. But we also think there’s room for competition here. Browser-based competition is old-hat. Let’s move this battle to the servers," Mozilla man Paul O'Shannessy wrote in a recent blog post.

V8 is the JavaScript engine included with Google's Chrome browser, while SpiderMonkey helps drive Firefox. But the idea here is to transplant the JavaScript language from the client to put it on the server, letting you build the back end of an application in much the same way you build a JavaScript front end.

Though O'Shannessy and his collaborators aim to provide a SpiderMonkied version of Node, they aren't replacing V8 entirely. They've chosen a hybrid approach, implementing the V8 API on top of SpiderMonkey. "We realized that Node was tied pretty closely to V8, and there really wouldn’t be any way to use SpiderMonkey without ripping Node apart and rebuilding it. Not only would that suck now, but it would likely suck long into the future as Node gets updated. This port would fall behind and nobody wants that," he writes.

With his hybrid “V8Monkey” engine, O'Shannessy and his collaborators can simply plug their work into the existing Node platform. He calls his new version of the platform "SpiderNode," and preliminary code is already available on github. There's also a repository for the standalone V8Monkey implementation.

Node.js – the current darling of the Silicon Valley developerati – is an "event-driven" system meant for networking applications that involve heavy I/O. In essence, it doesn't wait for one thing to happen before moving to the next. Its "event loop" needn't preallocate large chucks of memory when a user connects from across the interwebs. It can allocate a small slice of memory that identifies the connection, and then it will use additional memory as needed.

The platform was originally built by an independent developer named Ryan Dahl, who's now on staff at San Francisco-based cloud-computing outfit Joyent. Node underpins Joyent's Amazon-like "infrastructure cloud", and the company has become the open source project's chief steward.

Dahl originally set out to build Node atop Mozilla's SpiderMonkey – the JavaScript engine included with Firefox browser – but this effort didn't last long. After about two days, he switched to Google's V8. "V8 is just a nice, clean library," Dahl told us earlier this year. "It's compact and extracted away from Chrome. It's distributed as its own package, and it's easy to build and it's got a nice header file with nice documentation. It's kind of constrained. It doesn't have dependencies on other things. It seemed much more modern than the Mozilla stuff."

But clearly, O'Shannessy sees things differently. And he says there are some tangential benefits of his V8Monkey engine. "The JS team at Mozilla is also really interested in just having this API around. It has potential for other projects like this, but also raises awareness of API differences and might help push forward changes to the SpiderMonkey API," he says. According to O'Shannessy, the project has already sparked discussion about moving the SpiderMonkey API from C to C++.

But the main idea is to provide an alternative version of Node. ®

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Help for Migrating Birds

/PRNewswire/ -- Each spring approximately 350 species of migratory birds travel between non-breeding grounds in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean and nesting habitats in North America. 

Although birds are uniquely adapted to the incredible trials of migration, it can still take a toll on them. Many travel hundreds or even thousands of miles on these seasonal voyages. Out of necessity, these winged creatures stop for rest and snacks to refuel their tiny bodies for the remaining leg of the journey.
According to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, it is estimated that nearly half of the birds who set out for a southerly migration in the fall will not return in the spring due to the difficulty, danger and stress of migration itself. This is why birds can use assistance to make their migration voyages more successful.
"Preparing your backyard for migrating birds is easy, and it's so rewarding to spot songbirds or other long-distance travelers at your feeder or birdbath and taking shelter in the rest stop you've provided," said David Mizejewski, naturalist for National Wildlife Federation.

Habitats containing food, water, and shelter are beneficial to the weary winged traveler and can be in the form of areas other than wide open spaces and parks. Creating a bird-friendly habitat on balconies, backyards, stoops and porches offer assistance to these tiny travelers. 

"Inclement weather, collisions with windows, buildings or cars, predation, and of course loss of habitat are among the many challenges migrating birds face during the Spring migration," says John Robinson, chief ornithologist with ScottsMiracle-Gro. "When you factor in that up to 50% of all migrant birds may perish during the annual migration, it is important to offer food, water, and shelter especially at times when natural food supplies may be low. Simply hanging a bird feeder may give the birds that added advantage they need to successfully migrate, breed, and raise another brood of young." 

Creating a habitat to act as a welcome seasonal home or resting spot for birds in your own backyard is as easy as providing the following elements.
  • A bird feeder filled with high quality bird food, like Scotts® Songbird Selections® Regional Bird Blends
  • A brush pile for shelter from the weather
  • A fresh water source such as a bird bath
  • Trees or shrubs to offer protection from predators
Creating a backyard haven is a welcome respite and source of enjoyment for both the wild birds and bird watchers alike.

About ScottsMiracle-Gro
With approximately $3 billion in worldwide sales and more than 8,000 associates, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Scotts Company LLC, is the world's largest marketer of branded consumer products for lawn and garden care, with products for professional horticulture as well. The Company's brands are the most recognized in the industry. In the U.S., the Company's Scotts®, Miracle-Gro®, Ortho® brands are market-leading in their categories, as is the consumer Roundup® brand, which is marketed in North America and most of Europe exclusively by Scotts and owned by Monsanto. In the U.S., the Company operates Scotts LawnService®, the second largest residential lawn care service business.  In Europe, the Company's brands include Weedol®, Pathclear®, Evergreen®, Levington®, Miracle-Gro®, KB®, Fertiligene® and Substral®. For additional information, visit us at www.scotts.com
SOURCE ScottsMiracle-Gro

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Frank McCourt digs in as new hire calls MLB 'irresponsible'

Dodgers fans hopeful for a quick resolution to their ownership mess may not get their wish. Frank McCourt may be digging in.

After Major League Baseball announced it was seizing control of the franchise, McCourt's latest freshly-hired lieutenant, Steve Soboroff, blasted MLB's actions as "irresponsible" and vowed that McCourt "can pay the piper."
Soboroff, hired Tuesday as Dodgers vice chairman, told the Los Angeles Times that there is a "pre-determined campaign to blow McCourt out of town" and added, "We need more people like Frank McCourt."
Soboroff's theory: A lucrative local TV deal with Fox is in place, and there are other revenue streams available that will keep the club viable even after McCourt settles his divorce with ex-wife Jamie.
But commissioner Bud Selig did not approve the TV deal, not wanting such an integral portion of the franchise's future locked up during a time of distress for the franchise. Soboroff likens that to "having money in the bank and having somebody hold your ATM card."
MLB has not yet revealed who it will assign to take over day-to-day operations of the club. Soboroff, so new to the gig that the ink may not be dry on his business cards, doesn't sound like he's ready to move his office into a broom closet.
As he tells the Times: "I'm going to work until that magic man comes in and tells me to leave," Soboroff said.
Soboroff, who was integral to the development of Staples Center and other key developments in L.A., is cited as a potential mayoral candidate.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PROFIT JACKPOT -- Unbiased Detailed Review

Anik Singal and Jimmy are teamed up again to bring you something that will rock your world and I am here to do a Profit Jackpot Review. This brand new product has been in the works for the past 6 months by their team of 30 programmers. Yes, you heard right, 30 programmers. You can rest assured that this product will deliver unheard of results. As part of my profit jackpot review, I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly of it. So brace yourself as this will not be your typical write up like you see on all other shady affiliate websites!

Profit Jackpot Review – 

What Comes In The Box?

Ok, lets get started. Profit Jackpot is not a single piece of software. In fact, it is composed of 3 parts. In this profit jackpot review, I am going to discuss all 3 parts of it. The first thing you have to know is that this product is composed of 3 wordpress plugins. It is not software that you run on your computer. Don’t get worried or anything, I am going to tell you about each one and hoe they work in my profit jackpot review.
Profit Jackpot is composed of 3 wordpress plugins and they are as follows:
  • Article Jackpot – Posts articles to your wordpress blog automatically for life.
  • Spin Jackpot – Spins the article so that it looks exactly the same to you, but it is entirely unique to the search engines
  • Video Jackpot – Posts youtube videos to your wordpress blog automatically for life.
  • Niche Jackpot – A custom wordpress theme designed to maximize your income.

Here’s proof that I have the plugins. I have them installed in a site of mine:

The Article Jackpot plugin is a plugin that is specifically design to automatically post articles to your wordpress blogs. The articles are very well written, they are detailed and designed to convince the visitor that the product you are promoting is indeed the best one for their problem. Since the articles so a very good job at this, the reader will click through your affiliate links and buy the product you are promoting. NOTE: I had to watermark the images in my profit jackpot review because there are others out there trying to use my content without my permission.

The SpinJackpot plugin is a plugin that is one of a kind. It spins the content so that it looks exactly the same to you and every human, but to the search engines, it looks completely different and unique. The work of SpinJackpot is not only that. It also ensures that the articles have been search engine optimized to the max so search engine spiders come, pick up the content, digest it as new unique content and send you to page 1 of their rankings.
The Video Jackpot plugin is a plugin that auto posts videos to your blog. The videos are from Youtube and are directly related to the content and keywords you use in the plugins. As part of this profit jackpot review. I am going to show you screen shots on how to use them.

If you click on the image above, you can see it fullsize. This is what both the Article Jackpot and Video Jackpot settings pages look like. As you can see, there is a field for you to place your list of keywords. I recommend you also use the keywords as the categories themselves too. So place your keywords in the box below as well. These keywords will get picked up by the profit jackpot software and the software wills cour the Internet for relevant articles and videos and post those on your blog. By the way, you will only find this info in my profit jackpot review and nowhere else! Let me carry on with this.

Basically you place your keywords into those 2 boxes. Then further down there are other settings like you can set the cycle it posts the articles and videos. It is real straightforward, there is nothing technical to it. You get installation videos that are real simple to follow.

The websites created will have all the on page SEO done for it. The SEO done on the websites is VERY good. It has all the title tags, description, keywords, content length, proper keyword density, proper use of heading tags ( H1, H2, H3 ), interior linking and much more. With the use of SpinJackpot, you will have no problems or penalties because of duplicate content. that is because the content will be completely unique to the search engines. This is a really great feature. With unique content, you will move up the search engines rankings really fast. Especially since you will be posting fresh unique content frequently. Google loves frequent updates and more importantly, it loves unique content! Profit Jackpot gives you all of this, don’t let someone else tell you other in a fake profit jackpot review. Mine is legit and proven by the images of the product it self.

As you can see, they thought of everything to make your website be loved by the search engine spiders. Basically, your website will be so perfect, SEO wise, that the search engine spiders will probably be fighting each other to index your website first. I find that funny and I have to throw some humor into my profit jackpot review or else you would probably fall asleep and not finish reading it! 

Creating these money making websites is super easy. You just need the keywords. Granted, this can be difficult to do for some, but don’t worry.

Niche Jackpot – Custom WordPress Design
Niche Jackpot is another component of Profit Jackpot. This is a custom wordpress theme that is customizable. It comes with several features and it is easy to edit so that you can have your monetizing. It is a nice looking theme. It is easy on the eyes and certain to make the visitors stick around, consume the information on your websites and ultimately click on your ads and buy the products you are promoting. Don’t let any other profit jackpot review tell you otherwise. This wordpress theme is slick and will convert visitors into buyers.

Profit Jackpot Review – Monetizing The Websites

So you have websites that have SEO to the max, but what good is it if they’re not setup to make you money?! Once again, these two guys thought of everything and their team of 30 programmers made sure that the web sites are monetized. You can add adsense, clickbank, amazon, CPA, etc. There’s also the chance to place banners on them. The visitors you get will also be able to share your website with others. The websites can be monetized with absolutely anything you want. No other product on the market matches the monetizing options that you have with profit jackpot.

As you can see, the websites will be monetized for you. You will make money from them. People will come over, visit the website, buy stuff through them and you will get commission payments! If you decide to use adsense, you will get money from the ad clicks the people do. Also, with people sharing them on the social media websites, emailing them to their friends, etc., you will have even more people, that is highly targeted, visiting your website!

It sounds great right? Well, there is something I don’t like and to have a true profit jackpot review, I have to include some of the dirty stuff. See, even though the site is monetized, I feel they could have added some more custom themes. Unfortunately, you get to decide what theme you use on wordpress. I have suggested to Anik and Jimmy they develop some themes and field test them and they said they would take that suggestion into consideration. Sometimes the theme you use can be the difference between making a sale or not. *Update* Part of Niche Jackpot is a customized wordpress theme. Like mentioned way above in my description, it is field tested, one they had specifically developed for themselves and proven to render the best results. No one else has this info in their profit jackpot review.

Another problem with Profit Jackpot is that you have to keep checking your rankings in Google. Since there is no software provided to see how far along you are moving up the search engines, you have to do this manually. Remember, you read that here in my profit jackpot review and no where else. I feel they could have developed a light weight program where you could type in your website name and keywords and see where you stand in terms of ranking. However, there are other free sites that you can use to do this. Email me in the contact form and I will share such websites.

Profit jackpot Review – Additional Training
Not only do you get all the plugins  and the very nice wordpress theme, you also get a couple of videos with it. There are 4 videos associated with profit Jackpot and they are as follows:
  • Video 1 – The Installation of Profit Jackpot
  • Video 2 – The Configuration of WordPress To Maximize Revenue With Profit Jackpot
  • Video 3 – Setting Up Free Recommended Plugins ( They Make Profit Jackpot Even More Powerful )
  • Video 4 – Configuring google Adsense For Maximum CTR With Profit Jackpot
Those are the 4 videos associated with the product. Aside from that, there is affiliate marketing training videos. No one else aside me is telling this in their profit jackpot review. These videos are set in modules and several videos per module, it is intended that you watch 1 module per week. These videos are split as follows

Module 1 – This gives you a background and what your business model should be like. It basically sets the foundation and is very important that you understand this. The videos are as follows for this module ( remember, you read about the first here in my profit jackpot review )
  • The Story
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • Different Affiliate Business Models
  • What Is List Building
  • Why Start With Clickbank?
  • What You Need And Where To Find It?
Module 2 – Finding Gold on the Internet. This module tells you specifically how to find a niche that has thousands of buyers and how to get into it. Getting into the right niche can be the difference between a sale or two a week to several sales a week. The videos are as follows:
  • How To Find A Niche That Is Evergreen
  • How To Find Buyers Tat Are Evergreen
  • Testing – Are People Spending Money In This Niche?
  • Are There Enough Products To Promote?
  • How To Find Good Products Using CB Stats
  • Ensuring That Content Will Not Be A Problem
Module 3 - How To Make Your Very Own Online ATM. This module shows how to make your very own website and it elaborates on a number of things that will make you even more money online. Remember, you read about this insider info here in my profit jackpot review and no where else. The videos in this module are as follows:
  • What And Why Opt-In Pages
  • Examples of Opt-In Pages
  • The Mechanics of An Opt-In Page
  • Using Video In Opt-In Pages
  • Words That Are “Power Words” And Why You Should Use Them
  • Hot Tip To Get People For Maximum Opt-In Form Conversions

Module 4 – The Week That You Make Money. Continuing with my profit jackpot review, this is module 4 and one that everyone will love. This is the week that you make money. The past modules got all your infrastructure setup and now you are ready to and will make money this week. The videos in this module as as follow:
  • Evaluating Merchants And Their Products
  • The Best Places To Get Information About A Product
  • Where To Find CPA Offers
  • The Explanation of “EPC”
  • Subject Lines – The Most Important Element
  • How To Write Powerful – High Converting Emails
Module 5 – How To Get Truck Loads of Targeted Visitors. This is where you learn how to get traffic. The most important element in any website. Don’t get conned at profit jackpot review websites. None of them are sharing this insider info with you! The videos in this module are as follow:
  • The Blueprint To Promoting Launches
  • Setting Up Killer Bonuses
  • What Day Should You Email A Promo?
  • How To Successfully Participate In A Prelaunch
  • Super Secret Conversion Tactic
  • Staying Ahead The Curve On Launches
  • Article Marketing
  • Getting Traffic From Blog Commenting
  • Marketing of Forums
  • Solo Ads
  • PPV
  • Ad Swaps and JV Traffic
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Getting Traffic To Build Your List
Module 6 – How To Make Over 200% More. Here you will learn all the tweaks and changes you have to do to more than double your income. No one is sharing this specific info in any profit jackpot review. The information here is simply golden! You will not want to pas sup this video series. The videos are as follow:
  • Making A Super Effective Thank You Page
  • Getting Paid From Free Stuff
  • How To Make Sales From Your Very First Mailing
  • Affiliate Upsell System Section 1
  • Sffiliate Upsell System Section 2

The information provided in my profit jackpot review is genuine and as you can see from the images attached, I do have access to this stellar product.

Profit Jackpot Review – Field Tested

Shall continue with this profit jackpot review? I think we should! Alright, so Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim created 300 websites with the software, all in one day, and put them up to see how they would rank and bring in money. 300 websites? Yes 300 websites, see, with the software, it is easy to have all these made in one day. Of course, keep in mind, they have a team of 30 programmers so chances are they the programmer used the software and made them and not necessarily Anik and Jimmy themselves. Then again, click here to see a video of Anik himself making 10 of these websites in under 15 minutes. For the sake of this profit jackpot review, lets assume they did do it themselves.
So they created these 300 websites, they put them on the web and waited. After the search engine spiders crawled and indexed them, the sites started ranking high in the search engines. These 300 websites were on several different niches, not just one. The results are that they started to bring in revenue. The reason they brought in revenue is
  1. These websites rank very well because content is frequently posted to them thanks to the Article Jackpot Plugin and Video Jackpot plugins
  2. The content is seen as unique by the search engines thanks to the SpinJackpot Plugin
As you can see from this profit jackpot review, this software is unique and does work. You are guaranteed to make money with Profit Jackpot. You can use it up to 60 days and if you decide that you are not making enough or are just unsatisfied with it, you can get a full refund with no questions asked. So you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. As you can see, I have left nothing out in my profit jackpot review. Do you have questions? If so, use the content form to send me a question or leave a comment below and I will reply to it.

Let me get some details clear. As part of my Profit Jackpot Review, it is my responsibility to be upfront with you. If you purchase through any of my links on this website, I will get a commission if and only if it says [affiliate = sleaklight] at the very bottom of the payment page. If it doesn’t say that, I wont get a commission. I hope you consider purchasing PJ through my affiliate link as I have been very honest with you abvout the product. I went ahead and bought all the upsells to give you the most complete and honest profit jackpot review possible. I hope you reward my honesty by purchasing through my affiliate links. You will be rewarded to by buying through me as I will give you my huge bonus package. Another important bit of information, the base product that you purchase of Profit Jackpot is just article jackpot, which is the one that post articles to your website. The first upsell is the video poster and the spinner. I highly recommended you get this upsell as it will work nicely with the base product. The second upsell is niche jackpot which is the custom wordpress theme and the 50 pack custom researches templates. I hope you have enjoyed my honest and thorough profit jackpot review.

Profit Jackpot Review Conclusion

As you can see from reading this profit jackpot review, there is a lot more pros than cons. With profit jackpot, it is real easy to make money online. It is created from the great minds of Anik Singal and Jimmy Kim so you know it will be of great quality. Customer support is just a ticket away. Another thing, this product is sold through Clickbank so there is a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. If you are having trouble making online, then this is the perfect solution for you. It is not difficult to implement, it doesn’t require any technological know how or any experience in making money online. This is true push button solution to making money online. I hope you enjoyed the profit jackpot review I made and hope you purchase through my affiliate link by clicking here. You can also check out the profit jackpot bonus page I have in case my profit jackpot review is still not enough to convince you to purchase it now.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jones takes shot to throat

Without hesitation, NIU shortstop Alex Jones summed up the strange yet delightful eighth inning of Saturday's win against Miami (OH).

"That was the weirdest inning I've ever been a part of," Jones said.

The strange inning started when NIU skipper Ed Mathey brought in Tony Manville in relief of starting pitcher Tom Barry. With a 5-3 lead, Manville got off to a rough start by surrendering back-to-back singles to Miami's Adam Weisenburger and Kyle Weldon.

The RedHawks brought in pinch hitter Kevin Bower, who would deliver with a sacrifice fly to cut the Huskies' lead to 5-4.

"[Tony] was just a little up in the zone there, hitting them pretty good," Mathey said.
Manville was then relieved by closer Kyle Glancy, who came into a pickle of a situation with the tying run on first base.

From there, it was an array of bizarre moments in the infield of Ralph McKinzie Field.

Glancy delivered a 1-1 pitch to Miami's Brad Gschwind, where the ball looked like it was going to hit him. Instead, Gschwind brushed away from the pitch, but the ball still made contact with his bat and dribbled down the third-base line. NIU and Miami's dugouts yelled to let the players know the ball was fair.

"All of a sudden we get the ball out into fair territory, and I'm thinking, ‘Okay, we're going to get a break on this,'" Mathey said.

Mathey's feeling of relief would quickly turn into stress.

Glancy made a play on the unattended ball, but his throw went as an error as it forced first baseman Joe Etcheverry off the base, which allowed the tying run to advance to third.

The Red Hawks' Marcus Makuch would be next to bat, and Jones was a part of play that he'll likely never forget. Makuch hit a grounder to Jones, and the ball would bounce off Jones' neck to second baseman Alex Klonowski. Off of Jones' jugular, Klonowski relayed the ball to Etcheverry at first for the 6-4-3 double play to get out of the inning.

"[Alex Klonowski] made a very good, one motion catch and throw to get the double play," Mathey said.
Jones' wasn't aware that his uncanny assist would get the Huskies out of the inning, as he was grimacing from the after effects of being hit by the ball.

"Honestly, I had no idea what was going on," Jones said. "I was like, ‘Oh well, that guy scored.' And then I all the sudden I turned and looked, and Joe [Etcheverry] is yelling."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Golfers from Australia have a chance to be Sunday drivers

Australians Jason Day, Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy all enter Sunday's final round of the Masters with a chance to shake off their country's difficult history at Augusta National Golf Club. Day is at 8 under and tied for second, with Scott (7 under, tied for sixth) and Ogilvy (5 under, tied for ninth) just behind.

No Australian has ever won the Masters. There have been memorable close calls, most notably by Greg Norman on multiple occasions - including a famous final round collapse in 1996. 

"It's one of those things we haven't accomplished in Australian sport," Scott said after posting a third-round 67. "We're a strong sporting nation, and we push our athletes hard. One day it's going to happen. I don't think the guys here carry a burden. No one here is thinking there's a voodoo on us from Australia."

Norman finished either second or third six times between 1986 and 1999. An Australian has finished second five times - 1972, 1980, 1986, 1987 and 1996. Since Norman's final top-3 in 1999, no Australian has finished better than a tied for fifth, which Ogilivy and Rod Pampling accomplished in 2005.

"Greg was bigger than just golf in Australia; he was an icon down there," Scott said. "We all grew up watching him play here and compete, so the dream of coming here and just playing is huge, and to win, even bigger, probably indescribable."

During the past three Masters, the top Australian has finished tied for 14th, tied for 15th and tied for 18th, respectively. That run of finishes outside the top 10 seems likely to end this year with Day, Scott and Ogilvy all in the top 10 heading into the final round.

Asked about his role as a mentor to the 23-year-old Day, Scott laughed.
"I don't know. It's hard to mentor a guy who's beating me," Scott said. "Maybe he has some advice for me.

"Jason and I have known each other for a fair while now, and at 22 or 23 he's already accomplished so much. I should stay out of his way, really and just let him do what he's doing."