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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A woman commits suicide at Niagara Falls (Strong-Video)

A woman commits suicide at Niagara Falls 
(Warning - Disturbing Video)

Woman Dies After Plunging Over Niagara Falls: Is It a Dangerous Tourist Attraction?
Niagara Falls is usually a beautiful place to visit for locals and tourists alike. But not this time.

"A woman in her mid-30s plummeted to her death after being swept over Niagara Falls, officials said."

Tourists said they spotted a woman in the rapids above the Niagara River's 174-foot drop and that she appeared to be alive before being sent over the brink.

Police are still investigating what the woman (not yet identified) was doing in the midst of the most powerful waterfall in North America, but they say they've ruled out foul play.

Do you think the Niagara Falls is a dangerous site to visit?

Disturbing Video.. (WARNING)  


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