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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time is running out for winner to claim $250,000 lottery prize


 — The odds are stacked against you — 1 in 3.9 million, to be exact — of predicting the five winning numbers (minus the Mega Ball) in the Mega Millions lottery. Someone beat those odds, but has yet the claim the ticket.

On July 27, 2010, a Mega Millions ticket worth $250,000 was purchased at McAleavy’s Newsstand at 10 E. Main St. in Somerville.

The ticket has been unclaimed and, by New Jersey law, the holder of the ticket has until July 27 to claim the prize.

“The holder of this winning ticket should immediately sign the back of the ticket and call lottery headquarters or visit a local Lottery retailer to file their claim before the ticket expires,” New Jersey Lottery Executive Director Carole Hedinger said in a statement.

There were 15 winning tickets worth the $250,000 prize, including three from New Jersey. The other two in-state winners were Silvia


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