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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Couple Having Sex on a Beach (Video)

A couple of passionate Brazilians did not hesitate to get the sea to have sex but did not realize they were being recorded and then at the end, along with a standing ovation, took a fine.

They believed that being in the water could put out that fire had taken hold of them ... and also believed that no one could turn it off but I see that ... watch the video, it showed the league what they were doing.


And of course, do that in the age of smartphones ... as you play it.

And that's what happened in Brazil, a couple went into the water to make love and recorded them.

Showed such passion that took a respectable applause.

But if you notice, at the couple does not care that there are children around ... nothing, no problem.

The video has spread like wildfire throughout Latin America and apparently, as we read on the web Colombian FMLA, were fined "for indecent exposure."

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