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Monday, March 25, 2013

The giant Japanese spider crab (Photos & Video)

A giant Japanese spider crab named Big Daddy is being established in their new home in Blackpool, UK. The clips of the mega-creature with a wingspan of 2.70 meters and it is said that the bug is adapting well to his new home.

"It's in the tank and he looks happy, so it's all good," says Scott Blacker the Sea Life Centre Blackpool. He adds: "Indeed, has his arms out of the tank but can not stand outside of it due to the weight of your body, so you can not leave."

Big Daddy was saved from getting at the tray and now a Japanese restaurant scares visitors in its huge tank. Aquarium workers want to mate with a female giant crab smallest hopes of having offspring.

The crustacean can live about 100 years.



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