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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown hospitalized

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s turbulent life and its many mysteries

In the days since news broke that the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown, was found face down in a bathtub in her Georgia home, the world is realizing how little it knows about her, her family and friends, and her condition.

News outlets reported she was married to Nick Gordon — the orphan Houston took in as a teenager, but never formally adopted. Yet, Brown’s lawyer released a statement saying that Bobbi Kristina and Gordon were never married. Gordon has not spoken publicly since Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized.

Music producer and executive Clive Davis says he's been in touch with the family of the late pop star Whitney Houston and is praying for her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. Brown was hospitalized after being found unresponsive in her home’s bathtub. (AP)

Actress and singer Whitney Houston poses with her husband Bobby Brown and their daughter Bobbi Kristina as they arrive for the premiere of Houston's new made-for-television movie, Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella," on October 13 at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Actress Brandy portrays "Cinderella" and Houston the "Fairy Godmother" in the film, which will be telecast November 2 on "The Wonderful World of Disney" on the ABC television network. PREMIERE - RTR7P41On Thursday, Brown released a statement challenging reports by People and TMZ that family gathered at Emory University Hospital to say goodbye to Bobbi Kristina.

“If we issued a statement every time the media published a false report regarding this matter, that’s all we would be doing 24 hours a day,” Brown said in a statement to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “This is false, just as is the vast majority of the other reporting that is currently taking place.”
Bobbi Kristina, 21, remains the shared something Houston and Brown had in common — the lasting link that tied them together even after their demons, namely drug addiction, tore them apart. And now her loved ones appear to be trapped in a holding pattern.

TMZ reported Thursday that doctors advised Brown to remove Bobbi Kristina’s life support — but that he doesn’t want to do so until after the weekend. Bobbi Kristina has been in a medically induced coma since a friend, Maxwell Byron Lomas, discovered her on Jan. 31 and called 911, and Gordon attempted to resuscitate her.

“He immediately pulled her from the water and called 911 as well as alerting other people in the house,” Lomas’s attorney, Philip Holloway, told the Associated Press. “He did whatever he could do to assist in resuscitative measures until first responders arrived.”

Lomas is no stranger to law enforcement. He was arrested Jan. 14 on drug and weapons charges to which he pleaded not guilty, according to My Fox Atlanta. Law enforcement reportedly found no drugs “out in the open” when they responded to the emergency call on Jan. 31. But TMZ reported that police returned and, during a more thorough search, found drugs.

Or not. Roswell police spokesman Lisa Holland told The Urban Daily, “We have not returned to the house since the incident, and we will not be making any further statements about this rescue call.”

Though still not completely clear, the circumstances of Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization are eerily similar to her mother’s death on Feb. 11, 2012, at age 48. Houston was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton. Authorities ruled that Houston drowned, with cocaine and heart disease playing a factor in her death ahead of the Grammys.

 Bobbi Kristina Brown hospitalized

Found Face Down in Bathtub Drug Search Completed

Bobbi Kristina was face down in the bathtub when she was found this morning, and police searched her home for drugs ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us when Nick Gordon and a friend found Bobbi Kristina she was on her stomach, and there was water in the tub. It's unclear how full the tub was, but we're told it was enough water for a bath.

The significance, of course, is that Whitney Houston died with drugs in her system ... while taking a bath 3 years ago at the Beverly Hilton.

We've also learned police executed a search warrant on the home this afternoon, and we're told no drugs were found.

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was “still alive and breathing” in a hospital Saturday afternoon after being found face down in a bathtub full of water in Roswell, Georgia, police in the Atlanta suburb said.  

Brown, 21, “was not breathing” when a man identified as her husband and a friend found her at about 10:25 a.m. at a townhouse in a Roswell subdivision, police spokeswoman Lisa Holland said. They called 911 and performed CPR until public safety officers arrived and took over, she said.

Brown was taken to North Fulton Hospital, where “she is still alive and breathing. Other than that, I don’t know her condition,” Holland said Saturday afternoon at a press briefing. It was unclear whether Brown was breathing on her own or with a respirator.

Nobody knows what caused Brown’s unresponsiveness, Holland said, but police consider it a medical incident at this time. She said investigators had found nothing to indicate it was drug- or alcohol-related.

Police had been to the residence recently. Somebody reported a fight there January 23, but nobody answered the door and officers found no evidence of an altercation, Holland told CNN.

The police spokeswoman noted one oddity in the case: “Her mother died in the very same manner.”

It was three years ago February 11 that Brown’s mother, renowned signer Whitney Houston, was found dead — also in a bathtub — in The Beverly Hilton, hours before she was to attend a pre-Grammys bash there.

An autopsy later revealed that she’d drowned face down in “extremely hot water” about 12 inches deep. The Los Angeles County coroner ruled it an accidental drowning with the “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use” being contributing factors.

Brown is her only child.

“She encourages me and inspires me,” Houston once said of her daughter. “When I look at her eyes and I see myself, I go, ‘Okay. I can do this. I can do this.'”

Daughter of acclaimed singer, R&B standout

Brown was born in 1993 during Houston’s marriage to R&B singer Bobby Brown, which ended in divorce in 2007.

The daughter of music royalty became a public figure during the mid-2000s reality show “Being Bobby Brown,” in which she frequently appeared alongside her parents and often had a front-row seat to their marital fireworks.

Mother and daughter even performed together on national TV in 2009, when the two sang “My Love Is Your Love” in Central Park on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Given the pair’s close relationship, it’s no surprise that Houston’s death was a major blow.
Days after her mother’s body was found, a grieving Bobbi Kristina — then 18 — was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center because she was “overwhelmed,” family friend Kim Burrell said.

“She loves hard,” Burrell said then of Bobbi Kristina. “She’s going to be OK, and we’re going to see to it.”

Married a man who was taken in by Houston

As 2012 rolled on, speculation grew over whether the then-underage Brown was intoxicated during episodes of Lifetime’s brief reality show “The Houstons: On Our Own,” which followed life for the family after Houston’s death.

One of that reality show’s storylines revolved around Brown’s relationship with Nick Gordon, who lived with Houston and her daughter from the age of 12.

Months later, Brown reportedly got engaged to Gordon.

And in January 2014, she tweeted out a picture of wedding rings, presumably belonging to her and Gordon, along with the words, #HappilyMarried• SO#Inlove.”

“(Houston) made me promise several times to look after Krissy … and, Mom, I will never ever, ever break that promise,” Gordon told the entertainment show “Extra” afterward, saying Houston “just treated me like she gave birth to me” “She wanted this. This is something she wanted to see.”

Needless to say, concern for Brown surged again after news broke Saturday.

Music director Michael Bearden sent along “healing energy to the daughter of a late great friend.” Songwriter Diane Warren tweeted, “I hope Bobbi Kristina gets the help she needs.”
“Poor thing,” Warren added. “Almost 3 yrs to the day her mom passed and the same thing almost happened to her.”

Friday, January 30, 2015

Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play "Mortal Kombat X" With Conan O'Brien

 Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play "Mortal Kombat X" With Conan O'Brien

On June six month ago I flew to Phoenix to challenge than we would patriot 's Rob Rakowski and the Seattle Seahawks Mark Sean Lynch to play the not yet released fighting game Mortal Kombat ask him that was emitted by the released yet that game was a very exciting night and one wondering what will happen. 

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Friday, January 23, 2015

McDonald's revealed how does your fries

McDonald's now posted on YouTube a series of videos about the products it sells in its restaurants are prepared. In this video former ' Mythbusters ' Grant Imahara showed how the fast food chain prepares its fries

Strike in US complicated distribution of McDonald's fries in Venezuela

Over a hundred McDonald's franchises in Venezuela have run out of chips and alternatives now serve Casave and Arepas

The hundred McDonald's franchises in Venezuela have run out chips and now serve Casave and Arepas as alternatives .

McDonald's franchises blame for the situation to a contractual dispute with dockworkers west coast that stop the export of frozen potatoes to the country.

The dispute also sparked several days of rationing same product in Japan. But Sonia Ruseler , based Arcos Dorados Argentina spokesman, who operates McDonald's in Latin America, declined to say Tuesday what other countries in the region have not been affected .

Accustomed to a shortage of your favorite foods , and also used to protest against the government when they go to the shops with empty hands , many Venezuelans assume that government policies are to blame.

"That's the situation here , it is a total debacle ," said Maria Guerreiro, who left a McDonald's in Caracas with his family when he learned that they were serving fried called Yuca instead of potatoes. Her daughter refused to eat cassava , he said, had gone to the place expressly for the 2 year old girl would eat one Happy Meal .

McDonald's said in a statement that it is working to address the shortage . "Meanwhile, we continue to offer our customers the McDonald's experience with 100% Venezuelan options", the company said.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Patriots Crush Colts

Patriots Crush Colts and Advance to Super Bowl Against Seahawks

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Throughout the first half of Sunday’s A.F.C. championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, the Gillette Stadium crowd roared its approval whenever the referee announced that one of the Patriots’ offensive linemen was eligible for pass-catching duties.


A week earlier, in the Patriots’ divisional round playoff victory over Baltimore, Coach Bill Belichick’s crafty choreography of eligible and ineligible linemen had been labeled “deceptive” by Ravens Coach John Harbaugh.

Most of the rest of the N.F.L. took it as another example of Belichick’s sly genius.
In the third quarter Sunday, the Patriots had a 10-point lead on a plucky Colts team. Before a third-down play, once again, left tackle Nate Solder reported as an eligible receiver. By then, a monotony had set in about the announcements. Even the home crowd barely noticed..
The Colts certainly did not seem to pay attention. They left Solder uncovered when he ran into the left flat and caught a 16-yard touchdown pass from  

Nate Solder, a left tackle, scoring on a 16-yard reception from Tom Brady to extend the Patriots’ lead to 24-7 with just over 10 minutes left in the third quarter. Credit Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

As the 320-pound Solder was rumbling toward the end zone, Brady was jumping up and down behind the play like a child whose new backyard toy had surprisingly worked as planned. On the sideline, even Belichick cracked the thinnest of smiles.

Solder’s touchdown became the symbolic tipping point in the Patriots’ 45-7 thrashing of the Colts, a victory that will send New England to the Super Bowl against the Seattle Seahawks on Feb. 1 in Arizona.

It will be New England’s eighth trip to the Super Bowl, tying the Patriots with Dallas and Pittsburgh for most appearances. Brady will be the first quarterback to start six Super Bowls.
Four weeks into the 2014 regular season, when the Patriots were 2-2, there was a chorus across the nation wondering if Brady’s Patriots were getting old all at once.

But Brady and Belichick, whose sixth conference championship together set an N.F.L. record for a coach-and-quarterback tandem, proved on Sunday that lengthy experience does not always mean over the hill.

Asked about the touchdown pass to Solder, Brady noted that the Patriots had used a wide receiver option for a touchdown pass a week earlier.

What’s that about teaching an old dog new tricks?

Brady said, “Maybe we’ve got more tricks up our sleeve.”

In the matchup with Seattle, Brady and Belichick will have their third chance to win a fourth Super Bowl. Their last Super Bowl victory together was 10 years ago. In between, there were two losses to the Giants.

Defenders tackling Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the second half. Brady will be making his sixth Super Bowl appearance. Credit Charles Krupa/Associated Press

Not usually introspective after games, Brady was willing on Sunday to measure the historical significance of another trip to the Super Bowl.
“We’ve got to win one to kind of leave our legacy,” he said.
As for the touchdown pass to Solder, Brady could not stop grinning as he recreated it.
“We thought it would work,” Brady said. “Nate did a good job in tough, rainy conditions. And then he ran past two guys to get it in there.”
Solder, who played tight end before he was converted to tackle, knew that the play was in Sunday’s playbook but said he was never confident he would get his chance.
“There’s no way to know if the situation will come up for that,” he said.
What did he think when he heard Brady call it in the huddle?
“I thought it was a good call,” Solder said. “I was ready for it. It’s all a blur for me now, but I knew I could catch it.”
After two consecutive losses in the A.F.C. championship game, New England, which was making its fourth successive appearance in the conference championship, made easy work of the Colts.

Andrew Luck of the Colts during the second half on Sunday. Luck completed 12 of 33 passes and threw two interceptions. Credit Matt Slocum/Associated Press

After Solder’s touchdown, the Patriots scored a touchdown on each of their next three possessions. Brady, who was starting his ninth conference championship game, threw a 5-yard touchdown pass to tight end Rob Gronkowski. Running back LeGarrette Blount burst through the middle of the line for 13 yards, tumbling into the end zone. Early in the fourth quarter, Blount charged over the goal line from 2 yards away for a 45-7 New England lead. For Blount, who had 148 rushing yards, it was his third rushing touchdown of the game.

 It was the second straight year the Patriots crushed Indianapolis in the postseason. New England defeated the Colts, 43-22, in a divisional round game in 2014. The Patriots’ record at home in the playoffs is now 17-4.

 Brady was not sensational Sunday, but he clearly outdueled his younger counterpart, the 25-year-old Andrew Luck, who has been viewed as Brady’s heir apparent. Luck looked rattled from the start, and his throws were frequently off line. Luck completed just 12 of 33 passes for 126 yards. Brady completed 23 of 35 passes for 226 yards.

After the game, Luck did not admit to being nervous but conceded he had made a series of early mistakes.

Very little in Sunday’s game went right for the Colts. Before the game was five minutes old, they had lost the football on a muffed punt that led to an easy Patriots touchdown.

It did not take the Patriots long to establish the early offensive theme of the game. They attacked the Colts with short passes — many to the versatile Julian Edelman — and when they had the Indianapolis linebackers backing up in coverage, they gave the ball to Blount, who slammed into the middle of the Colts’ line.

The mix of pass and run soon had the Patriots ahead, 14-0, and they were driving for a third score until Brady made perhaps his only truly poor throw of the night, a toss into double coverage that was intercepted. Luck used the second-quarter turnover to drive the Colts 93 yards for their only points of the game, a 1-yard run by Zurlon Tipton.

It was a high-water mark for Indianapolis. On the opening drive of the second half, Solder slipped off the line of scrimmage in the Patriots’ latest bit of skulduggery.

In the game’s final minutes, with the crowd chanting Brady’s name, Belichick and his quarterback embraced near midfield. It was Belichick’s 21st playoff victory, an N.F.L. record. Brady already had the postseason record for most wins by a starting quarterback, but on Sunday he increased it to 20.

Later, in the glow of the Patriots’ locker room, Brady was still smiling.

“Hopefully, our best is yet to come,” he said.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Girl With biggest tits ever

Meet the woman with the biggest  'coconuts'  in World
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charlie Hebdo attack

 Cherif Kouachi (right in photo) -- one of the two main suspects in the Paris attacks -- had a long history of jihad and said he wanted to "combat the Americans."
Paris (CNN)One of the two main terrorists accused in this week's attacks in Paris had a long history of jihad and anti-Semitism, according to documents obtained by CNN.

In a 400-page court record, Cherif Kouachi was described as wanting to travel to Iraq through Syria "to go and combat the Americans."

On Friday, security forces surrounded and killed Kouachi, 32, and his older brother, Said, 34, in Dammartin-en-Goele, France, the town's mayor said. The Kouachi brothers were wanted in Wednesday's massacre at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris that left 12 people dead.

In French court documents from 2007, Cherif Kouachi stated in a deposition, "I was ready to go and die in battle," and "I got this idea when I saw the injustices shown by television on what was going on over there. I am speaking about the torture that the Americans have inflicted on the Iraqis."

The court documents -- dated December 2007 -- stem from a 2005 arrest. They say Cherif Kouachi was raised in orphanages and foster homes from a young age, and became involved in a group in Paris' 19th arrondissement. He was arrested with other young men from that part of Paris for a conspiracy to go to Iraq and fight as jihadists.

In the documents CNN obtained in conjunction with French newsmagazine L'Express, prosecutors outlined strong details of Kouachi's interest in jihad, interest in martyrdom and strong links to anti-Semitism, attacking and killing Jews. 

Kouachi stated he came to the idea of jihad through Farid Benyettou, a well-known spiritual leader who's been long associated in France with supporting jihad and terrorism, and is associated with a mosque in the 19th arrondissement. 

Through Benyettou, Kouachi was studying how to wield arms and use Kalashnikovs. Under a section titled "Motivations of Influence" describing Kouachi, court records said he stated "the wise leaders in Islam told him and his friends that if they die as martyrs in jihad they would go to heaven" and "that martyrs would be greeted by more than 60 virgins in a big palace in heaven."

The documents also said, "(F)or him any place on earth where there is such an injustice is justification for jihad; what was going on Iraq was in his eyes such an injustice."

The mosque, called La Mosquee de Stalingrad, has since been demolished and appears to be under construction. 

Court records show Kouachi said he didn't consider himself a good enough Muslim, and said he had only been to the mosque two or three times before he met Benyettou, and he had been smoking cannabis. 

Kouachi told investigators he committed himself to the idea of jihad during Ramadan in 2004. He told his friends he was going to Syria to fight. 

The documents say when police interviewed his accomplices they stated that Kouachi "said he was ready to firebomb and to destroy Jewish shops in Paris."

When officials confronted Kouachi with that information, he told them "that's not exactly what I said. ... I don't hide having proposed anti-Semitic ideas, but I would note that I never really would have done that."

Charlie Hebdo attack: Helicopters hunt for suspects in woods of France 

Charlie Hebdo attack: Where are suspects hiding? 

Longpont, France (CNN)An intense manhunt for two brothers wanted in the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre focused Thursday on northern France's Picardy region, where sources close to the investigation said a police helicopter might have spotted the suspects.

Authorities believe that Cherif Kouachi, 32, and Said Kouachi, 34, entered a wooded area on foot, the sources told CNN's Chris Cuomo. Now investigators are using helicopters equipped with night vision tools to try to find them, the sources said.

Earlier Thursday, a police helicopter glimpsed what investigators believed to be the fugitives in the same area, near Crepy-en-Valois, France.

Said Kouachi, left, and Cherif Kouachi are suspects in the Paris attack.

Said Kouachi, left, and Cherif Kouachi are suspects in the Paris attack.Police flooded the region, with heavily armed officers canvassing the countryside and forests in search of the killers. They came after a gas station attendant reportedly said the armed brothers threatened him near Villers-Cotterets in Picardy, stole gas and food, then drove off late Thursday morning.

About 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the gas station, police blocked a rural country road leading to the French village of Longpont. Authorities have not commented in any detail, but pictures showed heavily armed police officers with shields and helmets in the blocked-off area.

Hours later, a CNN team witnessed a convoy of 30 to 40 police vehicles leaving a site near Longpont.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls put the Picardy region on the highest alert level, that same level that the entire Ile-de-France region, including Paris, is already under.

As the search for the suspects intensified, details emerged about their past travels -- and possible training abroad.

The United States was given information from the French intelligence agency that Said Kouachi traveled to Yemen as late as 2011 on behalf of the al Qaeda affiliate there, a U.S. official told CNN. Once in Yemen, he received a variety of weapons training from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, including on how to fire weapons, the official said.

In addition to Picardy, other parts of France have also been under scrutiny.

Earlier Thursday, a gunman -- dressed in black and wearing what appeared to be a bulletproof vest, just like those who attacked the Charlie Hebdo offices -- shot and killed a female police officer in the Paris suburb of Montrouge. A municipal official was seriously wounded in that attack, France's interior minister said. One person was arrested, Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman said, though it's not known whether the shooter is still at large.

Authorities have called that a terror attack, but they haven't outright connected it to Wednesday's slaying of 12 at the satirical magazine's Paris headquarters.

Latest updates at 6:40 p.m. ET

• A U.S. law enforcement official told CNN that the Kouachi brothers were in the U.S. database of known or suspected international terrorists, known as TIDE, and also had been on the no-fly list for years. 

One of the brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo attack traveled to Yemen in 2005, France's justice minister told CNN on Thursday. Justice Minister Christiane Taubira did not specify which brother had traveled to Yemen. 

An ISIS radio broadcast Thursday praised the attackers, calling them "brave jihadists." There was no mention of a claim of responsibility for the attack.

Paris' iconic Eiffel Tower went dark at 8 p.m. (2 p.m. ET) in remembrance of the victims of Wednesday's attack.
Charlie Hebdo to publish next Wednesday
While its business is satire, Charlie Hebdo has been the subject of serious venom.
That includes its publication of cartoons lampooning the Muslim prophet, Mohammed, which some found very offensive.
The magazine's offices were fire-bombed after that in 2011, on the same day the magazine was due to release an issue with a cover that appeared to poke fun at Islamic law. 
It was attacked again Wednesday, when two masked men entered its offices not far from the famed Notre Dame Cathedral and the Place de la Bastille.

On their way into the building, they asked exactly where the offices were. The men reportedly spoke fluent French with no accent.

They barged in on the magazine's staff, while they were gathered for a lunchtime editorial meeting. The gunmen separated the men from the women and called out the names of cartoonists they intended to kill, said Dr. Gerald Kierzek, a physician who treated wounded patients and spoke with survivors. 

The shooting was not a random spray of bullets, but more of a precision execution, he said.
The two said they were avenging the Prophet Mohammed and shouted "Allahu akbar," which translates to "God is great," Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said.

Cell phone cameras caught the two gunmen as they ran back out of the building, still firing. One of them ran up to a wounded police officer lying on a sidewalk and shot him point-blank.

It was the deadliest attack in Europe since July 2011, when Anders Behring Brevik killed 77 people in attacks on government buildings in Oslo, Norway, and at a youth camp on the island of Utoya.

But it won't stop Charlie Hebdo. Pelloux told CNN affiliate BFMTV that thousands of copies of the magazine will be published next Wednesday. Proceeds from the issue will go to victims' families, France's Le Monde newspaper reported.

'It was their only mistake'

Police hunting for the Kouachi brothers have searched their supposed residences in a number of towns, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

The two masked men apparently left behind a getaway car, which police impounded. Investigators found Said Kouachi's identification card inside the car as they combed it for evidence, Cazeneuve said.

"It was their only mistake," said Dominique Rizet, BFMTV's police and justice consultant, reporting that the discovery helped the investigation.

The Kouachi brothers returned from Syria in the summer, USA Today reported, without saying where it got the information.

Officials were running their names through databases to look for connections with ISIS and al Qaeda. The suspects were known to security services, Prime Minister Valls said. 

A third suspect, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad, turned himself in to police, a source close to the case told the AFP news agency. In French media and on social media, classmates of Mourad, who is in his final year of high school, said he was with them at school at the time of the attack.

Cazeneuve said that nine people overall have been detained in connection with the Charlie Hebdo attack. 

But that doesn't necessarily mean authorities are any closer to Cherif and Said Kouachi.

'Parisians will not be afraid'

The victims' names were splashed Thursday across newspapers as heroes for freedom of expression. "Liberty assassinated." "We are all Charlie Hebdo," the headlines blared.

They included two police officers, Stephane Charbonnier -- a cartoonist and the magazine's editor, known as "Charb" -- and three other well-known cartoonists known by the pen names Cabu, Wolinski and Tignous. Autopsies on the victims were underway Thursday, Cazeneuve said.

ac pkg foreman paris attack victims _00002108

    Slain editor: Without freedom of speech we are dead 02:08

Flags flew at half-staff on public buildings and events were canceled Thursday, a national day of mourning. Crowds gathered in the rain in Paris in the victims' honor, many holding up media credentials and broke into applause as the silence ended. The bells of Notre Dame Cathedral tolled across the city. 

"I can't remember such a day since 9/11," said Klugman, Paris' deputy mayor. "The country really is in a kind of shutdown in respect and memory of the 12 people killed."

The day earlier, thousands poured into streets in hordes in a show of solidarity, holding up pens and chanting, "We are Charlie!" Similar demonstrations took place in cities in addition to Paris, including Rome, Berlin and Barcelona. 

According to Klugman, "Parisians will not be afraid."