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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Everything is a Big Lie

Here we present the extract from an interview with KWN (King World News) held an expert in the gold market, Chris Powell, which reveals the true workings of the financial world and the dark intervention of central banks in handling markets.
The conclusion to be drawn from this interview is clear: the "free market" does not exist.
The entire financial world is a farce, controlled by a hidden in the shadows mafia ...

Today we will talk about the movements of Western governments for a frightening control over everything on the planet, including control of all financial markets. A few days ago, we learned that "US investigates the top 10 banks for possible illegal price manipulation precious metals".
A similar investigation of the manipulation of the gold market by European banks has been silenced and no one has talked about it.
Chris Powell talks about it ...
Chris Powell
Chris Powell
These investigations will never get you anywhere and have never gotten anywhere, because all these researchers will soon discover that investment banks are manipulating monetary metals markets and other important markets are acting as undercover agents Banks West Central. In fact, their intermediaries.
This market manipulation is fully licensed by the proper law in the United States. The Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in 1970 specifically authorizes the United States Department of the Treasury, through the Exchange Stabilization Fund, to secretly intervene and manipulate not only the gold market, which was the original authorization he but after 1970, as amended, is authorized to handle any market and any type of financial instrument, as most pleases.
Therefore, this research will never get anywhere, because the positions in the futures markets that are so prone to manipulation, are positions of central banks, implemented through intermediaries who act as masks, to hide the fact that are central banks themselves who manipulate everything.
A futures contract is a contract or agreement which requires contracting parties to buy or sell a certain number of assets or securities (underlying) at a future date, determined and with a price set in advance. These contracts are traded on what is called term market or futures market.
Futures contracts are a category within derivative contracts (wikipedia)
Investment banks only have to tell investigators: "This is not our own. This is the account of a customer and that customer is the government and the government is fully authorized to handle all markets in secret. " End of research.
Other nations have similar devices. In the UK, for example, have what is called the Exchange Equalization Account (The Exchange Equalization Account), which is administered by the Bank of England background. Moreover, a year ago, the Director of Market Operations of the Bank of France, Alexander Gautier, presented at the meeting of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) in Rome and said the Bank of France is trading gold for her own account and on behalf of other central banks almost daily.
Western governments they control everything in the world ruthlessly.
Now they are negotiating with gold almost daily, either for fun or for political purposes. I do not think the political ends are too difficult to imagine.
Anyway, what this means is that we have a market economy in the West.
We live in an economy FASCIST court in which the governments themselves secretly set prices.
This is the mechanism by which Western central banks are controlling the value of all capital, labor and goods and services worldwide.
A little documentation about it appeared a few months ago when Eric Scott Hutsader found on the website of the Committee on Commodity Trade United States (US Commodity Futures Trading Commission), documents Incentive Program for Central Banks CME Group .
The CME Group leads the major futures markets in the United States, according to the documents submitted by the CME Group, has been offering trade discounts central banks to trade secret all futures markets in the US, not only markets in financial instruments, but the markets for agricultural commodities and markets monetary metals.
So, as you can see, in the US, futures markets traded in the shade.
Central banks are receiving discounts and benefits for participating in this commercial handling. The CME Group justified these secret futures trading accounts for central banks, as a way to inject liquidity into the futures markets.
A justification completely ridiculous, because we are talking about a "liquidity" of the size of the Pacific Ocean. No person may operate against a central bank. Central banks create infinite money. If central banks are in a market that is no longer a market.
And the mainstream media conceal these activities.
All they can do genuine free market advocates is to expose these manipulations in alternative media, so people stop playing financial games.
We saw an attempt to reveal what happens in the District Court in Boston in 2001.
Reg Howe sued the Bank for International Settlements, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve, by manipulating the gold market, and sued the big investment banks to cooperate in such manipulation.
Reg Howe
There was a public process on this case before it was dismissed on jurisdictional technical reasons. I attended that hearing. Reg Howe was alone on one side of the room and on the other side had 15 lawyers from the Bank for International Settlements, the Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.
It was "the Howe citizen against all the money and power of the world"
In the end, the assistant prosecutor rose and said that while the US government did not admit the applicant's pleas, the US government did have the legal power to do all the things he accused the plaintiff, for he had authorized by the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, as amended in 1970, as we said before.
So at this hearing, an attorney admitted publicly that the US government can fix secretly all financial markets because the law allows.
What became public knowledge, but, of course, no one said anything, and nobody will ask for explanations from the US government about something as serious as this.

In other words: the free market, the basis of capitalism, NO.
It's all a big hoax.
All global financial markets are being manipulated from the shadows by central banks, led by the Bank for International Settlements, an entity formed by private bankers and created by the Nazi party and the British government in 1930, which is literally running the world.


Friday, February 27, 2015

NASA mourned 'Spock'

NASA via Twitter, mourned the death of actor Leonard Nimoy, remembered for his role as "Spock" in the Star Trek series.
"RIP Leonard Nimoy. Many of us in the NASA we were inspired by Star Trek. Go boldly (in English "boldly go", an expression associated with the saga), "said the institution through a tweet.
Remember that. Nimoy died Friday at age 83 after suffering a pulmonary disease, confirmed his widow Susan Bay Nimoy.
Leonard's death shocked the world. Through social networks, millions of fans of the series expressed deep sorrow for what happened, a fact that made Nimoy in global trend in Twitter.

Our favorite Leonard Nimoy video clips

Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for his pointy-eared portrayal of "Mr. Spock" in the original Star Trek franchise, died Friday at 83. Here's a collection of some of our favorite Nimoy moments.  Let's start with the Spock salute. "Live long and prosper."

Spock tells James T. Kirk (played by William Shatner), "I have been and always shall be your friend," in this death scene from the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

In 1984's Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, Spock doesn't recognize Kirk at first but it comes back to him. The scene tugs at your heartstrings.

And then there's this gem from 1967. Nimoy sings The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins and people dance around in bright sweatshirts.

Nimoy made a guest appearance on the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory in 2012. He voiced Sheldon's toy Spock.

He also starred in Bruno Mars's 2011 music video for The Lazy Song. We wish we could look that cool grocery shopping in a tiger t-shirt and a bathrobe.

Google Create the First Artificial Intelligence Program Able to Learn by Himself

Comp 1_00000
This is a news that has not been discussed too, despite being a major importance in the world of Science and Technology.
Google Scientists have created the first computer program capable of learning a wide variety of tasks independently, which is considered the first significant step towards true Artificial Intelligence.
The program, called AGENT, learned to play old 49 different computer games, developing their own strategies to win.
In the future, the same approach could be used to create auto-drive cars, personal assistants for smartphones or conducting scientific research in different fields, covering from climate change to cosmology.
The research was conducted by DeepMind, the British company acquired by Google last year for 548 million euros (400 million pounds), whose stated aim is to create "intelligent machines".
Demis Hassabis
Demis Hassabis
Demis Hassabis, founder of the company, said: "This is the first important step of the ladder that leads to an overall learning system that really works. The program is capable of assuming tasks that even humans find difficult. It is the first step of this baby into this great and important goal "
The work is seen as a giant leap over previous attempts to create artificial intelligence, as were the Deep Blue program, which won the famous chess player Gary Kasparov in 1997 or Watson IBM program, which won the television contest Jeopardy! in 2011.
Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
Garry Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
In these two cases mentioned above, the computers were pre-programmed with the rules and specific strategies to win and surpassed human performance thanks to enormous computing power.
"In the case of Deep Blue, was the team of programmers and great teachers who distilled the necessary knowledge then introduced into the program," says Hassabis. "In this case, however, we built algorithms that learn from zero ".
By AGENT program simply given an input raw, formed by the pixel of the screen Atari and provided with a label with the score.
When AGENT start playing, simply observes the frames of the game and will randomly pressing buttons to see what happens. "It's a bit like a baby opens his eyes and sees the world for the first time," says Hassabis.
AGENT using a learning method called "deep learning" to convert input information into meaningful visual basic concepts, reproducing the way the human brain processes sensory information raw and transformed into a rich understanding of the world. AGENT is scheduled to work on what is meaningful through a "reinforcement learning" the basic idea of ​​which is interpreted to score points is good and losing is bad.
Tim Behrens
Tim Behrens
Tim Behrens, professor of cognitive neuroscience at University College London, said that: "What we have done is really impressive, no doubt. They have to learn to AGENT by simply based on reward and punishment concepts. Nobody had done this before "
In the videos provided by Deep Mind, we see AGENT starting to make random movements and unsuccessful at first, but after 600 hundred rounds of training (two weeks of computer time), the program has already discovered how they work the games.
In some cases, AGENT developed winning strategies that neither the researchers had considered, such as making a tunnel through the sides of the wall in eljuego Breakout or submarine-based game, remain deeply submerged all the time.
Vlad Mnih
Vlad Mnih
Vlad Mnih, one of the team members behind the project Google has said: "Definitely it funny how computers find things to you or you had discovered for yourself"
Hassabis fails to qualify this as an "inventive step", but said it shows that computers can "work things out for themselves" in a way that is usually considered as uniquely human. "The one day machines will be able to express forms creativity, but we still have a ways to go to get there "
For his part, Professor Behrens says that seeing AGENT learn for himself, one leaves the impression that "something human about it," probably because they are borrowing human concept of trial and error, one of the main methods of learning about human beings.
The study, published in the journal Nature, showed how AGENT came to perform at levels corresponding to 75% or higher than the levels encountered by a professional game tester at least half of the tested games, including shooting games, boxing or 3D car racing.
In some games like Space Invaders, Pong and Breakout, the algorithm significantly outperformed humans, while others fared much worse .

The researchers argue that this is mainly because the algorithm, for now, has no real memory that allows you to create long-term strategies that require planning.
With some games, for example, this meant that AGENT got stuck in a rut, having learned a basic way to score points, but had failed to understand the overall goal of the game.
The team is now trying to build a memory component to the system and apply it to 3D computer games more realistic
Elon Musk
Elon Musk
Last year, American entrepreneur, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors or companies like PayPal and an early investor Deep Mind, Artificial Intelligence described as the greatest threat to the future existence of humanity:
"Unless you have access to the work of groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast that is developing artificial intelligence," Musk said. "We run the risk that something serious happen within five years. Ten years maximum "
However, the Google team downplayed concerns: "We agree with him, there are risks to be taken into account, but we are still decades away from any kind of technology we have to worry," says Hassabis .


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Apple Manufacture Cars


In a secret place near its headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple is working at breakneck speed on a car model under the codename "Project Titan".

While car companies can take up to seven years to develop a car, Apple hopes to begin producing their vehicles in five years, since 2020.

It would be a likely autonomous, ie able to conduct alone, driver-less electric car.
This maneuver Apple would enter with force in a market already making strides companies like Google or Tesla.

Rumors about making a car by Apple, shot a few days ago, because of a lawsuit because Apple has hired many engineers manufacturer of lithium batteries for electric cars A123 Systems, which the company has finished denouncing Apple.

Also, Apple tried to hire experts batteries LG Chem Ltd, Samsung Electronics, Panasonic, Toshiba and Johnson Controls, according to the lawsuit.
He also hired Johann Jungwirth that for six years he headed the department of research and development of Mercedes-Benz in North America and specializes in building autonomous cars connected to the Internet.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk
Also, Elon Musk, business owner TESLA electric cars, has also complained that Apple has been hiring engineers at a record pace.
Based on employment records publicly available, Apple has hired dozens of executives and engineers from other car companies.
A longtime engineer at Autolive, a manufacturer of security systems for cars, joined Apple to work on special projects group in January. The team of special projects for cars now has more than 200 employees.
Two trucks registered by Apple and covers similar to the first prototypes of Google autonomous vehicle sensors, have been seen in San Francisco and Brooklyn. This suggests that they are experimenting with self-driven vehicles.
Apple can not produce a car in series up to about 2020, because of all the engineering that should be launched, the necessary process of design and manufacture of vehicle parts and the need to build facilities for the manufacture of automobiles.
There is also the option that Apple does not want to get herself produce the car, but perhaps only intending to introduce the prototype and production license to sell the vehicle to any existing brand in the market.
Anyway, it would be a story that would revolutionize the automobile market.
No doubt Apple fans, like a modern technological sect something, be happy ...

Via: bloomberg

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Danger of Climbing War: USA Secretly Sold Weapons to KIEV Through ABU DHABI

The US are circumventing its own policy, proclaimed from the rooftops, not to provide weapons to Ukraine and therefore, despite recent moves of the leading European to prevent states is increasing the possibility that explode a catastrophic war in Europe.
The President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, recently traveled to an international exhibition of weapons in the UAE. There has coincided with the main charge of selling US weapons.

Petro Poroshenko
Petro Poroshenko
According to the website DefenseOne.com:
"The Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko plans to meet with defense companies in the United States on Tuesday during a gun show in Abu Dhabi although the US government has not given permission to companies to sell lethal weapons Kiev.

Frank Kendall, executive Pentagon procurement plans to meet with a Ukrainian delegation on Monday night, however, not expected to Poroshenko is still there. Kendall, in an interview, said he would send a message of support from the United States.
Frank Kendall
Frank Kendall
"I expect the conversation to focus on their needs," stated the web Defense Kendall One, hours before the meeting.
"We are currently limited in terms of what we can offer, but all we can to support Kiev, we will support"
Poroshenko, urged by their American neoconservatives sponsors want total war with Russia.

Vadym Prystaiko
Vadym Prystaiko
Recently, Vadym Prystaiko, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine gave a shocking interview with the CBC where he said: "We do not want to scare everyone, but we are preparing for total war"
Russia says that if US weapons delivery to Ukraine, it will cause serious problems.
As maneuver response, Russia has already offered the missile system S-300 to Iran:
"Sergei Chemezov, CEO of Russian defense corporation Rostec said Tehran is considering offering of ballistic air defense systems, Antey-2500.
Sergei Chemezov
Sergei Chemezov
The Antey-2500 is a mobile surface-to-air combat offers enhanced capabilities, including destroying aircraft and ballistic missiles with a range of 2,400 kms missiles, according to its manufacturer, Almaz-Antey.
The system was developed from a less advanced version, the version of the 1980's S-300V system, which has a range of 200 kms. A 2007 contract to supply the S-300 system to Iran was canceled in 2010 after the US and Israel press against the deal "
Missile system Antey-2500
Missile system Antey-2500
If Iran have all this system, in case of conflict, jeopardizing all US aircraft in the Middle East.

However, this threat has not deterred the US
The US will disguise your program arms sales to Kiev hiding in collaboration with allied dictatorships in the Middle East:
As has recently learned, Poroshenko and the UAE agree on "the delivery of certain types of weapons and military equipment to Ukraine".
However, the UAE does not produce weapons but buying large amounts of US weaponry.
Just now refer the weapons purchased in the US to Ukraine, while the US publicly argue that sell lethal weapons to Ukraine.
This will represent a new and dangerous escalation in the Ukrainian conflict right at the time that Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine meet in Paris to promote a more rapid implementation of the agreement Minsk 2 for a ceasefire and a political solution civil war in Ukraine.
But the Ukrainian government is breaking the agreement Minsk 2 and is not retreating effectively and realistically heavy artillery since the cease-fire established. The US, meanwhile, are and will continue arming the Ukrainian army and soon will train s forces of Neo-Nazi "National Guard" volunteers.
The major European powers, Germany, France and Russia, trying to dominate the conflict and put out the fire, but the US and its allies in Kiev still pouring gasoline on the fire.
If Europeans fail to roll back to Washington in their weapons policies supporting Ukraine, Europe may end up on fire ...

Manufacturing the Addicted Society

The best slave is one who knows it and also love their slavery.
It seems that this maximum will be seared in our future, unless we act immediately to remedy.
And is that the mechanisms of slavery increasingly refined.
A person chained hand and foot can see what the slaves with their own eyes; become aware of what your situation and knows what and who to fight.

But the mechanisms currently enslave us, are becoming less explicit. The chains are no longer around our ankles and wrists, but inside our brains.
Most people believe that slavery was eradicated when it has simply changed form, is perfected, it has become much more subtle ... and more effective.
And soon it will be even more.
Because there are many ways to turn a person into a slave.
It can enslave by direct oppression, denying access to resources and subjecting it to exhaustion; were you can instill ideas and mentally programmed to be put to the beliefs, customs or doctrines that condition their thinking and actions to annul his will ...
But if there is a really efficient to enslave an individual method, that is to make you addicted.

Addiction is a kind of indirect slavery, in which the individual is completely subjugated psychological and physical level to an external element.
Controlling access to the outer member, you can get full control of the addict without it or just come to perceive it.
Is thus a highly effective model slavery, which also allows the slave safeguard against the possible wrath of enslaved by addiction blinded and unable to identify the source of their misfortunes.
It's the perfect slavery.
And that seems to be the model of society that is being planned for our future: a society of addicts.
Specifically, addicted to easy and immediate pleasure.
A revealing article titled PLEASURE vs PAIN IN SOCIETY PROGRAM , writer and journalist Jon Rappoport, is keeping us on track ...
Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappoport
Brain researchers believe they have the world's future in their hands.
For example, assume that one day, be able to enable or disable the circuits that induce pleasure and pain in humans. So Easy, reliable and accurate.
"In experiments with mice, scientists reconfigured brain circuits and changed the bad memories of the animals for good memories ... Researchers say they were also able to follow the reverse process, ie, changing a pleasant memory in mice by a associated with fear. "(Kevin Drum, Mother Jones, 8/27/14)
Their reasoning is simple.
If human beings try to find pleasure and avoid pain, or if they pursue objectives that provide pleasure as a side effect ... why wait? Why go through the arduous process of striving to get that reward? Why not cut the road immediately and directly experience pleasure?
We live in an age in which the search for instant gratification, distracting attention and entertainment are important, then why not directly stimulate the brain and give people what they yearn?
The logic is: "if the interval between desire and satisfaction is long, erase them"
That is the future that apparently are building for us all.
A future where we will receive doses of instant pleasure, like sugar cubes injected directly into our brains.
And as usual, the field of neuroscience is the spearhead of those who are shaping tomorrow's society ...
Kent Berridge
Kent Berridge
Kent Berridge, Doctor Biophysics Laboratory, University of Michigan, writes in an article entitled "hedonistic points 'Gusto': the glow of pleasure in the brain":
"The pleasure arises in the brain. The sweet taste or other natural pleasures are mere external sensations and enter the brain are the brain systems that are activated to generate a reaction of "taste", pleasure.
Our laboratory has discovered the brain generators of sensual pleasure, in the form of hedonistic anatomical points, using neurochemical signals to create the intense feeling of pleasure. It is important to identify these brain-point hedonistic pleasure generators, their neurochemical signals and circuits that cause pleasure, to identify fully the true mechanisms of pleasure.
The need to find generators pleasure is especially pressing because dysfunctions hedonistic circuits can be the basis of mood disorders and other clinical disorders, and because other candidates of the brain believed to be mediated in the generation of pleasure, it has been discovered that may not generate as much pleasure as we thought (eg, dopamine and brain electrical stimulation).
Therefore our aim is to discover the true causes and the mechanisms that generate pleasure in the brain "
At present, in the world of science there are real obsession to get to know how our brain, as indicated in the article: THE DIGITAL IMMORTALITY .
To this we must add the unstoppable development of techniques and technologies that allow direct access to our brains and our thoughts, with the ultimate goal to conquer the last bastion of individual liberty: the individual's mind.
The techniques can be developed about themselves seem science fiction, which we explained in the article: THE CORTICAL MODEM TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION THAT MANKIND WILL CHANGE FOREVER

In the domain of our psyches is the key to gain full control of the company, the eternal dream of all elites and powerful throughout history people; the last barrier that must be overcome to achieve absolute power.
And a key to achieve these levels of power aspects lie in controlling the supply of pleasure ...
Huxley, Orwell
Huxley, Orwell
Once, Aldous Huxley wrote a letter to George Orwell in which he revealed the following:
"The lust for power of the rulers of the world can get to be completely satisfied if they get people to love their servitude, by routes as it would get through punishment and imposition. I think the nightmare of 1984 is destined to become a nightmare like what I imagined in Brave New World World "
Get the monopoly supply pleasure, then, is not a minor or anecdotal as it might seem at first glance question: will be a determining factor in shaping the world to come.
To this we must add what some experts and economists are already warning about global economic conditions that are drawn on the near horizon.
In a recent interview , the economist Santiago Niño-Becerra quoted another economist Jeremy Rifkin, who said:
"In this century, less than 5% of the population will produce all the goods and services they consume the rest of the population"
Jeremy Rifkin
Jeremy Rifkin
To which he added:
"Every time factor requires less labor to produce the same. Technology creates, for example, 10,000 skilled jobs, but it destroys 100,000 jobs unskilled "
That is one shared by many other forecasting many analysts, based on the increasing automation of production in all areas and the development of new technologies that will change the face of the earth as 3D printing.
This leads us to ask an obvious and troubling question: If only a small fraction of the population will be productive, what will the other people who have no job?
It appears that we will have a large portion of the population without an occupation fixed, possibly installed in a chronic state of insecurity, perhaps subsidized in Western countries with a pay of citizenship with which to subsist minimally and unable to fulfill their dreams or conducted professionally.
A large mass of people from second category, subject to a permanent state of existential frustration, which as a pressure cooker can end up causing an uncontrolled explosion that make shake the foundations of the whole system.
Everything seems to indicate, at least right now, towards this future scenario.
And if we for a moment in the skin of the ruling elites, the question we must ask is:
What will be the easiest and cheapest way to control this great mass of people with such enormous potential to blow it all up and down?
¿Severely repressing through a police state and thereby causing the possibility of a growing backlash?
Or is it easier, quite simply, drug her in any way? ¿Turn it into addicted addiction own and use as a control valve and dependence on those who supply them with the addictive substance?
The answer is obvious.
Style: "Neutral"
The pleasure is much more efficient as repressive weapon pain. Pain or suffering involve an aggressive response, often linked to the most basic survival instincts. A force which under certain circumstances can become uncontrollable.
However, a person needs well covered pleasure, is a potentially submissive. An individual with brain flooded with endorphins, is someone drugged and docile.
As Rappoport says in his article:
The plot logic that continue to build the society of instant gratification future is as follows:
"If a thousand robots working in a factory can manufacture more cars per day than their human counterparts and do so in order to relieve the stress of work, then, by analogy, the direct delivery of pleasure to the people through drugs or Electromagnetic stimulation, avoiding the need to follow a laborious process to get that pleasure, it may also be considered a worthy goal "
Once this logical argument installed in the common imagination, we could define the phrase "access to pleasure is a human right", it all depends on supply routes that pleasure and more specifically, the facilities we have to access it.

pl 2_00000_00000
If someone were to use access to pleasure as a tool of social control and subjugation, the first thing you should do is take over the supply of that pleasure, being overcome it completely to individuals.
That's impossible. Humans have many different ways to provide us dose of pleasure ourselves from sexual activity until refined pleasures of a cultural nature such as access to music and gastronomy.

However, one way to control the supply of pleasure, is to convert these sources of pleasure obsolete and embarrassing, offering instead sources fast and convenient pleasure.
Take an example.
Does anyone what effect it would have on society imagine if a person could achieve an instant orgasm simply receiving an electromagnetic pulse in his brain?
pl 4_00000
Now it may seem crazy, but sex as we know it will quickly become one, uncomfortable and little activity practically obsolete practice.
Many people no longer would leave their homes in order to undergo the long and unpredictable rituals of courtship and prefer to stay in their homes, comfortably seated on the couch being supplied orgasms easily, thus avoiding the possibility of experiencing disappointments, missed connections, or failed experiences be subjected to "cumbersome" sentimental commitments.
It may seem crazy, but in some countries, like Japan, are beginning to experience the first symptoms of this atomized society and "De-sexualized" ...
Concern in Japan: lack of sex threatens the future of the country
Japan suffers a crisis of libido.
The birth rate has fallen rapidly and by 2060 it is expected that Japan's population will have fallen by a third. This results from the fact that young Japanese increasingly hold less sex.
Japanese man and woman lean away from each other
A study shows that over 20% of young Japanese men show disinterest in sex and prefer virtual sex and 45% of Japanese women aged 16 to 24 years.
Therefore, getting a monopoly of pleasure is relatively easy; practically it is a business maneuver. It is offering a product that offers more comfort and pleasure faster than current methods access.
Let no one be any doubt: if someone could create a source of instant pleasure, social relations would be altered dramatically, sex became archaic and other means of obtaining pleasure, like good food, sport or activities creative, would be doomed to extinction.
This would also entail a number of serious consequences:
Access to sources of instant pleasure, drifting inevitably end an addiction by all citizens to those products that could provide doses of narcotic pleasure. The basis for a Adicta Company as sit.

2-Outsourcing of pleasure and absolute Unit
Once converted obsolete sources of pleasure ourselves or others could offer, the door would open to commercial products supply pleasure, so that businesses and large corporations to sell us these products obtain complete control Source of our addiction and therefore ourselves.
We would be total dependent on our suppliers, similar but much more captivating than you may have a junkie with his camel, because our addiction would be controlled by agencies with which we could not negotiate or contact personally.
These organizations could rule all conditions mandatory addicts citizens, so that they were obliged to obey in order to continue to enjoy the necessary dose of pleasure that feed their addiction.
This, therefore, the basis for a complete tyranny and slavery and for absolute control of every addicts citizens would sit, though undoubtedly are we presented under the now customary stamped "freedom of choice" .
In other words: we would be allowed to choose to be addicted to "Pepsi" or "Coca Cola" ... but would be dependent addicts and the end of the day.

3-Death of human creativity
Many human activities indirectly related to obtaining or lack of pleasure, would be seriously affected.
One of them, the most important perhaps, be creative in all fields, from the artistic to the intellectual or scientific.
Many of the creators of history (obviously not all) have been deprived people in their daily lives, the main and sometimes only source of pleasure or fulfillment was the one who supplied them with their own ability to create or conceive ideas.

Vincent van Gogh650
What would have happened if those painful had had a quick and easy access to pleasure and their brains had been flooded with endorphins continuously?
Had felt with the same intensity the need to create or think?
What would have lost humanity then? How many geniuses and great artists have ceased their activities, to not feel the urgent need to look inside a way to express and realize?
Oddly enough, this is one of the greatest dangers that can lead to build a society addicted.
4-Loss of ability to assess things
Easy access to immediate pleasure entail irreversible damage psychologically, in all members of society.
First, because that which is readily available, not enough values.
But even worse, because once people dis-spouse easy access to pleasure, all those things that did not offer a snapshot and narcotic download of endorphins in the brain, would not be valued at all by addicted masses.
That would be like other people, small everyday details, the beauty of nature, creativity, effort, sacrifice or any activity that did not involve an immediate reward, would become something heavy, dull and almost unbearable for addicts easy pleasure.
There would be a total disregard anything that does not offer your dose of pleasure, as it can happen to any addict, blinded by his addiction and unable to appreciate life and the needs of others.
The company would be integrally formed by individuals unconnected and deeply selfish, only think: "I only care about my dose of pleasure, here and now and I do not care about anything else"
Samples of love, empathy, generosity, solidarity ... would be dissolved and hands recipe for hell on earth.
5-Conditioning by association
Once established these bases, all individuals would be easily controlled.
They could make us almost anything they wanted.
For example what if those doses of immediate pleasure were associated with certain elements?
What if, for example, whenever we saw a particular advertisement, a shiver of pleasure scour our spine?
Would associate the product with the feeling of pleasure and concrete in our brain would be indissoluble.

Anyone can imagine how could manipulate with such associations?
And what if we associate the downloading pleasure to kill someone? Would not that be the most effective way to program the soldiers to ignore all kinds of ethical or moral approaches?
What if someone associate the view of authority or law enforcement with pleasure?
If someone were able to provide, or that it was a slight feeling of pleasure in seeing the face of our leaders ... what kind of obedient and servile beasts we would become?

We know that what we are saying in this article seems crazy, typical of someone who has excess fantasy or has definitely lost his mind.
But we must start thinking about this type of scenario, by fanciful they may seem, because although not we go live immediately, there are people working hard at it.
Shortly, we will give the first step towards this seemingly inconceivable future world.
In a few years virtual reality become part of our everyday surroundings more.

And once it is properly mapped our brain and have finished developing the relevant technology, Internet, virtual reality design and feelings we may be delivered directly to the brain.
Our vision of the universe will be transformed before our eyes, with the ease of a mouse click and all those gadgets, gadgets and computer networks we now think of as something external to us, will form an integral part of our minds and our sensory experiences .
There will be feelings programmers design, downloadable directly into our brains; will be the futuristic version of the creators of current trends, mixing computer programmer, perfume and fashion designer.
In the same way that today there are corporate odors that can perceive when entering certain stores or businesses, tomorrow we'll have a complex composite feelings that flood our brain when accessing certain areas, real or virtual. Sensations premium quality for which they can pay and free inferior feelings with integrated advertising, in true "junk food" style, for second-class citizens.
But either way, we will be subject to continuous and incessant flood of prefabricated pleasure, with which become addicted and obedient slaves of the system.
For these crazy things happen, it only takes that our brain is connected to the network ... something that apparently see much before the end of this century if we do not redirect before the evolution of our species.
Many, perhaps blinded by their own fantasy, consider this future as highly desirable, fascinating and wonderful.
But do not be fooled by their enthusiasm associated with utter superficiality.
This futuristic world is nothing but a huge prison with bright neon lights where our individual consciousness is dying ...