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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


ad martial law_00000
A seemingly innocent announcement of a US organization called AARP, has caused confusion in some alternative means, after detecting the ad, covertly, a subliminal message whose content can only be described as very strange.
Curiously, according to Wikipedia:
AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons) is a US-based non-profit independent organization that serves the needs and interests of people over 50 years.
American_Association_of_Retired_Persons_ (logo)
Its bimonthly magazine, AARP The Magazine (formerly Modern Maturity) is the largest circulation of all magazines of the United States, with over 35 million subscribers.
A subliminal message is defined as (Wikipedia):
A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass below (sub) limits (liminal) normal perception. It can be for example a message in a song, inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the unconscious or deeper mind; it can also be a transmitted image so short mode (as a tenth of a second) that go unnoticed by the conscious mind but still unconsciously perceived; that is, a person can not perceive the message consciously, but your subconscious self.
Well, as we say, it seems that in that notice, hides one of these subliminal messages character.
In the ad, 2014, we can see a woman who sews while sounding TV news background and receives a call from his daughter from another room.
4 fot an_00000
Almost imperceptibly, the voice of the news relates:
"The riots have prompted local governments around the country to declare martial law.
The President is asking citizens find security and remain calm.
Authorities are working to contain the outbreak "
We can see the original announcement here:

And here the version with English subtitles ...
Obviously, alternative means (those usually described as "conspiracy theorists"), have expressed their bewilderment at the announcement and have been linked to recent events taking place in the US.
Specifically, alternative media (such as Infowars or SHTL Plan, among others), highlight the vast military maneuvers to be held in the US this summer under the codename of Jade Helm and in the army, along with several agencies governmental control will practice on civilians.
As we explained in a previous article, titled 'Signs That The Elite of US Are Preparing For Something BIG'
"Jade Helm is a set of joint military maneuvers and inter-agency that will last eight weeks in which character and Unconventional Warfare training will be conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado" , according to a military document not qualified announcing these training exercises, which will run from July 15 until September 15.
Several branches of the US military, including the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, will participate in the exercise of eight weeks.
The troops have the task of perfecting the advanced skills in "large areas of undeveloped land with low population density" and will work with "civilians to gain their trust and understand their problems"
Exercise, in which some participants will "plainclothes and conduct civilian vehicles," he deemed to Texas and Utah as "hostile" territory.
To this we must add the recent race riots in Baltimore, before which has already been deployed National Guard.
All this begs the question: why a publicist insert a subliminal message on the declaration of Martial Law in the announcement of a nonprofit entity "to serving the needs and interests of people over 50 years"?
If we know that advertisers care about selling a product in the best way possible and cater to the smallest detail ... what benefit can be assumed for that entity in the ad background a message as unsettling as this is from?
If we look at the overall tone of the announcement, based on intimate and family-protective feelings do you have any sense?
To this we must add that the message news speaks of "contain the outbreak."
What outbreak is concerned? To the spread of violence or an outbreak?
Actually, the announcement is most strange.
Sometimes it seems that many of these messages are added for someone to detect a wave of paranoia and subsequently does not result in anything, in order to discredit those who expose these messages in the alternative media is created or in the various blogs that talk about it.
Anyway, we are facing a manipulation of the unconscious of the viewers, regardless of what the objective sought with it and we expose to everyone aware of how we are manipulated, subtly, to watch TV ...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why Is JP Morgan Accumulating The Biggest Stockpile Of Physical Silver In History?

Why banking giant JP Morgan has more than 55 million ounces of physical silver?
Since early 2012, JP Morgan stocks have gone from less than 5 million ounces of physical silver to over 55 million ounces.
Clearly, someone at JP Morgan believes that physical silver is a great investment, although in recent times, the price of silver has gone down a bit.
Currently, the price of silver is only at $ 15.66 an ounce, a price that some people consider ridiculous.
That means that until now, the large investment of JP Morgan silver does not make sense ... unless we enter a time of great financial turbulence.
During the crisis, investors tend to invest massively in physical gold and silver.
And as recently published in multiple media, President and Executive Director of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, said that "there will be another crisis", in a letter to shareholders ...
Jamie Dimon
Jamie Dimon
Some things never change: there will be another crisis, and its impact will be felt in the financial market.
The trigger for the next crisis will not be the same as that triggered the last, but there will be another crisis.
Triggers can be geopolitical events (as in the Middle East crisis of 1973), a recession in which the central bank quickly raise interest rates (as in the recession of 1980-1982), a collapse in prices commodities (such as oil in the late 1980s), a crisis of commercial real estate (as in early 1990), an Asian crisis (as in 1997), called "bubbles" (the Internet bubble of 2000 and the mortgage 2008), etc.
While recent crises have different causes, the only certainty is that they usually have a strong effect on the financial markets.
JPMorgan Chase-plans-delete-a-4000-laid-de-this-year work
So if Dimon and JP Morgan believe another great crisis approaches, it makes sense to store large amounts of precious metals.
And in particular, silver is a tremendous bargain for a variety of reasons.
In recent years, JP Morgan has been buying physical silver voraciously.
No one had seen anything like it, because this is a fantastic volume of purchase.
In fact, JP Morgan has bought over 8 million ounces of physical silver over the past two weeks only.
According to a detailed report of The Wealth Watchman, JP Morgan Chase has accumulated an enormous reservoir of physical silver, presumably in anticipation of a major liquidity event.
Image converted using ifftoany
Here is a breakdown of most recent Comex silver deliveries to JP Morgan:
· April 7: 1,110,000 ounces
· April 8: 1,280,000 ounces
· April 9: 893 037 ounces
· April 10: 1,200,224 ounces
· April 14: 1,073,000 ounces
· April 15: 1,191,275 ounces
· April 16: 1183777.295 ounces
Is a lot of silver purchased in a short time.
In fact, in the field of COMEX (section bag New York Mercantile Exchange commodity which is traded precious metals), is an exceptionally large amount.
New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange
So, why do these maneuvers JP Morgan is performing?
Do they know something we do not know the rest of us?
Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase has made another curious move.
It has been reported that the bank is "restricting the use of cash" in some markets, and has even gone so far as to "prohibit the storage of cash in their safes" ...
Since March, JP Morgan Chase began restricting the use of cash in selected markets.
The new policy restricts borrowers to use cash to make payments on credit cards, mortgages, lines of credit and auto loans.
Chase, even going so far as to prohibit the storage of cash in their safes.
In a letter to clients dated April 1, 2015 belonging to his "Updating Lease Agreements Safety Boxes", it states: "You agree not to store any cash or other currencies that have no collector value level. "
What are these maneuvers?
Why JP Morgan suddenly closes the use of cash?
It is difficult to know what is brewing behind the scenes.
JPMorgan Chase Earns
We know that JP Morgan Chase is one of the six big banks "too big to fail" that dominate the United States.
The total amount of the assets it controls JP Morgan Chase is approximately equal to the GDP of the entire British economy.
It is an immensely powerful institution, which has very deep ties to the US government.
Could it be possible that JP Morgan Chase is the anticipation of another great economic crisis?
The following graph, in which repeated cycles of crisis every 7.5 years show is reaching a dangerous point.
This is a possibility we can not ignore ...


Friday, April 24, 2015


Comp 1_00000
Article by Ulson Gunnar, "New Eastern Outlook"
The war of information can be quickly lost if you can not locate their information assets propaganda about the "battlefield".
For the US, the UK or Europe, the constant roar of its extended advertising around the world through its impressive network of media, has recently run into some problems.
In nations such as Russia, China or Iran, governments and local industry have begun to create their own Internet networks, their own alternatives to social media platforms controlled by the United States and its search engines, and in some cases even They have created their own hardware to run everything.
They also took the example of the US and have decided to implement censorship measures to prevent the information from the outside (ie, propaganda from abroad), enter your nation and spread among the population.
For example, half created and controlled by the State Department of the United States, Voice of America, has spent decades trying to insert favorable to US interests in the countries of destination narratives.
So important has always been the task of propaganda to the State Department of the United States, which has even tried to build networks of independent media by building their own towers and relay stations.
Old Center issuance of The Voice of America
Old Center issuance of The Voice of America
The US State Department has also spent millions of dollars in development known as "Internet in a suitcase", a technological means to disseminate Internet among activists, even when the government of a nation contrary to US, court access Internet.
But the problem facing the US State Department, is that this type of technology solutions are easily overtaken by other governments and even by non-state actors operating against the maneuvers of sedition backed by the United States.
It seems that everyone has seen the strategy of the US government, for that reason, have decided to start a much more subtle strategy.
To overcome all these obstacles, the US has decided to fund your project so that it extends in an apparently altruistic around the globe and that does not seem to be related to any interested political subversion, so that it is run by well-intentioned hackers who do not are aware that they are working to US interests; They will be responsible unknowingly build this network of alternative, refine, update and adapt to any challenge you face communication.
They believe they are fighting for freedom of expression and against censorship in different countries, when in fact, they provide the method for media propaganda US Internet, enter these nations overcoming all obstacles.
THE ARRIVAL OF "outernet"
At first glance, it seems incredible Outernet social project led by authentic and genuine people interested in getting to everyone on the planet the huge amount of free information available online.
It is a project of satellite transmission, which means you can reach anyone on Earth who has a receiver.
Wikipedia defines it:
This technology will in the near future free satellite internet access. The intention is to place several CubeSat microsatellites orbiting Earth to give public access to cyberspace, from outside the planet (hence the name outernet). Looking reach countries where censorship prevents access to the Internet, and use a satellite constellation low cost.
Micro Ncube2 or CubeSat satellite
Micro Ncube2 or CubeSat satellite
Outernet debut is scheduled for July 2015. Still, offer the web via satellite to places that do not reach the normal lines of communication is not a new idea, but so far is an expensive solution and in many cases not ensures a high speed. Keep outernet operating costs that would have to continue to cover every year.
People around the world through SMS and smartphone apps may participate in the selection and prioritization of content to be transmitted. Currently, 60% of the world population has no access to Internet. The economics and politics are the main drags suffering its progress and therefore, is committed to finalizing Outernet.
1- Outernet
So Outernet is driven as a project whose goal is to enable all the information available on the Internet reaches every corner, so change society. It would be like creating "a library with all the knowledge that fits in your pocket"; but setting Outernet also imply that sovereign governments can not censor access to Outernet.
That perhaps is the final play that hides behind this project seemingly altruistic.
And if at first glance seems an incredible Outernet social project led by authentic and genuine people, but when we take a second look, we discovered that Syed Karim, is the "founder" of Outernet.
Syed Karim
Syed Karim
Karim previously served as "chief innovation" in the Investment Fund Media Development (MDIF) that "oh, surprise" is the agency that finances the creation of Outernet.
And in turn, the MDIF is run by ex-employees of the Open Society (network founded by US billionaire George Soros), which in turn funds the MDIF.
Basic CMYK
In other words, who is behind Outernet is the Open Society, through a series of carefully hidden fronts and an incestuous web of conflicts of interest.
The initial nobility of the concept is just a screen that hides the interests of large corporations and Western governments that seek to create and use Outernet to achieve their goals of mass manipulation on a global scale.
George Soros
George Soros
In fact, when you see what kind of information has been issued using Outernet, he realizes that it is only a tool of Western propaganda.
For example, Outernet has been used to spread the benefits of the 'SURGICAL WAR', excellent propaganda to sell the activities of terrorist mercenary armies that the United States uses in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Libya.
It has also been used to spread the FEMA web site, the web about Ebola WHO and the website of the "Albert Einstein Institution: Promotion through nonviolent action Freedom".
The Albert Einstein Institution, it should be recalled, played a central role in building the networks created by the State Department of the United States aimed at supporting so-called "color revolutions" that have hit Ukraine, the Middle East and even the Southeast and East Asia.
The content is issued on the basis of "votes" of users, which give priority to some information about others.
But as everyone should know, the vote itself is manipulated mass. It is clear that any content can be sponsored by groups "voting" well organized, may put you at the top of the list without any problem.
So Outernet is, indeed, another channel propaganda of Western governments and their corporate propaganda and becomes therefore another weapon they can use to manipulate unsuspecting minds.
The only real feature that makes it different Outernet Internet or cable television is emitted via satellite, and therefore it is difficult to lock in a specific country.
Obviously, all content issued by Outernet is not illegitimate: there are lots of very useful information that is being transmitted, voted by legitimate users of the system.
The problem is that when the great interests in need, can alter "the vote" and spread their propaganda anywhere on Earth.
Note that projects Google and Facebook, both members of the NSA and its information war against humanity, offer similar to Outernet objectives.
Propose drones and aircraft to transmit Internet worldwide, similar to how they do Outernet satellites.
Again, these transmitters of information would be active by the government and corporations controlled and potentially used to spread their misinformation and propaganda interested.
Clearly, at least one foot already been placed in space, with respect to the continuous and constant evolution of information warfare.
Other nations tend to follow suit, and you install their own broadcasters in the West, issuing information that the West would like to control or silence it completely.
Outernet like a good idea and hackers who defend the idea of ​​Outernet, can not be blamed for it.
But would do well to look better on who is behind the initiative and should consider alternatives to get rid of dirty interests that are taking advantage of this noble cause.
Article by Ulson Gunnar, geopolitical analyst based in New York, for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook" 

Thursday, April 23, 2015


masonichip port_00000
The introduction of biometric control devices in humans is moving subtly and continuously for years.
What makes one time was considered one very idea of ​​"crazy conspiracy theorists", slowly materializing socially, through commercial and private initiatives that seem innocent and harmless.
With this, the concept of bringing a device implanted in the body, is poised to be accepted as a new normal in society, as it is now having a mobile phone or have to carry an identity card.
We are facing a well designed strategy, whose ultimate goal is, no doubt, that all citizens end up being incorporated a chip or similar device, either by necessity, as is having an identity card, or either by needs Lace the social environment, as it is to have money, have a mobile or have photo ID.
binary code of the human eye 03.06.13
The biometric identification technology and electronic payment forms have been in use for some time, but have expanded over the last ten years and have stepped up their presence in the last five, especially.
For example, in June 2012 it was announced that researchers at the Laboratory of Biometric Technologies at the University of Calgary had improved biometric identification technologies available in the market to such an extent that they could create a form of intelligence capable artificial to make decisions respect to the biometric information received from a variety of different sources.
This biometric security program works by simulating the "patterns of learning and cognitive processes of the brain."
On the other hand, in an article published in the Sunday Telegraph, December 4, 2011, Rosie Squires describing other biometric scheme used in Australia by different companies, based on programs fingerprint identification in order to monitor the employees and "save costs."
key people  
The new technology, called PeopleKey, is used not only to control the time of entry and departure of employees, but also to monitor their progress throughout the working day, watching not engaged to "loiter", to use the bathroom for too long or lose time talking with coworkers.
A subtle step toward slave labor.
Veins scanners are another biometric control technology that has already been introduced in the market. In some large companies already have a system that allows a person to slide the palm of your hand in front of a digital device recognition for access to buildings or rooms.
For example, the Langone Medical Center NYU has already implemented scanners veins in some of its medical services. Manufactured by Fujitsu scanners are being placed in the hospital under the pretext of greater comfort and to get faster access to medical records.
Several schools have also begun using Fujitsu identification systems. For example, the District of Pinellas County in Florida recently announced it was introducing the system in order to "identify students and thereby reduce waste and the threat of spoofing" in the dining center.
Are just a few examples among many, of how, little by little, people are still accustomed to being controlled and monitored by biometric identification systems.
The control and DNA analysis are other areas where more progress is being made.
And one of the most disturbing groups have embarked on a mission to acquire and store DNA samples from the population, is the Grand Lodge of Freemasonry US.
Known as MasoniChip, the program is openly administered by the Grand Lodge and is done with the support of the governments of both the United States and Canada.
The amazing thing about this program, however, is his name.
Actually, the program involves the implantation of any chip citizens. It is a program that involves the collection of biometric information from children, so it can be used in case of abduction or disappearance.
The program is called "Masonic Child Identification Programs" (Masonic child identification programs) and hence the name MasoniChip or directly CHIP (Child Identification Program).
They could have called many things, but have decided to call it and that can not be a coincidence.
And the name of this innocent and charitable child identification program, subtly connects the complete biometric identification of a child with the word "chip", forcing us to relate the two concepts in our minds, through something as sweet and innocent as are children and their safety.
It looks like a maneuver through mental programming language, designed to accept future generations implanting a chip ID from earliest childhood as the most natural thing, as the name of the device itself, "chip" and the name itself Identification Program, CHIP (Child Identification Program, or Child Identification Program) will be identified unconsciously as the same.
In fact, one of the objectives of this program is to educate children to voluntarily provide their biometric data to a stranger for his own safety, as we can see in the video below, conditioning them to directly link the two concepts (chip and biometric identification ), from very small ...
Whatever the intention to give this name so strange and significant, the fact is that the MasoniChip program has received much support from the US government, many have come to believe that this is a government program supported by the Masons, when in fact it's the opposite.
MasoniChip mounted promoters promotional fairs, announce the program in school districts and form partnerships with local police.
Even the media promotes the program.
For those who have not heard of what the MasoniChip or CHIP, Amy MacPherson Huffington Post describes the program this way program:

Started as a project to identify children whose function is to be useful in case that children can be kidnapped or disappear.
For the parents are familiar with using home kits to record vital information about their children. Normally height, weight, hair color and eye, along with a set of fingerprints and a recent photograph, which are stored in digital format, DVD type, which supplies the Masonic program itself is recorded.
"Helping to keep families safe"
"Helping to keep families safe"
Additionally, the Masonic Lodges of each locality, kindly offered their services to even record more small.
Thanks to technological advances, began offering to enroll fingerprints, digital images, digital video, dental impressions and DNA register, kindly recorded on a DVD or CD so that parents keep at home and come with him to the authorities by the disappearance of the child.
This data processing is handled by its own software, which is designed to be compatible with the local and national police.
Laptop computer used at fairs during the CHIP program
Laptop computer used at fairs during the CHIP program

However, although it is a collaboration between the Masonic Lodge and the government, the fact is this is a totally private program, which means that belongs exclusively to the Grand Lodge.
In fact, the website of the Lodge clear that this is well written ...
We, the Masons, are the only "sponsor" of the initiatives identified security Masonic developed in our various jurisdictions of the Masonic Grand Lodge.
As such we schedule events and coordinate equipment, materials and volunteers needed to carry out such events.
All groups and individuals are welcome to collaborate, but were not known as sponsors, but will be called "supporters", "supporting partners", "corporate partners", "in collaboration with" or "in cooperation with" .
The MasoniChip program establishes that in addition to record the data of children, offer their own "health professionals" to collect DNA samples in any organized event that is programmed such collection of DNA samples.
As MacPherson writes ...
There is no way to guarantee what will they do with all that information collected.
Although they claim that erase sensitive information (the Canadian website claims that "no information is not stored in the MasoniChIP program"), anyone with minimal computer skills, knows that information is not deleted permanently if it will not format completely whole system.
Parents should blindly trust the honesty of an intriguing private fraternity by making sure that quality standards are met and that the privacy of the family legally respected ... and all without any supervision.
Because the Masons funded at 100% the initiative, there is no opportunity to discuss issues related to data ownership.
Most significant, however, is that if tragedy struck a family and for example, a child disappeared or were found dead, the authorities should take DNA samples from the parents to make the final confirmation of the identity of a body.
And this is because in the database of the US National DNA, no DNA samples taken by private volunteer events in fairs or schools are allowed, but only accredited laboratories can perform this process.
The FBI continually cites the DNA Identification Act 1994 at the time of establishing the necessary requirements to include DNA samples in CODIS.
Therefore, the Mason project is not supported by DNA databases of government and that means the MasoniChip program, which supposedly has been created to identify children in case of disappearance or abduction, is completely useless and represents, in fact, a hoax families.
However, it seems that this really matters little.
What really matters, regardless of the reasons set to acquire DNA samples, is that it is creating a massive database of DNA in the US.
The MasoniChip program had already registered more than 1.5 million children in the US by the end of 2012 and apparently will be extended to the elderly and disabled in the near future.
As we see, there are many initiatives that go in the same direction: the comprehensive population control through biometric data and the possible final culmination in the form of implanting a chip or device identification and tracking that allows not only to identify citizens, but end the cash, thus making them dependent slaves of these remotely controlled devices.
If we do nothing to stop it, this is hell absolute control that awaits us in the future ...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


How America's Aristocracy Extends Its Global Control

obama aristocracy world_00000
As has been widely documented, after the Second World War, the CIA took control of the racist and fascist international movement (ie, ideologically Nazi), protecting and hiring Hitler's Nazis and their main undercover aristocratic supporters of Eastern Europe.
The famous and well-documented CIA Operation Gladio was only a branch of a larger strategy CIA developed by Allen Dulles and originally performed by his protege James Angleton, in order to protect the interests of the aristocracy US .
Allen Dulles (left) and James Angleton (right)
Allen Dulles (left) and James Angleton (right)

For this they instrumentalized hatred of the Nazis and right-wing groups diverting their anti-Jewish targets and guiding the hatred of Russians first to weaken the Soviet Union and Russia itself, after the fall of the wall. The very intervention of US President Barack Obama in Ukraine is largely a result of this program initiated by Dulles and Angleton after World War II.
There were many other branches of this overall strategy.
One of these branches was channeled through the World Bank and the IMF, financial institutions operating in close collaboration with the CIA, with the aim of introducing capitalism in the former Soviet states, privatizing assets previously owned by governments and putting them in the hands of Western aristocrats.
To do this they promoted the emergence of a new breed of oligarchs who seized these resources and acting as secret agents of the aristocracy of the United States, which thus managed to extend its control over these eastern countries.
This operation was conducted by Lawrence Summers, who, at that time, had left the department of economics at Harvard University to head the World Bank and thus infiltrate these new "capitalists" of this (actually, oligarchic regimes) economies.
Lawrence Summers
Lawrence Summers
Economic advisers such as Andrei Shleifer and his Russian local operating Anatoly Chubais, helped lay the groundwork for these corrupt regimes, with the dual aim of subordinating these new aristocrats of the Eastern countries to serve the interests of the aristocrats US and to weaken these countries in order to make them effective vassals of American aristocracy.
An article in "bneintellinews" on April 14, 2015, by Graham Stak, entitled "Rise and Fall of the Russian oligarchy", revealed that:
"The documents of the administration of President Bill Clinton recently declassified show how Putin's candidacy to lead Russia, was a compromise reached after a fierce battle for power in Russia pro-American oligarchs, led by Boris Berezovsky, and conservative pro- state, headed by former KGB chief Evgenny Primakov.
Boris Berezovsky
Boris Berezovsky
What was at stake was not only the power in Russia, but the crucial question of the relationship between Russia and the West.
Primakov Evgenny
Primakov Evgenny
The 7 bankers Berezovsky, (same Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Mikhail Fridman, Vladimir Vinogradov, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Potanin), had not only banks but also the major television networks in Russia, chief among them Berezovsky's own chain, ORT-TV, most of Russia.
Berezovsky was also involved in corruption schemes, such as diverting funds from the national airline of state-owned Aeroflot and benefit from biased privatization and that is precisely the kind of person that aristocracy of America wanted that controlled Russia, acting as agent to serve their interests.
Boris Yeltsin
Boris Yeltsin
The Russian leader Boris Yeltsin was torn between the two parties, and appointed as his successor to a former KGB lower level, Vladimir Putin, in a surprise move that Yeltsin tried to satisfy both sides, both the faction Russian independently controlled by Primakov, and the vassal pro-Western faction of the American aristocracy.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin
The members of the pro-Western faction, were customers-beneficiaries of the Department of Economics at Harvard team appointed by Bill Clinton and aimed at gaining control of Russia for submission to the interests of the aristocrats of the United States.
Another aspect of the operation of Bill Clinton to serve the American aristocracy, was the expansion of NATO to the east, closer to Russia's borders with the excuse of the expansion of "democracy" and "Western values".
Words all empty of content, because the real goal was to bring Russia to the vassalage of the aristocracy of the United States, which is actually a fascist, as are all aristocracies and that has nothing to do with the "defense of democratic values ​​".
Note that Bill Clinton began the process of NATO enlargement in 1991 after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the Soviet and communist rival NATO and that was supposedly the main reason for the existence of NATO.
The continuation of the activities of NATO after the fall of communism, show that the Warsaw Pact or communism itself, were not the real reason for the existence of NATO.
Actually, the main role of NATO is to exercise commercial branch to the interests of the US arms industry, which accounts for 56% of global arms sales.
UK only represents 11%. Russia, 8%. France, 6%. All other countries are below 2%.
10 companies business war
NATO is a trade organization of American aristocracy.
When fear and hatred of Russia breaks out, it is not only to weaken not only Russia but also in order to increase control over other aristocracies American aristocracy whose governments acquire such weapons.
Bill Clinton not only continued with plans of his predecessor, George HW Bush, expanding NATO activities, but also ended the Glass Steagall Act implemented by Democratic President Franklin Delano Roosevelt after the crisis of 1929 and aimed at blocking continuing financial bets and games of the big banks, whose errors ended generating huge losses and debts owed taxpayers end up paying, as seen in the 2008 crisis.
Clinton also introduced international career in the lowering of wages and protection of consumers and the environment, through agreements promoted by the aristocracy US, as were the FTA or NAFTA, among others.
clinton bush bush
This policy is now being enhanced greatly by Obama through the negotiation of agreements TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Agreement of Association), TTIP (Transatláncia Association for Trade and Investment) and TISA (Agreement on Trade in Services ).
In versions proposed by Obama to these treaties, transnational corporations have priority over the laws of individual nations with respect to the environment, consumer protection, product safety, the protection of investors, l your Safety at Work wages, etc., which implies that voters no longer have any say on these matters and will be international corporations that controlled governments at will.
Obama has earned a virtual 100% support in Congress for these trade agreements by their Republican opponents.
Barack Obama, David Cameron
The American aristocracy has controlled the Republican Party since Abraham Lincoln was shot in 1865, and after more than a century, the same aristocracy now also controls directly and openly, the upper echelons of the Democratic Party.
Both political parties are now the full service of the American aristocracy, acting not only against the interest of the poblaciónd entered the United States, but also against all other aristocracies, in order to control the world.
The results of this has been an increase in global inequality, a world rampant corruption and a succession of local wars in which the aristocracy of the US and its partners Saud of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni oil aristocratic family, fund and sponsor activities to support its global domination plan.
Saudi Royals
We say that fighting terrorism, when in reality, the US aims to subdue Russia as their Arab partners are the true financial Islamic Jihad, which is the ideology of Wahhabism, real ideological commitment of Saud.
In a speech to cadets at West Point on May 28, 2014, Obama made clear between the lines, what is your real purpose ...
"America is and remains the unique and indispensable nation. That has been true for the last century and will be valid for the next century.
But the world is changing rapidly. This represents an opportunity, but also new dangers.
We know very well, after 9/11, that technology and globalization are putting the power which once was reserved to the states, in the hands of individuals, thereby increasing the ability of terrorists to harm.
Russia's aggression toward the former Soviet states threatens Europe, while the economic rise of China and its military reach worries its neighbors.
From Brazil to India, the rise of the middle classes compete with us, and governments seeking greater participation in global forums.
And as the third world adopts democracy and market economies, it is impossible to ignore the persistence of sectarian conflicts, failed states and popular uprisings.
Task of your generation will respond to this new world "
If we look at the content of this discourse, it is clear that the real mission of the US military, is economic in nature. But done through military means.
These words of Obama to cadets at West Point, show that the domain of American aristocracy over the world would end without the support and coercion Army of the United States.
In this speech, Obama told the US military, when Russia, China, the other BRICS or its Shiite allies of Russia Iran and Syria refuse to obey US aristocracy, they will be sent to crush their resistance in order to force them to meet the demands of the American aristocracy.
Anyway, deception is the first preference of the aristocracy, as it is cheaper compared to the use of bullets and armament alternative.
For example, on Saturday April 18th, the Sydney Morning Herald of Australia, entitled, "Barack Obama plays China card in their arguments to sell the benefits of TPP".
The article states that Barack Obama warns of China's intentions to fill any gap left by a possible fault in the fault agreements Trans-Pacific Partnership. Obama plays therefore fear tactics letter to China to gain support for implementing the TPP.
His implicit message is that the enemy of the people is not the aristocracy of his own nation, but an evil alien enemy: China.
In the words of Obama: "If we help not shape the rules for our companies and our workers can compete in these markets, then China will set the rules and get benefits for workers and Chinese companies"
As we see, part of its implicit message is that low-wage countries should continue to maintain low wages.
Early in his administration and its objectives clearly showed respect and did so in Honduras, a country subjected to grinding poverty, which helped overthrow a progressive democratic president and set in place a fascist regime. As a result of the action of Obama (which was headed by Hillary Clinton), Honduras fell further into poverty.
In the case of China, as in the case of Russia, as in the field of international trade agreements, Barack Obama can rely on congressional Republicans to vote in its favor, but most Congressional Democrats will vote against you, because Obama actually is a Republican agent, which appropriates a liberal line expressions, but that only makes superficial and anecdotal ethnic and gender issues, items that do not affect policies deep economic and power, but apparently, are the only issues that matter to many voters from the Democratic Party.
These themes and issues aristocracy US does not care at all, like gender equality, the rights of blacks or gay rights.
Here's how we can see how the black community still supports Obama, though are those who are suffering the greatest economic damage under his presidency.
Blacks, like the Jews and other minorities, trained them to think racially, above all; and this is what you need the aristocracy, as well, the majority middle class, in response to these attitudes, blame minorities and the poor, instead of blaming the fraction of 1% who holds the real power and molds thought and ideology of those middle and lower classes.
That has allowed the world, 0.7% of the richest population owns 41% of private assets in the world and no recourse against this intolerable injustice.
This is work that is playing the "respected and admired" Nobel Peace Prize Barack Obama, serving American aristocracy.
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The aristocracy enjoys treating people as if it were absolutely idiotic.
The problem is that people show their idiocy constantly being deceived again and again and that leads to the aristocrats themselves, many of whom are also idiots to believe they are superior beings and deserve everything they have and they have inherited .
And that leads, in turn, that the widespread attitude among the aristocracy, especially the US, are absolute fascism and racism and emaciated.
Therefore, in the United States and especially since Reagan took office, the country's motto is "Greed is good; the richest are the best "... and nothing has changed since then, unfortunately for the world.
Abstract of an article originally written by eriz ZUESSE
Eric Zuesse
Eric Zuesse