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Thursday, May 14, 2015

ECONOMIC ANALYST: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

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Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine the consequences that would follow a collapse of the global economy. In a recent interview, the famous and controversial analyst Greg Mannarino, warns of the dangers that threaten us all.
According Mannarino, we are facing such a serious event that will have a direct impact on almost all people on earth:
Greg Mannarino
Greg Mannarino

"Central banks have adopted a debt-based economic model, which requires that we borrow money from the future in increasing quantities to keep alive our present.
If we had access to these funds from future borrowers inflate our debt and not enjoy the lifestyle we have now.
This has created a population boom: an increase in population that has grown in parallel with the debt.
So, when the debt bubble bursts, it will cause a correction of the population. It's a mathematical certainty.
Millions and millions of people will die worldwide as the debt bubble burst.
As resources become scarcer, we will see the country going into war with one another.
People fight, in the worst cases, for survival and support his family and themselves alive.
There is no way around it.
They understand where to stop all this. So central banks of the world, have negative interest rates, turning upside down the entire financial system.
This is a reflection of the level of desperation. They're charging people to put money in these institutions.
But this move may not work because the system is not designed to run well.
And this tells us how close we are to that fateful moment arrives ... "

As Mannarino says it should be obvious that we are near the critical point it will lead to an implosion of the debt-based system on which all our social structures are built.
When this system falls, so will the life as we have known so far.
Hopefully Mannarino apocalyptic forecasts are not true ...



Wednesday, May 13, 2015


rel med_00000
Article by Jon Rappoport.
Rappoport is a reporter for American research, specializing in dirty and dark matters relating to the world of medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, politics and practices of the ruling elites.
Consideration of corruption of medical science, has made him a controversial figure, without mincing words.
In this article, Rappoport establishes a connection between the world of medicine, social obedience and acceptance of the tyrannical measures of power.
One can be more or less according to their worldview of medicine, but told in this article, at least sobering and so I transcribe ...

Globalism is the New World Order. There is no mystery about it.
The alliance between the mega-corporations, banks and governments are constantly strengthening, as they extend their power over the people.
In this article, we'll use the example of what happens in Australia to illustrate a hidden element that can be applied to all nations of the world: the medical cartel acting in the service of the New World Order.
The principle applied is simple: if the degree of civic obedience in a particular area is wide, this obedience is eventually expanding to all areas.
In other words: the trick is to create the basic habit of obedience. The habit of obeying, then extends to the subconscious mind and leads individuals to obey everything.
Globalism and NWO need obedience of the population, because their methods are often so blatant that only obedient robots programmed and can accept them.
Take a scandalous example, the next treaty globalist, the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), a similar TTIP (Transatlantic Partnership for Trade and Investment) treaty.
When ratified by the 12 countries involved (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States and Vietnam), establish the right of companies to bypass national courts and demand its products are sold without tariffs, without having to worry about paying wages to the workers whether slave wages without having to worry about poisoning the environment with toxic chemicals.
The TPP, like the secret treated TTIP.
In Australia, for example, it will be signed by the cabinet of the government before considering any parliamentary legislative support.
Here is a brief quote from tppaustralia.org:
"The TPP has over 20 chapters that include everything from work to the environment, intellectual property and telecommunications. Negotiations have been kept secret; secret even for our own MPs and senators. But we know from the leaked draft text of the TPP, there are legitimate reasons for concern "
Have you read well the last part of the text? Neither the elected legislators of Australia themselves have read the treaty. They are not allowed to do so. In the USA it has happened something similar and legislators have only had access to limited sections.
That is, this is a secret treaty that profoundly affects the lives of all people in these 12 countries and only a select few know exactly what it contains.
And with the TTIP situation it is similar in Europe.
From a globalist view, this means one thing: that these maneuvers go forward, populations must be submitted to a state of unconditional obedience. They have to agree with what the program says, as if hypnotized.
Otherwise, if the people were awake, they would revolt en masse against undemocratic and tyrannical abuses of this type. This is what any people would if you were alert.
If we went out into the street, for example in Australia and we were to ask any passerby:
"You would ratify a secret treaty that will place all Australians under the boot and control of mega-corporations?"
The answer is obvious: "No! Never allow it! "
But that is happening and no mass protests in Australia, or any of the other 12 countries that form part of the TPP.
And in Europe, except for some protests and demonstrations relating to TTIP that could not be described as massive, it has not been popular reaction.
Why this should be no reaction by the people?
Jon Rappoport see links between this submissive obedience and the general objectives of the medical cartel worldwide:
"The primary objective of the medical cartel is subjected to every person on the planet to a continuous system of diagnosis and medication from birth until it goes to the grave. Convert each person, first, in a medical patient. Put up with it every person to obey orders "
And that's the key really lies behind the medicine: obedience.
What does that make us think about the doctors, since we are young?
Doctors know. We should not question them, or wonder about what they do. We should just do whatever the doctor tells us to do. We must obey. Since we see the first light until they bury us.
Take medicines, debilitate and therefore are more obedient to a much deeper level.
This is the system that primarily causes obedience in the world.
We have recently seen the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, to issue an opinion on vaccination. All exemptions have been canceled. Families receiving government help, no longer receive aid if they refuse to vaccinate their children. They have no freedom of choice in the matter.
They must obey period.
This is what we said at the beginning of the article.
When you get that citizens obey in one area, that obedience is spread to other areas. Thus people become accustomed to a long life of obedience in all respects.
It is no coincidence that, historically, the family most responsible for the emergence and development of modern medicine and the globalist agenda is precisely the Rockefeller family.
The system governing modern medicine is a mind control operation designed to create a slavish attachment to the patient.
Attachment to the authority of the doctor and all that he commands. Addiction to toxic drugs prescribed. Attachment to the labels to identify diseases that Dr. pronounced.
In these and other ways, modern medicine is like a secular church, and doctors are their priests in white coats.
They are everywhere in contemporary societies. They rule. Undergo parishioners (now patients) to their arbitrary decrees.
We estetoscopio_alexproimos
The result of this long-term conditioning: patients develop a deep habit of loyalty to authority. This habit is spreading like ink on blotting paper and then begins to be applied to all areas of life.
That allows, finally, that the government can say, "Look, we will sign a treaty, and you will not know what's in it. But it's a good thing. It is for the benefit of all. Do not ask us to disclose the details. Would you ask your doctor to explain in detail scanners took her brain? Of course not. That is beyond comprehension. You are not prepared to understand. Well, in terms of this treaty, which runs thousands of pages, you are not prepared to understand complex financial details it contains. But can you be sure, through its hypnotic faith, we're on your side. We want the best for you ... "
There are several terms to define this: mental conditioning, brainwashing, mind programming, mind control ...
They all relate to the establishment of behavioral habits, ie the thoughtless behavior.
A brilliant hypnotherapist, Jack True, once wrote:
"Nine out of ten of my patients who come through the door of my office are convinced that some kind of medical practice. That's what they want to believe. Shall I tell you what to do while they are awake and want to tell them what to do while in trance. All they want is another doctor, as those usually visit. Our entire civilization is mesmerized by the white coats. It took me several years to get over my astonishment at this fact. It is a large-scale mass hypnosis "
If you want to be free, you must observe the whole of society as a whole and find out where it comes from the deepest form of packaging. You have to find out where it comes maneuver most successful hypnosis. Because that's where global mind control is stronger.
And in modern society, are doctors.
For that reason, governments are allied with doctors. It is a perfect partnership. Someday, we may see a president wearing a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck and a syringe in his hand. It will be able to tell people that the sky is the earth and the stars are the lights and what they believe.
Doctors are the key pieces that will take us to the New World.
From a practical level, we can see secret treaties as the TPP or giving an overall protection TTIP medical cartel: International waiver of claims against big pharmaceutical companies; exemption from liability of toxic drugs and vaccines; agreements to extend the periods of confinement in certain psychiatric patients beyond what was ruled by the courts.
The medical cartel and the globalists go together into the future is being created for us all.
The Holy Church of medicine and its allies and useful idiots, have full force right now.
They want obedient slaves.
But they must not win.
Jon Rappoport

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Comp 2_00000
Growing concern among many Americans and especially alternative Internet media about mass movements of troops and heavy weapons within US borders.
Some call him a senseless paranoia promoted by ultra-conservative American media and libertarians, but the truth is that the increasing militarization of the police and the videos taken by citizens in which you can see large convoys of tanks and heavy vehicles do not contribute to reassure that feeling.
Many people suspect "who is cooking something."
One of the main focuses of concern is the massive Jade Helm maneuvers to be held in several US states this summer and whose main objective is to unconventional warfare exercises, focusing on controlling bodies of civilians.
"Jade Helm is a set of joint military maneuvers and inter-agency that will last eight weeks in which character and Unconventional Warfare training will be conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado" , according to a classified military document not announcing these training exercises, which will run from July 15 until September 15.
Several branches of the US military, including the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, will participate in the exercise 8 weeks.
The exercise, in which some participants will "plainclothes and conduct civilian vehicles," he deemed to Texas and Utah as "hostile" territories.
The concern in Texas about these exercises, in which this state is considered "hostile territory", have led to the governor Greg Abbott to promise Texas citizens that the State Guard will remain vigilant to ensure that the federal government will not use the operation to introduce a state of martial law in Texas.
At present, there are many Americans who are afraid that as Jade Helm operations are being carried out as a simulation of a possible coming economic collapse, the consequences of serious civil unrest behave.
However, military, police and government officials say such exercises are common and there is no imminent crisis.
However, their explanations fail to convince the most skeptical of the federal government.
Last week, for example, a Texas Ranger said he had been shackled railcars in the State of Texas, which would coincide with fears (apparently unfounded) of many people who believe the government is preparing for a crisis situation where they could be forced to arrest and detain large groups of people.
capture ranger
The alleged claims of the Texas Ranger have been described as a manipulation, because the alleged Ranger has chosen to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions, making it impossible to confirm the veracity of the statements.
Whatever the truth, the truth is that the idea that the federal government is preparing to impose martial law because of an event, as it could be an economic collapse, is proliferating among part of the US population, especially among those libertarians and ultra conservatives who traditionally wary of the federal government.
Additional information These fears do not add more than increase the state of paranoia among part of the population, such as Executive Order 2012 that President Obama signed and that allowed him, in case of a state of national emergency, seize all available resources in the US, from the control of aquifers, through production and supply of food and energy and even to the forced mobilization of skilled workers.
executive order capture

If we add subtle details like that were revealing in Article BIZARRE SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE was DISCOVERED in the TV of US, the state of paranoia and suspicion, can only increase.
Obviously, thinking that the US federal government is preparing to impose martial law and virtually a dictatorship in the United States, it seems a conspiracy madness.
But to get an idea of ​​how part of the US population has come to fear that the government is preparing for something "big" within its own borders, we just have to watch some of the video recorded by citizens, that most people related to future massive maneuvers Jade Helm.
Captured in Slayton, Texas in the last 24 hours:

In another video, we see a packed vehicles with microwave weapons convoy, specifically designed to handle large civil disturbances.

Why the US government brings many vehicles of this type together and transported from one place to another?
What kind of government spends so much money on getting these resources for the control of civil unrest?
In this video, taken in southern California we see lots of stored military equipment.

Videos abound on military helicopters flying over cities across the country ...

And here is one video that has raised more concern in the networks, which exercises control over civilians held in the military base of Fort Lauderdale, Florida are ...

Well, all these findings are likely to be just pure paranoia fueled by some media ... but we must ask: Is it normal that the army is trained in this way to control large masses of civilians in a democracy?
Are they preparing for some kind of future event?
Really, it's very disturbing ...

Monday, May 11, 2015

Australian PM Top Advisor: Climate Change "About a New World Order Under the control of the UN"

climate change denuncia_00000
The public statement by a senior adviser to Australian Prime Minister on climate change, can only be described as surprising.
It seems that some members of the elite are openly admitting, in front of our face, all data on global warming have been forged over the years to achieve global control impose an authoritarian, something like a world government.
Or so some believe.
As it published in the prestigious magazine Business Insider:
The top advisory business of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Friday that climate change was a ploy encouraged by the United Nations to create a new world order under his authoritarian control.
Maurice Newman
Maurice Newman
Maurice Newman, chairman of the Business Advisory Council of the Prime Minister, said that the real agenda is "focused on implementing a concentrated political authority. Global warming is just the hook. "
In a column for the newspaper The Australian, coinciding with the visit of the head of the UN Climate Christiana Figueres added that the world had been "subjected to deception by catastrophic climate for nearly 50 years."
Christiana Figueres
Christiana Figueres
"It's a well kept secret, but 95% of the climate models have shown us that supposedly demonstrate the link between human emissions of CO2 and the catastrophic global warming, after two decades of stagnation temperatures, it has been shown to are wrong, "said Newman, without providing evidence, however.
Newman, former president of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is a known climate change skeptic. In fact, it has come to accuse the UN of being involved in a massive deception about it.
Newman added that "people continue fooling with it, into believing that concern about climate change is an organic movement, whose political base is concerned about the planet, scientists and other citizens who believe that global warming has been caused by man, all backed of course by powerful government interests as those of the White House. "
In addition, Newman argues that "will maintain the mobilization of public opinion through fear and making appeals to morality".
Newman claims have caused much controversy and many people have publicly called for his resignation.
Right or wrong, the fact is that Newman's statements are consistent with what we explained in the article: FRANCISCO POPE AND THE ARRIVAL OF A GLOBAL CENTRAL GOVERNMENT , in which the writer Thomas Horn stated that: "the Vatican tries to join forces with the United Nations on the problems of global warming and climate change; It is evidence that the Vatican is following a master plan that seeks to structure the political and economic authorities around the world to create a centralized world government "
To complement the suspicions about a possible large manipulation of the reality of global warming, some scholars, journalists and politicians argue that climate data of recent decades are being deliberately manipulated to indicate that global warming does not exist.
There are even scientific theories that are the beginnings of a small ice age.
The truth is that it is difficult to know who is right and who does not have it in this strange battle global warming, as we are not scientists.
What does seem clear, however, it is that the "fight against global warming" will be used as a subterfuge to impose some kind of global international authority, the first episodes of a centralized world government that will represent the culmination of globalization.
And with that, the elites have reached their old dream: bringing the entire world under his plan, under the thumb of the same body ...

Friday, May 8, 2015


vac port est_00000
For decades, the elite of this planet are concerned in solving what appears to be one of their major concerns: overpopulation, or more specifically, excessive population growth in poor countries.
Something that once was called the "demographic time bomb" that could say that erupted in 1974.
That was the year of the first World Population Conference held in Bucharest, Romania.
World Population Conference held in Bucharest, Romania
World Population Conference held in Bucharest, Romania
The effects of the 1973 oil crisis were felt strongly, the price of oil quadrupled from $ 3 to $ Barris almost 12 per barrel.
And it was in that year, on April 24, 1974, when the war criminal Henry Kissinger, wrote his infamous "Memorandum of National Security Study 200", where the "demographic problem" of growth appears unchecked the "least developed countries" (LDCs), which was considered as a potential risk to the national security of the United States.
Henry Kissinger
Henry Kissinger
This document stated that the population should be reduced in 13 key countries, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia.
Of all these, the document highlighted Mexico for having one of the highest growth rates (and therefore more troubling) of all.
The document said: "Perhaps the most important trend of population from the perspective of the United States is the prospect of Mexico's population will increase from 50 million in 1970 to over 130 million by 2000"
Several newspapers had already sounded the alarm about the demographic bomb of Mexico in previous years to 1974.
Mexico had resisted the policies of population control, but the World Bank "Mexico insisted he do something to reduce population growth"
Perhaps for that reason, a group of people decided to forcibly sterilize Mexican children groups against their will and their parents in December 1974, applying a novel anti-fertility vaccine.
Small clippings spoke about the incident for several days, but no one paid the slightest attention.
CUTLas_Vegas_Optic_Fri__Dec_13__1974_ CUTThe_Bakersfield_Californian_Thu__Dec_12__1974_
The key points extracted from these clippings say:
· A group of men and women in white robes "that looked foreign" were disguised as vaccinations and medical equipment were presented in schools and applied vaccines reportedly sterilized Mexican schoolchildren. Efforts were directed specifically to poor children.
· A television said people were "Oriental", but another source who called the chain, said that teams of doctors and nurses were trained Americans. Such medical equipment was available police escorts when presented in schools.
· That strange vaccination campaign in schools rang alarm bells because, although the country routinely conducted vaccination campaigns ever conducted directly in schools.
· The "rumors" began in northern Nuevo Leon, and then they spread south of Chiapas and then to Mexico City, where thousands of angry parents "in slums" stormed the school and took their children from them .
· According to the National Action Party: "The vaccine, so far never used is applied to each child in three places: the navel, chest and spine."
· Stephens Manuel Garcia blamed the Popular Socialist Party "to the right wing, multinational corporations and the Central Intelligence Agency" of fraudulent vaccination campaign.
· The government denied the "rumors" and filled the front pages of newspapers with propaganda to "calm the fears".
After this strange maneuver, designed to sterilize Mexico's poorest people, the usual suspects of elites, obsessed with stopping the growth of population and the objectives were reflected in the "Memorandum of National Security Study 200" Kissinger hid .
Indeed, its power to influence began to be reflected in the press and in 1974, when newspapers proclaimed that spaying itself was socially acceptable as "a form of birth control."
That year, compulsory sterilizations under the banner of "family planning" were underway worldwide.
The US government was exposed for funding sterilizations against blacks, poor women, the mentally ill, the deaf and the blind, people with epilepsy and others who were considered "unfit" to have babies.
This included even small children who considered that they should not get to have their own children.
In April 1974, he came out in the newspapers that the government had sterilized 1,204 children under 21 years in clinics funded by the federal government throughout the country. These figures included children ten years of age, a child of eleven and ten children from 13 years.
These elites made sure to spread the idea that people should not be played as a measure to combat the shortage of resources on the planet.
Just a year earlier, in 1973, two researchers published work on an anti-fertility vaccine in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology entitled "Effects of Immunization With Hapten-Coupled HCG on the Human Menstrual Cycle." ("Effects of Immunization with HCG-Coupled hapten in the human menstrual cycle ").
Gynecology obstetrics capture
In the study, doctors immunized women who had been physically sterilized but still have ovaries, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which caused the body women own attack the hormone that causes the pregnancy is viable. The researchers concluded that: "The practical use of the active isoimmunization can be of great value in the study of reproductive mechanisms and perhaps in regulating human fertility." Other studies using antibodies to regulate fertility came happening, however, for decades.
The Rockefeller Foundation had quietly been funding an anti-fertility vaccine at least since 1968, according to their own reports.
In 1973, the foundation reported that offered financial support to a number of studies of population control (as he had done every year since haccía decades), but specifically including one at the University of the State of Colorado of the corpus luteum sheep. The report stated that: "Since the corpus luteum is a cyclic ovarian structure responsible for the early stages of pregnancy, the possibility of inhibiting its function by chemical or immunological agents holds great promise for the control of fertility"
However, the Rockefeller Foundation was not the only organization working on an anti-fertility vaccine Aqueel time.
In 1972, the United Nations Development Programme, the United Nations Population Fund, the World Health Organization and the World Bank came together and collaborated on a "Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training Human Reproduction (HRP) "in order to" coordinate, promote, conduct and evaluate research in human reproduction. "
The World Health Organization (WHO) was the most visible face of research, focusing on the production of an anti-fertility vaccine.
Mund d Org Health logo
As we see, the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the elites as Rockefeller or Kissinger, have a common almost obsessive goal: reducing the world's population, especially the poor, both bothered and more specifically, of certain origins and races.
Indeed, the January 1, 1968, was published in El Paso Herald-Post, a quote from John D. Rockefeller III in which he stated that:
John D. Rockefeller III
John D. Rockefeller III
"There is no more important than population control problem. It is directly related to world peace. Until this problem is resolved, it may not solve the other problems. With the atomic bomb, we all hope that civilization is strong enough not to use it.
But with the population bomb, we can not help it. Even if you take action now, it will remain a problem. All we can do is reduce the severity of the tragedy. "
Since then, many stories related to vaccination and sterilization covert countries have come to light.
As previously reported by Jon Rappoport:
Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappoport
"There were unconfirmed reports that Mexico Philippines and immunization programs against tetanus 1993, were allegedly administered only to women of childbearing age and involved multiple injections.
Protocols tetanus indicate that an injection is sufficient to ten years. Therefore, multiple injections were applied if this would indicate that such vaccines have another mission may be supplied as an anti-fertility vaccine own "
More recently, this past November, it was reported similar stories of tetanus with sterilizing effects in Kenya:
More than one million women and girls of childbearing age has supplied them with a tetanus shot mixed with an anti-fertility agent impossible for them to become pregnant or cause miscarriages if they are pregnant.
The vaccination program was aimed only at women and girls of childbearing age who were forced to receive a whopping five shots over the course of two years.
Similar covert sterilization programs with the same vaccine tetanus have been detected in other parts of the developing world, including countries like Thailand, Mexico, Nicaragua and the Philippines.
Catholic Bishops of Kenya have sent six of the vaccine samples to two different independent laboratories, which tested positive for HCG, which basically causes a woman to create antibodies against its own hormones of pregnancy.
However, the Kenyan government has ignored the evidence and continue vaccinating 1.3 million women.
Vaccines are sponsored by the World Health Organization and Unicef.
As we see, the supply of anti-fertility vaccines, been occurring since 4 decades and programs have not stopped.
If you do not achieve their objectives in the short term, what is the next step in reducing the growth of the world population, especially in poor countries?
Written by Melyssa Dykes, for Truthsmedia

Thursday, May 7, 2015

AGENTS OF CHAOS: THE strange ISIS participation IN UKRAINE

May seem like a surprising question, but: Are Isis terrorists acting in the conflict in Ukraine?
We know that ISIS consists of a set of non cohesive militias, as is the case with Al-Qaeda. In your group groups from the Caucasus, who are fighting in Syria and Iraq they are included. And now in Ukraine, territory they intend to use as a springboard into Europe.
Conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen are all fronts in a multidimensional war waged by the US and its allies. This multidimensional war aims to encircle Eurasia. China, Iran and Russia are the main objectives.
It is no coincidence that the conflict in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen are close to the borders of Iran and Russia, as Tehran and Moscow are the first targets of Washington, before launching into China.
The interconnected nature of conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, also reflected on the connection between the violent, racist, xenophobic and sectarian forces that have been unleashed as "agents of chaos."
It is no coincidence that Newsweek wrote a headline that read: "Ukrainian nationalist volunteers commit war crimes ISIS-style" on September 10, 2014.
Though they themselves do not know, all these forces, both ultra-nationalist militias Ukraine as militia Al-Nusra or ISIS, serve the same master. These agents are unleashing chaos different waves of destruction to blow the Eurasian integration which could lead to a different world order posed by US control.
The "constructive chaos" that is unfolding in Eurasia eventually cause havoc in India. If the government believes that New Delhi will be fought, you are sadly mistaken. The same agents of chaos eventually be launched on it too, because it is an objective such as China, Iran and Russia.
It should be no surprise that different agents of chaos ally reach at a certain time, especially if they share a common enemy, as in this case would be Russia.
It is in this context that, Marcin Mamon reported about the connection between ISIS / DAESH and Ukrainian nationalists. In fact, Mamon explains that some of the Caucasus fighters feel they are indebted to Ukrainians as Oleksandr Muzychko.
Oleksandr Muzychko
Oleksandr Muzychko
Mamon is a Polish documentary filmmaker who has produced a series of documentaries about Chechnya as a Sour "The Smell of Paradise" in 2005 for the BBC Storyville.
mamon 2
It is also openly favorable to the cause of the Chechen separatists against Russia in the North Caucasus.
Mamon travel to Afghanistan and its interaction with Chechen separatist fighters have led to the Polish filmmaker maintains contacts with ISIS / DAESH inside Syria and Turkey.
And it was precisely these contacts that led surprisingly to Ukraine.
According Mamon, "I did not even know, at that point, with whom he would meet. He only knew that Khalid, my contact in Turkey with the Islamic State, had told me that he knew his "brothers" were in Ukraine, and I could trust them. We had a meeting on a bumpy road in Kiev, east of the Dnieper River in an area known as the Left Bank "
Marcin Mamon
Marcin Mamon
In a previous article, Mamon said these so-called "brothers" were members of ISIS and other Islamic organizations "are found on every continent and in almost all countries and now in Ukraine, too."
He also explained that "Khalid, who uses a pseudonym, leads a secret branch of the Islamic State in Istanbul. He came from Syria to help control the flow of volunteers coming to Turkey from all over the world, wanting to join the global jihad. Now, he wanted to put me in touch with Ruslan, a brother fighting with Muslims in Ukraine "
Ultra-nationalist Ukrainians as Muzychko also became "brothers" and were accepted into this network.
Mamon said that Chechen fighters accepted it "although he never converted to Islam" and that "Muzyczko, along with other Ukrainian volunteers joined Chechen fighters and took part in the first Chechen war against Russia, in which he led a brigade Ukrainian volunteers called "Vikings", who fought under the command of the famous Chechen leader Shamil Basayev. "
What can you say when Chechen separatists and transnational network called "brethren" linked to ISIS are being recruited or used to fill the ranks of private militias used by Ukrainian oligarchs?
This is a very important question, which clearly shows how these elements are agents of chaos.
Marcin Mamon traveled to Ukraine to meet with Chechen militant Isa Munayev.
Isa Munayev
Isa Munayev
"Even before reaching Ukraine, Munayev was well known. He fought against Russian forces in the two Chechen wars; in the second, he was the commander of the Chechen forces in the battle of Grozny.
isa-munayev 2
After the Chechen capital was captured by Russian forces between 1999 and 2000, Munayev and his men took refuge in the mountains. He fought from there until 2005, when he was severely wounded and moved to Europe for treatment.
Munayev lived in Denmark until 2014. Then the war broke out in Ukraine, and decided it was time to fight the Russians again "
This point illustrates how the US and the European Union have supported militants fighting Russia.
Nobody doubts the US and EU that Denmark gave refuge to Isa Munayev, while in contrast, the Western media accuse Moscow of supporting the soldiers of the People's Republic of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic. Why this double standard? Why is it acceptable for the US, EU and NATO support separatist movements and militias in other parts of the world, but criticize Russia do exactly the same in other countries?
Mamon continues his narrative of events:
"A man with a leather jacket introduced me to Munayev. 'Our good brother Khalid recommended us to this man,' "the man said. Khalid is today one of the most important leaders of ISIS. Khalid and Munayev knew after spending years fighting in Chechnya together.
Munayev has come to Ukraine to start and run one of the many private battalions that came to fight alongside the Ukrainian army against pro-Russian separatist rebels. His militia was named "Dzhokhar Dudayev Battalion", named in honor of the separatist Chechen president, considered a national hero in Chechnya "
(Article written by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya at Strategic Culture Foundation)
As we see, the chaos that is unfolding around the world is creating alliances as strange and surprising.
All actors involved, both the West and Russia and China, are playing their dirtiest letters after their interests and as we see, none of them is going to tell the truth about their dark activities ...