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Monday, June 29, 2015

GLOBAL WARNING: No One is Safe in a Post-Antibiotic World

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Antibiotics are one of modern day's greatest discoveries, but it's failing us. By our own hand, We have abused esta medical achievement by using it as a "fix-all", and it has Caused That antibiotic resistance issues spans across the globe. In fact, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest Health Threats of the 21st century. Superbugs, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) and multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) are Increasing THROUGHOUT the world and Have the capacity to cause health issues worldwide. , Moreover, no one wants to even walk into a hospital for fear of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, That Have Been Reported at hospitals around the country.
Antibiotics are one of modern day's greatest discoveries, but it's failing us. By our own hand, We have abused esta medical achievement by using it as a "fix-all", and it has Caused That antibiotic resistance issues spans across the globe. In fact, antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest Health Threats of the 21st century. Superbugs, Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) and multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MDR-TB) are Increasing THROUGHOUT the world and Have the capacity to cause health issues worldwide. , Moreover, no one wants to even walk into a hospital for fear of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, That Have Been Reported at hospitals around the country. - See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=es&tl=en&u=http://www.thedailysheeple.com/no-one-is-safe-in-a-post-antibiotic-world_062015&usg=ALkJrhjLigxSuCoH6Ib8Z1RYb_1i1QQy3Q#sthash.nGK3Hcji.5r4Q5Ymy.dpuf

Staphylococcus Aureus
Staphylococcus Aureus
And what is even more serious, the main sources of infection of these powerful and fearsome germs, are the hospitals and health centers.
According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year in the United States, at least two million people are infected with bacteria resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result of these infections.
Last year, Keiji Fukuda, director general of Health Security World Health Organization (WHO) warned that: "Without urgent and coordinated action by all concerned, the world is heading towards a post-antibiotic era, in which common infections and minor injuries have been treatable for decades, they may kill again. "
Keiji Fukuda
Keiji Fukuda
In a recent article on the subject, Fukuda insisted once again on the issue, warning the world of the danger that hangs over humanity:
"Those who have been easily treatable for decades common infections could become deadly if the current growth of antimicrobial resistance continues. Globally this is really a big problem, "said Keiji Fukuda, assistant director-general for health security in the WHO." We're seeing reproduce the same patterns of resistance in all parts of the world. "
"In Europe alone, 25,000 people die every year from infections they used to be treatable with antibiotics," says Fukuda.
"Some Staphylococcus infections acquired in hospitals have become almost impossible to cure. The pathogens that cause malaria and tuberculosis are evolving to evade even the best treatments. "
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
What does this mean? As soon nobody will be safe.
The most important factor to consider is that when a germ develops drug resistance anywhere in the world, that ability quickly spreads to other areas and therefore, no one is safe.
The post-antibiotic era is here.
In fact, now he is living a silent epidemic in some parts of India, where an epidemic of antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" are killing babies in the country by tens of thousands:
"Five years ago, almost never saw such infections," says Dr. Neelam Kler, chairwoman of the department of neonatology at the Ram Hospital in New Delhi Sir Ganga, one of the most prestigious private hospitals in India.
Dra. Neelam Kler
Dra. Neelam Kler
"Now, nearly 100% percent to reach our Lowest Interest for treatment suffer multi-drug resistant infections. Really scary. "
The researchers say the evidence is overwhelming, since a significant portion of the bacteria present in India, where water, sewage, animals, soil and even the mothers themselves, are immune to almost all antibiotics .
So this is not a senseless paranoia, or a set of exaggerated news that only seek to frighten, but that this is a real threat on a global scale.
This is the beginning of a new era. A disturbing scenario that indicates that modern medicine, with all its advances, it is becoming less effective against old threats.
This may mean that in the not too distant future, no longer would be able to treat cancer or diabetes, people die before, and there would be safe surgery or organ transplants. The cost of medical care also increase dramatically and deal with infections will be a serious and costly process.
And if that were not enough, you must also consider the fact that our food sources will also be affected.
Most of the food we eat in the industrialized world: beef, chicken, fish and seafood, as well as certain food crops, routinely receive antibiotic treatments.
These food sources without the use of antibiotics could become much more expensive and could cause exacerbated in animals; in addition, farmers have to change their parenting practices, which would imply higher spending would reduce their already meager profit margins.
Doctors are beginning to prepare for a time when the world no longer use antibiotics.
The situation has become so serious that representatives of 194 countries met at the annual meeting of the WHO in Geneva and have approved a new comprehensive plan to counter antimicrobial resistance. They are making plans for each country to have a monitoring system in 2017, to control drug resistance.
This system also represents a final attempt to reduce the misuse of antibiotics in medical environments and agriculture, and for investment in new drugs. Unfortunately, the use of new antibiotics even stronger could cause further damage to the body and may have the potential to attack more than harmful bacterial cells.
Given this possibility, scientists are also exploring the possibility of fighting fire with fire, using viruses to kill bacteria ... something which in itself causes a lot of concern.
"Specialized These viruses called bacteriophages infect bacteria. Once you take control of bacteria, bacteriophages use the internal machinery of bacteria to replicate itself, until the bacterial cell is full and then bursts like a balloon.
Another promising alternative therapy that can take center stage in the post-antibiotics, or the use of cationic antimicrobial peptides.
Peptides are like mini-proteins, and these antimicrobials have the ability to disrupt the bacterial groups by disrupting communication between organisms to kill. The additional benefit of use, they can also stimulate our own immune systems to fight better to stop the infection. "
Hopefully the development of all these methods is really useful and beneficial.
They also sold the wonders of antibiotics and now we see the consequences of what seemed "infallible advanced treatments" ...
Now we begin to know the dangerous failure of certain GM products.
For example, at the time, biotech companies like Monsanto created a corn producing bacteriological toxins capable of eliminating the scourge of rootworm.
Now, recent studies have shown that these trasngénico corn pests that should eliminate not only not disappear, but develop resistance to toxins and are becoming stronger, forcing increased use of pesticides and toxic chemicals for eliminate them.
And this is a process that strongly recalls the development of antibiotic-resistant superbugs.
It is true that we must rely on science, but not blindly, since it is increasingly evident that the scientific world is perverted and subjected to the interests of the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology majors, unlike science, not They have no interest in the common good.
At another level, the arrival of the post-antibiotic era may also mark the beginning of a growing conflict between official medicine and pharmacology root natural or traditional medicines, those classified as "alternative medicine".
According to proponents of these alternative medicines, our bodies are well equipped to fight infections themselves, and yet, most of us no longer rely on natural ways to achieve this, especially in the Western world.
These alternative medicines basically seek to give our bodies a chance to fight infection before resorting to the use of antibiotics through proper nutrition.
To summarize, in many alternative means talking about the need to strengthen the resistance of the body through natural products and herbal antibiotic power, such as:
· Colloidal Silver
· Nigella Sativa
· Honey
· Canela
· Ginger
· Oil of Oregano
Tea tree oil
· Echinacea
· Goldenseal
Undoubtedly, many people believe that plants and natural products have no effect in treating major diseases and probably will be right with it.
But if one thing is certain it is that with an increasing number of infections, the use of antibiotics is not only ineffective, but further strengthens the power of germs, to the point that we can say that in the Currently, the use of antibiotics is almost suicide.
Literally we could say that we are playing Russian roulette with every pill and antibiotics we eat, add a new bullet to the drum, with the particularity that bullet impact to the head of each and every one of us.
So the next time you have a mild infection or a cold, try using some of these natural products ... not just your health that's at stake: is now at stake the health of all mankind.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Time Traveling Robots Could Punish ‘Future Crimes’

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Brad Templeton privacy expert warns of something that may seem incredible, but they can have all the logic of the world.
According to Templeton, the artificial intelligence programs of the future, they could "travel back in time", ie, explore the digital data left by Internet users every day and punish retroactively for crimes that were not detected or treated as a offense at the time.
That is, punish us in the future by events in the future be considered crimes but currently are not.
Brad Templeton
Brad Templeton
During a recent presentation at an event at the University of the Singularity, Templeton, who was the Chairman of the Board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation for ten years, said the massive recording our movements, activities and views on the network, might one day become a treasure to create technologically sophisticated dictatorships that punish "sinners" for his past mistakes.

Even considering that the AI ​​is still in its early stages, with facial recognition and voice still relatively primitive, Templeton said that this will not always be the case and Artificial Intelligence techniques eolucionarán quickly, by what "We have to worry about the threat of robots Artificial Intelligence 'travel time' from the future" to peer into our past.
Artificial intelligence will eventually exceed human ability to recognize things and when this is combined with the current obsession with recording our every move on social media and through smartphones, a dystopian scenario is created, according to Templeton.
"Today is recorded everything we do and say and in the future will be able to analyze all this data and ask us 'are or have ever been a member of some strange organization?'" Says Templeton. "Then may look last, scanning rapidly in all the activities that we will no longer be registered and what we were doing at any past moment. Therefore, here and now, and we have to start worrying about what the AI will be able to do in the future. "
"You may, at present, is committing crimes in the future that does not yet know they are crimes," Templeton says; and to illustrate this idea, I cited the fact that one of the US founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, a practice that was common at the time but now it would be doomed.
"If you think it is worrying what people think of you now also begin to worry about what they will think of you in the future because there will know exactly what they are doing now," he said Templeton.
For example, it is not inconceivable that anything you say online now that is acceptable under the laws of freedom of expression today in the future may be denunciaco as "politically incorrect" and we see subjected to retroactive penalties.
"We are recording details of our lives than ever before in history, and all our communications, messages, comments, photos and videos are being stored by companies like Google and Amazon," writes David J. Hill. "Many of our choices, both public and private increasingly are being digitally stored indefinitely. Most people are smart enough not to publish incriminating activities, but our understanding of what is fair, right and moral at present, does not have to fit with the canons of the future "
An example of this, we have recently experienced in Spain, where a party alderman can, Guillermo Zapata, was forced to resign by a set of unfortunate comments made on Twitter four years ago when still held no public office.
And this is just the beginning.
Most people are still not aware of what is happening, but Templeton's warning is more serious than it may seem.
Years, any science fiction writer could have imagined a future tyrannical civilization in which inquisitors robots to travel to the past to uncover past sins of any citizen so, to convict him.
Well, to record all our activities on the Internet and social networks, to put on record our online movements of banking and commercial nature and to be recorded by thousands of cameras everywhere, not knowing where they'll actually stop these images and unable to prove conclusively how long are stored, we are allowing that fantasy a reality.
Robots do not need to travel in time, but merely have to consult the temporary registration that will be available and can explore at high speed thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence.
And no one can say, as it evolves today's world, which in the future will be not considered potentially dangerous individuals for thinking different, being part of a particular party or political current, or having this or religious belief.
What would, for example, the committee Un-American Activities, led by Senator McCarthy and dedicated to pursue US Communists, if he could use such technology to peer into the past of any suspicious citizen?
The only way to prevent that in 25 years we do not become innocent victims of our current activities is to prevent this possibility from materializing.
And that means actively strive to create a world in which technology and privacy go hand in hand and the cessation of any hint of possible tyranny.
A tyranny that has begun to be built with the first stirrings of such disgusting hypocrisy of the "politically correct".
Today in the West, where it is assumed that govern democracies and freedoms, and begin to chase people for crimes of opinion, in countries like Spain, France, Britain or the US.
Does anybody really believe this is going to stop there?
Just ask Councilman Guillermo Zapata can: it has only been a first example, still very primitive, the Inquisition is coming ...

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

7 Key Events That Are Going To Happen By The End Of September

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More and more people indicate that this September may be a month particularly "moved".
The evidence points to key events during this September have the most diverse origins: forecasts drawn from the political and economic agenda, conspiratorial views of reality and even strange beliefs related to religion or the Bible.
Let us recount, even as a curiosity, some of these predictions regarding the end of summer.
Between July 15 and September 15 in the US a series of realistic military exercises will be held, known as "Jade Helm" have aroused great controversy and a real wave of conspiracy theories and paranoia within the US. The list of states scheduled to participate in these exercises including Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California, Mississippi and Florida.
-28 July: this past May 28, Reuters reported that the countries of the European Union would have a period of two months to enact a series of laws called "bail-in", related to rescue banks.
Any nation that does not have a law "bail-in" when the time comes, will face legal action from the European Commission. In particular, countries have been called to order: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Malta, Poland, Romania and Sweden.
These laws allegedly try to protect taxpayers from having to bail out troubled banks, forcing in place to shareholders and preferentistas to rescue banks and ultimately, if their contribution is not the problem is fixed , shall be the depositories of the accounts which will kidnapped some of their money to save institutions.
That is, the EU wants if you have money in a checking account at a bank insolvent, some of the money from your checking account serve to rescue him.
What catches the attention of these measures is the urgency. They only have two months to implement these measures.
That has led some people to question whether such urgency does not anticipate any kind of traumatic financial event for the same September ...
If we enter the realm of the strangest, we must also talk about the alleged influence of the Biblical calendar on the economy.
-13 September: this day coincides with the day Elul 29 in the Biblical calendar, the last day of the year Shemitah Hebrew, repeated every seven years.
It turns out that this temporary coincidence has led many people are concerned about this date, because they have seen huge stock market crashes on the last day of the two previous cycles of the year Shemitah.
For example, the September 17, 2001 (which was also Elul 29 in the Biblical calendar), the world witnessed the biggest stock market crash in one day in the history of the United States so far. The Dow Jones plunged 684 points, and was a record that stood for exactly seven years until the end of the next cycle Shemitah.
The September 29, 2008 (which was also Elul 29 in the Biblical calendar), the Dow Jones fell a staggering 777 points, which even today remains the biggest stock market crash in one day of all time US.
Now, the most ominous reminder that we are nearing the end of another year Shemitah and on 13 September, will be Elul 29 year Shemitah.
However, one thing is certain: this September 13 there will be no stock market crash ... because it falls on Sunday and closed bags.
Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn
However, experts suspected as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn warn that the stock market crashes sometimes occur just before the end of the year and sometimes Shemitah happen just a few weeks after the end of the Shemitah, without an exact match to any date.
C_Palestine_Statehood [1]
September -15: 70 session of the UN General Assembly starts on this date and we know that France plans to introduce a resolution that would give formal recognition of the Security Council of the UN for a Palestinian state. The United States has always blocked such resolutions, but it seems that this time Barack Obama is signaling that things can be very different.
This could cause an unexpected reaction from Israel, whose consequences in the nest of the Middle East, more destabilized that could ever be unpredictable.
Between September 25 and September 27, the United Nations will try to implement a sustainable development program for the entire planet. But the new program will not deal only on the environment. It also includes provisions relating to the economy, agriculture, education and gender equality.
In fact, on September 25, the Pope will travel to New York to give a major speech about it, kicking off the UN conference in which he will release this new schedule and where the role of the Vatican will be key .
In fact, some believe that this conference led by the UN and the Vatican, the basis for the establishment of a future centralized world government.
-28 September: if we continue with the alleged biblical prophecies, this is the date of the last of the four moons of blood falling on Biblical festivals during 2014 and 2015. This moon of blood coindide the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, which will be a "super moon" and that will actually be visible in Jerusalem.
This has led to the believers in these signals indicate that a similar pattern of eclipses happened just before and just after the destruction of the Jewish temple by the Romans in 70 AD, indicating the arrival of a series of catastrophic events Israel to those dates, the consequences, again, could be politically unpredictable APRA entire region.
-22 September to September 28: some bloggers "conspiracy theorists" of the Internet have caused a huge hoax about the fall of a meteorite suspected scheduled for this time, and would cause "the end of days".
This has been fueled by all sorts of videos from Youtube baseless and false news waves of paranoia have soared to absurd limits.
For example, a blogger has suggested that the disputed Jade Helm maneuvers to be held between July and September in several southern US states have covert prepare for anarchy and chaos caused by the fall of the asteroid target.
Meanwhile, fringe religious groups and Bible theorists claim that the expected impact Rapture announce the start of a seven year period of tribulation for the population of the entire planet ..
In fact, the hoax has reached such dimensions that even NASA has been forced to deny that this phenomenon will occur.
A NASA spokesman said: "NASA does not know of any asteroid or comet that is currently on a collision course with Earth, so the likelihood of a major collision is pretty small"
However, the foundation is triggered paranoia in some unforeseen actions recently occurred in the US itself, as the transfer of part of the activities of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to Chicago or return to underground bunkers NORAD Cheyenne Mountain, something what we talked about in the article: signs that US elites PREPARE FOR "something big"
-27 September: To complement all this with more local aspects, we could discuss possible political events at Spanish level this September will occur and that, although they now seem anecdotal, may end up causing significant consequences even for the same balance European Union.
Recently in Spain there have been local and regional elections that have severely punished the ruling party, the Popular Party, which many people have interpreted as a preview of what will happen in next general elections.
And with the possible loss of power, it is expected that the Popular Party will not stand idly by and look for any available spring to retain power at all costs.
And here is where the September 27 appears: for that day elections will be held in the parliament of Catalonia, which some parties treated as a referendum to proclaim the independence of Catalonia.
You stellate
If in doubt, the opposition to the electoral process will be the trump card that uses the Popular Party to mobilize the Spanish patriotic vote and win elections which presumably will occur later this year and it is not ruled out that the Spanish government, as a measure of strength, reach to lock in jail the president of the Generalitat, Artur Mas, or even come to invalidate the Catalan autonomy, if necessary, which could result in an unpredictable response from the Catalan population and even by the population of the country Vasco.
And that may seem very local, could lead to destabilizing consequences even at European level.
If anyone thinks that this is merely anecdotal, think about it a little better.
In the 1930s, Spain was plunged into a relatively similar to the current situation: a rise in the forces of the left and extreme left to Spanish level, as now we and other similar civil platforms, coinciding with a proclamation of sovereignty Catalonia and a furious response from the Spanish right to this, which resulted in a bloody civil war, which was the prelude to World War II.
Obviously, we are not saying that one thing leads to another and that the Spanish policy will lead to a world war: we are only indicating that a number of parallels between the two historical moments that occur should not ignore.
To this we must add the possible exit of Greece from the European Union, the consequences could be unpredictable, growing instability in the Middle East with the advance of Islamic State and war drums begin to sound again in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, more and more new strength, as NATO sent weapons and troops to the borders with Russia.
And we move this possible developments for weeks and even months, in several articles and videos...
Thus, it appears that this September, at all levels, will be a very interesting month.
In fact, there is little evidence to ignore blithely, although some of them are the most fanciful, paranoid and exaggerated.
At least we know one thing: it seems that this September, we will not bore you ...


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Friday, June 12, 2015


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A leading psychologist has warned that young people face a serious crisis of masculinity due to excessive consumption of video games and pornography.
The famous psychologist and professor emeritus at Stanford University, Philip Zimbardo, has made such warnings Which they form an important part of his latest book, "The man (Des) Connected."
Philip Zimbardo
Philip Zimbardo
In an interview for a BBC program, Zimbardo spoke about the results of their study in depth look at the lives of 20,000 young people and their relationships with video games and pornography.
According to Zimbardo: "Our focus is on young men playing video games too much and that it alone in your room, isolation from society"
"Now with freely available pornography, something unique in history, these young people make a combined acticidad: playing video games and as a rest, watch an average of two hours a week of pornography"

Zimbardo says there is a "crisis" among young men, many of whom are experiencing a "new form of addiction" on the excessive use of video games and pornography.
A country more advanced technologically than average and therefore draws the possible future horizon male worldwide, is Japan.
In a recent article entitled: CONCERN IN JAPAN: THE LACK OF SEX THREAT country's future and spoke of the demographic effects of this growing epidemic lack of sex that is slowly spreading among the younger generations.
Other examples of sexual and psychological dysfunctions related to technology, is found in the following articles ...
According to a survey, 17% of Britons would keep sex with robots
A US starts a fight for the legal right to marry ... with your computer
Zimbardo and gave a speech in 2011 in which he outlined the problems of social development of young people and their academic performance, which he attributed to an excessive consumption of pornography, video games and the Internet.
He cited the example of a mother who met while conducting the study, whose son sees no problem in playing video games up to 15 hours a day.
Zimbardo said: "For me, the problem is not the number of hours playing, but in the psychological changes in mindset"
Zimbardo gives an example of the thinking of a young man addicted to video games and pornography; according to the boy: "When I'm in class, I would be playing World of Warcraft. When I'm with a girl, I'd be watching pornography because that would never be rejected. "
Zimbardo says this relatively new phenomenon is affecting the minds of young men.
Citing research that he and his team did for the book, he says: "This is starting to change brain function. It is changing the reward center of the brain, producing a kind of excitement and addiction "
"What I'm saying is that the brains of these kids are being digitally reprogrammed"
He also mentioned the growing problem of a controversial phenomenon in the scientific world, called "induced erectile dysfunction porn" or PIED: "The boys should be very masculine, they are now having trouble getting an erection."
"You have this paradox are watching raunchy videos that should excite and instead do not get excited"
porn-game-561 360
However, an article in Psichology today, argues that no demonstrable scientific links between the consumption of pornography and erectile dysfunction.
As we say, this is a controversial issue right now in the world of science.
According to Zimbardo, the solution is to accept that the problem is serious, parents should be aware of the number of hours children spend alone in his room playing and watching porn at the expense of other activities.
Zimbardo also blames the negative image of men being offered in the US media, which show men as "louts, undesirable, who just want sex and they are even clumsy by practicing"
He also called for better sex education in schools, which should focus not only on biology and security, but also emotions, physical contact and romantic relationships.
The pressing problem of male mental health, has become a major concern today.
Last year the first conference was held in Male Psychology at University College London, aimed at promoting the British Psychological Society introduced a specialized section males.
The "Campaign Against Living Miserably or CALM" (something like live miserably Campaign) Campaign was launched in 2006 and has gained importance in recent years, for their efforts to encourage men to talk about their mental health problems, with the aim of reducing the male suicide rate.
Phillip Zimbardo is famous for the "Zimbardo Experiment" conducted in 1971 at Stanford University, where 24 students who will perform the role of "guards" and "prisoners" in a mock prison in the basement of the University was asked Stanford.
The experiment, which was to last two weeks, was abandoned after only six days, as students who performed the role of guards and that before the experiment had shown themselves as normal people, became extremely sadistic and the "prisoners" were they became submissive and depressed.