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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

BREAKING: The Secretive Reason Why Holistic Doctors Are Dying In Florida - VIDEOS

I haven’t really wrote about much on my blog about controversial subjects such as potential conspiracies that may frighten you because i’m a big believer that what you focus on expands and fear is the worst emotion to resonate in for health and well-being. It’s extremely odd though when multiple holistic doctors are found dead or go missing in a very short period of time (under a few months) in the same geographic region in Florida.

I’ve been sharing these stories on the facebook page from Erin at HealthNutNews.com who has been reporting on them and just the other day I found some very interesting information regarding the deaths of these doctors that needs to be spread. The more aware we can become of what is going on behind the curtains and most importantly why these deaths are happening the more we can push forward through fear to the other side.

The alternative doctors that were killed were all studying and part of a huge discovery about Nagalase and its effect on GcMAF in the body.

What is GcMAF? According to FIRSTiMMUNE, “GcMAF is an essential human protein our bodies make that removes a number of diseases including cancer. All 5 billion healthy humans make their own GcMAF.”

Nagalase is an enzyme secreted by cancer cells that is being introduced into the body at infancy or the vaccination stage, as the late Dr. Bradstreet discovered. It also causes immune deficiency and blocks GcMAF activating factor in the human body; resulting in serious compromise of the immune system!

This is valuable information that apparently someone does NOT want you to know about…

Get the FULL story and all the details in this video:

This research seems to be smothered out by some powers that be. It seems to threaten many deadly diseases by powering and boosting immunity as we know it. What do I know about GcMAF? absolutely nothing! I’ve never even heard of it, They were creating what appears to be groundbreaking research. Now that i’m aware of this protein (and you are also) it’s important to make more people aware what’s going on and bring awareness to the power this protein has to potentially cure many diseases. Please share and spread the word, the truth needs to surface and reach more people faster.

This video explains how this protein works to heal cancer:

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Cambridge PROFESSOR SAYS: 3 SCIENTISTS HAVE BEEN KILLED Because of its Investigations

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Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge, suspected that three scientists devoted to investigate the melting of Arctic ice, could have been murdered and that his death "is not a mere coincidence."
Scientists were colleagues of Professor Peter Wadhams, and Seymour Laxon, Tim Boyd and Katherine Giles called. All of them have died in the space of a few months.
Professor Peter Wadhams
Professor Peter Wadhams
Professor Wadhams says he fears being labeled a "lunatic" by his statements, but he suspects that the death of the scientist is no coincidence that his colleagues may have been killed by elements of the oil industry or even sinister government forces They could be involved in the deaths.
Two of the scientists, Seymour Laxon and Katherine Giles, were scientists studying climate change at University College London, both specialized in the analysis of the poles; meanwhile, Tim Boyd belonged to the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences; all died within a few months in early 2013.
The Laxon Professor, 49 fell down a flight of stairs during the festival of New Year's Eve in a cottage in Essex.
Seymour Laxon
Seymour Laxon

While Dr. Giles, 35, his colleague (and indeed its substitute in office after the death of Laxon), died hit by a truck while riding his bicycle to work in London, three months later.
Katherine Giles
Katherine Giles
Scene of the accident by Dr. Giles
Scene of the accident by Dr. Giles

  For his part, Dr. Boyd died allegedly struck by lightning while walking their dogs through a field in Scotland.
Tim Boyd
Tim Boyd

Professor Wadhams said that subsequent to the death of Professor Laxon weeks, he was attacked by a truck that tried to throw him off the road. In fact, he reported the incident to the police.
When Professor Wadhams was asked if he believed that behind the deaths could have hit men, professor of ocean physics at Cambridge University, he told The Telegraph:
"Yes. I think a group of assassins murdered, but I know that in saying this I can describe as lunatic. But it is too coincidental and it is very strange that something like this happen in such a short period of time, but all deaths appear accidental "
When asked about who he thought might be behind the murders, Wadhams said, "I can only think of the oil lobby, but do not think the oil lobby go around killing people"
He admitted he had been "stupid" to go to the police with his suspicions.
Professor Wadhams said, "I thought that if someone had killed someone in the government would be and that would be even scarier. I thought it best not to touch the topic "
His suspicions provoked outrage in the couple of Professor Laxon, who was also a close friend of Dr. Giles.
Seymour Laxon and Katherine Giles
Seymour Laxon and Katherine Giles
When told what he had told the Presna Professor Wadhams, Fiona Strawbridge, director of e-Learning at University College London, he said: "My God, this is completely outrageous and very distressing."
The couple had stayed in the renovated mill with friends in the Essex countryside when his partner accidentally fell down the stairs at dawn on New Year's Day. He died the next day from injuries suffered in the head.
"There were some very steep stairs and Seymour just fell," said Ms. Strawbridge, "It's crazy to suggest that it was murder."
"I'm sure there are some climate scientists who are being harassed and persecuted, but Seymour was not one of them. I would know if someone had been chasing. Sometimes there are tragic coincidences and you have to accept "
Perhaps this is coincidence ... but the truth is that it's much chance ...

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