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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Multipolarism Solves Syria at the Source

US PLANS IN SYRIA that Russia has broken into pieces 

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-Article Written by Toni Cartalucci New Eastern Outlook-
The reality of the Syrian conflict has been misrepresented in the Western press, which he described as civil war when in fact it is not.
All this conflict has been directed and supplied from outside Syria.
And while there are a significant number of Syrians working with this criminal conspiracy, the major players driving the conflict are foreign. Special interests include the United States, Europe, and regional players such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel.
Syria is far from being an isolated conflict. The US interest in the division and destruction of Syria is part of a much broader serve their aspirations, both regionally and globally agenda. The division and destruction of Syria as a sovereign nation-state and functional, is understood as a point prior to the conquest of Iran game.
 OUR OBJECTIVE START AT: wider regional war

Reuters recently published an opinion piece titled, "The hope Syria can be as tenuous as it was in Bosnia," which holds that the only way that the US can cooperate with Russia in relation to Syria, is whether all involved agree to weaken and fragment Syria.
If this scheme sounds familiar, it's because this opinion was written by Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution, a think-tank funded by big corporations, in part, helped to design the chaos that now consumes East Middle East and North Africa.
Obama at a conference at the Brookings Institution
Obama at a conference at the Brookings Institution
O'Hanlon previously published an article entitled, "Deconstructing Syria: A New Strategy for the most desperate war in America," which also calls for the division and destruction of Syria.
In it, O'Hanlon calls for the establishment of "safe areas", the invasion and occupation of Syrian territory by special forces of the United States, Europe and the Gulf monarchies, the relaxation of the criteria used to finance it openly which they are essentially the terrorist groups operating in Syria and openly convert the overthrow of the current Syrian government a priority, while the supposed American combat so-called "Islamic State" (ISIS / ISIL) is fought.
But none of these treacherous methods should be shocking. At the end of the day, O'Hanlon is also co-author of a report by the Brookings Institution in 2009 entitled "Where do we go to Persia? Options for a new US strategy toward Iran. "
Michael O'Hanlon
Michael O'Hanlon
This signed and dated criminal conspiracy, O'Hanlon suggests covert methods to overthrow the Iranian government mobs US-backed armed militants and reinforced; the use of foreign terrorist organizations to wage a war against Iran, provoking open war with Iran, and using Israel to unilaterally attack Iran first, before pushing the US into an inevitable war shortly thereafter. All it described in great detail over a 156-page report.
While some have tried to dismiss this report as "a mere theoretical exercise", the truth is that they have already taken steps in that direction.
The report was written in 2009 and in 2012, the terrorist organization Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), was removed from the list of foreign terrorist organizations of the State Department of the United States; the aim is that the US can arm and finance the organization (which no longer considers terrorist) to start an open war against Iran.
Logo of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq
Logo of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq
The report also suggested lure Iran to the negotiating table in which the United States would present a compelling and generous treatment; the goal would force Iran to reject or accept it and then rape, in order to justify a further US military intervention would be seen by the world as an option of last resort to the "evil or betrayal" of Iran.
Well, that agreement "generous" has already occurred: the much-lauded "nuclear agreement".
And almost literally, every aspect of this criminal conspiracy in this report against Tehran, has been used to turn against Syria. The report noted that both Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon, would be significant obstacles to divide and destroy Iran and that each of these obstacles should be eliminated before acting against the Persian state.
Well, the report was written in 2009 and the war in Syria began in 2011.
All these documents show that the war in Syria is not an isolated crisis, but is linked to US plans aimed at destroying Iran.
And this also shows that the proposed O'Hanlon and other Western political leaders "to promote a" political transition "or a partition of Syria are unacceptable.
This possible partition or political transition, it will not represent the end of the regional conflict, but rather the end of only the beginning of that conflict. The successful destruction of Syria portends a war with Iran, which can be extended further.
As for what the West says about the true motivation of Russia to intervene in Syria, a recent opinion piece in Reuters O'Hanlon stated:
"The real goal of Putin in Syria, almost safely, is not to fight Islamic State. His most plausible objective, as reflected in the objectives of the initial bombing of the army, is to strengthen the shaky regime of President Bashar al-Assad, attacking nearby the bastions of Islamic State insurgent groups, even if these groups are relatively moderate and are not affiliated with either ISIS or with al-Nusra, linked to al-Qaeda. Putin wants to protect its ally Russia maintain access to the port of Tartus and embarrass the United States while demonstrating the global reach of Russia "
Surely that is what O'Hanlon expected that most readers of Reuters created, but it is unlikely that he himself creates.
Michael O'Hanlon 2
Russia's involvement in Syria is linked to the instinct of self-preservation of Russia. Moscow probably understands that an "agreement" in Syria is a misnomer, and the collapse of Syria as a nation state is only one of several events in a chain reaction that first affect the countries along Russia's borders and then will be extended within their own borders.
The opinion of O'Hanlon's creepy. It states:
"Assad is responsible for killing most of the 250,000 Syrians have been killed in the civil war to date and cause most of the massive displacement and refugee flows"
It was chilling because O'Hanlon himself who in his article for the Brookings Institution advocated the destruction that has consumed Syria and then to attack Iran. But Assad blames the government for the chaos that people like him have helped create, illustrating the depravity and dishonesty of Western powers.
However, neither O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution nor are solely responsible for the death and destruction that Syria is suffering, or which have previously suffered Libya or Iraq. They are only part of a much larger machine.
To understand the scope of that machine, you have to look like people who financed or O'Hanlon Brookings Institution. In this way, we know the original source that drives the chaos in Syria.
The 2014 annual report of the Brookings Institution, reveals, among others, the following sponsors from the world of high finance: JP Morgan Chase & amp Co., Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, State Farm, MetLife and GEICO.
World arms companies, sponsors are: General Electric, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon.
Telecommunications: Comcast, Google, Facebook, AT & T and Verizon.
Tanker: Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, British Petroleum, and Shell.
And even among its sponsors, we can find consumer companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola to help fund what are essentially documents that conspire to commit crimes against humanity, causing the systematic killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.
So, this is the Fortune 500, centered on Wall Street and in the City of London, which drives the conflict in Syria. Middle East and North Africa.
Russian and Syrian efforts to stop the flow of weapons and cash in Syrian borders alone will not solve the problem of getting Syria efforts.
Clearly the problem is bigger than Syria, and even larger than the geopolitical chaos that the US has created in the Middle East and North Africa.
They are craving unjustified and excessive wealth, power and influence that drive this chaos, which constitute the ultimate source of the problem. Disrupt or displace this power it will be difficult, and the failure so far to significantly interrupt or move, is precisely the main reason why this chaos continues.
-damaged buildings-syrian-civil-war1
Multipolarity and localism
Moscow, following Western sanctions directed against Russia, has sought within its borders the way to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on foreign imports, foreign financial institutions and other characteristics of Wall Street and Washington, and it has set a precedent that other nations can continue to get ultimately undermine this global threat.
Understanding the premeditated nature of the war of the West against Syria and the fact that this current conflict only serves as a springboard for a clear strategy to further destroy Iran clearly states why it is impossible for a "partnership" with the US to reach an agreed solution for Syria. A "political solution" that results in the division of Syria or the elimination of the current government is also totally unacceptable for this reason.
Russia's decision to defend the sovereign government of Syria and help in eliminating his enemies within its borders, is the most immediate way to "solve the problem of Syria."
Inviting Iran and even China to participate in a wider campaign to secure the borders of Syria and help in restoring order in the country is another essential step. Subsequently, expanding the coalition to protect Iraq then, it will create a zone of geopolitical "non-interference" in the West.
However, ultimately, the key lies in the Russian concept of a multipolar world that moves the unipolar international order established by the West.
Western unipolar order that engenders servile among all those who surrender to him and tries to destroy all those who try to avoid dependence.
Getting save Syria, it represents prevent other nations to suffer their fate.
Multipolarity directly points to the source of Western global hegemony: the corporate-financial, political and institutional monopolies that sustain conglomerate. Multipolarity emphasizes national sovereignty and a decentralized global balance of power.
And while Hezbollah and Russian forces, Syrian, Iranian and Iraqis are at the forefront of true free world, the rest of us have to understand that the complete domination pursued by the West requires a broad-spectrum resistance from the rest of humanity.
Corporations that finance hateful work such as the Brookings Institution, enjoy total impunity, immense wealth, and influence and power almost unlimited, just because everyone in the world uses his monthly salary buying their shopping, paying the bills of their cars or going to their Starbucks or McDonalds.
A multipolar world not only means a distribution of world power, but also a distribution of global responsibility and wealth.
And this extends not only to the nations, but also to states and provinces, as well as communities and even individuals.
Although individual efforts may seem insignificant to decentralize power and wealth and pull it out of the hands of those existing monopolies, are no less insignificant efforts of individual soldiers fighting and winning in Syria. In fact their individual contributions are insignificant, but together lead to victory.
Solving the problem of Syria, actually it means to solve the problem before us all for a unipolar order that prevails.
It is not a battle that only applies to Syria and its allies, and that takes place exclusively within the borders of Syria, but a battle for all those opposed to the unipolar global hegemony.
We are all in this great struggle, perhaps not with bullets, bombs and missiles, but we are fighting this war but we do not want.
Tony Cartalucci, geopolitical researcher and writer, based in Bangkok, for New Eastern Outlook
Tony Cartalucci
Tony Cartalucci

As we can see, this is a pretty biased in favor of Russia article actually verges on propaganda, as virtually all published in New Eastern Outlook and Global Research.
Knowing trends, we draw the information that may be more useful and interesting (as we do when we published information about "the other side", such as those of Debka or Foreign Policy).
The truth is that Cartalucci takes time warning that what we see in Syria is a prelude to an attack on Iran and even claims that the nuclear pact is part of that preamble, as indicated in the article:  Iran, Hezbollah, Syrian Army Prepare to Launch Offensive Against CIA Proxies

Time will tell whether Russia has managed to break these plans with his intervention in Syria if the US-West go ahead with it through new maneuvers, or if everything is pure theater and Russia and the US obey the same powers and each one is interpreted by the rightful role ...

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

10 Most Bizarre Deaths Taken Selfies (Video)

10 Selfies Taken Moments Before DEATH 

Today the selfie demonstrates how 'I' egomaniac culture is being spread all over the world through social networks and there is a significant lack of self-esteem among young and not so young people of different ages feel satisfaction when another person gives 'like' your photo. This is a great phenomenon that we can find in society which is called 'parallel polis' approach that seeks to call as people have been gradually isolating each other to form a network of 'interaction' can be digital should be illusory because this person may be hiding from others through networks can 'prove' how happy they are or just showing the good things that happen creating them a sense of separate identity to the real because in internet you can 'be who You want', but here we would be getting into the difficult terrain of identity changes.

10. Selfie On Top of the Train
In March 2014 a 21-year-old man died in Jaén, Spain by electrocution when he climbed to the top of a movie train to take a selfie.

9. Otero Aguilar

According to sources, 21 year-old Otero Aguilar was obsessed with taking selfies and posting them to Facebook. He was constantly taking pictures of himself next to alcohol, in cars or near automobiles and posting them for fun. These (reportedly) were supposed to be selfies meant for Facebook, and he was using a gun to make more of an “impact.” During one of the filmings, the gun accidently went off and Otero shot himself, dying instantly.

8. Isabella Fracchiolla
In June, teenager Isabella Fracchiolla was on a school trip in Italy to visit the seaside in Taranto. She was climbing the rocks in a dangerous area, and attempted to climb over a guardrail to take a selfie, when she fell. Isabella plunged sixty feet down, and was immediately rushed to the hospital but did not survive the fall.

7. Karen Hernández
Karen Hernández was just thirteen when she was standing along the riverbank of the El Tunal River in Mexico. As she went to snap a selfie, Karen drowned after falling into the river and managed to get swept away by the strong currents.

6. Xenia Ignatyeva

17 year-old Xenia Ignatyeva was trying to further her photography skills with a camera she had recently purchased, by taking pictures of a railroad bridge in Russia. Unfortunately, what she grasped just happened to be live wires that were attached to the bridge, but they had 1500 volts of electricity running through them.
Xenia was electrocuted by the wires and fell, hitting the concrete below, dying soon after.

5. Gary Slok and Petra Langeveld
On July 17, a Boeing 777 was flying over Ukraine when it was shot down by a missile. Malaysia Airlines International Passenger Flight MH17 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, and was carrying almost 300 people; They took this selfie together, moments before the plane took off. Everyone on board died in the crash and there is still an ongoing investigation into what had actually happened on that fateful day. A full report isn’t expected until the middle of 2015.

4. Courtney Sanford
Courtney Sanford was a 32 year-old woman from North Carolina who could not wait until she pulled over to the side of the road to post pictures to her Facebook page. As she was driving down a busy street, Courtney had snapped a picture of herself, and commented that she was listening to the song, Happy by Pharrell Williams and then stated how happy the song made her feel.

According to reports, she had posted her selfie to Facebook, stating how ecstatic she was moments before slamming her car into a recycling truck and landing in a ditch. She died moments later.

3. Jadiel
Ramon Gonzalez was a rapper from Puerto Rico, who sang Reggaeton music, and went by the name Jadiel. He had multiple hits during his lifetime; including Fashion Girl and Sol y Arena that was on Latin Rhythm Airplay. Just moments later, Jadiel had “lost control of his motorcycle and ended up in the path of an oncoming vehicle.” He died in May, 2014, at Strong Memorial Hospital.

2. Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera was a Latin singer who had won multiple awards, so she was no stranger to the camera. Jenni had her own television reality show, called Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C, in which she had produced herself. Jenni took a selfie with her crew right before the airplane set out for flight. Shortly after the plane took off, disaster struck and the plane crashed; killing Jenni, the five passengers on board, and the pilots that were flying the aircraft.

1. Ryan Dunn
Being one of the stars of the Jackass movies, it was probable that Ryan Dunn would die doing something stupid. A great deal of people thought he would have been killed by jumping off of a really tall building or by getting something lodged in his rectum (as he did in one of the movies); but he did not; he died while drinking and driving. In 2011, Ryan was out drinking with friends, and he took a selfie with a few of his pals, moments before he got into the car that ended his life. He was driving a Porsche 911 in speeds of over 130 miles an hour in a 55 mph zone, when he hit a guard rail. The car then caught fire as it landed in a mass of trees, and Ryan was killed upon impact, along with his passenger. 

But back a bit to the issue of selfie we can say that people who obsess over this practice usually have a personality disorder that involves self-concern and how it is perceived by others for this tool selfie is a demonstration of this condition because as mentioned before people after becoming the selfie have the need for it "comment" put "like" and to share your photo with others to meet your need even affection, because ultimately they are People who are very alone and need the company of others or even their acceptance to be happy.
It is amazing how people try to create mechanisms for complacency through technology and molding his opinion things are simply natural like an embrace and warmth that are things that can not be replaced by any of these technological mechanisms which we must change and try to break the other as we are without any intermediary generating spaces of deliberation where creativity flow spontaneously as things casual rather than causal as can happen through social networks because everything is premeditated and designed to the user generates a specific reaction.
The most regrettable thing is that we can see through this video as people that need for acceptance died in specific situations.

Via: X-Tremos

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Iran, Hezbollah, Syrian Army Prepare to Launch Offensive Against CIA Proxies

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As advancing Russian military operations in Syria, rumors about the possible deployment of Russian ground troops began to appear , Which currently they are being officially confirmed.
Here are reports from Western media and pro-Russian media and pro-Assad ...
RUSSIA RECRUIT 150,000 troops for the Army the day STARTS BOMBING IN SYRIA
According to the Daily Mail and other Western media, Vladimir Putin signed a decree to incorporate nearly 150,000 new recruits to the Russian army.
The move came the same day that Russia entered the conflict in Syria, which has led to suspicions that Russia is planning a broader offensive to shore up his Syrian counterpart.
It also comes after one of the staunchest allies of Putin asked to send troops from Muslim land to defeat the Islamic State and other Islamic extremist groups in Syria.
Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for Russian president, however, stressed that the signing of the decree is not related to the conflict.
"This is a normal document that the president signs twice a year on a regular basis."
The decree is part of the autumn conscription campaign, according to Russian sources.
INFORMATION ON WAR civilian deaths
A member of the "Army of Conquest", which controls the province of Idlib and advanced towards the city of Latakia, said on Twitter that "Russian pigs had demolished a mosque in Jisr al-Shughur".
Also, a bomb factory north of Homs car was also destroyed, he said.
Peskov had previously stated that Russian air strikes are directed not only against militants of the Islamic State, but also against other extremist groups and that the targets were chosen in coordination with the Syrian army.
The Syrian opposition leader Khaled Khoja said 36 civilians were killed in the attacks, which were apparently directed against Syrian rebel groups linked to the CIA and had been receiving US missile.
The Kremlin denies that Russian attacks have killed civilians.
In fact, the same Vladimir Putin denied Thursday that Russian air strikes in Syria provoke civilian casualties, calling the data of "information attacks".
"The first report of civilian casualties appeared before our planes took off," said Putin.
The Russian Defense Ministry said today that to exclude civilian victims, whites Russian aviation attacks in Syria are assigned strictly off locations, based on the data of confirmed recognition.
Beyond the propaganda war and the veracity of some information or other, it seems that the truth about what is happening in Syria will never know.
In the same way that we could consider a real hoax when we spoke USA "precise surgical raids that prevented the death of innocents," it is difficult to believe that only Russian bombs kill "the bad".
Meanwhile, there have been images that would show supustamente Russian heavy military equipment with camouflage desert warfare, being sent from the port of Novorossiysk in southern Russia to Syria.
The image might suggest that Russia would end up in important ground operations in the immediate future.
The Russian patriotic blogger says Boris Rozhin armored showing in the image have been seen moving through the region of Krasnodar to Novorossiysk, a key Black Sea port.
"The column is quite large and consists only modern machinery 10 Kamaz-43269 'Vystrel' (BMP-97), about 20 BTR-82, 4 BTR-80, five armored Ural and one armored personnel carrier," wrote blogger.
"According to the steering column heads for the port to be loaded onto transport ships."
"If you look at the picture carefully and looks at the colors, which are painted seen to act in a desert. From Russia With Love!"
To this we must add that the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, has asked the Russian leader Vladimir Putin sending troops from Muslim land to fight Islamic state in Syria.
Ramzan Kadyrov
Ramzan Kadyrov
Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya's president, said Moscow would expand its operations in Syria: "I am convinced that not only must attack in the air, but also with infantry, because as faster over with ISIS, more peacefully will live in the territory of the global community. We Chechens, and unfortunately so far we have not had the opportunity to participate in the fight against these evil spirits "
Kadryov, a Sunni Muslim who heads the province with an iron fist and is seen as one of the most loyal supporters of Putin, said the Islamic fighters in Chechnya should be sent to fight the jihadists.
The Caucasus region of southern Russia that includes Chechnya, Dagestan and Ingushetia, has become a hotbed of Islamist extremism in recent years and during this past summer, a large group of terrorists over 15,000 fighters in the region he pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.
The deployment of ground troops, however, would plunge relations with the West into an even deeper crisis; a measure that has been officially ruled out so far by Putin, well aware of the disastrous presence for a decade of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
Speaking to gazeta.ru half, Kadyrov also claimed that Putin had acted in accordance with international law, in contrast to Western action in Syria.
"I'm sure it will help ensure security in the world," he added.
Russian_Orthodox_Church _-_ kremlin.ru_731_G
The powerful Russian Orthodox Church expressed support for air strikes in Moscow, calling it a "holy battle".
However, some other voices critical of Putin, have accused him of acting with myopia.
Alexander Konovalov of the Institute of Strategic Analysis, said Russia wanted to end its diplomatic isolation and could not be realizing the long-term intervention in the Middle East.
"We went to Afghanistan to be there only six months and were struggling for 10 years," he told AFP, referring to a conflict in which more than 14,000 Soviet troops were killed between 1979 and 1989.
According to a recent survey by the Levada Center, an organization of non-governmental and allegedly independent sociological research (you never know who can control an organization), 69% of Russians are against bringing Russian troops to Syria, and only one 14% are in favor.
More than 50 aircraft and helicopters of Russian aviation carried out attacks in Syria against the positions of the terrorists of the Islamic State, reported the Russian Defense Ministry.
The ministry also reported that Russian spy satellites and drones used to determine the location of terrorists.
The Marines of Russia, he said, protect the base in Syria that Russian aircraft are located. The Russian air group is located at the base Hmeimeem in the province of Latakia, in northwest Iraq.
Earlier on Thursday the newspaper Kommersant reported, citing military sources, the group deployed airfield Hmeimim includes bombers, assault, fighters and attack helicopters.
The sources revealed that it is the tactical bombers Su-24M and Su-34 assault planes Su-25SM, multipurpose Su-30SM fighters and combat helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-8.
According to a Syrian military source, Syrian forces attacked a contingent of ISIS Thursday, hitting the terrorist group along the south of Ayn Sabil, perimeter while helicopters Russian Air Force gave them coverage during their advance to Throughout this desolate territory that lies about 13 km from the Military Airport Kuweires.
Russian intervention EXTENDS TO LEBANON
Russians offer support to Lebanon in its fight against Islamic State: Hezbollah will be a key actor, sources say the Lebanese environment and pro-Assad Al-Masdar News.
A Russian delegation arrived in the Lebanese capital of Beirut this week to discuss the prospects of Russian-Lebanese agreement (with the Central Command of the Lebanese Army) in order to coordinate military operations against Islamic State that is currently operating in the governorates Tripoli and Bekaa.
According to an anonymous government source, the Russian-Lebanese military agreement would include coordination with both the Syrian Armed Forces and the Lebanese resistance group "Hezbollah".
Hezbollah is currently fighting both ISIS and the group linked to Al-Qaeda, "Al-Nusra Jabhat"; This battle between the Lebanese resistance and the aforementioned terrorist groups have taken place for more than six months in the field of eastern Lebanon.
Recently a Russian delegation arrived in the Iraqi capital Baghdad to discuss a similar agreement with the Iraqi armed forces; if these military initiatives are accepted, the Russians have effectively coordinated the three main countries that have largely led the fight against the Islamic State.
Possible Russian intervention in Iraq
Also, the prime minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi said on Thursday it would welcome the deployment of Russian troops in Iraq to fight the forces of ISIS.
In an interview with US television, adding that such a measure would not only help his country, but also daíar to Moscow the opportunity to deal with about 2,500 Chechen Muslims, he said, they are struggling with ISIS in Iraq.
Air strikes will be followed by VAST LAND MILITARY OPERATIONS
Iran has sent hundreds of ground troops to Syria to fight alongside forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad.
A full-scale war is unfolding in Syria, and is planning a major ground offensive coordinated with Russian air attacks, according to Lebanese sources.
"The Russian air strikes will be joined shortly by progress on the ground by the Syrian army and its allies."
"It is possible that future ground operations will focus on the field of Idlib and Hama."
Hezbollah Lebanese troops also will join the Iranian forces, the Lebanese sources said, in addition to the Iraqis.
The aim is to recover areas in northwestern Syria, which fell to Western-backed rebels earlier this year.
"The vanguard of Iranian ground forces began to arrive in Syria: soldiers and officers sent specifically to participate in this battle. They are not advisers ... we are talking about hundreds of soldiers with military equipment and weapons. These troops will be followed by more. "
The participation of Iranian troops in the war surely irritate Israel. As mentioned in a previous article, the Israeli Likud Minister Yuval Steinitz, he warned the United States, Russia and other world powers that Israel will not tolerate the presence of Iranian forces near its border.
RUSSIAN operation causes irritation among the hawks in Washington
Senator John McCain reacted to the announcement by Russia that had started launching air strikes against militants in Syria ISIS calling the White House to arm the Syrian rebels with weapons to shoot down Russian planes.
"We could do what we did in Afghanistan for many years, giving kids the chance to shoot down these planes because the equipment it is available," McCain said, adding that the Free Syrian Army shoot down aircraft said "the As Afghans Russian aircraft shot down after Russia invaded Afghanistan "
Senate Armed Services Committee Holds Hearing On Syria Closed
McCain was referring to how the United States armed Islamic militants in the 1970s, a policy that led to the rise of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and Osama Bin Laden.
McCain added that it was clear that Russia wanted to attack the mercenaries of the CIA in its first bombing.
"Their initial attacks were against individuals and groups that have been funded and trained by our CIA, without hiding credibly Putin's priority it is to bolster Syrian President Bashar Assad"
McCain has publicly lamented the weakness shown by the US to maneuver Russia:
"This is the inevitable consequence of the hollow words, and crossed the red lines and a total lack of American leadership. This is a day very, very, very sad day for America and the world "
SYRIA airstrikes test 01R_RUSSIAN


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