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Thursday, October 15, 2015

10 Most Bizarre Deaths Taken Selfies (Video)

10 Selfies Taken Moments Before DEATH 

Today the selfie demonstrates how 'I' egomaniac culture is being spread all over the world through social networks and there is a significant lack of self-esteem among young and not so young people of different ages feel satisfaction when another person gives 'like' your photo. This is a great phenomenon that we can find in society which is called 'parallel polis' approach that seeks to call as people have been gradually isolating each other to form a network of 'interaction' can be digital should be illusory because this person may be hiding from others through networks can 'prove' how happy they are or just showing the good things that happen creating them a sense of separate identity to the real because in internet you can 'be who You want', but here we would be getting into the difficult terrain of identity changes.

10. Selfie On Top of the Train
In March 2014 a 21-year-old man died in Jaén, Spain by electrocution when he climbed to the top of a movie train to take a selfie.

9. Otero Aguilar

According to sources, 21 year-old Otero Aguilar was obsessed with taking selfies and posting them to Facebook. He was constantly taking pictures of himself next to alcohol, in cars or near automobiles and posting them for fun. These (reportedly) were supposed to be selfies meant for Facebook, and he was using a gun to make more of an “impact.” During one of the filmings, the gun accidently went off and Otero shot himself, dying instantly.

8. Isabella Fracchiolla
In June, teenager Isabella Fracchiolla was on a school trip in Italy to visit the seaside in Taranto. She was climbing the rocks in a dangerous area, and attempted to climb over a guardrail to take a selfie, when she fell. Isabella plunged sixty feet down, and was immediately rushed to the hospital but did not survive the fall.

7. Karen Hernández
Karen Hernández was just thirteen when she was standing along the riverbank of the El Tunal River in Mexico. As she went to snap a selfie, Karen drowned after falling into the river and managed to get swept away by the strong currents.

6. Xenia Ignatyeva

17 year-old Xenia Ignatyeva was trying to further her photography skills with a camera she had recently purchased, by taking pictures of a railroad bridge in Russia. Unfortunately, what she grasped just happened to be live wires that were attached to the bridge, but they had 1500 volts of electricity running through them.
Xenia was electrocuted by the wires and fell, hitting the concrete below, dying soon after.

5. Gary Slok and Petra Langeveld
On July 17, a Boeing 777 was flying over Ukraine when it was shot down by a missile. Malaysia Airlines International Passenger Flight MH17 was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, and was carrying almost 300 people; They took this selfie together, moments before the plane took off. Everyone on board died in the crash and there is still an ongoing investigation into what had actually happened on that fateful day. A full report isn’t expected until the middle of 2015.

4. Courtney Sanford
Courtney Sanford was a 32 year-old woman from North Carolina who could not wait until she pulled over to the side of the road to post pictures to her Facebook page. As she was driving down a busy street, Courtney had snapped a picture of herself, and commented that she was listening to the song, Happy by Pharrell Williams and then stated how happy the song made her feel.

According to reports, she had posted her selfie to Facebook, stating how ecstatic she was moments before slamming her car into a recycling truck and landing in a ditch. She died moments later.

3. Jadiel
Ramon Gonzalez was a rapper from Puerto Rico, who sang Reggaeton music, and went by the name Jadiel. He had multiple hits during his lifetime; including Fashion Girl and Sol y Arena that was on Latin Rhythm Airplay. Just moments later, Jadiel had “lost control of his motorcycle and ended up in the path of an oncoming vehicle.” He died in May, 2014, at Strong Memorial Hospital.

2. Jenni Rivera
Jenni Rivera was a Latin singer who had won multiple awards, so she was no stranger to the camera. Jenni had her own television reality show, called Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C, in which she had produced herself. Jenni took a selfie with her crew right before the airplane set out for flight. Shortly after the plane took off, disaster struck and the plane crashed; killing Jenni, the five passengers on board, and the pilots that were flying the aircraft.

1. Ryan Dunn
Being one of the stars of the Jackass movies, it was probable that Ryan Dunn would die doing something stupid. A great deal of people thought he would have been killed by jumping off of a really tall building or by getting something lodged in his rectum (as he did in one of the movies); but he did not; he died while drinking and driving. In 2011, Ryan was out drinking with friends, and he took a selfie with a few of his pals, moments before he got into the car that ended his life. He was driving a Porsche 911 in speeds of over 130 miles an hour in a 55 mph zone, when he hit a guard rail. The car then caught fire as it landed in a mass of trees, and Ryan was killed upon impact, along with his passenger. 

But back a bit to the issue of selfie we can say that people who obsess over this practice usually have a personality disorder that involves self-concern and how it is perceived by others for this tool selfie is a demonstration of this condition because as mentioned before people after becoming the selfie have the need for it "comment" put "like" and to share your photo with others to meet your need even affection, because ultimately they are People who are very alone and need the company of others or even their acceptance to be happy.
It is amazing how people try to create mechanisms for complacency through technology and molding his opinion things are simply natural like an embrace and warmth that are things that can not be replaced by any of these technological mechanisms which we must change and try to break the other as we are without any intermediary generating spaces of deliberation where creativity flow spontaneously as things casual rather than causal as can happen through social networks because everything is premeditated and designed to the user generates a specific reaction.
The most regrettable thing is that we can see through this video as people that need for acceptance died in specific situations.

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