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Sunday, November 29, 2015

19 Top Inventions of 2015 by Time magazine

Time magazine chose the 19 Best Technological Innovations of 2015, among which a skillet gives cooking instructions and headphones that eliminate unwanted ambient sounds. All events are useful for the busy lives of its users, who depend on them for labor or simply entertain.
A skateboard that uses a pair of electric gyros (one on each pad) to stay balanced automatically, allows users to advance or go back. He presented it as a new means of transport but was banned in England. It costs between 350 and 1700 dollars.

2. Underground Park
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.25.06
An abandoned subway station in New York was recreated by an architect as an interior garden. It has a skylight that captures sunlight and sends an optical fiber system to a reflective dome, allowing plants to grow. "The forgotten places can still be used for the public good," said their inventors.
3. Sensor Gluten
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.25.25
For eating out longer a problem for celiacs. Now the "Nima" sensor tests the food in two minutes and reports whether or not suitable for consumers.
4. Bionic Ears
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.28.05
For those who get tired of hearing, came the "Here Active Listening" system that synchronizes your processor with an application for mobile devices and has the ability to filter frequencies we want: for example, silence the cries of babies in public transport or some maddening discussion. They will be distributed in December.
5. Future Stethoscope
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.28.19
This is the "Eko Core" that analyzes the sound and sends it to a database through a smartphone, which can be compared to standard patterns or previous recordings to reveal whether there are murmurs or other abnormalities in the patient's heart. The device will cost $ 200.
6. Microsoft HoloLens
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.28.30
This is augmented reality glasses of Microsoft. His hologram system allows applications ranging from science, architecture or games, thanks to structures that can change hands, allowing users to design for example the figure of a human body. The same is being tested at NASA and will be available beginning of 2016.
7. Power Pasta
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.28.39
It's called "Banza" and is made from chickpeas. It has twice the protein and four times the fiber of traditional pasta. Containing fewer carbohydrates and is free of gluten.
8. DNA Laboratory Notebook
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.28.48
Now the samples are obtained or study in three hours, to find organ donors in three hours and cures for genetic diseases. "Fluidigm" can amplify samples 1,000 times smaller than a drop of water, it has a comfortable size and is portable. Worth $120,000.
9. Housing for the homeless
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.28.55
An NGO for the homeless built a building of 102 apartments with four terraces, medical facilities, a gym and classrooms. The idea is that it is perfectly adapted to the needs of recovering addicts.
10. Transparent Truck
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.29.07
Samsung designed a truck with panels that transmit in back video images from the front of the vehicle to alert motorists that tuck behind. And they seek to avoid accidents.
11. Monitor for Babies
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.29.15
It was designed by the company Fitbit. The device goes into the baby's body and keeps track of heart rate, body temperature and position, notifying their parents via an app. It costs $299.
12. Brones Airport
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.29.22
The project includes three ports Rwanda of "drones", designed to transport food, medical supplies, electronics, spare parts and other goods through the hills, where it is difficult roading easier. It will be ready in 2020.
13. Clothing for Female Accidents
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.29.31
ThinX has the technology of these products in the same fabric. They can be washable, reusable, possess antimicrobial four layers of tissue and humidity control. Still, its inventors say the most complex days may be safer to use extra protection. It costs $24.
14. Mattress Home
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.29.42
Casper The company sends you home in a box mattress and vacuum sealed. It costs $500.
15. Pencil and Apple iPad Pro
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.29.53
Pencil Apple iPad Pro is the pen that allows users to draw, paint or write on the screen, just as you would with a paper, and works perfectly with the Apple tablet. It is 80% faster than laptops sold in the past year.
16. The Pan of Cooking Denied
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.30.01
Many people dodging the kitchen because you do not know or do not like. So Pantelligent used Bluetooth and a special heat sensor that instructs the cook through the screen of a smartphone. Out $ 200.
17. The cleaner oceans
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.30.10
The Clean Ocean Project can clean 100 km long at an estimated cost of US $ 15 million, using only natural streams to catch floating debris, be safe for marine fauna. If the tests are successful next year, a complete cleaning operation would begin in 2020. In that case, the waste is reduced by 42% in 10 years.
18. A Ball that Teaches the Kids to Program
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.30.18
The toy is synchronized with a mobile application that allows users to program how and when to turn on, and then see how the programs affect their lives in the real world. Thus, children can establish when the ball changes its colors at random intervals, or play a game style "hot ball". It will be distributed in January and $85.
19. The Musical Instrument Made ​​for All
Screenshot 27.11.2015 at (s) 15.30.28
While it is believed that 70% of adults want to play an instrument on a regular basis, only 5% achieved by the difficulties to master the device. Artiphon operates like a guitar strumming, beats like a piano, or you can mix and match can play banjo as if it were a drum. It costs $400.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015


Comp 1_00000
Thanks to China in a few years, the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and Chernobyl will seem a mere anecdote.
Few people are aware of it, but China is laying the groundwork for future major world catastrophe.
The following article, written in The Ecologist, warns of great danger looming over all of us for decades.

China plans to build 400 nuclear reactors that threaten a global catastrophe. Unfortunately, 300 of these reactors will be located along the seismically active coast of China, leading us to conclude that if a large tsunami in the style of Fukushima occurs, the consequences would be even more devastating, eliminating much of China and polluting the entire planet.
Interestingly, all this suicidal initiative, is receiving acclaim and recognition of some "experts" calling themselves.
A recent article in Forbes, was entitled to this very enthusiastically: "China shows the way to build faster and cheaper nuclear reactors"
The article comes to praise the scale of nuclear investment under the new Five-Year Plan of China which runs from 2016 to 2020. Under this plan the Chinese government, more than 100,000 million dollars will be invested in the construction of 7 new reactors, EACH YEAR 2030.
"2050," says James Conca in his article in Forbes magazine, "the electric power provided by nuclear power in China will exceed 350 GW in the country, including about 400 new nuclear reactors, and be led more than 1 billion dollars in nuclear investment "
But beyond this causes excitement in some sectors, the reality is that China is making a huge potential nuclear nightmare.
Experience to date shows that we must, on average, expect a major nuclear accident between 3,000 and 4,000 each year operation of a nuclear reactor. And with more than 400 reactors operating at the time, not much time is required for the watch to reach those 3,000 years.
Consider that, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in July 2013, worldwide there were 434 operating reactors. (According to other data, to December 31, 2014, there were already 438).
2014 world nuclear reactors
Anyway, they are about 400 worldwide ... and China plans 400 more ...
Catastrophic nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl core mergers and Fukushima are more likely to happen than previously assumed.
Based on the operating hours of all civil nuclear reactors and the number of nuclear meltdowns that have occurred so far, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany, have calculated that such events may occur once every 10-20 years (based on the current number of reactors), 200 times more often than estimated in the past.
In fact, if we ignore these studies, we might reasonably expect a Chernobyl or Fukushima type disaster every 7 to 10 years, only in China, if they build all this amount of nuclear reactors.
But beyond the number of nuclear reactors, there is an additional factor to consider ...
How safe is China in this regard?
If China had a fantastic safety record in the field of construction and other industries, perhaps the chances of an accident would be much lower. For example, if your level of construction and nuclear safety was at the height of Switzerland, we could predict a major accident every 10,000 years, for example.
But that is not what happens in China and we have ample evidence of this.
Last August witnessed the huge fire and multiple explosions in the port of Tianjin, which killed nearly 200 people and devastated several square kilometers industrial zone.
Crop 2015_Tianjin_explosion _-_
Later (official version) it emerged that more than 7,000 tons of hazardous chemicals were stored there, including myself sodium cyanide, calcium carbide and ammonium nitrate and potassium, many of them in breach of regulations. The owners had links with the highest levels of the Chinese state, which could have brought it to overlook these irregularities.
China has also suffered some crashes recently high-speed trains, the worst in July 2011. Two bullet trains collided head on a viaduct in the province of Wenzhou, Zhejiang, due to a faulty signaling, killing 40 people. The accident was attributed by the Chinese government to "design flaws and sloppy management" itself, according to the BBC.
China-railway-station-994 269
China also has a notoriously poor safety record in a wide range of industries such as coal mining.
Given all this data, if something we expect from China's nuclear industry is that it will be far less secure than the Western media, especially given the cacophony of new reactor designs and their variations in multiple simultaneous construction sites absolutely no operating history.
Another factor is the secrecy surrounding the nuclear construction and operational management in China. Any matter related to the nuclear industry, is always treated in glowing terms in the official Chinese press, concealing any errors or petty corruption.
Therefore, there are a handful of reasons to suspect that the Chinese reactors can bring lots of problems ... and the estimate that we can expect one or more nuclear disasters in China every decade, it is not at all far-fetched.
The Forbes article celebrates the wonderfully low costs that will be building these nuclear reactors to China, which should further multiply our skepticism.
"Six Chinese reactors of 1000 MW each, designed in Yangjiang, will cost only 11,500 million, which means a third of the cost in Western countries"
But how do we know what really backs these reactors? The fact is we do not know actually. China Nuclear corporations are under the control of various state bodies, including the Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army, which systematically provide data, statistics and official accounts handled and where you can not trust.
Certainly, nuclear construction in China should be cheaper than in the US and Europe because of lower labor costs. But if it really is much cheaper, that should also greatly penalize their security measures.
Take for example, construction problems and delays on two European nuclear power plants Flamanville, France and Olkiluoto, Finland; for now, the costs are already being about three times more than the original cost estimates. Many of the delays have been caused by security breaches. For example, one was due to faulty metallurgy Flamanville reactor vessel and concerns about the reliability of the key valves in the cooling system.
Of course, if you choose to ignore this kind of security problems and move forward with the construction to meet the objectives set by the five-year plan, as will happen in China, the construction will be much faster and cheaper. However, the chances that the reactors have a serious accident in the coming years will also be considerably higher.
But hey, that does not seem to matter to anyone ...

As if all these were all legitimate concerns and doubts aroused so more than justified the Chinese industry, we need to add over natural elements which increase the risk slightly.
It is instructive to look at the map of nuclear reactors planned for the next ten years offered by Forbes magazine.
Most of them (77 reactors in total), are built along the east and south coasts of China, for two reasons: that is where there is the greatest demand for energy, and that's where the cooling water is easy access from the sea.
But this only makes reference to what will be built in the next decade. If the full plan is fulfilled 400 reactors by 2050, probably about 300 of them will end up being built on the coast.
Of course, there are also risks for nuclear reactors of the interior, which could be caused by flooding in the Yellow River and Yangtze.
But a far greater danger arises from the sea. The south and east coasts of China are in seismically active areas. And as the Japanese discovered in Fukushima, nuclear energy, earthquakes and tsunamis make a dangerous combination.
The danger of tsunamis in south and east China coast was confirmed by the two earthquakes in Hengchun in Taiwan in December 2006, which damaged buildings and disrupted communications by the rupture of submarine cables.
A recent study puts the risk of a tsunami exceeding 2 m range hitting Hong Kong or Macau, in about 10% in the next century, mainly due to the seismic activity in the Manila Trench. But if we go north and east, the chances increase significantly to 13.34% in Shantou in Guangdong province.

Mapa actividad sísmica desde 1973 y localización centrales nucleares...ahora añadamos 300 reactores a la costa de China, este y sur
 Map seismic activity since 1973 and nuclear power plants location ... now we add 300 reactors to the coast of China, east and south
And there may be more than that: "This estimate of probability can be increased with the recent increase in seismic activity that began with the Chi-Chi earthquake in 1999, because the Taiwan region has a series of earthquakes around 80 to 100 years "
What is certain is that the risk of tsunami is real and substantial. The literature of historical seismic records of this region is "abundant". The Manila Trench near Taiwan is "likely to undergo a major earthquake in the future."
"Although the southern part of the Manila Trench is far from the coast of China, local historical records of this region indicate many tsunami caused by earthquakes up to magnitude around 8.0. Because the oceanic part of the South China Sea is mostly deep, tsunamis generated in the region of the Manila Trench can reach the coast of China, with little loss of energy "
"The energy of these waves can then be released in the region of shallow waters and can impose a tremendous tsunami risk for coastal regions"
Still they not have a tsunami vulnerability study for the 300 nuclear reactors that could end up being built along the east coast and southern China.
But what we do know is that at least one nuclear power station in Qinshan CANDU, where seven reactors are currently in operation, is extremely vulnerable.
CANDU plant in Qinshan

And the consequences of a major earthquake and a tsunami hitting the coast of China with its 300 nuclear reactors would be catastrophic. Many tens of reactors could be damaged, leading each their own "Fukushima".
This would not only bring massive radioactive pollution the more developed, prosperous, productive and populated regions of China, but spread around the world via air and ocean currents, making it the first truly global nuclear catastrophe in history.
The only good news in all this is that nuclear construction in China is not carried out something as fast as claimed Forbes. Most modern reactors 'Generation III' are far behind their construction time.
We can only hope that the difficulties in building persist and abound that China's rulers realize that investments in solar, wind and other renewables are a faster and safer to bring power to the masses so.
Because the truth is that if they carry out its nuclear construction as we had planned, that represent an existential threat to their country and the world ...
Oliver Tickell for The Ecologist

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Monday, November 16, 2015


Comp 1_00000
It's been a few hours since the terrible attacks that have rocked Paris on Friday November 13 and the truth is that we are still shocked.
More than 120 innocent people have been horribly murdered by a group of psychopaths and sick and we can only express our deepest solidarity with them.
Somehow, his death is our death, because any of us could happen to something similar.
These victims are added to the huge number of innocent people being killed worldwide by different groups of psychopaths and patients: in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Turkey, Afghanistan, Egypt, in many African countries; killed by terrorists and jihadists by Western bombing allegedly democratic countries; for pumps manufactured in the US or Russia.
The terrible thing about this situation is that it is impossible to know who actually work the executioners; who are the "good" and who the "bad".
There are only victims: and are always poor or middle class people (which basically comes to the same thing)
This article perhaps we will not reveal anything.
Just remember briefly how events have developed in recent weeks ... and seeing the suspicious timing, one can begin to sense that there are issues that have agreed on a "very timely" in time, so that certain powers have the perfect excuse to undertake certain actions.
- Attacks on the magazine Charlie Hebdo Paris, January 2015. These attacks represent the beginning of a whole narrative act culminating with the attacks that took place this November 13..
Somehow, attacks on Charlie Hebdo opens a narrative cycle that culminates with the November 13 attacks. Now come the consequences and responses to both events.
- Climbing the refugee crisis: despite the war in Syria had launched more than three years, the serious refugee crisis worsened almost seems so sudden in mid-2015.
Suddenly, the matter jumps to the front of the media and becomes subject of major concern for the well-European population, which sees the EU authorities is divided, uncoordinated and unable to respond adequately and effectively to the crisis and its causes.
- Intervention in Syria Russia Just as the refugee crisis seems to worsen more, Russia decides to intervene militarily in Syria clearly and actively, hard hitting Islamic state..
The military intervention decicida Putin, in contrast to the impotence demonstrated by the European authorities, causes an effect of largely approval of the European population and even US.
Somehow, most Westerners think "why our leaders do not stop hesitating and do the same as Putin, eliminating the problem of Islamic state once and for all?"
In other words: Western public opinion approves, admire and somehow calls the "iron fist" of Putin.
-Atentado In Ankara, Turkey, October 10. 128 people die in an attack allegedly perpetrated by two suicide an act of war protest against the Turkish government of Erdogan. The attack carried out against opponents of Erdogan, is blamed Islamic State, which has been receiving help from Erdogan covertly.
Despite not having much sense and be quite clear that behind the attack against his opponents is the Turkish government of Erdogan, the "official truth" itself just blaming the attack on Islamic state.
-Mientrastanto, Russia intensifies attacks on Islamic state. So when France is also intensifying its attacks against the organization. Specifically, it is said that French warplanes bombed the Islamic State oil infrastructure, which is nourished for financing.
French aviation capture
Interestingly, nobody wonders who buys all that oil, which is mainly acquired by Western oil companies.
But the worst part is that France does not focus its bombing of convoys looted Islamic State oil but actually engaged in destroying Syria's oil infrastructure, with the covert aim of paralyzing the Syrian economy and government Bashar al-Assad, which has been described by the Syrian government as a "violation of sovereignty".
Again, the media overlook it.
-A Late October the Vienna Summit starts, in which multiple countries with interests in the war in Syria meet to seek a negotiated solution to the conflict. Having reached some preliminary agreements, participants are placed for further negotiations on November 14 (the day after the attacks in Paris, which will occur 15 days).
-Few hours after the summit, on 31 October, the attack occurs against flight of Kogalymavia 9268, a Russian plane with 224 passengers is shot down in the Sinai Peninsula. Quickly, Islamic State claimed the attack. Within hours, it begins to speculate with the possibility that the terrorists put a bomb on the plane and that argument becomes the semi-official truth.
However, everyone ignores strange military air maneuvers were taking place in Israel right at the time of the crash, leading to many alternative media speculate that Israel might be the real cause of shootdown by an air-to-air missile.
Obviously, this theory is largely ignored by the media.
-Even Though it appears that political agreements have been reached to negotiate an end to the conflict in Syria, November 5 (1 week before the attacks), it is reported that France will send the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier with all its group of naval operations to Syria to continue attacking Islamic State. The aircraft carrier is scheduled to leave on 18 November (5 days after the attacks in Paris) to Syria and reach their destination in mid-December. An opportune timing, established prior to the attacks.
charles capture Gaulle 2
-At The same time, it is revealed that the US has sent F-15 aircraft equipped for air combat against other aircraft to Turkey to join the A-10 anti-tank aircraft already deployed previously on the same basis. The question automatically arises: if Islamic State does not have aviation and just have a few antiquated tanks captured the Syrian army ... who will fight against the F-15 and A-10 American planes? The only rival in the area that has aviation and armored units is ... Assad Syrian army and its allies of Russia.
-During Days, growing voices in the US, among political leaders and senior military officers, calling for a military intervention on the ground of US troops in Syria. But a trigger element needed to justify such intervention ...
Syrian troops capture
-12th of November. One day before the bombing of Paris.
"A double explosion rocks Beirut, Lebanon, causing at least 41 deaths, according to sources from the Lebanese Red Cross. The attack is claimed by the Islamic State and was held in the neighborhood of Bourj el Barajneh, an area mostly populated by people of Shiite confession and party-militia stronghold of Hezbollah, Islamic State enemy in the war in Syria "
-13 November, France, a few hours before the attack.
"The French police practice since Friday morning identity checks and searches in all its borders, once the government has put on hold for a month one of the main points of the Schengen agreements: the free passage of citizens and goods. The exceptional measure was taken following the celebration in Paris of the Climate Summit, to be held between November 30 and December 11 "
-13 November, attacks occur in Paris. Killing more than a hundred people. France closed the borders after the attacks.
-14 November. The Vienna summit on the conclusion of the conflict in Syria, under the shadow of the attacks in Paris decides restarts.
-15 November. G20 summit in Turkey, clearly marked by the war in Syria and the attacks in Paris, which occurred two days earlier.
As we can see, the timing of events, seems to be aimed clearly to justify decisions that occur on 14 and 15 November at both summits, in which the end of the Syrian conflict and the country's future will be decided and its political regime.
The brutal attacks occur just hours before both summits, where the public is most affected and shocked by the attacks and therefore more willing to accept any measure that leaders take in response to such attacks.
How convenient!
Is the same public that will be cheered with small mouth Putin to act forcefully; and the same public that will demand a firm solution to the crisis of refugees; and the same public that will demand more police and military control to end terrorism in exchange for his freedom.
It should also be noted that in France the attacks come a week after France announced the shipment of its aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle to Syria. The departure of the aircraft carrier will occur five days after the attacks, leading many people to believe that the sending of the aircraft carrier is a response to the attacks ... when in fact it was already scheduled in advance, with a perfect fit of events, as if the government Hollande had it all planned.
1- It is curious that the police and French intelligence services, take many months, after the attacks against the magazine Charlie Hebdo, monitoring and controlling potential jihadists could infringe on French territory ... and yet have not been able to stop the attack.
Remember that this is not an isolated attack, by a pair of crazed kids.
It was a perfectly coordinated attack, which involved several terrorists using weapons and explosives and has been perpetrated with military efficiency.
According to the French authorities, they were carried out by three different groups coordinated.
Recall also that the French intelligence services work in coordination with other services of European and Western intelligence.
No one has detected an operation of this caliber?
2 suicide bombings at the Stade de Saint Denis.
One of the strangest aspects of these attacks have been 3 bombs around the Stade de France, where a friendly match between France and Germany was played and attended by the French President Francois Hollande.
3 terrorists were slain outside the stadium, while the match was played ... and when, therefore, there was virtually no attack against whom, as the public was within the enclosure. The result has been a fatality, apart from the three suicide bombers who have slain.
I estadio_francia_atentado
And the question is: does it make any sense that 3 terrorists have been slain in these conditions, knowing that his death tended so little consequence?
If they were willing to cause terror ... why are not people blew themselves up when mass was accessing the stadium? Only they have to have hidden in the crowd.
And if they did coordination with other attacks, why they did not wait for people to leave the stadium or to be evacuated from it, mingling with the masses?
This particular aspect is perhaps the strangest of these terrible attacks, because it makes no sense (from the point of view of a terrorist act), that three terrorists effective loaded with explosives, sacrifice themselves "for nothing".
Let us also remember a few details that add a certain surreal dimension to the attacks of the stadium: 1-only one of the three terrorists, had to enter the stadium entrance (that's what they tell us the media); 2-terrorist tried to enter the stadium 16 minutes into the game (is when the first explosions are heard)
These two facts alone, and throw a lot of questions:
Do you have any sense that pretendieran enter the stadium without tickets?
Does it make sense to try to enter the stadium with an explosive vest, knowing they were going to register at the entrances? (Remember that inside was French President Francois Hollande and be strict security measures)
Assuming that there was little chance to enter the stadium without being detected explosives vests access controls, because the guards did not record one by one to all spectators, would not it be more logical to try everything precisely as he entered the world, to try to blend in with the crowd? It is assumed that if you present yourself in controls access to the stadium 16 minutes (something already suspect), guards the door you will register and will detect explosives ...
We look at it look, the official version of the attacks Stadium casts a lot of doubts and inconsistencies.
And they are so serious inconsistencies (which in the Robot already indicated in the beginning), that last day, even the official media, such as ABC, are starting to highlight these questions ...
Doubts ABC capture stage b
An extract from the ABC information on the attacks around the stadium, which is most unusual:
"The facts in this location began on Friday at 21:20 hours: France-Germany match starts, while the square and the area around the Stade de France in Saint-Denis are almost deserted. Then, at the height of the door D, a jihadist actuates the trigger of his explosive belt full of TATP. A passer-by was killed.
Ten minutes later, the door H: new detonation. Only one victim: the jihadist whose own body is cut in half on the road.
The latest blast comes shortly before 22:00 pm on a nearby street, and only kills the carrier belt of explosives at the entrance to a dead end, as if one could or would have been mortal before pressing the button.
"It is incomprehensible," she says Sunday told AFP on condition of anonymity, a police source. "It is a miracle that so few victims. In fact, what they did, except for suicide, he has no more meaning. "
But there is a moment that has gone unnoticed: how do the media that only one of the terrorists had input? Suppose that this claim is based on the fact that the terrorist who tried to enter the stadium (which was detected and then fled) had input. So how do you know that the other two had no entry? How you can conclusively say that?
At the end of the day, they detonated their explosives and some of them must have been to draw conclusions about what they were wearing or carrying stopped ... but of course, this throws us headlong into the thorny and highly suspect "terrorist passport" ...
Psychological Manipulation Passport
Remember that, if all this does not prove sufficiently strange, outside the stadium found the passport of a Syrian refugee who entered Europe by the Greek island of Leros in October.
The issue of passports found in the vicinity of the stadium has been a source of confusion.
Initially, the media told us that they had found a passport next to one of the bodies, which quickly blamed one of the terrorists, even if cautiously, officials left no doubt about it afterwards.
The first argument wielded was that the passport belonged to a Syrian refugee and owned by one of the terrorists.
Subsequently, some media said that the passport did not belong to any terrorist, but one of those injured by the explosions outside the stadium and that it was an Egyptian citizen.
The final version is that outside the stadium, two passports were found. one corresponding to one of those injured in the blasts, an Egyptian citizen. That's how we had at RT :
"The Egyptian ambassador in Paris, Ihab Badawi, has clarified that the passport of their country that was found near one of the bodies of the terrorists who acted in the Stade de France belongs to a countryman and not, as was speculated, one attackers "
On the other hand, a second Syrian passport belonging to one of the terrorists who blew themselves up in the attack. That passport, turns out to be false and would have allowed the terrorists access as bogus refugees from Syria ( ABC ):
"Three days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, it is still not clear where some of the tracks found by the police. Among them, the allegedly false Syrian passport found near the body of one of the terrorists in the football stadium of Saint Denis. According to the Greek newspaper "protothema" this belongs to Almuhamed Ahmed, who arrived with Mohammed Almuhmed to Leros on October 3 ...
The "CBS 'chain, citing US intelligence sources revealed that it is a fake passport because it lacks the numbers and the picture does not match the name"
Then clarified that there are two passports (to everyone he drops passport), the logical question to ask is: how he survived the passport of a terrorist explosion explosive belt? Did he dropped before blowing himself? And if so, what for?
It is curious that a terrorist bomb blowing himself and passport are, right? It seems that the passports of the Islamists are indestructible black boxes of the aircraft: the end of the day, the passport of one of the terrorists who crashed their planes into the twin towers ... was found after people swallow it as you can swallow anything.
The highlight of this issue is that, initially, most media spread the news that the passport belonged to a terrorist, linking in the collective imagination the "terrorist" and "refugee" concepts.
And that is the idea that has been marked as a fire in public. The first impression made by the first information is that which causes a psychological impact, but then have contradicted or qualifications; any further explanation or clarification is always less "power" that first impression.
Syrian passport capture
In this regard, we must add that many senior leaders "struggle" now publicly disassociate the terms "terrorist" and "refugee", just as public opinion are now linked together; and if they are linked in the collective imagination, it is because news produced as the passport or the numerous leaked throughout the refugee crisis news, which already warned of more possible entry including terrorist Islamic State willing to attack in Europe.
ref capture
What our leaders get with it? First subtly they inoculated the concept: "refugee = terrorist" and then deny any connection to acquire a sort of moral superiority over the rest of the population, which follows closely linking both concepts. That is, they remain as "generous", the "conscious" and "welcoming" to open the doors to people in need who seek refuge in Europe; and the population, which has prompted subtly to identify refugees as a threat, and is the "unconscious", "racist", the "xenophobic" and "selfish" whose moral turpitude and inability to discern the lead to become blind and furious mass to be controlled by those gifted leaders of moral superiority. Good move, right? This is psychological warfare against the population.
But beyond the manipulation of concepts, the highlight of the issue is no critical capacity of the media: they are told that the passport of a terrorist who was slain with explosives and repeated like trained parrots, without so only wonder how such paranormal phenomenon may occur; as they did with the passport of terrorists of 11-s.
3- One of the first arguments that have been put forward after the attacks, in some gatherings, was that weapons and explosives from terrorists probably were supplied to them by European organizations of extremist far right or far left.
And this argument involves several questions:
How do you know a TV or radio commentator organizations of the extreme right and left are capable of supplying explosives and weapons? If you know a commentator, why not the authorities know?
If organizations are known to be extreme right and left, it is that they are fully identified, otherwise, no one would know what their political tendency ... then why the authorities do not act against them?
And above all, if there are organizations of extreme right and left they have explosives and weapons and are anti-system organizations who want to end all why not act against the system themselves with the weapons they have available?
Is there following this argument as inconsistent, the need to begin to demonize all those ideologies, whether they are the ideological spectrum, which can be described as awkward, uncontrollable or anti-system?
And the boundaries of the definition of "extremist" or "anti-system" where you end up? Who's going to get? If a group of anarchists or anti-system protest a summit of the G-20, they will relate to organizations supplying weapons to Islamic terrorists?
Perhaps, with the excuse of fighting jihadism, we are the beginnings of a brutal persecution against all those who oppose the authorities and the system in general ...
Another curious aspect of the recent bombings Islamic State, is that they seem to be a letter of invitation to be attacked by all sides involved in the Syrian conflict.
Recall that in recent weeks, there have been attacks against Islamic State:
-Turkey, Part of the Turkey-Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Israel axis, whose members seek to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.
Russia, which is the main partner of Bashar al-Assad.
-Hezbolá And the Shiites, who represent the axis-Iran-Hezbollah Shiites, who are allies of Bashar al-Assad.
France, representing the West, the European Union and NATO, trying to overthrow Assad.
Do you have any sense that the Islamic State, an organization formed by guys who are "walking" with Toyota and that do not have heavy weapons, has simultaneously attacked all those involved in the Syrian conflict, inviting them to put troops on the ground to remove them?
"Thank you" to these attacks, now all countries, both those who support Assad as those who want to overthrow, have a perfect excuse to send their armies to Syria to eliminate Islamic State.
And indeed, since everyone is talking about doing or have begun to mobilize their troops with this alleged goal.
In this regard, it is worth noting the statements of Pope Francisco , which seems to have wanted to apply a tag to categorize the attacks in Paris:
"Pope Francis warns that the attacks in Paris are" part "of the Third World War. The pope warned that the world is already experiencing a third global war, which is being developed piecemeal from conflicts, crimes, massacres and destruction that run the planet "
Pope capture
Seeing all this and movements that are beginning to occur after the attacks of Paris, there are two main possibilities for Syria:
Which all sides come together to destuir the common enemy, Islamic State
Paris bombings which serve as final trigger for all warring parties to send troops to Syria to defend their interests, with the danger of war between great powers and countries involved.
Everything seems to point towards the first option ... however, it is striking that countries like the US F-15s sent to fight anti-aircraft or anti-tank A-10 aircraft ... and emplace systems Russia missile defense systems in Syria electronic warfare ... if Islamic State has no aviation.
With protective shields French police walk in line near the Bataclan concert hall in Paris following fatal shootings
The truth is that it is difficult and very risky to draw conclusions on this matter so serious.
It is obvious, however, that both before and after the main victims of these attacks are different populations of the countries; in this case and especially European populations.
The terrorist attacks in Paris, meaning the perfect excuse to implement a strict population control: control of the internet, social networks, communications, airports, stations and ports; roads, borders, streets ... control, surveillance and more control in the interest of safety.
To this we can add the refugee crisis, which combined with the brutality of the attacks and the ensuing outrage, it could cause a backlash against immigrants by the most xenophobic groups, which in turn will cause a response from them and an increasing level of social conflict and instability.
And what will it take to prevent this volatile situation ends in large outbreaks of violence? Control, surveillance and more control in the interest of safety.
Again, the same result.
In addition, Islamist terrorism and radical responses are the perfect justification for the different governments to implement restrictive and draconian laws and can begin to prosecute all those who oppose them or they are uncomfortable.
And it is also a perfect justification to undertake all kinds of dark and dirty inside maneuvers countries.
For example, in countries like Spain, the current government will implement the full extent of the controversial law on citizen security; and who knows what can happen between now and the elections on December 20 ... we know that the "common enemy" in the form of terrorist threat, joins the population and causes an effect of complicity with the government in power. A terrorist threat would be perfect for the current government were to win the election ... And in the present circumstances, if in addition the "terrorist threat" to materialize in "particular place", the effect could be highly beneficial for the government and for unity homeland…
Anyway, the powers and particularly the elites and governments obey them, they can make a huge profit from the attacks in Paris.
Regardless of whether the terrorist attacks in Paris are false flag attacks or attacks perpetrated by jihadist groups actually, the truth is that the maxim "never waste it a good crisis" can be applied perfectly to the current circumstances.
And given the timing with which the events occurred, it is not unreasonable to suspect ...

Sources: ElrobotPescador

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