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Sunday, April 24, 2016

IS there a CONSPIRACY behind PRINCE Death ?

These last hours the media from around the world have been filled with news of the death of one of the great stars of music: singer-songwriter Prince, who has died suddenly at age 57, in circumstances which initially have like something strange.
A few hours after his death and as has become customary in these cases, they have appeared the first conspiracy theories about his death, flooding the networks.
This article does not try to convince you that after the death of Prince a strange conspiracy hide, nor try to convince you otherwise.
We will simply echo the conspiracy theory about the death of Prince that more noise is initially generated: his possible murder related to his public denunciation of Chemtrails.

And is that a large number of alternative and conspiratorial media are linking the death of Prince with a television interview conducted in 2009 in the television program Travis Smiley, a television presenter, writer, political commentator and activist and where he denounced the existence of chemtrails and the Illuminati.
During the interview, Travis Prince asked about his song 'Dreamer', which revealed that Prince was inspired by the US civil rights activist Dick Gregory, a social critic, writer and entrepreneur.
In the interview, Prince said that Gregory had said something that "really caused shocked":
"You know, when I was a kid, I used to see the lines left by the planes in the sky all the time. It was something that seemed very 'cool', it indicated that there had been a plane.
And then they began to see more and more of these lines in heaven and the first thing you saw after that was that everyone in your neighborhood fought and argued and you did not know why, do not really know why everyone was fighting and he fought each other.
then he (Gregory) started talking about chemtrails, and started saying things that were really shocking and I would recommend everyone to try to get what Gregory denounced and try to get a copy of their statements Listen, why that shocked me so much that made ​​me write this song "

Here is an excerpt from the lyrics of his song "Dreamer":
"While the helicopter flies around us, that theory gets deep, you think you are spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep? From now on I stay 'awake, you can also call me a dreamer, wake up, wake up "
Prince comes after explaining the meaning of the lyrics of the song:
"The first line of the song says I was born on a slave plantation in the United States red, white and blue, and live in a place now, it seems almost a plantation, where we are all servants"
Then we put the video clip interview Prince, which then contains the statements of Dick Gregory to which it refers.

As if this were not enough fuel to feed the theories of the usual conspiracy on the Internet, the sudden death of Prince must be added the death two weeks before another famous musician, especially in the US: Merle Haggard, singer, guitarist, violinist and country music songwriter, famous for being part of the band the Strangers.
Merle Haggard
Well, apparently, Haggard also publicly denounced the possible existence of a conspiracy to control and sicken the population through spraying chemicals on the population, known as "Chemtrails" in the conspiratorial world.
Notably Haggard, 79, died of diseases caused by pneumonia and death of Prince complications was previously associated with a "persistent flu" that forced him to suspend various concerts and events. Later, he spoke of a drug overdose hidden by the Prince himself and his representative, although it is not the moment at all clear as the singer may have died suddenly, in the elevator of her home for "flu" or complications overdose drug that had already been recovered.
Obviously, networks and circulate all kinds of "wild" theories, ranging from a possible murder, a murder caused by "Chemtrails flu", ie some kind of induced disease.
Let no one doubt: they will circulate thousands of theories and information that will greatly contribute to generate confusion and noise.
Beyond all this, we at the discretion of readers believe or not believe in these conspiracy theories and choose for themselves the most logical explanation or plausible see ...
And we mourn the death of another great artist ...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

¿Alien signal? a UFO appears in NASA transmission

(CNN) - Lovers of conspiracy theories again point to the NASA space agency say that conceals the existence of extraterrestrials.
A live webcast of the International Space Station, which has a constant signal through internet- appeared to show a UFO, and then the transmission was suddenly terminated, they say.
The screen was turned blue and out over an hour.
It may be coincidence, but for many it is strange that NASA has cut transmission after it appeared an unidentified object.

Some point out that it is extraterrestrial.
The UFO was identified by Scott Waring UFO Sightings Daily.
Then Tyler Glockner, an expert on these theories, posted a video on his YouTube channel that has become viral: already more than 220,000 visits.
Tyler says another transmission was also cut in 2014.
It is not a minor theme. Even Hillary Clinton has said that if she becomes president she will declassify the files about aliens. 


Friday, April 15, 2016


After the controversy caused by the withdrawal of the anti-vaccination documentary 'Vaxxed' at the Tribeca Film Festival Robert De Niro he has decided to openly face.
Robert De Niro said during an interview on the TV show NBC Today Show, he regrets having removed the controversial documentary festival, in an interview she shared with Jane Rosenthal, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival.
Recall that the veteran actor and founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, was attacked a few days ago after announcing that he would defend the screening of 'Vaxxed: From Concealment to catastrophe', to the point where he was forced to withdraw projection of the documentary festival.

The actor of 72 years old, said he made ​​the decision not harm the Film Festival, but insisted that "the film is something that people must see". 

De Niro, who has a son of 18 - year-old named Elliot who has autism, said he had hoped that the screening of the film could have started a "debate" about the alleged relationship between the vaccine and autism. 

"All I wanted was that the film was seen and that people could cast their own judgment about it, " De Niro said during his appearance on The Today Show.
" Let's find out the truth, find the truth"
"There are a lot of things that are not said. Nobody seems to want to deal with that, or say they have addressed the issue and that it is a closed issue "
"But that seems not to be true, because there are many witnesses who claim they saw their own children change overnight after receiving the vaccine (MMR)"
"My own wife says that's what happened to my son. I do not remember. But I know that my son is autistic and that each person reacts differently "
"Vaccines are dangerous for certain people who are more susceptible. There is a connection (between vaccines and autism), but they are saying that there is none "
"I, as a parent of a child who has autism, want to know the truth"

Recall that the documentary "Vaxxed" linking MMR vaccine with increased rates of autism, stating that the own American medical authorities manipulated his studies to hide such a link.
De Niro also suggested that people should see another documentary, Trace Amounts, which also focuses on the connection between autism and vaccines.
"A lot of information about what is happening with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention US) and its relationship with pharmaceutical companies; there are a lot of things that are not said about it "
De Niro admitted he was "not sure" about the former disgraced British doctor, Andrew Wakefield, on which the documentary "Vaxxed" centers.
But De Niro said that above all he wanted to help overcome the reluctance to talk about both the scientific community and the general public.
In his opinion, people were trying to "avoid" discussions about vaccines and autism.
"There 's more than meets the eye, believe me , " said De Niro during the interview.
"There is something that people are not addressing. And I am here, in this television show with you in an awkward position, means that there is something there "
De Niro confirmed to the presenters and the audience program skepticism about the findings of the scientific community, who argue that there is no link between the vaccine and autism.
"I think it's much more complicated than that. I'm not a scientist, but I know the issue is more complex than it seems because I have seen the reactions that occur in this respect. I'm not against vaccination: I am in favor of safe vaccination "
The actor compared the reactions of some children to drugs such as penicillin with some children might react to certain vaccines.
Robert De Niro with his son Elliot
Robert De Niro with his son Elliot
Even the increase in cases of preventable diseases such as measles, relating to the controversy surrounding MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) questioned
"There is a kind of hysteria, an instinctive reaction. Everyone should have the option to decide whether or not to take the vaccine. Of course, vaccines benefit large pharmaceutical companies ... "
"Grace and I have a child with autism, and we believe it is essential that all issues related to the causes of autism are openly discussed and examined , " said De Niro, referring to his wife Grace Hightower.
Robert de Niro and his wife Grace Hightower
Robert de Niro and his wife Grace Hightower
All those who qualify paranoid to those who are denouncing this possible link between the MMR vaccine and increased autism rates should ask yourself some questions ...
What benefit take famous actors, with a strong and established career, as Robert de Niro or Jim Carrey to denounce against the mainstream, this possible link between vaccination and autism?
What benefit rolls a doctor facing the entire medical-pharmaceutical system, the mainstream scientific currents and the authorities themselves?
If they risk going against no options to take any benefit from it, it will be because they are convinced of what they say.
So why the topic censorship rather than discuss it publicly and openly, quiet and peaceful way?
Who does not see, it is that simply do not want to see ...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Millionaires Fleeing Cities like Chicago fearing CIVIL UNREST

According holding a report by the research firm New World Wealth, increasingly Chicago millionaires leave due to concerns about racial tensions and rising crime rates.
The New World Wealth data are used by luxury goods companies, private banks and real estate professionals.
"About 3,000 individuals with net assets of $ 1 million or more, excluding their primary residence, left the city of Chicago last year, citing as justification the increased racial tensions and concerns about rising crime" , reports the Chicago Tribune.
chicago capture
Chicago ranks third in the list of cities that have experienced an exodus of millionaires, behind Paris and Rome.
The French capital lost a whopping 7,000 millionaires (6%) in the last year, while Roma lost 5,000 (7%).
The fourth city that experienced this march of millionaires after Chicago, is Athens.
However, other cities experiencing a net inflow of millionaires in the US, are Seattle and San Francisco.
In the New World Wealth report, the country with the largest net outflow of millionaires was France, with 10,000. It was followed by China, Italy, India and Greece.
Countries with higher net inflows of millionaires were Australia, United States, Canada, Israel, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.
The unstoppable rise in inequality in the distribution of wealth is causing these movements in many parts of the world.
In particular, in the US, is taking the rise of protest movements as "Black Lives Matter", which combined with the racial opposition by white supremacist groups, they are creating an explosive cocktail in the US that can lead to social disorder in any time, especially if the economic situation worsens.
For months it is also reported that wealthy elites are installing panic rooms in their big city apartments because of fears about crime or possible social unrest that could result in riots and attacks against them.
"The world is a place that causes a lot of fear at this time, especially for people with many resources; they feel cornered and threatened , "said Tom Gaffney, president of Gaffco Ballistics The New York Times, a company that installs safe rooms in the city of New York.
Fearing a possible global turmoil and the possibility that explode any major conflict, many wealthy people have also been buying properties in distant places like New Zealand, as stated during the course of the World Economic Forum in Davos last year.
In fact, a former hedge fund manager Robert Johnson, direct contact with someone with very rich people, said in the very World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that "powerful people say being scared" and surprised his audience when he revealed that he knows that "hedge fund managers around the world are buying properties with airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand."
Robert Johnson
In another interview, he admitted that "very powerful people tell us they are afraid" and that the elite "sees increasing evidence of social instability and violence."
His comments were backed by Stewart Wallis, executive director of the New Economics Foundation, he told CNBC Africa "have airstrips in places like New Zealand and all that kind of stuff, whatever in order to escape. Many of them, if they could, would go to another planet "-
According to sellers of land and real estate involved in the sale of goods at a distance, some people among the economic elites are worried about "what is happening around him" and would be looking for stable areas in some parts of the world both to live there to store their wealth due to its increasing "paranoia" about the precarious world situation.
All this information would come in tune with the feeling that denounced the billionaire Nick Hauer 


Possibly, news like this from which we echo, are somewhat exaggerated and somewhat sensationalist.
We do not believe that millionaires are so afraid, much less, basically because they have nothing to fear.
In many countries have abused the population to intolerable levels and the general reaction of this population used to always be the same: messages of outrage on Twitter, memes or bitter jokes about the matter, vote for the political leader who promises "that it will end "as the pressure grows, innocuous manifestations pancartita and very colorfully and in extreme cases, clashes between the population itself by ideological or racial grounds and street furniture burn the people themselves pay their taxes.
That is, generally, when social tension increases, people lose energy in stupid maneuvers that lead nowhere and just fighting each other instead of uniting against the most powerful.
And in any case, millionaires have nothing to fear: the army and the police are there to protect them from the wrath of all those "angry poor" precisely pay for their salaries to repress them ...

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


comp 1_1_00000
As recently revealed, a major international festival of American film in Houston, received threats to 'senior government officials', warning them not to select and project the controversial vaccination anti-film Vaxxed, recently and was withdrawn at the Film Festival Tribeca, driven by actor Robert de Niro.
'Vaxxed: the cover - up to the catastrophe' is a controversial documentary film directed by former physician Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who explores the relationship between vaccines and autism and states that there is a cover - up of this relationship that directly involve the powerful CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Disease USA).
The documentary was premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month. After initially expressing support for the film, Robert De Niro, one of the founders of the festival, was forced to withdraw the Festival, after a meeting with scientific experts, which has raised the suspicion that he might have received threats of any kind .
Capture wrap 2
As reported by the Infowars website, the film was also removed from WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival, after Hunter Todd, president and founder of the festival, had received calls from "senior administration officials" threatening.
Email correspondence between Todd and Philippe Diaz, head of Cinema Libre, distributor of the film, surprisingly reveals how government censors would apparently desperate to prevent at all costs the spread of the film.
Todd Hunter
Todd Hunter

According to the email sent by festival director Vaxxed dealer:
'I wanted you to know that as happened with De Niro and the Tribeca Festival, we withdraw our invitation to show the film VAXXED!
The selection and screening of the film has been canceled, and there will be no press release about the film ... that was scheduled for today; after threatening calls yesterday afternoon by senior officials of Houston (the first and only time I've called me in 49 years), had no choice but to give up the film project.
We are facing a very tough censorship case ... They threatened me that they would take stern measures against the festival if we projected.
I hope you do not call you or threaten you. It is made, is outside the festival and have been censured ... There are some very powerful forces against this project. It seems a little excessive, since I am sure that will be published soon on the Internet and millions of people will see this film. '
It is believed that the 'Houston officials' mentioned in the email, would be acting on behalf of the Mayor, Sylvester Turner. The city council supports the Festival with subsidies and threatened to remove its organizer, which would entail the death of the film festival.
Beyond the film tell the truth or not about vaccination, what is much fear and persecution that projects and generate debate about it?
If scientists can rebut arguments solid scientific evidence and all that denounces this documentary, as they claim, why they are afraid to open a debate that no doubt would win?