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Friday, May 27, 2016


For months, various mass media both as alternative, they are trying to sell to the public an idea: Donald Trump is an uncontrollable character by elites, and even could be considered an "anti-system".
But they have some truth these views?
Beyond how ridiculous it is to qualify as "anti-system" or "anti-elitist" to a billionaire, in recent weeks they are starting to look different indications that Trump is not as "uncontrollable" by the elites as many would have us believe.
For example, just days after he became the Republican candidate, Donald Trump hired a former Goldman Sachs executive to lead its national fundraising campaign.
Goldman Sachs
Yes, the same Goldman Sachs that controls the shadows all agencies of US financial power and spreading its tentacles to most Western governments.
Luis de Guindos
Luis de Guindos
This is how he described Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone, in 2009, the role of Goldman Sachs investment bank in the global economic crisis and virtually all financial bubbles of recent decades:
Taibbi blames Goldmanites, something like the aurófagos, famished and ferocious alchemists of money from people, to manipulate from within the government financial regulations and stock markets to their advantage.
Matt Taibbi
Matt Taibbi
In addition to widely favored bailout, which is orchestrated by their former leaders transformed into government officials. The list of former executives of Goldman Sachs in the highest positions in the US government is scandalous, it looks like Goldman Sachs was the prelude to the financial departments of the government.
Sign at Goldman Sachs, 133 Fleet Street
The formula is relatively simple: Goldman positions itself in the middle of the speculative bubble, selling investments they know are crap. Attract vast amounts of lower class and middle class with the help of a decrepit and corrupt state that allows them to rewrite the rules in exchange for the relatively small amounts that the bank throws at political patonazgo. Finally, when the bubble bursts, leaving millions of ordinary citizens in bankruptcy, the process starts over again, Goldman appears as our savior loaning our money at interest, selling themselves as a group that transcends ambition, just a bunch of guys very smart that maintain oiled machine. They have been doing this move from the 20s. And now they are preparing to return to it again, creating the largest and most audacious bubble ever.
Goldman Sachs Stock
The first thing to know about Goldman Sachs is that it is everywhere. The most powerful investment bank in the world is like a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly spreads its tentacles sucking blood into anything that smacks of money.
Meanwhile, Alex Brummer Daily Mail compared the members of Goldman Sachs with a kind of secret society, as they are always ready to carry out any harmful activity to make money.
Well, Donald Trump, "that great threat to the elites", has hired a type of Goldman Sachs as henchman ...
Trump announced that the head of the receipt of national funds for his presidential candidacy, will be Steven Mnuchin, chairman and CEO of Dune Capital hedge fund. The highlight of Mnuchin, however, is that he spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs, which was most recently a partner, having built a fortune of $ 46 million before launching his own hedge fund.
Steven Mnuchin
Steven Mnuchin
While working at Goldman Sachs, bought the remains of IndyMac Bank (now known as OneWest Bank), a loan company based in California, which went bankrupt in 2008. This senior executive had to endure protests on the lawn of his own mansion in Bel Air in 2011 by the owners of foreclosed homes, because of the bad policies of your bank.
But things did not end there. It turns out that Mnuchin previously worked for another well known elitist character: billionaire George Soros, a prominent donor to Democrats and particularly Hillary Clinton.
In addition to working at Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin also worked at Soros Fund Management, whose founder, George Soros, has funded many leftist causes. The strange thing is that Mnuchin has often donated funds to Democrats, including Clinton and Barack Obama.
George Soros
George Soros
In addition, it appears that Mnuchin is quite bailouts to Wall Street firms in 2009. Profit after buying the rescued bank IndyMac per cents per share, "Mnuchin and his partners, who named their new bank OneWest, ended getting good profits. They made ​​their initial bet of $ 1.55 billion at a premium of 3.4 billion dollars. "
Indymac Bank
They were able to get these profits from taxpayers assumed all risks from toxic bank assets, which cost US taxpayers about 13,000 million dollars in losses. At the same time, the bank continued to execute mortgages owners who were no longer able to pay their mortgage payments.
Then they try to sell Trump "scares elites" and intends to "clean up Wall Street" or "end the Fed mangoneo" almost like a revolutionary.
Make America Great Again
Hiring Mnuchin, it comes just days after his former opponents, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, have withdrawn from the presidential race.
In addition, Trump also recently announced that it will give up the "self-financing" which has relied during the primary (and supposedly made him an independent character) and has pledged one billion dollars of his supporters in conjunction with the party Republican, to prepare for the general election.
As if that were not enough, Trump has begun to surround himself with true icons of the neoconservative Republican establishment.
"The circle of Trump warmongers now includes characters like Rudolph Giuliani, Chris Christie, Richard Haas (current president of the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, one of the elitists entities by nature) and Sen. Jeff Sessions. Trump has identified including John Bolton, one of the architects of the Iraq war and a close ally of the neocons, as one of its expert advisers futuribles national security. "
This is the great revolution against the elites of Trump: surround yourself with people of Goldman Sachs and characters like himself president of CFR, as well as the most hawkish neoconservatives in Washington.
Richard Haas at a meeting of the CFR
Richard Haas at a meeting of the CFR
Who does not remember what represents the CFR ...
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), founded in 1921, is an organization that specializes in US foreign policy and international affairs.
Council on Foreign Relations
Its members included senior politicians, more than a dozen secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, teachers and great figures of the mass media. The CFR promotes globalization, free trade, reducing the financial regulations of transnational corporations and economic consolidation in regional blocs such as NAFTA or the European Union.
As you can see, surround yourself with people like the current president of the CFR is the most anti-system there ...
Seeing this, it is not surprising that elites see Trump as a "threat" If they are in great danger with it!
I would laugh if I did not so sorry ...

Friday, May 20, 2016


Flight MS804 Egyptair
A series of circumstances surrounding the crash of Flight MS804 Egyptair appear to be somewhat contradictory, at least in its initial stages.
A passenger plane A320 of the Egyptian airline EgyptAir covering the Paris (France) -The route Cairo (Egypt) has disappeared Thursday radar control and crashed in the Mediterranean, for reasons yet to be confirmed.
Aboard the flight MS804 traveled 56 passengers, including a child and two infants, and 10 crew. Among the passengers who departed from Paris 30 Egyptians, 15 French, 2 Iraqis and citizens of Canada, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Portugal, Kuwait, Algeria, Chad and Sudan were.
The plane, flying at an altitude of 11.2 km, 16 km plunged in Egyptian airspace.
The airline said the pilot and co-pilot flight MS804 had a "remarkable" experience: 6,275 and 2,766 flight hours respectively and confirms that there was no special cargo or dangerous goods on board. It should be noted that 3 of the crew members were security officers.
Flight MS804 Egyptair
From the outset, they have already begun to produce news about the event, some contradictory.
One of the first contradictory issues surrounding the accident, has to do with a supposed emergency signal sent by the plane.
As reported by the RT chain first hour, the A320 flight made an emergency signal at 04:26 (local time Cairo), it has revealed the Egyptian Ministry of Aviation.
However, an hour later, the Egyptian army denied earlier reports that had detected the distress signal from the missing plane.
Egyptian control air traffic
What we do know for sure it is that the signal was lost on a flight over the Mediterranean point located 277 kilometers north of Alexandria and 389 kilometers northwest of Cairo. The civil aviation authorities report that Greece lost their radar contact with the plane 2 minutes after it passed the Greek air traffic control to Egyptian control air traffic.
Egyptian control air traffic
Thus, one of the key issues is creating more confusion is: the authorities received or not received an emergency signal from the plane?
According to the newspaper El Pais reported during the morning: "A flight MS804 beacon emits an emergency signal two hours after the trail was lost on the radar while flying over the Mediterranean"
"The Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation has said that a military unit of the country received a distress signal from the device on the 4.26 local time (2.26 GMT).
The company has also reported that the aircraft emergency devices issued a distress signal about two hours after the plane disappeared from radar, an alarm that probably came from one of the beacons of the aircraft.
However, the Egyptian army has denied later in a statement that one of its units had received such signal "
Meanwhile, as detailed by the French air consultant Gerard Feldzer the gala BFMTV chain, the received signal could come from a beacon that emerges from the plane when it impacts on the sea.
Egyptian control air traffic
Given this fact, there is a question that begins to float in the air: Why contradict on the emergency signal sources of the airline, the Egyptian aviation ministry and the Egyptian army?
In other news extract offered by the media, we could read:
"Egyptair's vice president, Abdel Ahmed, said that there was no distress call from the plane. The vice president of the airline first said no emergency signal from the plane, but later said that if the was and was captured by the army 10 minutes before the disappearance. The Egyptian army, meanwhile, has denied through a message on Facebook "
If this is already a strange contradiction in the information provided, there is another who has also gone unnoticed and that is most unusual ...
According to the latest Automatic Up EgyptAir, which make up the final version, the flight MS804 lost radar contact about 280 kilometers from the Egyptian coast at 2:30 am Cairo time when the Airbus A320 was flying at an altitude 37,000 feet (11,300 meters).
This information, however, disagrees with previous reports of the airline, according to which the last known radio contact with the aircraft occurred about 50 kilometers north of the Egyptian coast.
What root of what the airline can go wrong in referring to the 230 kms point where radar contact is lost?
Over 200 kms of "initial error" represent a truly striking distance, essentially because we are talking about monitoring systems high-tech ...
The Airbus A320-233 disappeared experienced an engine problem in 2013, as reported SkyNews Arabia citing an Egyptian civil aviation source. When the incident occurred, the plane was scheduled to fly from Cairo to Istanbul, but had to return for an emergency landing.
A source at the Greek Ministry of Defence has told Reuters that authorities were investigating the message carried by the captain of a Greek merchant ship, which reported a "flame in the sky", 130 nautical miles south of the island Karpathos. Indicated by the captain, location is close to the flight path of the crashed plane between Paris and Cairo.
Other unconfirmed information, maintain that the crew of a Greek ship, claim to have seen the burning plane down, says Effy Tselikas correspondent in Athens French channel BFMTV. In fact, according to the same correspondent for the French channel in Athens, and would be three ships have seen flames.
Egyptair Airbus A320
In this regard, it has spread a video networks which can not guarantee the authenticity (seen precedents in these cases, we dared to venture that is false).
The video shows a fireball streaking across the sky and would have been allegedly recorded by inhabitants of nearby Greek islands, at the same approximate time the plane disappeared. As we say, there is no confirmation for this and everything indicates that it may be false ...
One of the hostesses EgyptAir Flight MS804 rose to his account of the social network an image of a flight attendant out of the water with the silhouette of a hudiéndose at sea as background plane.
The stewardess, called Samar Ezz Eldin, published two years ago in his account on Facebook a photograph in which it is observed at a flight attendant out of the sea while hudiéndose background from a plane in the water is observed.
Samar Ezz Eldin
The image, a photomontage, was published a few months before going to work in EgyptAir, and shows a completely wet out of the sea with a suitcase with an expression of peace and security stewardess. On the right side and bottom of the picture it shows what looks like a hudiéndose at sea, with a wing and tail sticking out of the water plane.
Friends and acquaintances Samar are convinced that by publishing this image in your social network wall stewardess prophesied his tragic fate.
Strange phenomena: NUMERICAL THEORY EgyptAir flight linking AND THE MALAYSIA AIRLINES
Users of social networks have seen a mysterious connection between EgyptAir plane crashed Thursday in waters of the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board disappeared airline and flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines covering the Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) route-Beijing ( China).
Since the disappearance of flight MH370 with 239 people on board on March 8, 2014 it has been exactly 804 days, a figure which identified the EgyptAir flight: MS804.
"The MN370 disappeared 804 days ago, and now has disappeared EgyptAir the MS804. It is a coincidence? It 's too weird , "reads a message from a Twitter user.
EgyptAir the MS804
Meanwhile, the newspaper The Mirror, quotes Ehab el-Deen Mohy, head of the Egyptian air navigation authority saying: "No radioed for help. Simply they disappeared ". This seems to confirm that the emergency signal received may not have been sent by the crew in flight, an aspect which is discussed later in the article.
The Mirror also quoted Jean-Paul Troadec, former head of the accident investigation unit of France, BEA, which argues that the disappearance of the plane was "almost certainly" caused by "an attack".
Troadec, a respected name in the field of aviation, says the lack of live emergency alert suggests a "brutal event."
Jean-Paul Troadec
Jean-Paul Troadec
He according told Europe 1 radio in Paris: "A technical problem, fire or engine failure will not cause an instant accident, and the crew has time to react. However, the crew did not say anything, did not react, so it is very likely that the disappearance was due to a brutal event and we can certainly consider an attack "
Another expert on air transport, Julian Bray, has also stated that the lack of an emergency alert could mean that the aircraft suffered a "catastrophic failure", possibly as a result of an explosion.
" There has to be a catastrophic failure that would cause that all died suddenly and had not had time to launch a distress message."
A third expert, Geoffrey Thomas told CNN: "Usually when we see a mechanical problem on the plane descending rapidly occurs. When we see that the aircraft simply disappear without distress call, it is a sign that something catastrophic has happened "
Another aviation expert has told AFP that the chances of mechanical failure are slim.
"An important technical failure, as the explosion of an engine, for example, seems improbable"
Says aviation expert Gerard Feldzer, stressing that the A320 in question was "relatively new", having entered service in 2003.
" In addition, the A320 has an excellent safety record as the jetliner best - selling medium - range in the world. A320 takes off or lands every 30 seconds worldwide "
"It is a modern plane, the incident occurred in midair in extremely stable conditions. Quality maintenance and quality of the aircraft are not involved in this incident , "he says turn Jean-Paul Troadec.
Moreover, according Troadec, Egyptair "is a company authorized to operate in Europe, so it is not on any blacklist."
In addition, to confirm that the low impossibility that the plane had some kind of problem related to meteorology, we have the statements of the British rider Alan Carter, who told the BBC he was piloting a Boeing 747 in the same airspace almost while EgyptAir plane crashed.
The pilot called atmospheric conditions "perfect" and said there had been problems with communication lines.
"All air traffic communications were operating normally. I spoke to the radar of Athens and commented how quiet it all and I was told there were only five aircraft in the area "
EgyptAir plane crashed
Meanwhile, Kostas Litzerakis, head of Civil Aviation of Greece, explained that the pilot did not report that nothing was wrong when he spoke to the Greeks controllers while flying over the island of Kea, which is believed to be the last contact with the device. "the pilot did not mention that there were problems , " he said. Greek aviation sources quoted by France Presse claim that the plane has crashed into the sea to 130 nautical miles from the island of Karpathos.
Konstantinos Lintzerakos
Konstantinos Lintzerakos, said the plane was at 37,000 feet, traveling at 519 mph, and reported no problems.
Lintzerakos confirmed to the television network Antena the Greek controllers tried to contact the pilot 10 miles before the flight departed the flight range of Greek Information (FIR) but received no response until the plane disappeared from radar.
A few hours later , Greek Defense Minister said in a press conference that "the plane made ​​swerve before the accident. The image we have is that the aircraft Egyptair was in Egyptian airspace at 37,000 feet and made ​​a sudden turn ".
Defense Minister of Greece adds that the plane appears to have fallen over 20,000 feet and then turned sharply before disappearing.
"The plane fell 22,000 feet, turned sharply and then disappeared."
"At 03:39 the aircraft traveled south and southeast of the islands of Kassos and Karpathos. Immediately after entering Egyptian airspace, he turns and down: The aircraft made a 90 degree turn to the left and then another 360 to the right, falling dedesde 11,300 to 4,500 meters, and the signal he lost at an altitude of about 3,000 meters "
About the strange maneuvers of aircraft, has begun to speculate that these strange movements, down to 22,000 feet before making a 90 degree turn to the left and a 360-degree turn to the right, might suggest that the pilot himself may have been responsible for the accident.
When the Civil Aviation Authority of Greece tried to contact the pilot at 03:27 local time, the aircraft did not respond.
"What this suggests is that more than one incident is in the cabin of the aircraft itself. It is suggested that not necessarily the plane was shot down by a missile, or need necessarily there was a bomb on board. This would suggest that the pilot has somehow been involved in an incident in the cabin , "says aerospace analyst Paul Charles.
"The latest information from the Greek Ministry of Defense, reports a dramatic change of direction followed by a decline and this could ward off suspicions that there was an explosion on board. But if these maneuvers are finally confirmed, they could imply some kind of disturbance in the cabin of passengers or crew, or even both , "the correspondent Frank Gardner security.
Something that would support the theory of a direct responsibility of the pilot, would be to review the images available US experts have not seen signs of an explosion has occurred, as reported by Reuters citing senior officials of this country.
Based on what the Greek authorities have said, this is the path that seems the flight MS804 changed direction in the moments before he disappeared.
flight MS804
And this is the elevation of the plane along the path, which however does not show the sudden drop of more than 25,000ft (7,620m) that Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos of states that took place before they lose contact with the MS804.
EgyptAir Flight 804
This is the timeline of events offered by the department of civil aviation of Greece for the flight MS804:
2:24: EgyptAir Flight 804 from Paris to Cairo enters Greek airspace.
2:48. The flight is transferred to the next sector of air traffic control and clarifies the output of Greek airspace "The pilot was in good spirits and thanked the driver in Greek"
3:27: air traffic control of Athens tries to contact the aircraft to convey information about the switch and perform communications traffic control from Athens to Cairo. Despite repeated calls, the aircraft does not respond, after which the air traffic controller calls the distress frequency without receiving a response from the aircraft.
3:29: The plane flies above the exit point (of Greek airspace).
3:39:40: The signal of the aircraft is lost, about 7 nautical miles south / southeast Kumbi point within the Egyptian airspace.
Immediately the help of radars of the Hellenic Air Force was requested to detect the target without result.
Hellenic Air Force
According to Reuters, a Greek frigate has found pieces of plastic in white and red. The frigate participated in the search of the plane and the remains have been found about 425 kilometers south of the island of Crete.
Meanwhile AP reports that an Egyptian plane has located two pieces of orange that could belong to the missing plane.
Greek researchers have found two bodies and various pieces of plastic floating in the search area of ​​the plane, reports the chain 'Al Arabiya'.
EgyptAir Flight MS804 Body parts
Two aircraft lifejackets were found by the Greek authorities in the same place where several pieces of plastic were previously discovered. Lifejackets appear to be the missing plane.
Later, a senior officer of the Greek air safety has denied that the remains found in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to the missing plane.
According to a source of EgyptAir airline, the contradiction about the discovery of fragments of the missing plane, published in English Thursday by the company, was due to an inaccurate translation of the Arabic version, according to which he was informed about the "possibility the discovery of fragments of the missing plane. " EgyptAir precise source "never confirmed the finding of any fragment" and that confusion has been generated by an error.
Finally, on the morning of Friday, Egyptian military found the remains of A320 290 kilometers north of Alexandria. In addition to fragments of the plane they found some of the belongings of the passengers. Currently it is performed finding the black box.
The head of the Federal Security Service of Russia Alexander Bortnikov has estimated that the event could be "a terrorist attack that caused the death of 66 citizens from different countries" and has called for international cooperation to identify potential authors, reports TASS.
For his part, Minister of Civil Aviation of Egypt, Sherif Fathi, has indicated that the A320 traveling members of the intelligence services of his country and that a terrorist attack seems more likely that a technical failure as the cause of the accident. "If analyze the situation properly, the possibility that a terrorist attack is greater than the possibility is concerned of a technical problem ".
Rukmini Callimachi, the New York Times journalist specializing in Islamic State, says that no claim of responsibility so far nothing to indicate that Islamic State is to blame for the disappearance of the aircraft.
"The French newspaper Le Figaro quoted a source from the French border police as saying that investigators will focus on ground staff airport Charles de Gaulle, to determine whether airport employees pose a security risk , " reports the BBC.
"The source said that in the past, a number of Salafists, ie, ultraconservative Muslims, had been detected among employees who have access to the areas used for loading and unloading of aircraft"
Shortly after the massacre of Paris last year, it was revealed that "57 employees of Charles de Gaulle airport with access to planes were on a terrorist watch list"

At this point then, it seems that the plane actually was attacked, either from within by some explosive device, or from outside, by a missile.
And here many questions arise.
If the plane crashed because of an explosive device inside the device, then this device was probably introduced in the plane at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.
And then how is it that a modern country, immersed in a state of terrorist emergency such as France, where even the army patrol the streets and where security is extreme to inconceivable levels, allow someone to climb a bomb on a plane at an international airport? What then serve as many security measures?
As reported by The Independent newspaper: "Many people are pointing to the high levels of security at Charles de Gaulle airport, where surveillance and controls have increased following the November attacks in Paris"
Charles de Gaulle airport
In this regard and according to The Telegraph:
The precautions were increased after the terrorist attacks of November in the French capital, and security was further accentuated after the attack at the airport in Brussels in March.
Additional police were deployed in the two main Paris airports, included Charles de Gaulle, which broke EgyptAir flight MS804.
Police now performs additional patrols on the perimeter of the airport and access to the airport terminals is more strictly controlled, with identity checks.
However, French aviation experts said that if the plane was on the ground for only one or two hours before taking off to return to Cairo, might not have been fully inspected by security agents in Paris.
That is, given the possibility that someone put a bomb on the plane, this should have been introduced either at Charles de Gaulle Airport, violating all the (supposedly) strict French security, or the bomb could have been installed in Cairo, which still throws many more questions.
If the pump was located in Cairo, then, the plane flew from the Egyptian capital to Paris, was 2 hours in Paris, where nobody inspected or detected the device and then flew almost all the way back to Cairo, for explode few minutes before reaching its destination.
If we consider that the flight between Paris and Cairo is around 4 hours and 20 minutes we would be talking practically a bomb that spent more than 10 hours without explode on the plane.
And the question in this case is: why the bomb was detonated or programmed to detonate after so many hours? If this is a terrorist attack, why they did not detonate the bomb on the first trip? At the end of the day, with it they would have reduced the risk of being detected.
So in the unlikely event that there was a bomb on the plane, it would be logical to assume that was installed at the Paris airport and pump option shipped in Cairo, it does not seem to make much sense.
imminent terrorist attack
Consider also other information offered by The Telegraph:
The head of French intelligence had warned of an imminent terrorist attack a few days ago.
The head of national intelligence warned France a few days that France was at risk of "a new form of attack" Islamic State and that the country was clearly his main goal ago only.
Patrick Calvar, director general of the agency DGSI (Department of Homeland Security), also warned that Europe is in "grave danger" of serious unrest involving a reaction of extreme right as a result of the terrorist attacks.
"We run the risk of being confronted with a new form of attack: a terrorist campaign that is characterized by leaving explosive devices in places where large crowds gather, multiply this type of action to create a climate of panic , " said Calvar before a committee parliamentary national defense in Paris on May 10.
In addition to all this, and according to The Express, air traffic controllers technicians, and engineers from both airports Orly and Charles de Gaulle, have been on strike since Tuesday.
Could this justify the possibility that someone installed a bomb on the plane?
It does not seem to relate to the strike of drivers and technicians with surveillance and security measures that should surround a commercial flight in full terrorist threat, but we will see if this is an argument used in the coming days.
As mentioned, everything seems to indicate that this is a terrorist attack and in fact, Donald Trump has not taken even a second to be added to such suspicions ...
Donald Trump says looks like yet another terrorist attack
But there is still a second hypothesis to consider, although unlikely, that the plane has been shot down "from outside", by a missile fired, for example, from an aircraft or from the ground. In such a case, where would proceed this missile?
The plane had just left the Greek airspace and had entered Egyptian airspace when it disappeared. If someone had shot the plane, where the attack proceed?
  Well, interestingly, near where the plane crashed, a NATO military exercises are underway. As reported by the newspaper La Vanguardia ...
NEARBY military maneuvers
On Monday May 17 began near where naval maneuvers led by the Sixth Fleet of the United States, involving Algeria, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Mauritania, Spain, Tunisia is believed to have fallen Egyptian plane and, of course, Greece.
The center of the Phoenix Express 2016 maneuvers is Souda Bay on the Greek island of Crete. The supposed site of the disaster, south of the island of Karpathos, lies between Crete and Rhodes.
Souda is the basis of the Training Center Maritime Operations Intercept NATO. The maneuvers, which will end on May 27, aim to combat illegal trafficking, including arms and part of the exercises consist of search and rescue practices.
Remember also that when the Russian aircraft A321 was shot down in the Sinai Peninsula (flight 9268 Kogalymavia) on October 31, 2015, one of the theories that ran said that the plane was shot down by a missile air-air, fired during maneuvers of NATO and Israel that occurred simultaneously just 30 miles from the accident.
Coincidentally, on this flight military maneuvers they are also produced in the area.
Again a mass medium like the Vanguard, also begins to outline the possibility of an attack with a missile, but obviously, puts it in the hands of "terrorists" ...
Moreover, the disappearance of the transponder signal on board first, and the radar screen have nothing to do with a possible kidnapping. In addition, the Eastern Mediterranean is a specially guarded, both military aircraft and ships as electronics and satellite area. The plane could not be lost just like that.
On the hypothesis of a missile only it is thinking about the possibility of a long-range missile. The chaos in Libya since the war of 2011 has raised fears that portable missiles known as Manpad have fallen into the hands of terrorists, as such systems were supplied to the Libyan rebels in Benghazi. However, the maximum range of one of these rockets, which are fired by one person, does not reach the 7,000 meters. In the case of the plane, which flew almost 12,000 meters and was more than 250 kilometers from the African coast, such an impact would not have been possible.
A long-range missile as the Russian-made BUK in which the downing of Malaysia Airlines plane was attributed itself could have shot down the plane. The BUK system has a range of 40 kilometers. However, it is highly unlikely that terrorists have ground-air missile especially bulky and need an infrastructure for launch.
As we can see, at least in these initial moments, questions and suspicions accumulate around this tragic event ...
As noted in a previous article that there was speculation a possible attack during the Film Festival of Cannes, the US could be behind the attack, according to his need to press France for its little collaborative attitude with American designs.
Recall that in the middle of negotiations of TTIP that is taking place between the EU and the US, France is showing particularly hostile to the US position.
An example of this is in its position on the approval of the use of glyphosate, a key product in the interests of the US multinational Monsanto.
The vote for the extension of its use in Europe should occur this May 19, and largely because of opposition from countries such as France, such approval has not come to vote. 


Another recent news, it also puts us on the trail of covert confrontation between France and the US ...
Paris wants to make sure first that should be delivered, complete control is in the hands of NATO and non-US, according to The Wall Street Journal.
France is ready to reject NATO control over the defense system of European missile, which has been built primarily by US ., Reports The Wall Street Journal.
A senior French position he spoke to the American newspaper claims that this decision is that the system of command and control of NATO is not ready and, de facto, remains an American, and not of the Alliance.
Senior US officials and NATO will try that France change its mind before the summit of the Alliance of next July, when the delivery control over the system to NATO and the official announcement on the start of operation is scheduled.
And France drives the lifting of sanctions on Russia, buoyed by US ...
Jean-Marc Ayrault said the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine would be the key to lifting the sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU.
Jean-Marc Ayrault
"I made ​​it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin, during my visit to Moscow we want to lift the sanctions, albeit slowly, but the situation has to change, especially in Ukraine."
"Russia is our partner with whom we can have differences , " he said.
On the other hand, we should note that this accident directly involving France and probably will shake French society, it comes at an ideal time for Hollande government interests, immersed as it is in a wave of social protests against his policies. 

Any protest on the streets may be attacked by the government, arguing that "are intolerable violent protests in a moment of danger for France, hit by terrorist barbarity, just as society must be more united against the scourge of violence and intolerance " ... the typical arguments of manipulation.

But one false flag attack of this kind, could also serve the US to press two fractious countries at once. 

And it could not only put pressure on France with it, but also to an Egypt that is not perhaps being as compliant with the US as Americans would like.
A report in the Iranian channel HispanTV and cites the Israeli middle Debkafile, puts us on the track ...
United States, in reaction to Egypt's decision to cede sovereignty of the islands of Tiran and Sanafir Saudi Arabia has withdrawn its military from the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.
The measure, according to the Israeli website DEBKAfile, was adopted after Washington criticized the Egyptian president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, to exclude US . consultations and also by military coordination between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Israeli regime as to the islands.
Americans have refused to specify the current location of their troops, so Riyadh, Cairo and Tel Aviv regime no doubt that it is a measure of retaliation.
sinai capture usa
This news marks a number of indications: US could not be happy with the little obedient attitude of Egypt, while it is unhappy with the maverick attitude of France.
Thus, the downing of a plane flying between the two countries, could be a wakeup call to both. 

Obviously, this is only conjecture that we ventured to do, but they seem to fit with the current political situation.