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Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Article by freethinker

"Celebrities". This is how it was called a section of the humor Muchachada Nui, which was broadcast on Spanish TV 2, in which the actor Joaquin Reyes parodied a famous person. And I chose this title because the world toward which we are moving is precisely a kind of mass tabloid in which, as in the skit Celebrities, each of us will be only a caricature a grotesque, ridiculous vestige of what someday we become.
Undoubtedly soweth have been presumptuous people and desire to appear, but in recent years are reaching a level never known before. And this is due to our use of social networks, rather than to connect with family and friends, we are using as a personal showcase: Who looks better, who has more fun, who travels to the most remote sites or exotic and even competitions to see who goes untie the funniest photo of your baby just a few months old.
This brutal exposure of private life is not only stupid but can even be dangerous: an offender with the right skills will not cost much know when you go to vacacaciones leaving your empty house, or what time should I wait with bad intentions on leaving the place where you work, where you study or where you are dancing buzzing Tuesday afternoon.
But instead of alerting us of this, the system invites us to go further and build a digital identity.
In other words, it invites us to become small-scale celebrities with our personal website, our gallery silly pictures on all social networks and our small army of followers-viewers that not one of our vital developments are not lost.
Stress the importance of, typing our name, thousands of strangers can meet on the first page of Google results, calling us "failed" if we do not have the sufficient number of fans or followers. And if you refuse to play that game, the system will broached what that "if you do not show on the Internet, you do not exist" and will place the label "failed" or "antisocial" dumping all the blame on you if you're unemployed, can not find a partner or not receive the recognition you deserve for your work.
It tells us that, as we have an identity in the real world, we have another identity in the digital world and both have the same character and are equally important.
But at the same time, systematically it ignores the fundamental difference between the two.
The real identity is composed of the image we project to the outside, yes, but also a rich and complex inner world that do not share with anyone, or shared with a few people. Our real identity domain hosts an intimate, secret, formed by thoughts, ideas and memories that live in the farthest outposts of our mind. This is very valuable and that belongs only to ourselves.
Digital identity, however, consists only of the image we project to the outside, of what others want them to know us. The digital identity is a simple set, a mere facade, a character representing his audience that role expected of him.
Building a digital identity is not a bad thing in itself: it is nice to have your corner on the Internet if you like writing your thoughts and share them with others, or sell something and you want your potential customers find you.
The concern is the process by which the system only leads us to embrace the digital identity of people like the authentic, true, ignoring and obscuring real identity that we have in the off-line world.
The concern is, in other words, we spend more time taking pictures to teach our life on Facebook that living the same life, perceiving the world through our senses, immersing ourselves in the solitude of our own conscience, or by establishing real links with other souls more beyond the button 'I like'.
And consequently, is breaking that barrier in our mind that separates the concepts of "being" and "seeming" to identify both with the same thing for us to abandon this dark private world that others can not see and we Let's turn in acclaimed and well-known celebrities, in a kind of voyeurism projected to ourselves.
It is a gradual process and we are assimilating unconsciously, without giving enough importance, although it is attacking something as vital as our true identity. But there is good reason for this: our inner world, our thoughts, as has been said several times in this blog, is our last bastion of freedom, where the power still can not penetrate and spy. And what is intended by this process is to minimize and simplify the most of that inner world, to finally take control over it through brain technologies.
Can someone tell me I 'm exaggerating, that in the world today is very important to have your own "personal brand" or that of "me I do not like this of social networks, but must be sold."
But does anyone realize what we are really accepting to make such statements? "Brand", "sell" are concepts from the commercial sphere, and what we do is neither more nor less, say loud and clear that we are products or mere means of production, objects without a transcendent value, without life without a story, in short, no one (real) identity.
And, indeed, if we do something to change the world, to transform reality often unjust and horrible around us, it is urgent to eliminate this idea that we are objects and restore the role of active subjects with a level of consciousness beyond its image abroad. Just stop being characters to be people again, and combining our diverse, unique and distinct identities is possible to defend the most precious thing we want to snatch.

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