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Monday, May 16, 2016

Monsanto’s New Global Health Hazard

An article on the web Waking Times puts us on the track of the latest public health hazard created by Monsanto and spoken relatively little, although it takes a while among us. This is the RNA herbicides.
Who else who least know the bitter controversy surrounding the main component of the flagship product from Monsanto herbicide, glyphosate, contained in commercial herbicide RoundUp, which has been named as the most widely used herbicide in history.
Monsanto Workers
People more or less informed and know the criticisms of glyphosate, a carcinogen and potentially toxic, giant agro-technology expands the planet without anyone gets stop him, although even the World Health Organization as classified as "possibly carcinogenic".
Well, while activists continue obsessed combat the use of glyphosate, Monsanto's genetically modified using other atrocities, such as RNA pesticides.
Recall that basically RNA (ribonucleic acid) is used by cells to transfer vital information during protein synthesis (production of proteins needed by the cell for its activities and its development).
Rna Retrovirology Diagram
Well, as Monsanto explained, this new type of pesticide use what is called "RNA interference":
RNA interference (RNAi) is a natural process that cells use to reject or suppress the activity of specific genes. This is done through the natural ability of the cell to read the instructions of RNA within the cell and then "decide" whether to process the instructions or not.
As a result, the process can reject or stop production of a specific protein, similar to like a light switch is operated.
mRNA Rasmol
This cellular process was discovered in the 1990s and further research in this area led to Drs. Fire and Mello to win a Nobel Prize for his work in 2006.
His award-winning work, and countless other scientists, has opened up many new areas of research in human, animal and plant health.
Well, that's how we sell Monsanto: a wonderful technology, which automatically related to "advances in the area of ​​research" and the "Nobel prize" for anyone who dares to criticize the health hazards of this procedure remains as backward and ignorant superstitious taciturn.
But if we look closely at the exhibition of Monsanto, what it does it is tell us which is the "RNA interference", but in any case we expose the effects of the application of technology using this cellular process.
New Monsanto Spary Kills Bugs by Messing with their genes
Of course, technology is used to silence genes in insects that feed on crops, but as is customary in the practices of agribusiness, they provide no proof to show that the RNA pesticides will not silence the recipient unwanted genes, like other components of wildlife or humans themselves.
In fact, Professor at the University of Canterbury, Jack Heinemann, published the results of a genetic research conducted in transgenic wheat from Monsanto, which showed no "no doubt" that molecules created in wheat, which aim to silence genes to change their carbohydrate content, it can affect human genes and potentially silence.
Jack Heinemann
Jack Heinemann
According analysis Heinemann, RNA silencing caused by these pesticides RNA, are altering the nutritional characteristics of crops, and can lead to significant changes in how the glucose and carbohydrates are stored in the human body , causing potentially lethal results.
Heinemann said its investigation revealed more than 770 pages of possible matches between two transgenic genes in wheat and the human genome. More than a dozen matches were "sufficient to cause gene silencing in experimental systems , " he said.
Multiple scientific studies and warn of the potential dangers of these techniques and the need to increase scientific studies before marketing these products based on RNA interference products.
One of these studies, concludes that the risks of interfering RNA used in these new genetic pesticides, known as Micro entails RNA (miRNA).

MicroRNA basically consists of small RNA fragments that interact with genes, essentially causing the suspension of certain genes that are not expressed. This Micro RNA can be found naturally in human body fluids.
However, the microRNAs also exist in plants, and research has shown that eating the wrong plant can transfer microRNA plants to humans, with potentially devastating consequences.
A study published in 2011, found that microRNA cooked plant foods such as rice, wheat and potatoes, can accumulate in the blood and tissues, leading to a number of possible health problems.
The study also revealed that microRNAs not only remains completely stable after the vegetables are cooked, but after the whole process of digestion.
capture nature
Most importantly, the researchers found a significant amount of microRNAs in the human body, concluding that:
"... Micro RNA fragments of plants are purchased mainly orally through food intake"
It has been widely shown that alters MicroRNA many critical biological processes including apoptosis (programmed process DNA fragmentation and cell death). As a result, the deregulation of microRNAs has been linked to cancer and other diseases.
Furthermore, the plant microRNA, interferes with the human microRNA by mimicking and receptor binding and also, potentially, through alterations in gene expression.
pesticides spraying dna
Back then, we face the same problem: technologies are developed and applied directly, without studying thoroughly the possible negative (or even devastating) effects, which these technologies can have not only on other living beings or the environment but on the health of humans.
So Monsanto already has a new poison against humanity to add to his arsenal and increasingly used more intensively.
After developing the PCB, DDT, Agent Orange and Roundup (glyphosate) can now cause damage to our genes with pesticides RNA, to further grow his empire of 47,000 million dollars in detriment of the environment and health of all ...

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