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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cynthia: Flesh-Eating Synthetic Bacteria that has Gone Wild

Cynthia Synthetic bacteria
Below is a translation of the web New Eastern Outlook, the independent researcher and analyst Jean Perier article.
Its content is alarming and we believe that exaggerated, both in information and in its tone and for that reason we asked readers to take it with caution and with due critical spirit.
Anyway, it's interesting and sheds some issues that in any case, must be known, or at least taken into account ...

In the near future, the planet could face a "monster" who was raised within the US corporate laboratories.
We are talking about the first synthetic bacterium, Cynthia, created "to combat oil pollution in the Gulf of Mexico , " which, according to various reports that are often ignored by the corporate media, has mutated and has begun attacking animals and humans. The organism is highly lethal and is on its way to spread to Europe.
Oil Spill
Recall that in April 2010, an explosion on an oil platform British Petroleum led to the dumping of millions of barrels of oil that polluted the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the drastic measures taken to avoid an environmental disaster, the oil spill caused by the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon platform, covered more than sixty thousand square miles.
Cynthia Synthetic bacteria
As one means of addressing the environmental catastrophe in their hands, Washington decided to take drastic measures, regardless of the possible consequences of those actions. It was at that moment when a microorganism artificially created nicknamed Cynthia was released without any examination on the possible threat that could pose to the environment.
J. Craig Venter
J. Craig Venter
Cynthia is a creation of the J. Craig Venter Institute, who has been involved in genetic engineering experiments since the beginning of the XXI century and Synthetic Genomics Inc., and was created and funded directly by BP.
It was believed that Cynthia was fed exclusively crude oil, but it is now the bacterium is also prepared to consume all forms of organic life that finds.
In 2011, Cynthia was released in the Gulf of Mexico and in the early stages of life was absorbing oil slicks at breakneck speed. In January 2011 it was reported that scientists were particularly impressed by the speed with which the bacteria was consuming oil.
Synthetic Genomics
But then the bacteria mutated and soon began to feed on organic lifeforms. Strange reports began to arrive from the US, as one who claimed that five thousand birds fell victim to an "unknown disease"in Arkansas, or other reporting that over one hundred thousand dead fish were found off the north coast of Louisiana. It was also reported that a total of 128 employees of British Petroleum who participated in the liquidation of the oil slick were infected by a mysterious disease.According to various sources they were forbidden to enter public hospitals, to prevent speak to anyone about what had happened to them.
Soon it was recorded that the disease and symptoms that are now associated with the coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico, began to spread to the mainland United States; for example, among people who were trapped by heavy rains coming from the Gulf of Mexico and also were exposed to it.
In fact, this kind of disturbing reports have become quite common, despite the restrictive measures taken by the US government to prevent this information from spreading. In particular, it has been reported that certain individuals who had the misfortune to take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico often found covered with sores, until eventually dying a few days later due to extensive internal bleeding.
Flesh Eating Bacteria in Beach
According to media reports, a person can become a victim of Cynthia in two circumstances: if it penetrates the skin barrier through a wound or if you have the misfortune of eating raw shellfish infected by this bacterium. Once the bacteria enters the body, it penetrates the layer between the skin and muscles and begins to produce a toxin that liquefies tissues.
Cynthia is known that is able to reproduce rapidly within infected cells, and which is immune to antibiotics.
According to the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), up to 40% of residents of the territories adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico have been infected with severe respiratory and skin diseases, and one of every four residents are planning to pack up and leave the area in the near future.
Man infected with Flesh Eating Bacteria
However, Washington has been dedicated to silence these reports, claiming that the increasing number of deaths can be attributed to some"unknown virus".
At the same time, we have witnessed disturbing reports that Cynthia has begun to spread to different regions of the world; about it, talking about the mass death of seals in Alaska, near the town of Barrow, who was accompanied by skin lesions and extensive damage to the internal organs of dead animals.
At the rate that bacteria propagate along with the Gulf Stream, Europe and would be at risk, something that could even destroy tourism in southern Europe if it were to its beaches. 

What is happening in the Gulf of Mexico is not a regional problem and the residents of this area are not the only ones at risk. This is a problem of global proportions. Signs of a possible bacterial infection and are beginning to appear everywhere.

Flesh eating bacteria
The mysterious and unexplained diseases affecting fish, marine mammals, animals, birds, trees and plants, arise from synthetic genomes that transform natural organisms and force them to mutate.
However, even in the initial phase of trials testing Cynthia, many experts stressed the danger of living organisms created synthetically. For example, Dr. Helen Wallace of Genewatch British organization, which oversees research in the field of genetics, said in an interview that this synthetic bacteria could pose a serious danger.
Flesh eating bacteria in Fish
In turn, the Friends of the Earth movement, stressed again and again that this scientific achievement J. Craig Venter is a threat to everyone, and that all research conducted by this institute should be quarantined and subjected review.
Many environmentalists and human rights activists argue that the US government is not prepared to regulate this revolutionary field of science.
An international organization of civil society based in Ottawa, Canada, known as ETC Group, has sounded the alarm, arguing that Venter opened the "Pandora's box" and it takes an international moratorium on development in the field of synthetic biology in private laboratories, since this type of research may pose a threat to life on the planet.
Mexican Gulf Oil Spill
Therefore, we are witnessing here the manifestation of a secret US policy on the development of new types of biological weapons?
At the end of the day, the US has been working to weaken the international standards prohibiting the development of biological weapons, while continuing to build its own military biological infrastructure and created a chain of microbiological laboratories around the world who are under the leadership of the Pentagon. The activities of these laboratories are not being supervised, so that there is absolutely no guarantee that a new type of monster you can not beat Cynthia is being created in its depths.
In these circumstances, there is an urgent need to force Washington to abide by the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction, which blocked unilaterally in 2001.
Moreover, there must be a verification mechanism to ensure that all provisions of this Convention are respected by all signatories.
Jean Perier is an independent researcher and analyst and a recognized expert in the Near and Middle East.

We know that most infections flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf of Mexico, bacillus Vibrio vulnificus come from and not a mutated Cynthia, as the author, or at least so say the official media.
Anyway, it seems to be true that this flesh-eating bacteria infections in the Gulf of Mexico have increased in recent years, since the oil accident and therefore worth taken into account.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

European Civil War Predicted by Academic of Islam

Professor Gilles Kepel, a political scientist, orientalist and French academic. He is a specialist in Islam and the Arab world, warns of a future civil war level in Europe.
Kepel argues that a growing number of young Muslims with poor employment prospects are shaping what he calls "Generation Jihad" to continue committing acts of terror throughout Europe.
He states that "the long term goal of Jihad is to destroy Generation Europe through a civil war and then build an Islamic society on the ashes"

Gilles Kepel
Gilles Kepel

According to the German newspaper Die Welt, Kepel said the goal of the terrorist group Islamic State is inciting hatred against Muslims from the rest of society, which eventually lead to the radicalization of other Muslims, until it leads to Europe it squarely goal in a total civil war.
Kepel, a specialist in contemporary Arab-Islamic world, adding that the Islamic State fans not only want to destroy Europe, but also seek to eliminate the more moderate Islamic opposition.
"Terrorism is primarily the expression of a war within Islam itself , " says Kepel.
Most Salafists are not violent, says Kepel, "But preach a cultural break with Western societies they consider unbelievers. That attracts people who see this opportunity as a way out of social frustration and engage adhere to this ideological basis embarking on a path to violence. "
Kepel believes his strategy is similar to the expansion of the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, where the terrorist organization was able to use the chaos of civil war to gradually build his strength, growing in power, and quickly take all the territories.
Kepel's comments come shortly after French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned that in France "there will be more attacks."
The French capital was put on alert last week when the French authorities dismantled a "terrorist cell" under the leadership of the Islamic State was planning to attack a train station in Paris; and a second case occurred when a car loaded with gas cylinders near Notre Dame in an incident that could have been a terrorist attack was found.
"This week at least two terrorist attacks were thwarted , " said Manuel Valls in an interview with radio station Europe 1.
Valls said that "there were 15,000 people on the radar of police and intelligence services, who were in the process of being radicalized."
"There will be new attacks, there will be innocent victims ... it is my duty to tell the truth to the French people , " Valls said.

In light of the facts and such statements, it does not take very insightful to realize two things.
-The First is that, indeed, the danger of attacks from radicalized Muslims individuals is an undeniable reality, though some of these attacks may have been staged.
-The Second is that Western authorities, as we have seen after the false flag attacks of 11-s and the subsequent "war on terror", greatly interested inciting fear of terrorism as an excuse to implement a control agenda comprehensive on the population.
And the ultimate goal of all these maneuvers, is not control "terrorists", but all of us, the entire population.
Anyone with half a brain should see that have been the authorities of the Western powers, which have created the right conditions in the Middle East so that it appeared that strange monster called Islamic State, which has received direct and indirect support of monarchies Gulf (allies of the West), Israel, Turkey and the CIA and US intelligence (everyone you should be suspicious that the new head of ISIS in Iraq, Gulmurod Khalimov, was trained by the US and then incorporated into the ranks of the Islamic State without any problem)

Gulmurod Khalimov
Gulmurod Khalimov

Once created these ideal conditions for terrorism and chaos caused by the war in Syria, it has led to a wave of refugees from those regions who have agreed to Europe and among them (oh, surprise!), They have infiltrated " lot of "terrorists hidden among the refugees.
To this sumémosle a significant number of Muslim population in Europe, which in addition to having certain problems of adaptation, living in precarious conditions enmedio the rest of the population, aggravated by the recent economic crisis problem; when we add all these factors, we have the ideal prefabricated broth culture to create social chaos, allowing the establishment of a police state and the need for surveillance of the whole population, basad in the highest technology already in development.
Migrants From Cross Into Austria Hungary On Route To Northern Europe
It seems incredible that some people like filmmaker Terry Gilliam saw it coming that would use terrorism with many years in advance, as shows in his film Brazil.
Connection while, in the middle of this breeding ground generated by "dark powers", we will see the rise of real crazy, far-right and populist fans of all kinds, including Donald Trump, Le Pen or any representative of latent extreme right in Germany, Holland, countries Scandinavia and central Europe.
They further contribute to instigate the confrontation with the Muslim world and thus exercise the role of detonating necessary for this civil confrontation.
And what will be the end of it all? Chaos, terror and growing insecurity for a wealthy and cowardly, unable to tolerate anything that the release of numbness placid population.
What the wealthy and degenerate people ask to end this insecurity? Control, of any kind and the establishment of a new type of power and authority to end the chaos.
And here is where precisely these populist far-right play his stellar role, as they precisely they who advocate more actively for the establishment of dictatorial police state precisely pursue these long-term plans for the simple fact that it is part of its ideological DNA.
But make no mistake: his actions even lead to more confrontations and social explosions, to generate a complete chaos.
A chaos that will be responsible to 3 sides:
-On The one hand, the old policy expires, incompetent and corrupt (that of our current politicians), there will be sitting with his blindness bases for such chaos.
'On the other hand, radical Islam, representative of religious fanaticism, which in turn will soon be answered by a Christian religious fanaticism.
And finally, the old populist and maddened fascist and xenophobic reactionaries political life, "that had caused so much damage throughout the twentieth century" through fascism and Nazism.
These 3 legs of chaos will be the most obvious representations of the old world that must be eradicated, so that they can lay the foundations of a new world and a new model of authority.
This new model of authority, will be based on the rule of "the best" experts, scientists and technocrats and implantation of artificial intelligence as a method of comprehensive control, with its cold ability to analyze reality, "far from human fickleness, in the form of ideologies and identity fantasies. "
All an integral part of plan to establish this New World Order, including those who allegedly face him and actually have a leading role reserved for final settlement.
The wave of terrorism that comes later and its serious social repercussions, are part of the plan of demolition of the old world and the construction of the new paradigm, which arrive through the chaos and exhaustion.
Everything has been previously calculated and perhaps the only way to stop it is to not be swayed by any of the lies that are going to count; and not take sides with any of the false sides to present us to incorporate us to them and we are part of the game.
The enemy, we have always been us and our individual liberties.
And the only hope that remains is to find ways to defeat all our enemies at once, without falling into wars and confrontations that try to drag.
Does anyone have any idea?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No Matter who Wins, United States will Provoke a War

The recent Hillary Clinton pneumonia, can become political end and in the final turn to finish giving the victory to Donald Trump this November.
For weeks, the media Trump supporters, have been warning about the poor health of Clinton, while related to it, means trying to categorize these statements as "conspiracy theories" nonsense.
Well, definitely it confirmed the poor health of Hillary Clinton. So far its fading during the commemoration of 11-S has been attributed to pneumonia, but by now no one can guarantee that this is true and that his health is much more precarious, or even suffer a serious illness or terminal.
The point is that even some members of the Democratic Party might be thinking of replacing it before the elections and all this leads directly to the conclusion that their chances of alzanzar the US presidency, are seriously depleted.
And that brings us head to start thinking about Trump as a possible US president.
Donald Trump mocks
And although many insist on self-deception and to think otherwise, the prospects for a possible victory Trump, are not exactly flattering ...
In recent months, especially in many alternative means drinking from certain ideological sources (say that rights, among which Infowars, where they seem to have gone mad in their propaganda task), to us has been selling the image of a Donald Trump allegedly contrary to American establishment, a man almost touched by the hand of God, who spoke with the voice of the people and who allegedly wanted to end the US military interventionism abroad; in contrast, we are featuring a Hillary Clinton who embodied all the evils of the hawks in Washington, a kind of beast with seven heads that would take the world to the brink of war and apocalypse.
We will not be just us who contradigamos that vision about Hillary Clinton: the facts show that the worst fears about it are more than justified, especially at the prospect of a war with Russia.
However, what is not at all justified, is the almost idyllic vision that some people have about Donald Trump.
Donald Trump Saintly
And the gestures being made in recent weeks indicate clearly that Trump not only not the US military interventionism abroad is limited, but perhaps under its mandate, the US interventionism can increase dramatically.
In fact, mental imbalances Trump, which are evident every time he opens his immense and irrepressible big mouth, remind us in some way to the unthinking invectives Rodrigo Duterte, the "insultador" Philippine president and promoter of extrajudicial killings of drug dealers ( we're not in favor of drug traffickers, but promoting such actions, promotes that you can kill anyone and then you can say it was a drug dealer, you understand the implications of which have morons like Duterte for the world?)
Rodrigo Duterte
But beyond outbursts Trump and his lack of respect for all kinds of groups, which have much to do with the TV show and satisfy a fleecy masses and raging they want to be told what they want to hear, really Trump disturbing is the shift that is experiencing gradually becoming more and more a reflection of everything that both Hillary Clinton feared.
One of the worst signs, we have had this past weekend, when he made a hint that despite seem irrelevant, actually marks the beginning of a process that can not be reversed.
On Friday, in Pensacola, Florida, Donald Trump hinted at the possibility of attacking Iran and create an international incident.
"With Iran, when they turn to our beautiful destroyers with their small boats and make gestures to our people that they should not be allowed to do, should be thrown out of the water ," Trump said.
Trump Act of War
This observation is in response to an incident last month when Iranian patrol boats to the US ships came in the Persian Gulf.
This comment, which caused a thunderous ovation from those attending the rally in Pensacola, contradicts the message that so far we had been selling, when he said he had a "non-interventionist approach to world affairs," referring to politics outside US.
Trump observing in Florida is a proof of his decision to embrace the neo-conservative agenda. As your position moves increasingly away from the non-intervention, the neoconservatives are turning to protect and support.
For example, a few days ago, the great father of the neo-conservative movement, Norman Podhoretz, said publicly that supported Trump.
Now it will say that Trump said that as a patriotic gesture to be liked by the masses, and to attract allies, but really did not think at all.
But we must put this anti-Iranian threat in perspective. As we have repeated many times in this blog, Trump is the direct service of the interests of Israel.
Trump again Israel
And among the priority interests of Israel, is the end the Iranian nuclear program and subdue and weaken Iran, an enemy of Israel exacerbated before it becomes the main power in the region.
For that reason, this first invective against Iran, marks a very dangerous milestone for the future.
Many people feared that a victory for Clinton carried attack Iran ... and is now Trump begins to walk in that direction.
Add to this the announcement of Trump, through which promises to increase US military spending when president.
This is as we explained in The Microlector:
Donald Trump is trying to put an end to cuts in military spending and allocate more funds to more than 600 billion dollars US military budget.
Trump propose a "big investment" in the US Army, which has referred on several occasions as a "disaster" in his statements.
"I'm going to reinvest in our armed forces , " Trump said in a speech at a rally in Greenville, North Carolina.
Trump Millitary
But Trump said much more:
"I will ask Congress to completely eliminate budgetary ceilings for defense , " Trump said, explaining that this would give the Department of Defense certainty on funding and allow better planning for the future.
"Without defense, we have a country , " said Trump.
The Republican candidate presented his plans to increase staff in active-duty US Army to 540,000 soldiers, adding 13 battalions to the Marines of the United States and expand the US Navy of 276 ships and submarines, to 350.
He also pledged to ensure that the US Air Force would at least 1,200 combat aircraft, the minimum necessary for its continuous according to the conservative Heritage Foundation missions.
"We will also try to develop a state of the missile defense system last generation , " Trump said.
Donald Trump at War
That effort would involve buying new destroyers capable of performing missile defense, as well as the modernization of the aging fleet of Aegis cruisers Navy, at a cost of 220 million dollars each. This, said the magnate, would result in more jobs for Americans. Military modernization would be a "50 - state effort"
Trump also promised to improve the defenses of cyberwar and even "a strong investment in offensive cyber capabilities"
"Our armed forces on active duty have decreased from 2 million in 1991 to about 1.3 million today , " Trump said in a speech in April speech.
Cath Trump
"The Navy has been reduced from more than 500 ships to 272 ships during this same time period. The Air Force is approximately one third lower than in 1991. There are pilots who fly B-52s in combat missions today. These aircraft are older than almost everyone in this room. "
In his campaign video posted on YouTube in January, Trump promised to "make our military army something so big, powerful and strong that no one will dare mess with us, absolutely nobody"
As we see clearly, all are non-interventionist proposals, not imperialist and non-Zionists own peace of a man faced with the "evil establishment" that will fight with all his strength.
Oh, what a man!
Trump crazy
For some reason we did not understand, among many alternative groups it has proliferated the absurd idea that Trump was something like a revolutionary of the people who fight against the evil designs of the NWO and that would end the US imperialists outbursts.
But the reality is that we have a billionaire, son of another billionaire, who has been enriched under establishment which is supposed to combat;that if that were not enough, he is a puppet of Israel, ready to support all its Zionist policy in the Middle East; a guy who is willing to re-arming to the teeth USA, under the slogan "Make America Great Again", to reopen the full extent of the Guantanamo prison and publicly supported the tactics of illegal CIA torture.
And on a personal level, we have a deeply racist, xenophobic, narcissistic, self-centered character, who thinks only of his own glory and that, to begin with, does not give a damn about the American citizens themselves, who undoubtedly send mass to death if it allowed some personal glory or be enrolled in the history books.
And to show a button ...
This is what Trump said in an interview, the morning of the attacks on the World Trade Center; probably he betrayed the subconscious, which helps us to do a portrait of his real personality ...
During a conversation with the television WWOR television that morning of the attacks, Trump said he had a window that looked directly at the World Trade Center and who had witnessed part of the fall of the twin towers.
He spoke of the explosion and destruction that followed.
So far so normal.
Twin Towers
The good came a few minutes after the telephone interview had begun, when the reporter asked about the Trump building which was just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center.
REPORTER: Donald, you have a building in the financial district, at 40 Wall Street. Have you suffered any damage? What happened there?
TRUMP: Well, it was an amazing phone call I did: my building at 40 Wall Street was the second tallest building in downtown Manhattan.
Actually it was ... before the towers of the World Trade Center was the tallest buildings and since they were built, my tower was known as the second highest and is now the highest and just talked to my people building and say ( the building) is the most amazing view. It's probably seven or eight blocks from the World Trade Center, yet Wall Street is covered by two feet of rubble, bricks, mortar and steel.
That is, when Donald Trump asked about the 11-s, which killed about 3000 of his "dear fellow Americans , "Trump, the great patriot, unconsciously comes to my head say that after the fall of the WTC buildings, now yours will be the tallest in Manhattan.
Is this the moron that some people want to see as the alternative to the New World Order?
Is it that we have become crazy?
The big problem is that for some time, to the masses dominates by a very simple manipulation technique: face contrary to legitimate positions.
So, if you want to legitimize a political A, for certain people to vote or follow, must face a political B generating a strong rejection among the people you want to attract.
Then people will not support the political A by what he says or what it promises, but as a means not win the political B who both hate.
This we have seen in elections in Spain, where many people "to vote against" and we see in the US, where Trump is legitimated among all those people who hates Clinton and all it represents.
And that hatred of Clinton and the federal government (and all the old political class) blinds them and prevents them from seeing what actually represents Trump ... turning us all into a mass of sheep to the slaughter.
Please, if there is any reader who believes that Trump is really an alternative to those evil powers seeking to establish the New World Order, do not hesitate to expose it in the comments, to convince us of it, because we really do not understand .
For now, we continue in terror that causes see how the masses can manipulate any kind from a pulpit, you go dropping any cobblers ...
Has anyone seen this movie?
Has anyone seen this movie?