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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

European Civil War Predicted by Academic of Islam

Professor Gilles Kepel, a political scientist, orientalist and French academic. He is a specialist in Islam and the Arab world, warns of a future civil war level in Europe.
Kepel argues that a growing number of young Muslims with poor employment prospects are shaping what he calls "Generation Jihad" to continue committing acts of terror throughout Europe.
He states that "the long term goal of Jihad is to destroy Generation Europe through a civil war and then build an Islamic society on the ashes"

Gilles Kepel
Gilles Kepel

According to the German newspaper Die Welt, Kepel said the goal of the terrorist group Islamic State is inciting hatred against Muslims from the rest of society, which eventually lead to the radicalization of other Muslims, until it leads to Europe it squarely goal in a total civil war.
Kepel, a specialist in contemporary Arab-Islamic world, adding that the Islamic State fans not only want to destroy Europe, but also seek to eliminate the more moderate Islamic opposition.
"Terrorism is primarily the expression of a war within Islam itself , " says Kepel.
Most Salafists are not violent, says Kepel, "But preach a cultural break with Western societies they consider unbelievers. That attracts people who see this opportunity as a way out of social frustration and engage adhere to this ideological basis embarking on a path to violence. "
Kepel believes his strategy is similar to the expansion of the Islamic State in Syria, Iraq and Libya, where the terrorist organization was able to use the chaos of civil war to gradually build his strength, growing in power, and quickly take all the territories.
Kepel's comments come shortly after French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned that in France "there will be more attacks."
The French capital was put on alert last week when the French authorities dismantled a "terrorist cell" under the leadership of the Islamic State was planning to attack a train station in Paris; and a second case occurred when a car loaded with gas cylinders near Notre Dame in an incident that could have been a terrorist attack was found.
"This week at least two terrorist attacks were thwarted , " said Manuel Valls in an interview with radio station Europe 1.
Valls said that "there were 15,000 people on the radar of police and intelligence services, who were in the process of being radicalized."
"There will be new attacks, there will be innocent victims ... it is my duty to tell the truth to the French people , " Valls said.

In light of the facts and such statements, it does not take very insightful to realize two things.
-The First is that, indeed, the danger of attacks from radicalized Muslims individuals is an undeniable reality, though some of these attacks may have been staged.
-The Second is that Western authorities, as we have seen after the false flag attacks of 11-s and the subsequent "war on terror", greatly interested inciting fear of terrorism as an excuse to implement a control agenda comprehensive on the population.
And the ultimate goal of all these maneuvers, is not control "terrorists", but all of us, the entire population.
Anyone with half a brain should see that have been the authorities of the Western powers, which have created the right conditions in the Middle East so that it appeared that strange monster called Islamic State, which has received direct and indirect support of monarchies Gulf (allies of the West), Israel, Turkey and the CIA and US intelligence (everyone you should be suspicious that the new head of ISIS in Iraq, Gulmurod Khalimov, was trained by the US and then incorporated into the ranks of the Islamic State without any problem)

Gulmurod Khalimov
Gulmurod Khalimov

Once created these ideal conditions for terrorism and chaos caused by the war in Syria, it has led to a wave of refugees from those regions who have agreed to Europe and among them (oh, surprise!), They have infiltrated " lot of "terrorists hidden among the refugees.
To this sumémosle a significant number of Muslim population in Europe, which in addition to having certain problems of adaptation, living in precarious conditions enmedio the rest of the population, aggravated by the recent economic crisis problem; when we add all these factors, we have the ideal prefabricated broth culture to create social chaos, allowing the establishment of a police state and the need for surveillance of the whole population, basad in the highest technology already in development.
Migrants From Cross Into Austria Hungary On Route To Northern Europe
It seems incredible that some people like filmmaker Terry Gilliam saw it coming that would use terrorism with many years in advance, as shows in his film Brazil.
Connection while, in the middle of this breeding ground generated by "dark powers", we will see the rise of real crazy, far-right and populist fans of all kinds, including Donald Trump, Le Pen or any representative of latent extreme right in Germany, Holland, countries Scandinavia and central Europe.
They further contribute to instigate the confrontation with the Muslim world and thus exercise the role of detonating necessary for this civil confrontation.
And what will be the end of it all? Chaos, terror and growing insecurity for a wealthy and cowardly, unable to tolerate anything that the release of numbness placid population.
What the wealthy and degenerate people ask to end this insecurity? Control, of any kind and the establishment of a new type of power and authority to end the chaos.
And here is where precisely these populist far-right play his stellar role, as they precisely they who advocate more actively for the establishment of dictatorial police state precisely pursue these long-term plans for the simple fact that it is part of its ideological DNA.
But make no mistake: his actions even lead to more confrontations and social explosions, to generate a complete chaos.
A chaos that will be responsible to 3 sides:
-On The one hand, the old policy expires, incompetent and corrupt (that of our current politicians), there will be sitting with his blindness bases for such chaos.
'On the other hand, radical Islam, representative of religious fanaticism, which in turn will soon be answered by a Christian religious fanaticism.
And finally, the old populist and maddened fascist and xenophobic reactionaries political life, "that had caused so much damage throughout the twentieth century" through fascism and Nazism.
These 3 legs of chaos will be the most obvious representations of the old world that must be eradicated, so that they can lay the foundations of a new world and a new model of authority.
This new model of authority, will be based on the rule of "the best" experts, scientists and technocrats and implantation of artificial intelligence as a method of comprehensive control, with its cold ability to analyze reality, "far from human fickleness, in the form of ideologies and identity fantasies. "
All an integral part of plan to establish this New World Order, including those who allegedly face him and actually have a leading role reserved for final settlement.
The wave of terrorism that comes later and its serious social repercussions, are part of the plan of demolition of the old world and the construction of the new paradigm, which arrive through the chaos and exhaustion.
Everything has been previously calculated and perhaps the only way to stop it is to not be swayed by any of the lies that are going to count; and not take sides with any of the false sides to present us to incorporate us to them and we are part of the game.
The enemy, we have always been us and our individual liberties.
And the only hope that remains is to find ways to defeat all our enemies at once, without falling into wars and confrontations that try to drag.
Does anyone have any idea?

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