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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Follow The Mystery: Why SpaceX Rocket Exploded?

On 1 September, a rocket private company SpaceX, owned by billionaire Elon Musk broke out during a technical test in Cape Canaveral, destroying the expensive Israeli satellite of the Israeli company Spacecom whose clients include Facebook and should be put into orbit two days later.
The incident has begun to generate all kinds of theories, from the already usual "UFO" conspiracies related to sabotage related to international competition for the succulent and growing business of satellites and private space transportation.
One of the aspects that has raised suspicions, comes from the own recording of the explosion, in which you can see a strange object flying in front of the rocket, immediately before the explosion.
According to the Israeli website DEBKAfile, just one day after the explosion that destroyed the rocket and the satellite Amos-6 very expensive which was put into orbit, some experts of the Israeli aerospace industry and seriously began to suspect sabotage.
According to Israeli experts, it is highly unusual that an accident of this type occurs in a standard pre-launch stage, prior to ignition of the rocket engines.
Immediately after the event, the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk said"there was an anomaly in the upper level of oxygen tank, while the fuel was loaded into the vehicle"
Two days later, Musk attributed the explosion to a "rapid fire" instead of an explosion.
In addition, US experts are speculating about the presence of a strange unidentified object contained in the recording of the blast, which flies over the area precisely when the fireball occurs.
Some suggest that it was a great bird, while others claim that the object is too large and too fast to be a bird. Needless to say, as always, there are 1000 theories of extraterrestrial origin of the object, which we will overlook.
Then we put a video of the explosion ...

And here a video of UFO media, which nevertheless offers good pictures ...

In Israel, some informed sources suggest that the reason for the destruction of the satellite Amos 6 satellites is far from technical and probably never come to light.
According to Israeli sources consulted by DEBKAfile, there are 3 possible causes for the explosion of the rocket and the satellite destruction very expensive:
1. Strong competition between companies of eight countries that manufacture satellites. The last Israeli communications satellite Amos series, with a cost of $ 200 million, was the most sophisticated manufactured so far. Some international competitor may have decided to expel Israel out of space competition, destroying its latest and most advanced product. It is estimated that this "accident" has set back several years to the satellite industry in Israel.
2. The other reason could be connected with the fact that Amos 6 would be the first satellite of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg had announced that Amos 6, scheduled for launch in geostationary orbit on Sept. 3, would open much of sub-Saharan Africa to Internet use.
His loss has forced Zuckerberg postpone their plans.
This plan coincided perfectly with Israel's own covert plans of the last 3 years, by which Israel intended to "expand their ties" (ie, your domain) long Africa. The Facebook project fit well with this policy.
3. The Israeli satellite operator Spacom, had just signed a contract for the sale of 285 dollars with Beijing Xinwei Technology, which depended largely on the successful launch of Amos 6. One competitor of Israel may be chasing the Chinese contract .
SpaceX Explosion
Other interesting about the causes of the explosion information, offers us the web Veterans Today (VT).
According to this website, the whitish color of the explosion would be consistent with the possibility of a small nuclear device that had detonated the rocket.
To support this theory, Ian Greenhalgh, VT, presents a picture of the explosion, namely the moment of detonation, which would show a ball of white spherical plasma and lens flare as X.
Greenhalgh claims to have sought the assistance of expert web VT in nuclear devices, Jeff Smith.
According to the people of VT, if a lithium battery, such as carrying rocket with enough X rays it will impact, that would cause a small nuclear chain reaction, causing an explosion.
Apparently, Space X commonly used lithium batteries in the rocket Falcon-9, which can be found in the User Guide Falcon-9: "Both the first and the second stages host their own batteries redundant lithium ion to minimize the complexity of the electrical interface "
According to Jeff Smith: "Lithium 6, when it is exposed to large amounts of X - rays, can cause a reaction of fission-fusion small, called nuclear trigger. The lens flare as X, was produced by heating the air surrounding the jet white X - rays, in this case, the rocket "
Did an UFO destroy SpaceX
This would explain the mechanism that was used to trigger the explosion: an intense bombardment of X rays on lithium batteries rocket itself, which according to Jeff Smith, could be achieved by using X-ray laser
Apparently, X-ray lasers exist for some time; They were conceived in the 1970s and its development began in the 1980s as part of the Strategic Defense Initiative or "Star Wars Program" launched during the Reagan era.
According VT, the development of such weapons, at least by the US, it has continued since then to become a practical and usable weapon.
Finally the people therefore concludes that the VT-X space rocket was destroyed because someone ran a X-ray laser weapon against lithium batteries aboard the rocket.
The truth is that hardly know the real causes of the explosion of the rocket, but the idea of ​​sabotage for economic and geopolitical reasons, is more than plausible ... and the use of a weapon of X-ray, but can not confirm that effectively out used, it does not seem to be an idea of ​​science fiction.
However, there will always be those who prefer to have come to believe that beings from other worlds to destroy the satellite Facebook ...

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