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Friday, September 9, 2016

Putin’s Favorite Chauffer Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV

Putin Car Accident
There are indications that the crash of one of the official cars of the Russian government, which ended with the death of President Putin's favorite driver is not a chance event.
just a few weeks, Mike Morell, former deputy director of the CIA ago, made some shocking statements during a television interview in which he explicitly advocated eliminate people trusted around annoying leaders for the US (mainly referring to Russia, Iran and Assad in Syria).
With enormous shamelessness, Morell called for the murder of Russian and Iranian and advocated ending the life of bodyguards and people trust the Syrian president as well as his best generals.
Morell did not speak to directly kill the leaders "enemies" but destroy people who formed their closest circles of trust. (Put the transcript of his criminal statements at end of article)
A few weeks later, has died considered favorite driver Vladimir Putin, a trusted the Russian leader with 40 years of driving experience and yet lost control strangely, in circumstances of little conflicting circulation, while driving a high-end vehicle equipped with the best aids to driving the market ... a vehicle however, can be hacked ...
Notably Morell is a person close to Hillary Clinton, especially through its links with Beacon Global Strategies LLC, a strategic advisory based in Washington, specializing in issues of international politics, foreign affairs, national defense, cyber, intelligence and national security.
Michael Morell
Next we put a transcript of statements Morell, already insinuate the perpetration of selective killings among people trusted by the main enemy leaders, something that would fit perfectly with a possible attack against Putin's chauffeur ...

MORELL MIKE: I would tell them what it takes to end the Assad government, as well as for Iranians and Russians pay the right price (so we have). 
When we were in Iraq, Iran supplying arms to Shiite militias who killed American soldiers on the spot, so in Syria we have to make them pay the price Iranians so we did. 
And we also have to make them pay the price the Russians.
INTERVIEWER: We will pay the price for killing Russians?

INTERVIEWER: And kill Iranians?
MORELL MIKE: Yes covertly.. the world will not tell any of this. You will not tell the world from the Pentagon "We have done this", but you make sure they know in Moscow.
You must go after those things that Assad considers his personal power base. You want to scare Assad. You have to go for his presidential guard. You should bomb their offices in the middle of the night.
INTERVIEWER: That's what happened two years ago with his brother ...
MORELL MIKE: You must destroy his presidential plane when it is on land, destroy his presidential helicopters. You want to let you know that going after him. I do not advocate murder, I'm not advocating this, I am advocating go for what he regards as his personal power base and what he needs to survive. You should make you think things are not going to end well for him. You should subject him to pressure, you should pressurizing the Russians, you must pressurizing the Russians, to (attend summits diplomatic pressure) ...
Although in this interview Morell makes explicit reference to Assad, it is curious to see how the same tactic of "harassing environment" of President Assad, and also hints for Russians and Iranians, it could be reflected in the possible attack against the driver of putin.
Consider that the US can hardly get to undermine Putin, due to the impressive security measures around him ... but maybe can kill people from their strict confidence when they are separated from the president.
Recall that when the alleged favorite driver died in Moscow Putin, the Russian president was at the summit of G-20 in China.
And let us note again, like we did in the article about the accident car Putin, who despite lot of Western media (The Independent, The Mirror, The Sun, The Express, Daily Mail, Breitbart and a long etc ...) have dealt with the accident and talked the driver died as a "personal driver and preferred Putin," no news found on the subject in the channels of international propaganda of the Kremlin (RT and Sputnik), neither have only burlesque denials made routinely perform to the Western media when they manipulate, exaggerate or lie about something related to Putin or Russia.
Russian is precisely this silence, which makes us suspect ...
Putin Car accident Screenshot

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