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Thursday, September 1, 2016


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In recent days, there is talk in the media about receiving a strong radio signal from a not too distant star, which could come from an extraterrestrial civilization.
Something that has been debunked recently and contradictorily, causes many more questions than answers.
In fact, the moment in the absence of further information, we can see that after this affair seems to hide some kind of maneuver that can only qualify as strange.
Let's start with the headlines we initially offered the media, when the powerful signal of possible extraterrestrial origin became public ...
For example, in the newspaper ABC, we exposed so ...
A powerful radio signal from a star 95 light years, baffles scientists
It has a great power and comes from a particular point in space, which makes it an excellent candidate to track long-term
An international team of researchers has public make a disturbing finding: a powerful radio signal, with the potential to be issued by an extraterrestrial civilization.
The signal comes from HD164595, a Sun-like star in the constellation of Hercules, with an estimated age of 6,300 million years and a distance of 95 light years from Earth.
Capture Discovery MAX
But few hours after making public this information, it has all been disproved, and certainly suddenly fraught with contradictions.
The contradictions just needed to convince part of the population that perhaps "we are hiding something" ...
This is how they have reported the denial in a mass medium like the Country ...
During the last two nights, the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) has directed its radio antennas in the direction of the HD 164595 star, a star like the Sun at 94 light years from Earth.
The ATA is a network of 42 telescopes built in the astronomical observatory in Hat Creek, California, run by the SETI Institute, an institution dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. His intention was to confirm or rule out the existence of a strange signal detected more than a year before by another radio telescope, the RATAN-600 in Zelenchukskaya (Russia), in the northern Caucasus.
From the afternoon of August 28 they have turned their telescopes in the direction of HD 164595.
So far, they have not seen a trace of the signal.
One of the most heterodox aspects of this story is that the observation occurred in May 2015.
It was the only time in 39 attempts that Russian astronomers were able to observe and failed to alert the SETI community so far, more than a year later. Shostak explains that according to standard protocols, "if the signal appears to have a deliberate extraterrestrial origin, one of the first things you need to do is contact with others to try to confirm the observations. That was not done in this case. "
In short, the astronomer believes that although there is a possibility that the radio signal comes from a society that tries to speak, "there are many other plausible explanations [...], including terrestrial interference."
Country 2 capture
In this regard, the Russian media have come to justify the received signal as follows ...
The researcher Yulia Sotnikova issued a statement Wednesday through the Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Science saying that analysis "revealed the most likely terrestrial origin (signal)", and astronomers around the world are looking for more signals.
" It can be safely said that none of the wanted signal has been detected yet , " says the statement.
In an interview with Russian state news agency TASS, Sotnikova not reported a source for the signal, the signal saying "probably was a land disturbance".
One possibility is a satellite. Alexander Ipatov, director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Science, told TASS that during "the Soviet period" was in a group of astronomers at the observatory Zelenchukskaya southwest of Russia who discovered an "unusual sign."
"However, further revisions showed that emanated from a Soviet military satellite, which had not entered any of the catalogs of celestial bodies", Ipatov said.
Anyway, the Standing Committee discussed the fact SETI September 27 in Guadalajara, Mexico, believing that the signal is "interesting" regardless of their origin.
cnn capture
Well, it seems that the media have swallowed these explanations, although this set of news, provoke more questions than answers ...
The first question is: if Russian astronomers working in conjunction with the SETI community, dedicated to search for extraterrestrial life, the signal detected 1 year ago why not warned their foreign colleagues? Did they want to hide something?
The most plausible explanation for this concealment, it would be that the Russians tried to hide the other countries, they had detected the signal from the earth itself.
And if concealed, most reasonable would think that knew their origin and decided to hide it for some reason, possibly related to Russian national security (the own Alexander Ipatov gives us a clue about it: a possible satellite secret like that detected in Soviet times).
Another possibility that has been put forward in some ways, it would be that the Russians have hidden the signal to try to get itself out of such detection (what kind of benefit can be drawn to detect a signal and hide others?)
The question is: if they withheld this information for one year and none of his colleagues from other countries knew nothing, why publish the information now, claiming that the signal comes from a particular planetary system and causing the news appears in the media all the world?
If no one had heard for a year and had hidden on purpose, it was not necessary to do so public, causing such a stir right?
Why 3 days after going public, the Russians themselves reveal that the signal comes from "the land" or some "disturbance or terrestrial interference" if precisely hide its existence and origin, would be the only reason they had hidden for a whole year?
Do you see the strange contradictions in this matter?
seti (1)
The only thing they have achieved thus these Russian astronomers, is to generate a set of negative effects and no benefit: publicly state that they had hidden information, raise questions about the causes of such concealment, irritate his fellow scientists from other countries and raise false suspicions about the source of the signal in media around the world.
All harm and no benefit. Which in any case they could have been avoided by keeping your mouth shut.
So, here's something that does not fit.
And this lack of fit, is precisely what gives wings to the conspiracy theories about the possible existence of "an extraterrestrial signal that we would be hidden."

Two years ago, we wrote a speculative article on our blog Gazzetta Revelation, which anticipated the possibility that a signal of this type could be used to make one (and also political and economic) social manipulation on a large scale, plot was used as vehicle to undertake a set of major global reforms.
The fundamental vehicular deception of this kind already exists instrument: there is a huge amount of people who "want to believe it," by multiple factors: first, because they have scheduled them for years through media, entertainment and alternative to believe it; and also because believing in extraterrestrial contact or even in an alien potential threat, it could be exciting not only for the masses of people with boring lives, but for all human society numbed and no apparent major objectives at the level of civilization, as is the actual.
Yes, this must be one of the few, if not the only blog "alternative world", he believes that there may be a conspiracy at the highest levels, not to hide the presence of aliens, but to simulate it.
At least someone should start to consider this possibility seriously.
Although we believe that possible moment "false contact" has not yet come, this set of contradictory news, they could be part of a process that was in that direction (and that could culminate with the reception of a signal much more disturbing, in a not too distant future).
For this reason, then we reproduce again that article, because we believe that the speculations that we explained it increasingly acquire more sense ...

No kidding: IS A FALSE is orchestrating ALIEN CONTACT?
comp 2_00000
In recent months we are witnessing lot of news about outer space.
Continually, we see related to Mars, Pluto, like our own planets, distant stars and news search for extraterrestrial life.
Beyond the possible or not possible existence of extraterrestrial life, that today almost no one doubts, the truth is that there seems to be a growing interest in talking about this issue.
As an example, we have known the plans of Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, who has launched an ambitious scientific project of 100 million dollars, called Initiative Breakthrough, whose main objective is the search for extraterrestrial life, with the support of renowned scientists as Stephen Hawking.
milner capture
Also in 2015 we learned that NASA's Kepler telescope had discovered the first planet outside the solar system that could be similar to Earth and capable of sustaining life. They say the news: "unlike other similarly sized planets, the newly discovered is in a habitable zone, near a sun - like star, 1400 light years away."
kepler capture
This 2016, has appeared a similar story:
They find a planet similar to Earth
An international group of astronomers has found a planet around Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the sun.
Dubbed Next b, the planet is in the habitable zone, or region around a star where conditions permit liquid water, and it is estimated that its mass is slightly larger than the Earth.
The finding, made in the context of the observation campaign Pale Red Spot, is published in the journal Nature.
Even the Vatican is interested in it, as we pointed out in the article entitled The Vatican astronomers are launched to search for "Brothers Extraterrestrials"
The truth is that all these discoveries and initiatives are tremendously exciting and no one will ever doubt.
But there is also the possibility that hide a secret interest.
And is that beyond the obvious scientific interest on the subject, certain globalist elites, they may seem very convenient to talk about possible extraterrestrial life.
The idea of ​​an alien species has enormous potential globalizador psychologically able to break down the conceptual barriers of our cultural, ethnic, religious or national differences.
Precisely the kind of barriers that need to knock down the globalist elites to establish a centralized world government.
If we knew that there is an extraterrestrial civilization, there is an alien species out there, different from all of us, we would no longer see ourselves as Mexican, Spanish, Dutch, Nigerian, Chinese or Americans and would spend to see us just as humans, in contrast to these aliens.
All these barriers fall and be born the need to establish global bodies that unite us more and better as a species, to respond more efficiently to the new challenges posed shape.
Receive an alien signal could be the key element to establish a New World Order.
In a previous article we wrote in the Gazzetta of Revelation, elucubramos about this possibility and we consider how the elite of this planet could simulate, easily and effectively, a false alien contact to achieve their plans.
Some of the speculations we did in this article, are reinforced by recent statements by one of the scientists involved in the Breakthrough Initiative, the Australian scientist Matthew Bailes.
Bailes "advises that humanity offers no answer, in case of receiving an alien signal, since a hypothetical contact with extraterrestrials could have a tragic outcome for our species, as if aliens were able to transmit such a powerful signal for thousands light years, that would mean that they are much more advanced than us. "
As we shall see in the next article we wrote in the Gazzetta, this preventive extraterrestrial contact, "fear" would be an essential element in the implementation of the plans of the elites ...


the event will focus the global public interest for decades approaches ...
The event will be qualified as "the biggest story in history".
Perhaps now you look like a fantasy ... but apparently, soon "contact with aliens."
And when that happens, nothing will ever be the same. The world changed forever.
Indications that the time approaches have them around you.
captures the forefront aliens 2
More and more clues that the time is coming ...
bill clinton aliens
But make no mistake.
The aim of this article is not to convince you of the existence of alien civilizations, nor convince you otherwise. No talk or UFOs, or abductees, or secret military bases.
That falls within the beliefs and judgment of each.
The aim of this article is to warn of a possible large-scale manipulation related to this alleged "historic event".
And, although many people think otherwise, the elites who rule the world would be interested greatly to news like this; the discovery of an extraterrestrial civilization would represent the ultimate accolade for his plans of world domination.
It would be his masterstroke, his checkmate, the greatest deception in the history of mankind.
Consider that to perform a manipulation of such magnitude, it only needs properly sow the minds of the people so that delusion root ... and as we indicated in a previous article titled ALIENS AND SOCIAL HANDLING , that mental conditioning already occurred in the last decades.
ets capture and social manipulation
The popular culture and has fully integrated the necessary concepts: vehicularlos only makes lack of the most convenient way.
Thus, the chips are already on the board ... just have to decide how and when to run the final movement.
wallpapers hd wallpapers chess (6)
To perform an operation of this scale, it is necessary to achieve a perfect balance between impact that causes the news, credibility is granted and the effects they cause.
Keep in mind that we are talking about public and orchestrated staging of a fake alien contact and therefore an operation type "false flag".
Some people automatically think of the emergence of huge alien ships plying our skies, in true Hollywood movie or false alien sent imagine, recorded live by television, visiting the White House and presenting credentials style.
greeting ultimatum
That is a naive and somewhat peliculera, own vision of the wildest dreams of a child. In networks it is already supposed theories about, for example, the esperpéntico "Blue Beam Project".
blue beam capture wiki
But basing a hoax on such visual devices would be a serious mistake, for many reasons. The main reason is that it would require a huge budget, a team of people responsible for carrying it out too broad and too complex. And as we all know, as more complex a plan, more variables must be controlled, they can be more loose ends and therefore more likely they are to take a mistake that ruined everything planned to occur.
Therefore, for a plan of this type work, it must be simple and effective.
And above all, plausible and realistic.
Flying Saucers
If things are done the "right way", the truth is we will not see even one alien. Not a single spacecraft. Not only a mysterious light in the skies.
They will not be necessary.
Because the direction of a move like this should not fall into the hands of a film director and a group of specialists in special effects.
It should lie in the hands of a "writer", ie a narrator.
And in this case, surprisingly, the greatest effect is achieved with the simplest and cheapest option.
The only thing required would be ... a radio signal and a good story.
As simple as that.
Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA)
The best way to start a maneuver of this kind would be to simulate the reception of a "subtle signal" in a radio telescope, such as the famous Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico or the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array), to give an couple of examples.
Arecibo radiotelescope
That signal would be properly built at source; the data would be "manufactured" in order to make it appear that come unmistakably an intelligent and complex source, ie, an advanced alien civilization.
Once made, these data would be provided to networks corresponding analysis in scientific bodies in charge of it, such as universities, research centers or networks SETI project.
But the great discovery would not be made public immediately ...
The key to give credibility, reside precisely in initially hide it from the public.
At first, making it a rumor based on partial and contradictory information published in a magazine or website specializing in science and technology, which quickly would be denied by "official scientific" sources, calling the findings "hasty and based on a misinterpretation of the data".
This official denial would be the key.
top secret file 2
Because once this first official denial, one would need to start the machinery ufological alternative media, which would be responsible to make it a conspiracy theory.
Then, the hook would already cast.
Thousands of volunteers, passionate about ufology and eager to uncover "alien conspiracies", would be responsible for performing the dirty work, spreading the rumor free and providing their own interpretations of the facts.
They not matter at all inventions and absurdities that they could invent or speculate, because all of them inadvertently contribute to the creation of breeding grounds necessary.
That is the role that would play alternative media, most unconsciously and involuntarily. Although among them there would be a small elite at the service of the plot minority, with malice aforethought, lead the rest of the "alternative flock."
THE HERO It would then once would have generated the ideal environment in the most enthusiastic conspiratorial circles, when appear the figure of the "hero filtrador", the "champion of truth" in the style of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange.
A scientist or astronomer heroic, skipping the instructions of their superiors or the secrecy imposed by the authorities, the public would find in a newspaper or official media.
His message would be: "It's the biggest news in the history of mankind We can not hide! The people must know! "
At this point, the events precipitate.
At first, a cloak of official silence would cover everything.
The heads of state and senior leaders would refuse to talk about it in press conferences, questioned by the media, warming with his attitude even more the environment.
NATO Summit meetings of Heads of State and Government - Final press conference
His response to these impertinent questions would be a nervous little smile accompanied by the typical "no comment" or "this is not the issue that we must address here."
In fact, many of them would have no reason to know what is really happening ...
news about secret meetings at a high level then publish, from prestigious investigative journalists of print media to which they would filter properly the information necessary for the disseminated.
Rumors multiply and all help for days or weeks, to create a growing climate of mystery and expectation, generating an open discussion on alternative media and some descolocamiento in the mainstream media, need an official confirmation.
This lack of harmony between "official" and "alternative" further contribute to generate the feeling "that hides something."
And it would be at that time, in which the media accumulated tension reached the necessary degree, when the great leaders escenificarían the "historic moment", the final emotional impact.
After hours of uncertainty, the middle of contradictory and rumors about unscheduled trips of the great leaders news, a joint appearance would take place at the headquarters of the United Nations, after an urgent call for the General Assembly, which publicly would the news to the world: the detection of a complex signal of extraterrestrial origin unmistakable, that would confirm definitely that we are not alone in the universe.
UN General Assembly
All this would be accompanied, of course, a series of historical speeches of major world leaders, especially the president of the US, Russia and China.
UN parliaments
A highlight historic event, stuffed full of iconic images for posterity and sold with great detail, now by the mainstream media.
And depending on the political circumstances in which events occur, the effect could be much higher.
For example, if all this happened in the middle of a tense atmosphere between the superpowers an unprecedented multiplier effect be achieved.
How would the world, in the event that the US and Russia were engaged in a serious escalation of diplomatic tension near a military confrontation, suddenly, their top leaders appeared together to give a story of this magnitude and depth?
obama putin 2
What would be the extraordinary effect that an event like this would have on public opinion?
Is that alien signal would not be considered almost as a providential sign from heaven, even the most die-hard atheists?
Would anyone dare to question the authenticity of a signal saved the world from a possible World War III?
With this maneuver, the signal would be coated with a certain aura of "brightness" of a "kind of planetary union" spirit, by which represent deny identify with the most negative aspects of being human.
In addition, the first sign should receive an emblematic and memorable name, which became part of popular imagination forever, like Halley's Comet or the planet Saturn and if possible, associate some kind of visual image.
In short, give face and name to live forever within our minds.
639x360_1389719358_viaje space
As we see, with a good narrative it is not necessary to show not a single alien ship.
In fact, in these circumstances, the maxim "less is more" would apply.
Proper management of very little information and a lot of unknowns can be used to generate high levels of narrative tension, much more useful and effective than explicitly show huge flying saucers flying across the sky.
An example: Suppose you're locked / a in a room and listen disturbing scratches and bumps on the wall, accompanied by profound and indescribable grunts. Then I tell you the other side of the wall is a monstrous being, which aims to make a hole with its claws to access the room and eat you. You know nothing of the monster, you do not know what your size or appearance. You only hear their grunts and gasps maddening and incessant frenzy of its claws chipping cement and bricks and not know when you get to the hole in the wall and rush on you. Just what you hear, working hard to get it.
Now tell me what is more frightening? Do not know what the monster and when you attack or face view directly monster?
The key to this manipulation, then, lies in the uncertainty and the accumulation of unknowns. That you think the monster is there but you do not know what will happen, what will happen or when it will happen.
This manipulator the expense and effort of having to create a "fictitious monster" with the risks involved and allows you to maintain control and compass of the situation as it deems necessary time saving. All advantages ...
rubberjohnny 2
In the case of false alien contact, the same technique would be used.
Instead of explicitly show the aliens and watch us facing directly to your presence, a constant feeling of uncertainty, information insinuation that well managed could still take years would be generated.
The narrative vehicle would "know they are there, we know they are very advanced, but do not know if we were detected, nor know their intentions. And above all, we do not know what will happen if they come to visit "
TURNS plot Once created this scenario, we just need to be adding little twists and input information to keep the tension high.
Small signs or disturbing clues from the analysis of the information received extraterrestrial signals. Questions that suggest answers, although not explicitly offer.
As these pieces of cement started to hear them falling on the other side of the wall, scraping what appear sharp claws or disturbing guttural grunts of what appears to be a huge hungry beast.
Images that exist only in your mind and just need a good suggestion.
ALMA telescope-676x450
In the case of the alien signal, these twists would take the form of new signals, received at the right time, when public pressure about diminished.
Signals that throw lots of unknowns and possible interpretations, some of them disturbing.
Would not it be disturbing, for example, know that these signals come from our "cosmic neighborhood"?
Would not it be even more disturbing to discover that these signals do not always come from the exact same point in space?
What if after a couple of years since the first signal a new signal is received from a point much closer still, but with the same characteristics?
cosmos 2
This would denote movement by that extraterrestrial civilization. That is, mean they are able to travel through space at high speed.
A powerful image ... and disturbing.
Immersed in this new stage of history, they appear multiple narrators, although not all fulfill the same role or dispondrían the same credibility.
Alternative means Again appear the alternative media, fans embodied in ufology. They would be responsible for spreading psychosis and paranoia. And again, it would be necessary to pay for them to play such a role.
ufos magazines
Millions of people around the world would be predisposed to see UFOs, saucers and mysterious lights everywhere, set in a climate of panic.
The sightings multiply and jokes and manipulations.
Ufologists, with the backing of the discovery of extraterrestrial life would become a sort of new popular priests. Those who "and warned of what was happening" and that "nobody cared" ...
How many of them, now endorsed in his convictions, they would be willing to face the possibility of a manipulation?
And above all, how these ufologists act against anyone who dared suggest that extraterrestrial contact is a fallacy?
Indeed, they, unintentionally, would become the core of manipulation.
Would the new fanatical priesthood, able to burn "heretics".
A curious reversal of roles ... a masterful manipulation.
Official science But ultimately, credibility and prestige would fall to a small circle of government scientists, top representatives of the technocratic paradigm toward which the world is heading.
v2pg22-selling out-pa
They would be the central narrators of the situation, as would be the last charge to interpret and analyze the data received and to develop theories destined to become the official truth.
With the support of science, media and governments, a hint his would be a thousand times more terrifying than the ecstatic screaming apocalyptic ufologist.
With its cold, clinical data and their well-founded theories, we would feel the breath of the spectral alien civilization whenever raise our eyes to the sky and we could not help but be observed and threatened by an unknown ghost every time we looked at the stars.
evil eye space
That would be his great role: a calm, quiet voice, we sell the shadow of the latent threat and the urgent need to establish a strong centralized command and on a global scale.
A global government that overcomes the old and inefficient past differences, in order to prepare humanity to the new challenges posed to it.
The new social, economic and political paradigm.
The old dream of the elites.
And who could refuse given the situation?
Remember the horror room? Remember the monster that threatens you from the other side of the wall? If a policeman is with you in the room, dressed in his uniform and his weapon and assures you that if you obey all orders will save the monster, not follow each and every one of his instructions without question? Are not you deliver them all the authority and power to deal with such a desperate situation? ¿You hesitate to do so? He thinks the monster is still scratching the wall and nobody knows when they get to break into the room ...
Therein lies the big play.
And as you have seen, to carry out only a good story you need ...
A simulation exercise Obviously, everything we've told in this article are just a set of speculations, assumptions and theories.
In the background, we have put us in the skin of the elites and have imagined what would we do if we were in place and we would like to achieve certain objectives.
This is an exercise that everyone should do, alone or in meetings with friends even if as a fun or play.
This is imagine what kind of manipulations done by governments or powerful people to achieve their ends, an exercise similar to the simulation you can run a Think Tank, but much more informal way and with few resources.
Obviously, there are many loose ends and exposed so far is nothing more than a very superficial sketch.
But there is increasing evidence pointing in this direction and it is worth trying to be advanced to the events.
Vatican extraterrestrial brothers
Broadly speaking, we have seen a possible way to do this manipulation ... But what would be looking to do something like this?
And above all, what could manage to get?

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