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Monday, October 24, 2016

10 Sport Stars Who Moved Into Porn

They say that sex is the best exercise but it’s hard to imagine a sexual marathon that would compare to actually running a marathon. Yet, not every professional athlete has managed to make their mark on the sport they began with and many have to turn to other careers. Some, you might be surprised to learn, have even made the jump into sexual athleticism and today we bring you sports stars who moved into porn.

Jonathan De Falco (Footballer – Racing Mechelen)
The Belgian professional footballer Jonathan De Falco never really impressed on the pitch and his career was going nowhere when he was dropped permanently for a sporting injury. He didn’t let that stop him and once he left the team – he danced in nightclubs to earn a coin. Then moved into “massage services” before getting his break in gay porn. This wasn’t the best news for his girlfriend who was soon supplanted by a boyfriend who the pornstar has now introduced to his parents as his partner.

Jon Koppenhaver (MMA – War Machine)

“War Machine”, Jon Koppenhaver, has led something of a troubled life. He was chucked out of MMA life for being somewhat of a prima donna. So given that there’s not a huge demand for ex-MMA experts in the real world; he thought he’d try his hand at porn. It wasn’t a long career as his temper got the better of him at a porn star’s party and after he attacked a few guests; he was dumped from porn. Then he went to prison, for attempted murder no less, where he tried to hang himself.

Jackie Chan (Kung Fu)

Jackie Chan is, of course, a mega star today and it’s hard to imagine that the world’s most insane Kung Fu artist (he does all his own stunts in his films and if famous for having broken every bone in his body for doing so) would need to spend time in porn. But 31 years ago Jackie fell on hard times in Hong Kong and ended up starting in a porno called “All in the Family” . Fortunately for Jackie better times were lurking around the corner.

Joanie Laurer (WWE – Chyna)

WWE’s Chyna was a huge star and a somewhat masculine looking lady in the ring. It appears that once she’d got out of the ring that she’d entered a race to demonstrate to the entire human race that she really does have a vagina. She recorded “One Night in China” ostensibly a “leaked sex tape” but without the pretense that it was any such thing. She sold it to porno distributors immediately and then went on to pose for the cover.

Robert Rosenberg (Boxer)
Robert Rosenberg’s done way more porn that fighting. He’s actually been in over 8,000 porn scenes in the European porn producer’s BangBros’ videos. He claims that he was the only European porn star ever to bang Jenna Jameson. We aren’t going to watch every tape she’s been in to see if that’s true. Our wrists couldn’t take it. Rosenberg is back in boxing now and has won more than he has lost so far.

Lea Lexis (Gymnast)

Lea Lexis is a serious hardcore porn star and perhaps the filthiest professional sportsperson on our list by a long, long way. However, she actually represented Romania as a gymnast for the country’s national team and that means she’s very much a sportswoman. Once you’ve seen the films she’s starred in – you’ll be pretty certain of that too. There’s almost nothing that Lea Lexis won’t do; so you should be able to find  something you like in her back catalogue.

Yvette Bova (Professional Body Builder)

There is a niche section of porn for everyone and some guys like really, really muscly women. One of the most muscly adult stars of all time is Yvettte Bova. She’s been so successful in the porno game that she’s also founded her own porn production company YB Entertained. Your eyes will burn if you do but we just find them – we don’t recommend them.

Paul Donahoe (Wrestler)

Paul Donahoe was an accidental porn star. He did make porn but he didn’t intend for people to know about it. He was disguised in the film (made with a friend on his university wrestling team) but somehow somebody noticed one of his tattoos and then took it upon themselves to report him. Paul was then fined $2,000 by his team (which is exactly what he earned as a porn star) and made him donate the money to a non-profit. He went on to come 2nd nationally in his weight class – 125lb.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Professional Body Builder)

Another huge star and this time also the former Governor of California (and we suspect if he hadn’t been barred on grounds of birth from the job – he might also be former President of the United States) Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was once Mr. Olympia the pinnacle of body building achievement. He was famous throughout the sport for developing new methods and ideas. He also had, for a bodybuilder, the kind of body that a certain type of man might like to get to grips with in the privacy of his own home – that’s how Arnold ended up getting his kit off for a gay magazine in 1977 called After Dark.

Kazuhito Tadano (Baseball Player – Japan)

Our last celebrity isn’t an American celebrity but rather a professional Japanese whose porn career led to a move to the Cleveland Indians. He appeared in a gay porn film called “Complete File” which sadly for him was noticed by the eagle eyed Japanese press and before his Japanese pro-baseball career could take off – he was out of a job. He was happy to come to the United States to play ball though. Why? Because Kazuhito can’t speak a word of English and he was sure that no matter how rude fans were about his past – he wouldn’t understand what they were saying and thus they couldn’t upset him.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dragon Flying over China ? (Video)

Dragon Flying over China
Although it seems clear the use of graphic design programs for recording, Dragons fans still insist on their authenticity.
The spread of a video in which a 'Dragon' flies over a mountainous formation in China has shaken the Web. Submitted by YouTube user ApexTV, recording five minutes has been played nearly 200,000 times. It shows a supposed beast unknown flying over a mountain range near the border between China and Laos.
Despite the obvious use of graphic design programs for producing this video, fans of dragons, which are an important part of Chinese mythology and symbolizes strength, power and luck have continued to insist that the images were not false .

¿Dragon or Pterodactyl? "Ask the authors of the video in reference to a species of reptile that went extinct 66 million years ago.
According to a YouTube user quite realistic, the Videographer used "a special mobile camera device" that "can not focus on a particular object."
In addition, another convinced that the images are part of a conspiracy theory believe that the dragon is a drone surfer. "I have read some articles on how scientists and engineers combined knowledge and discovered the natural movement and aerodynamics of birds, so maybe they have tried to play it on a machine," he writes.
And you, what do you think?


Sunday, October 16, 2016


Obama Solar Eruption
A presidential executive order published on the website of the White House this ocutbre 13, explains how the US government should respond to events such as solar flares, which can affect the health and safety "of entire continents."
With this executive order, the US President Barack Obama has ordered a series of measures to prepare the nation for space weather.
The executive order explains how the various US authorities They should coordinate their efforts to prepare and respond to "space weather events" (such as solar flares) that occur regularly and some of which have "significant effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies."
extreme space weather events
The order warns that "extreme space weather events" can disable a large portion of the power grid, resulting "in a cascade of failures that would affect essential services such as water supply, health and transport "and" the security of whole continents , "so the federal government has to be able to predict and detect such events and respond to them and recover from its effects.
Solar Eruption 2016
According holding section 3 of Executive Order:
"The Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), in consultation with the Assistant to the President for National Security and Counterterrorism and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), shall coordinate the development and implementation of activities the Federal Government to prepare the nation for space weather events. "
At another point, it is stated that:
"The Secretary of Defense shall ensure the timely delivery of operational observations on space weather, analyzes, forecasts and other products to support the mission of the Department of Defense, including the provision of alerts and warnings of space weather phenomena which may affect systems weapons, military operations, or the defense of the United States. "
However, what most caught our attention this news, is the term which should apply many of these preparations: 120 days ie 4 months.
Among other measures, within "120 days" is given to all nuclear reactors in the country have protocols emergency shutdown before a possible space weather event, as well as the development of a plan by the Secretary of Energy, in collaboration with the Secretary of Homeland Security, a plan to test possible devices that mitigate the effects of geomagnetic disturbances on the electrical network.
"In the days following the date of this order 120 days, heads of sector agencies that oversee the functions of critical infrastructure, including communications, transportation, energy supply and water and wastewater systems and nuclear reactors , materials and waste sector should be prepared to lead, suspend or controlling critical operations such infrastructures and their functions before, during and after the event space weather. "
magnetic field of the Earth
On the other hand, the Interior Department has to study "changes in the magnetic field of the Earth associated with the interactions between the Sun and Earth", while the Department of Energy has to protect and restore the power grid "for security emergency declared by the president and a geomagnetic disturbance associated with "network.
"Within the date of this order 120 days, the Secretary of Homeland Security, through the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and in coordination with relevant agencies, will lead the development of a coordinated federal protocol to address potential upcoming events related to space weather.
In the 180 days following the publication of the protocol, agencies should develop operational plans and document their procedures and responsibilities for preparation, protection, and mitigate the effects of the impending space weather "
That is, in about 10 months or so, the US should be prepared for an alleged catastrophic spatial phenomenon primarily related to solar activity.
According says USA Today, this executive order Obama has also made public for the first time the existence of a policy previously unknown secret policy that Obama signed on July 15, in which a new policy of national continuity that defines the "functions key national "of the federal government. Such directives, known as PPD, are often a secret way of executive order, circumscribed in the field of national security.
functions key national

In principle, this Executive Order should not alarm anyone.
This type of executive orders are common and in principle fall within the normality that will be promoted. At the end of the day, preparations disaster are normal and usual fact in the US; apart, move around an entire industry and allow plenty of agencies, packed with government employees, they absorb large amounts of public money and resulting in contracts with private entities supplying all kinds of products.
In fact, this Executive Order is the culmination of preparations for the last 6 years, during which the US has developed the National Strategy on Climate Space 2015, which was accompanied by an action plan.
In fact, we could start us some trick question: in Spain someone has prepared something for a possible catastrophic event like this? (Maybe it is not necessary: ​​expect the Minister Fernandez Diaz talk to your guardian angel or you put a medal of the Virgin of the day and all sorted)
But beyond the Spanish anecdote, the truth is that the issue of Executive Order Obama, also we will look for three feet on a cat ... and that preparations established by this executive order "preparing for a space weather event" are very similar to those that should be established before an attack Electromagnetic Pulse, consisting of detonating a nuclear bomb in the upper atmosphere, the effect of which would involve destroying much of electronic devices throughout the affected region, bringing down with it the entire power grid plunging the country and this nation in the middle Ages, technologically speaking, it would make it extremely vulnerable.
All this leads us to ask ourselves some questions ...
¿US is prepared for a possible attack Electromagnetic Pulse, disguising it under the preparations for a possible solar storm not to arouse alarm among the population?
Do you expect some sort of impending incident solar requiring these preparations and hidden from the people?
Or simply, this is all part of the normal preparations to any incident?
We favor the latter option and literally interpret the provisions of the Executive Order: really there is a real danger that someday a solar storm cause serious consequences on Earth and the US is preparing for it.
Sun Eruption
However, the information is there and there may be someone who sees something hidden that we know not see ...
What we can guess, is that there are many people intimately, I would be delighted that the universe punish us and fry all our technology, sending us to the stone age, telephones, electrical grid, without water, without vehicles ... we encounter suddenly face to face with the harsh reality that we no longer do anything at all without the help of our gossip ...

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Russian ultra-nationalist politician and political ally of Putin, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia has stated in an interview with Reuters that if the US presidential candidate Donald Trump does not come to power, there will be a nuclear war with Russia.
"Americans should elect Donald Trump as president next month or prepare for a nuclear war , " said Zhirinovsky, a radical politician known for its high - sounding declarations.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
In the words of Russian politician, known for his strong rhetoric, "the Republican candidate is the only person able to calm tensions between Moscow and Washington triggered by various issues such as the current crisis in Syria."
"On the contrary, the former Secretary of State and current rival Trump, ie Democrat Hillary Clinton, could trigger a Third World War , " says Zhirinovsky, an ally of President Vladimir Putin during an interview published on Wednesday.
For this Russian lawmaker whose party finished third in the last parliamentary elections, "relations between Russia and the United States can not be worse. The only way they can get worse is if a war begins. "
Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Those who vote next November 8 in the US "must realize that they are voting for peace on Earth" if they choose to Trump. But if the polls give victory to Democratic candidate "is war. It will be a short film. Hiroshimas and Nagasakis be everywhere. "
Zhirinovsky says that if the tycoon comes to power, US It moves away from what is happening in Ukraine or Syria and Iraq. However, "Clinton is a dangerous person." With her US will continue to intervene in affairs of other countries. "She could start a nuclear war" remarks.
Hillary Clinton
It is not the only warning in this direction.
In August, economist, writer and political analyst Paul Craig Roberts, similarly warned ...
"A vote for Hillary is a vote for a nuclear war. If Hillary slips into the Oval Office, I predict a nuclear war before the end of his first term. A vote for Hillary is a vote for a nuclear war "
Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts
"We know that Hillary, like Bill, is a liar. We know that Hillary is a warmonger. We know that Hillary made the most irresponsible statement ever uttered by a presidential candidate when he said that the Russian president was the 'new Hitler', bringing tensions between the US and Russia to a higher level than the level of the Cold War. We know that Hillary is allied with the neocons and their belief in the ideology of global US hegemony can lead to a war with Russia and China "
Another official has warned about the dangerous course of events, is the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus, who said that "The world is on the brink of a global war"
Numan Kurtulmus
Numan Kurtulmus
"The Syrian conflict has become a" proxy war "between the two superpowers of the Cold War, Russia and the United States. If this war continues subsidiary United States and Russia will come to war. The world is on the verge of a major regional or global war. "
Regarding this possible "nuclear war" with which both are threatened for months, recent news that does not invite precisely tranquility.
Russia successfully fired three intercontinental ballistic missiles in one day. The Russian Armed Forces have been three successful launches of long - range ballistic missiles as part of tests combativeness of the Strategic Missile Forces designation. The launches were made from various parts of the country.
Russian Armed Forces
On the other hand, as reported by the web Sputnik ...
The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, during the conference of European security in Berlin, said the Alliance begins a tactic to intimidate Russia is planning to strengthen the infrastructure and deploy a new type of warhead near Russia 's borders.
Previously, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) reported that the US had successfully tested nuclear-capable pumps B61-7 and B61-11 modernized.
Experts do not rule out that these weapons are deployed on NATO bases in Europe by 2020, which would significantly increase the military capability of the Alliance. In addition, the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said on more than one occasion that such measures are termed counterweight to the alleged "aggressive ambitions of Russia".
The deployment of such a precise weapon in Europe is a serious problem for Moscow.
The director of the Nuclear Information Project of the Federation of American Scientists, Hans Kristensen, said "the NNSA is developing the first bomb controlled freefall for installation on aircraft multipurpose fighter F-35", which, in turn will enter service in the air bases of the Alliance in the Baltics in 2020.
As he added, "it is the largest nuclear modernization of NATO since the 80s".
To reach military headquarters and the Ministry of Russians from bases in the Baltic region Defense, US fighters will not need more than a few minutes.
Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, said that the B61-12 bomb is a weapon of dual-use: can be used as an element of strategic weapons launched from heavy bombers and as a non-strategic nuclear warhead launched from tactical aircraft.
"The US plans are provocative nature and contradict Washington's claims about its commitment to nuclear disarmament , " said the expert.
Of course, in these circumstances Russia is obliged to prepare countermeasures aimed at upgrading the air defense systems on its western borders.
However, the Ministry of Defense of the country could consider deploying its military bases in the countries where he had had in the past, including Vietnam and Cuba. "Our fighter bombers in Cuba worry much the US and Washington will call us to negotiate to demote threat, both in the Baltics and in the Caribbean , "said military expert Yuri Netkáchev.
As we can see, it's amazing the ease with which lately there is talk of "nuclear war".
But perhaps the problem is that we believe that nuclear war is impossible because we think of old schemes based on the mutual destruction of the contenders.
A10 nuclear WEAPON
And perhaps the nuclear war that is "planning", will focus on the use of artifacts tactical value, intended to destroy certain infrastructures of the enemy, in what would be nothing more than the extension of a conventional war.
If this were the case, then we would have a war planned by both sides, in which "certain rules of engagement would be respected".
At this point, it is difficult to settle between the real threat and what is merely verbiage posture or threatening one another.
Anyway, those who pay the consequences, be us ...

Generally, in this blog I limit myself to expose information drawn from networks and from different areas, often accompanied by own analysis; but rarely I expose the inner feelings that the news produced me personally, beyond all reason.
But in this case I'll make an exception and will discuss what I feel, hoping that some of the readers do the same and express (if desired), what are your feelings about the conflict which we live.
I know what I will say then many readers may seem them directly stupid or crazy.
But for some reason that I can not define by rational parameters, I have the intimate feeling that WE ARE TAKING THE HAIR. For more laps than I give, I can not remove this feeling inside me.
Perhaps it is self-deception, maybe it's because I do not want to accept the possibility that we may end up living a great war in a few months or years.
But there is a little voice in my head that does not want to shut up and telling me that everything we are living (despite the thousands of deaths and destruction that are taking place), has a lot of imposture. On both sides.
It's as if everyone had agreed to give fear to the population.
I'm not going to cheat: I have no rational explanation for this personal feeling and everything I see or hear, it points precisely in the opposite direction. Therefore, I can be very wrong with it.
But I can not help feeling that there is a hidden aspect to all this growing conflict. It is as if this possible world war, was a pretext for another kind of maneuver that we do not expect. As if we threatened with a great conflict that "will destroy everything" so late shows "a solution" perhaps conveyed through some kind of "phenomenon or event" to finally accept the "proposed solution" as the "only option to save us from catastrophe."
I know many think of "arrivals of UFOs and aliens," "antichrists falling from sky" and other "fantasies" deftly inoculated networks in recent years.
I do not know if the shots go out there or not (I have already talked about a possible alien contact orchestrated in previous articles, as a hypothesis). Lately also we receive a constant barrage of information about the colonization of Mars.
But perhaps everything could be offered via something much more mundane and less fanciful.
I repeat: I know that makes no sense, because all the evidence and evidence points in another direction.
But is there anyone else have the feeling that all this threat of a third world war is nothing but an orchestrated maneuver and actually we are preparing for "something"?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


few days ago we echoed information offered by the renowned analyst Thierry Meyssan Voltaire Network on its website, in which he warned that Russia was intervening in the war in Yemen.
Specifically, Meyssan talked about an incident: the attack last October 1 on a military ship United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Red Sea.
According to Western media and official reports, the attack was carried out by the Shiite Houthi rebels.
HSV-2 Swift
HSV-2 Swift
However, Meyssan said the missile attack on the ship UAE was actually perpetrated by Russian troops acting covertly in the conflict in Yemen since this August.
This is what Meyssan told us ...
Russia maintains its objectives in Syria and secretly deployed militarily in Yemen during the summer. On Saturday October 1 he fired a land-sea missile that destroyed the Yemeni coast against the military vessel HSV-2 Swift of the UAE. According to the Atlanticist press, it was the Houthi who performed the action and the flagship of the UAE navy war was only broken ... but here are the facts. This is actually a message simultaneously addressed to NATO and the Gulf petro-dictatorial: generalized war and Moscow can not flee.
The following video shows images of the alleged attack UAE ship ...
Meyssan reiterated the same information in another article in your web ...
After the destruction, on 1 October, the flagship of the Navy of the United Arab Emirates, the armies of the Gulf petro-dictatorial waver as to continue the war alone against the Syrian Arab Republic. It is obvious to everyone that the land-sea missile that destroyed the ship Qatari rapid transit is an extremely sophisticated weapon never seen before on any battlefield. They did not fired the Houthi or supporters of former Yemeni President Saleh, who do not have that kind of weapon, but Russia, secretly present in Yemen since this summer.
Note that the vessel UAE until 2013 had belonged to the US Navy, but had rented UAE.
Also, versions around the attack were contradictory. While the Emirate government said the offensive did not produce victims, hutíes said they managed to sink the ship and killed 22 soldiers.
Well, considering this information Meyssan, the news that has appeared today, takes on a new dimension ...
The destroyer USS Mason US Navy has been attacked with two missiles in international waters close to Yemen, according to a spokesman for the US military cites Reuters.It is estimated that the offensive has come from rebel territories occupied by hutíes.
"Over a period of 60 minutes , " the destroyer USS Mason "found" that "two missiles" were coming into place while "he was in the Red Sea" near "the coast of Yemen , " detailed spokesman, Jeff Davis, who added that two projectiles fell into the sea without hurting crew members or damage the ship.
The destroyer USS Mason has been sent Bab-el-Mandeb to monitor the situation and prevent similar attacks occur the previously perpetrated against military vessel UAE.
As we see, the official version has not clearly specified that the attack on the US vessel has been done by the hutíes.
But knowing how contradictory that have been the information about the attack on the ship UAE (some say there were no casualties and others claim that sank), it is assumed that here we will not know exactly what has happened, or who carried out the attack .
And since Meyssan reported that it was actually Russia who carried out the attack against the Emirate ship, we can not rule out that the attack on the destroyer USS Mason, also is the work of Russia.
Meyssan remember what he said about the Russian attack on the ship UAE: "This is actually a message simultaneously addressed to NATO and the Gulf petro-dictatorial: generalized war and Moscow can not flee"
So, perhaps the attack on the American ship, is the same: a direct warning to the United States, a threat in the making.
The Russians had fired the missiles as "clear and strong message"and for that reason, have missiles crashed against the sea, instead of letting reached their goal, the USS Mason. The message would be: "We can destroy your ships as we did with the ship UAE. Stay away ".
Obviously, if the (alleged) Russian missiles have impacted the American ship, they could have caused a very serious military escalation, because the US would have had the perfect excuse to justify any action against Russia in Syria or Yemen.
For that reason alone it would have been a "warning". We are in a stage of mutual trial and error, something that is found in the fact that the US has decided to cover up the Russian presence in Yemen, precisely to avoid stepping without reverse its confrontation with Russia. US expects the right to take that step, perhaps with a controlled entirely by them and perfectly calculated maneuver time.
However, the attack on the USS also could have been done by the forces coming to Saudi Arabia.
Consider that the alleged attack comes a day after the White House announced an "immediate" review the support of US - led Saudi Arabia in Yemen, after a bombing during a funeral in the capital of coalition Yemen Sana'a cause more than 150 dead on Saturday.
In addition, on Monday, the Houthi movement has denied involvement in the attack on the destroyer of the US Navy.
"The Houthi movement denies having pointed to any boat off the waters of Yemen , " he said an official of the group told Reuters on condition of anonymity.
Thus, the responsibility for the attack remains in the air, although there are several options open ...