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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


few days ago we echoed information offered by the renowned analyst Thierry Meyssan Voltaire Network on its website, in which he warned that Russia was intervening in the war in Yemen.
Specifically, Meyssan talked about an incident: the attack last October 1 on a military ship United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Red Sea.
According to Western media and official reports, the attack was carried out by the Shiite Houthi rebels.
HSV-2 Swift
HSV-2 Swift
However, Meyssan said the missile attack on the ship UAE was actually perpetrated by Russian troops acting covertly in the conflict in Yemen since this August.
This is what Meyssan told us ...
Russia maintains its objectives in Syria and secretly deployed militarily in Yemen during the summer. On Saturday October 1 he fired a land-sea missile that destroyed the Yemeni coast against the military vessel HSV-2 Swift of the UAE. According to the Atlanticist press, it was the Houthi who performed the action and the flagship of the UAE navy war was only broken ... but here are the facts. This is actually a message simultaneously addressed to NATO and the Gulf petro-dictatorial: generalized war and Moscow can not flee.
The following video shows images of the alleged attack UAE ship ...
Meyssan reiterated the same information in another article in your web ...
After the destruction, on 1 October, the flagship of the Navy of the United Arab Emirates, the armies of the Gulf petro-dictatorial waver as to continue the war alone against the Syrian Arab Republic. It is obvious to everyone that the land-sea missile that destroyed the ship Qatari rapid transit is an extremely sophisticated weapon never seen before on any battlefield. They did not fired the Houthi or supporters of former Yemeni President Saleh, who do not have that kind of weapon, but Russia, secretly present in Yemen since this summer.
Note that the vessel UAE until 2013 had belonged to the US Navy, but had rented UAE.
Also, versions around the attack were contradictory. While the Emirate government said the offensive did not produce victims, hutíes said they managed to sink the ship and killed 22 soldiers.
Well, considering this information Meyssan, the news that has appeared today, takes on a new dimension ...
The destroyer USS Mason US Navy has been attacked with two missiles in international waters close to Yemen, according to a spokesman for the US military cites Reuters.It is estimated that the offensive has come from rebel territories occupied by hutíes.
"Over a period of 60 minutes , " the destroyer USS Mason "found" that "two missiles" were coming into place while "he was in the Red Sea" near "the coast of Yemen , " detailed spokesman, Jeff Davis, who added that two projectiles fell into the sea without hurting crew members or damage the ship.
The destroyer USS Mason has been sent Bab-el-Mandeb to monitor the situation and prevent similar attacks occur the previously perpetrated against military vessel UAE.
As we see, the official version has not clearly specified that the attack on the US vessel has been done by the hutíes.
But knowing how contradictory that have been the information about the attack on the ship UAE (some say there were no casualties and others claim that sank), it is assumed that here we will not know exactly what has happened, or who carried out the attack .
And since Meyssan reported that it was actually Russia who carried out the attack against the Emirate ship, we can not rule out that the attack on the destroyer USS Mason, also is the work of Russia.
Meyssan remember what he said about the Russian attack on the ship UAE: "This is actually a message simultaneously addressed to NATO and the Gulf petro-dictatorial: generalized war and Moscow can not flee"
So, perhaps the attack on the American ship, is the same: a direct warning to the United States, a threat in the making.
The Russians had fired the missiles as "clear and strong message"and for that reason, have missiles crashed against the sea, instead of letting reached their goal, the USS Mason. The message would be: "We can destroy your ships as we did with the ship UAE. Stay away ".
Obviously, if the (alleged) Russian missiles have impacted the American ship, they could have caused a very serious military escalation, because the US would have had the perfect excuse to justify any action against Russia in Syria or Yemen.
For that reason alone it would have been a "warning". We are in a stage of mutual trial and error, something that is found in the fact that the US has decided to cover up the Russian presence in Yemen, precisely to avoid stepping without reverse its confrontation with Russia. US expects the right to take that step, perhaps with a controlled entirely by them and perfectly calculated maneuver time.
However, the attack on the USS also could have been done by the forces coming to Saudi Arabia.
Consider that the alleged attack comes a day after the White House announced an "immediate" review the support of US - led Saudi Arabia in Yemen, after a bombing during a funeral in the capital of coalition Yemen Sana'a cause more than 150 dead on Saturday.
In addition, on Monday, the Houthi movement has denied involvement in the attack on the destroyer of the US Navy.
"The Houthi movement denies having pointed to any boat off the waters of Yemen , " he said an official of the group told Reuters on condition of anonymity.
Thus, the responsibility for the attack remains in the air, although there are several options open ...

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