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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Technological Artificial Inteligent
In an unprecedented move, five of the largest companies in the world of technology: Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet, so far competitors, have formed a historic alliance to collaborate in the development of artificial intelligence technologies.
The group, whose name is Association for Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of individuals and society, or simply Association for AI, will be devoted to addressing the potential problems that the rapid development of artificial intelligence can lead, before problems appear.
AI Partner Ship
The group promotes the exchange of ideas and research related to AI, since every multinational technology giant has its own prototype of AI.
The group says it will work with the public, both to educate the public about the benefits of technology to listen to people about the concerns that these technologies can cause, ranging from the loss of jobs to a potential rebellion robots.
Deep Mind
The group will have corporate and non-corporate members in their projects and discussions with research organizations, including the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.
Funds and logistical support will be provided by the technology giants.
According to Mustafa Suleiman, co-founder of Google DeepMind and co-president of the Association for AI:
"The reason we all work in AI is because we believe passionately in their ability to transform our world.
The positive impact of AI will depend not only on the quality of our algorithms, but the amount of public discussion around your development ... to ensure that the IA is understood and that benefits as many people as possible. "
The Association for AI has published a code of ethics, detailing how the member companies will work responsibly to ensure that people benefit from emerging technologies.
Along with the necessary safeguards incorporated into AI algorithms, the technology itself must be clear and simple so that everyone can make use of it.
For example, self-driven cars the Google images search engine and voice recognition are all implementations of artificial intelligence.
Each of the five companies have projects Artificial Intelligence in its early stages, such as DeepMind of Google, IBM Watson API, API Face Microsoft and Amazon Echo.
According to Business Insider, Apple will not join the group.
However, Eric Horvitz, technical researcher and CEO of Microsoft Research, says:
"We have been in talks with Apple and are excited about the effort. I personally hope to see as just joining "

Make no mistake, however, for the alleged good intentions of this initiative and pretty full of kindness and brotherhood name: "Association for Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of individuals and society".
What these tech giants actually intended, is to lay the foundations of a monopoly to gain absolute control of the development of transhumanism, and therefore control since its inception, not only the development of dangerous technology that could lead to the end the human being, as we know it, but to control the birth of the human species future transhumanist dream of creating itself.
Therefore, if transhumanism already is scary, it is much more to know that their development will be directly in the hands of real monsters dedicated to mass social manipulation as Facebook or Google, to be erected in charge of drawing the future of the human species at will.
ai partnership
This is one of the most terrifying news in recent years and most likely will go unnoticed by most people.
We are not talking about circumstantial aspects of economic, social or political nature ... we are talking about the very essence of the human being and his future death.
And that would have put the name so poetic "benefit of the people and society , " only contribute to further put the willies about their true intentions ...


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