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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Obama Solar Eruption
A presidential executive order published on the website of the White House this ocutbre 13, explains how the US government should respond to events such as solar flares, which can affect the health and safety "of entire continents."
With this executive order, the US President Barack Obama has ordered a series of measures to prepare the nation for space weather.
The executive order explains how the various US authorities They should coordinate their efforts to prepare and respond to "space weather events" (such as solar flares) that occur regularly and some of which have "significant effects on critical infrastructure systems and technologies."
extreme space weather events
The order warns that "extreme space weather events" can disable a large portion of the power grid, resulting "in a cascade of failures that would affect essential services such as water supply, health and transport "and" the security of whole continents , "so the federal government has to be able to predict and detect such events and respond to them and recover from its effects.
Solar Eruption 2016
According holding section 3 of Executive Order:
"The Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), in consultation with the Assistant to the President for National Security and Counterterrorism and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), shall coordinate the development and implementation of activities the Federal Government to prepare the nation for space weather events. "
At another point, it is stated that:
"The Secretary of Defense shall ensure the timely delivery of operational observations on space weather, analyzes, forecasts and other products to support the mission of the Department of Defense, including the provision of alerts and warnings of space weather phenomena which may affect systems weapons, military operations, or the defense of the United States. "
However, what most caught our attention this news, is the term which should apply many of these preparations: 120 days ie 4 months.
Among other measures, within "120 days" is given to all nuclear reactors in the country have protocols emergency shutdown before a possible space weather event, as well as the development of a plan by the Secretary of Energy, in collaboration with the Secretary of Homeland Security, a plan to test possible devices that mitigate the effects of geomagnetic disturbances on the electrical network.
"In the days following the date of this order 120 days, heads of sector agencies that oversee the functions of critical infrastructure, including communications, transportation, energy supply and water and wastewater systems and nuclear reactors , materials and waste sector should be prepared to lead, suspend or controlling critical operations such infrastructures and their functions before, during and after the event space weather. "
magnetic field of the Earth
On the other hand, the Interior Department has to study "changes in the magnetic field of the Earth associated with the interactions between the Sun and Earth", while the Department of Energy has to protect and restore the power grid "for security emergency declared by the president and a geomagnetic disturbance associated with "network.
"Within the date of this order 120 days, the Secretary of Homeland Security, through the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and in coordination with relevant agencies, will lead the development of a coordinated federal protocol to address potential upcoming events related to space weather.
In the 180 days following the publication of the protocol, agencies should develop operational plans and document their procedures and responsibilities for preparation, protection, and mitigate the effects of the impending space weather "
That is, in about 10 months or so, the US should be prepared for an alleged catastrophic spatial phenomenon primarily related to solar activity.
According says USA Today, this executive order Obama has also made public for the first time the existence of a policy previously unknown secret policy that Obama signed on July 15, in which a new policy of national continuity that defines the "functions key national "of the federal government. Such directives, known as PPD, are often a secret way of executive order, circumscribed in the field of national security.
functions key national

In principle, this Executive Order should not alarm anyone.
This type of executive orders are common and in principle fall within the normality that will be promoted. At the end of the day, preparations disaster are normal and usual fact in the US; apart, move around an entire industry and allow plenty of agencies, packed with government employees, they absorb large amounts of public money and resulting in contracts with private entities supplying all kinds of products.
In fact, this Executive Order is the culmination of preparations for the last 6 years, during which the US has developed the National Strategy on Climate Space 2015, which was accompanied by an action plan.
In fact, we could start us some trick question: in Spain someone has prepared something for a possible catastrophic event like this? (Maybe it is not necessary: ​​expect the Minister Fernandez Diaz talk to your guardian angel or you put a medal of the Virgin of the day and all sorted)
But beyond the Spanish anecdote, the truth is that the issue of Executive Order Obama, also we will look for three feet on a cat ... and that preparations established by this executive order "preparing for a space weather event" are very similar to those that should be established before an attack Electromagnetic Pulse, consisting of detonating a nuclear bomb in the upper atmosphere, the effect of which would involve destroying much of electronic devices throughout the affected region, bringing down with it the entire power grid plunging the country and this nation in the middle Ages, technologically speaking, it would make it extremely vulnerable.
All this leads us to ask ourselves some questions ...
¿US is prepared for a possible attack Electromagnetic Pulse, disguising it under the preparations for a possible solar storm not to arouse alarm among the population?
Do you expect some sort of impending incident solar requiring these preparations and hidden from the people?
Or simply, this is all part of the normal preparations to any incident?
We favor the latter option and literally interpret the provisions of the Executive Order: really there is a real danger that someday a solar storm cause serious consequences on Earth and the US is preparing for it.
Sun Eruption
However, the information is there and there may be someone who sees something hidden that we know not see ...
What we can guess, is that there are many people intimately, I would be delighted that the universe punish us and fry all our technology, sending us to the stone age, telephones, electrical grid, without water, without vehicles ... we encounter suddenly face to face with the harsh reality that we no longer do anything at all without the help of our gossip ...

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