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Sunday, October 9, 2016


Putin war
The war rhetoric between the US and Russia is warming and seems to have entered a new stage in the last hours.
As indicated some US media, particularly the Washington Post, the Obama Administration should decide this Wednesday October 5th, what action to take against Damascus, after suspending its cooperation with Moscow to end hostilities in Syria.
The American newspaper speculated that among the measures that could be taken, could include infrastructure bombing of Syrian Air Force cruise missile and other long-range weapons from military aircraft and ships by the US-led coalition.
In fact, the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, said that "Attacks against Damascus forces can affect US interests, but can not be ruled out . It is doubtful that military action against the regime (of Syrian President Bashar Asad) to resolve the situation in Aleppo reach goals (...) and reduce violence, it is more likely to emerge unexpected consequences that affect our national interests, but I can not rule out any possibility analysis "
Josh Earnest
Josh Earnest
Reading between the lines, one could conclude that there is a clear dissension within the US government about how to act. it seems as if the White House did not agree to directly attack Syria, something that can intuit in the phrase "The attacks against the forces of Damascus may affect US interests" ... however, the fact not rule out clearly the attacks, shows that perhaps the White House is unable to control the powers of the Pentagon, which at any time could make an attack on their own, as they did to bomb the Syrian soldiers in Deir ez-Zor.
In fact, shortly after becoming public these ambiguous statements spokesman of the White House web RT reported that ... "USA performs mock tests a nuclear bomb B61. The tests involved two modifications of the B61 bomb, B61 -7 and B61-11, in a polygon the state of Nevada. "
An obvious gesture by the Pentagon, which makes a test with a nuclear weapon designed primarily to destroy bunkers and facilities and fully coincide with a possible attack on the infrastructure of the Syrian government.
As if this were not enough, the statements of the American side, in this case the White House, more and more away the possibility of a diplomatic entente between the two countries ...
Washington has stepped up saber rattling toward Russia, when Secretary of State, John Kerry, has called to investigate alleged war crimes of the Russian anti - terrorist operation in Syria.
"Russia 's actions in Syria calling for an investigation for war crimes , " said Kerry, adding that Russia "owes the world an explanation" for attacking hospitals in Syria.
Kerry, said that Russia and Syria should face an investigation for war crimes and "why continue to attack hospitals, women and children."
Statements like this moving further diplomatic options and bring us one step closer to open war.
And all this when the Russian parliament has just ratified the indefinite deployment of Russian aviation in Syria.
And what is being Russia's response to all events that are occurring in these last hours? (Which we do not include statements Josh Earnest, John Kerry and test the B61 bomb, which have been later)
In response to the rhetoric of the Russian government, and that have echoed their means of international propaganda (RT and Sputnik), it could come to the conclusion that Russia is fully aware that the Pentagon is considering very seriously the possibility of direct attack against Syria.
Putin and Obama
Here we review the main news appeared in the last few hours, then released a set of very clear messages about what might be happening and the firmness with which Russia is ready to answer all these actions (provocation for many) US.
The first thing we can deduce from the Russian propaganda of the last hours, is that Russia has begun to act as would a bear feels threatened: has risen on two hind legs and started to threaten "about its power" as if trying plantígrado avert the threat hanging over him.
The set of information we offer then seem to have the objective of deterring an attack US ...

The spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Igor Konashenkov, has recommended to Washington that "carefully calculated" the potential consequences of attacking government forces in Syria.
Konashenkov commented on the information that has appeared in several influential Western media of communication on the discussion at the White House on possibility of missile and air attacks against the positions of Syrian troops.
S-200 russia systems
"History shows that often these types of leaks are the prologue to the real action , " Konashenkov stated, adding that "recommend to their colleagues in Washington to carefully calculate the possible consequences of such plans."
The ministerial spokesman said that currently, the Syrian army has at its disposal missile systems S-200, Buk, and other effective air defense systems, whose technical condition has been restored over the past year.
On the other hand, he wanted to remind the US strategists that Russian military bases in Syria -Tartus and Jmeimim-, are defended by missile systems S-400 and S-300, "whose range can surprise any unidentified flying object".
It also warned that Russia Konashenkov prevent "wrong" attacks against military coalition in Syria.
After the attack on Syrian forces in Deir ez-Zor on 17 September, Russia took measures that will prevent such "mistakes" in relation to its military, spokesman of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov.
"I draw the attention of the 'hotheads' on the fact that, after the attack by coalition aircraft against the Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor, we take all necessary measures to avoid such mistakes in relation to Russian military and military targets in Syria , "the official said.
To this warning has been added the Russian senator Igor Morozov, a member of the international affairs committee in Russia's upper house, which has directly said that the ground systems-air Russians in Syria, missiles allow to establish a no-fly zone if necessary.

" The US can not repeat what he did in Iraq. Syria has a defense system capable of repelling any airstrike. In addition, a hypothetical US attack could affect Russian advisers, which would entail retaliation by Moscow, including the creation of a no -fly zone over Syria , "Morozov said.
Russian power attack
As we see, they are deterrents pure messages.
And it has been accompanied by similar news about "Russian power that the US will face if you make the mistake of attacking Syria."
Among the news of the last hours we found a couple that talk about the power of Russian arms ...

Russia claims to have first used the new air-ground missiles Х-101 with a range of 4500 km in anti - terrorist operations in Syria.
"For the first time, strategic bombers used (in Syria) in a real combat situation, the new air- to -ground Х-101, with a range of up to 4,500 kilometers , " indicated Thursday the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu .
Х-101 system
The Russian military industry is working on new advanced weapons that will be delivered to the Army in the near future, the minister continued.
And what is a direct warning about Russia's ability to override a US nuclear attack with ballistic missiles ...

The advanced Russian radar Voronezh-DM class early warning, deployed in the territory of the province of Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), has first detected a ballistic target over North America, according to the press service of the designer of the system (RTI).
The Voronezh-DM radar, which is oriented in a northeasterly direction, is able to locate the point of launching ballistic objects, track and classify other current and future aerospace forms of attack, including ballistic missiles and aerodynamic.
All this has been accompanied by a set of maneuvers and real initiatives by Russia.
One has been to send three warships to the coast of Syria in a few hours ...

A third ship missile of Russian Black Sea Fleet sailed from Sevastopol to the shores of Syria.
The spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet, the commander Nikolai Voskresensky, confirmed that the vessel had left Mirazh Sebastopol.
"Upon completion of the preparations the ship Mirazh Black Sea Fleet left Sevastopol toward the Mediterranean on a long - term issue , " he said.
Mirazh Black Sea Fleet
Previously it was reported that two ships of the Russian missile launchers Black Fleet, Serpukhov and Dol Zelioni sea, equipped with cruise missiles Kalibr, form part of the Russian naval group in the Mediterranean.
The source stressed that unlike Serpukhov and Zelioni Dol, Mirazh is equipped with anti-ship missiles Malajit.
In late September, a spokesman for the Black Sea Fleet reported that the Mediterranean squadron of the Russian Navy includes 10 ships and ships of three fleets of Russia.
And report the creation of new divisions of strategic bombers ...

Russia will have a new division of heavy bombers, including strategic missile carrier Tupolev Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3, according to experts, will perform patrol missions in the Pacific near Japan, Hawaii Islands and Guam.
Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3
According to Izvestia, the new division will feature dozens of bombers and will be located in airbases Belaya (Irkutsk Region) and Ukrainka (Amur Region), with the aim of strengthening their growing political and economic interests in the East and increase their military capabilities in the Pacific.
On the other hand, Russia also reports a set of legal reforms that would allow soldiers recruited for military service, sign military contracts to "fight against terrorism" abroad. We know that the word "terrorism" can be used to encompass almost anything ...

The Russian government will discuss a bill on the right of the soldiers serving their compulsory military service to sign contracts "to combat international terrorist activities outside Russia , " according to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.
Russia Military
This project gives the right to military servicemen and civilians in military reserve of entering military service contract "to participate in fulfilling missions in times of emergency circumstances or support activities or restoration of peace and security, or to combat international terrorist activities outside Russia. "
In addition, Russia has made public its intention to recover military bases in Cuba and Vietnam, which reminds times of the Cold War ...
Russia is considering the question of his possible return to Cuba and Vietnam, where Soviet military bases were in the past, said Friday Russian Deputy Defense Nikolai Pankov.
All these propagandistic gestures on "Russian power" in the middle of the most aggressive rhetoric produced by the US we've seen in a long time.
The best example of this is found in the article that we previously published CHIEF OF STAFF OF US THREAT TO RUSSIA
Meanwhile, the ultra-hawkish John McCain has been added in the last hours a chorus of US threats, with the barking to which we are accustomed ...

US Senator John McCain proposes to the Administration of Barack Obama and Russian fighters shoot down the Syrians for peace in Syria.
John McCain
"USA. and (anti-EIIL) coalition must give an ultimatum to Al-Asad flying - leaving or losing their airplanes and prepared to fulfill it, "McCain wrote in his new article, entitled" Stop Assad Now-Or Expect Years of War " , released Thursday by the US newspaper the Wall Street Journal.
Connection while, according to the renowned analyst Thierry Meyssan, Russia is more involved in the region than it seems at first sight and in fact covertly would be participating in the war in Yemen.
All this would help to provide Russia from a position of strength that forces the US to make a decision: either renounce overthrow the Syrian government and abandon once its policy of global Unipolar power, or face a war with Russia.
After the destruction, on 1 October, the flagship of the Navy of the United Arab Emirates, the armies of the Gulf petrodictaduras waver as to continue the war alone against the Syrian Arab Republic.
It is obvious to everyone that the land-sea missile that destroyed the ship Qatari rapid transit is an extremely sophisticated weapon never seen before on any battlefield. They did not fired the Houthi or supporters of former Yemeni President Saleh, who do not have that kind of weapon, but Russia, secretly present in Yemen since this summer.
Yemeni Emirati
(The news was presented in media such as TV Hispan under the headline: "Missiles destroy Yemeni Emirati military ship in the Red Sea" )
The idea that the United States stop participating in the coordination of jihadist forces and that this may be solely in the hands of local allies of Washington is extremely unimaginable, especially considering the rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Qatar has consistently undermined the earlier stages of the war.
Washington arises therefore the only serious option left: the direct military confrontation.

And finally, we end up with two analysis of the situation made by Russian analysts.
Obviously, readers should be aware of the ideological bias of its exhibitions and take a more neutral than that offered by the Russian vision.
However, both analyzes are especially valuable, so far they have been published as "propaganda" as to know how you are seeing things now from the Russian side ...

Moscow faces a delicate dilemma if you choose to cover all its forces and Damascus on Syrian territory to prevent US airstrikes.
Last September, the official representative of US State Department, John Kirby, said that "extremist groups continue to exploit the gaps that exist in Syria to expand its operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even in cities of Russia , "a country" will continue to send soldiers home in body bags and continue to lose resources, perhaps even airplanes. "
John Kirby
John Kirby
According to these statements, Mikhail Kotov, Life.ru columnist, believes that Russia must face a serious dilemma that could lead to fatal consequences, "Can Russia cover and close all airspace to defend Syrian forces Bashar al Assad against possible airstrikes US aircraft "; and what impact could mean that strategy?
Syrian territory comprises 185,180 square kilometers, of which the Army Damascus government controls a total of between 60% and 70%.
Completely cover that scenario represents a difficult challenge, but not impossible for air defense systems S-400 and S-300 Russian Army, strategically deployed on land, can provide sufficient coverage across the country and make feasible this objective, according to the Russian columnist.
Russian Navy
Also, from the sea it has the support of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, equipped with a variety of cruise missiles, whose range is more than enough to cover the full set of Russian forces on Syrian territory. In support of this observation and control aircraft A-50 Shmel, with whom Moscow could significantly expand its field of vision of the region would be added.
" The United States is well aware of the capacity of the air defense of Russia, so it would stay away if the situation in the conflict worse , " says Kotov. Neither Moscow nor Washington want to "feel in your own skin's ability opposite and risk their aircraft, so if the situation is becoming critical, the first to be sent to test the airspace in Syria would be the fighters Turkish aviation "he explains.
Turkish aviation fighters
Another option that could lead to greater conflict, would be to provoke a military plane to delve far enough into the Syrian airspace to be demolished, with the consequent reaction by the United States and the Western press, which would soon defend the version that destroyed the aircraft "was actually a transport plane chartered by MSF with supplies and medicine for children and Syrian refugees," the columnist.
These actions would lead to a whole litany of accusations that would lead to an armed conflict between the two great powers of the northern hemisphere, where Russia would be forced to attack all ships and submarines of the US-led coalition, which in turn "respond with missiles, triggering the start of World War III when any of the warring parties use their nuclear weapons" says Kotov.

Ultimatum PUTIN TO US
Rostislav Ishchenko analyst argues that Russia has offered US an ultimatum: comply with their threats and start a nuclear war or "accept the fact that the world is no longer unipolar and start to integrate into the new format."
Russia on Wednesday suspended cooperation with Washington on nuclear and energy research.
Vladimir Putin
The analyst believes that to "understand the magnitude of what happened , " it is necessary to note that Russian President Vladimir Putin has suspended cooperation not only with Washington but also announced the possibility to resume under certain conditions:
-cancellation of all US sanctions against Russia;
-payment of compensation for damage suffered by Russia because of sanctions and contrasanciones;
-removal of the 'Magnitsky law';
-reduction of the US military presence in Eastern Europe;
Abandonment of the policy of confrontation with Moscow.
Vladimir Putin Russia President
For the author of the article, there is only one appropriate word to define the essence of the requirements of Putin: "Ultimatum".
According to the analyst which requires Putin is "change the entire American politics, and even Russia compensate the losses suffered by the shares officially approved by US" said Ishchenko, who believes that "a demand for total surrender is e unconditional in a hybrid war, which Washington believes have not lost. "
The first conclusion is that the analyst does "Putin has intentionally and deliberately humiliated the US", proving that you can talk to Washington "in an even tougher tone that Washington used to talk to the rest of the world."
Why has he done? According Ishchenko, long US He has been trying to intimidate Russia "informally" with a nuclear conflict, while Moscow has hinted that it is prepared for this scenario and will not retreat.
Vladimir Putin
Lately, these threats "have reached an extremely dangerous point" in any detail "can cause a" nuclear Armageddon , "says the analyst.
Moscow has taken the initiative continues, but instead of threatening US with a war, it has shown the possibility of "a tough political and economic response" able to "shatter the economy and the financial system in Washington."
In the expert opinion, Russia has offered US a choice: either to realize their threats and start a nuclear war or "accept the fact that the world is no longer unipolar and start to integrate into the new format."
The expert concludes that, whatever the US response Putin's ultimatum, "the geopolitical reality will never be the same": the US "I have publicly thrown down the gauntlet, and has not dared to pick it up immediately."

As we see, the latter analysis is largely consistent with what we warned the "philosopher of Putin , " Alexander Dugin in Article GRAVE WARNING PUTIN ideologue ... THIRD WORLD WAR?
It is evident, too, that the situation in Syria, right now, is far from solved and that the tension is one of their highest degrees in recent years.
And we must add that it looks like quite possibly, things can also worsen in Ukraine in the coming weeks.
But obviously, things are not going to burst one day for another.
We are at the beginning of a sequence of events that can be very changeable and can be affected by many external factors, such as the effect of the Wikileaks revelations about the US elections, economic status or any abrupt maneuver can trigger a conflict in which the allies of the superpowers from being mixed.
This process can last for months and quite possibly even be times where it seems that everything will be solved ... although below the seemingly calm surface, a real eruption is brewing ...

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