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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Robots Judged
In recent days, the world has been passionately immersed in US elections and in the profound effects on politics, geopolitics, society and economics that could have the victory of Donald Trump. Thousands of media outlets, experts, analysts, intellectuals and readers and viewers from across the globe have been plunged for days into discussions over what appears to be a tremendously crucial fact for the future of the world.
But as we have been detecting and insinuating for some time in this blog and his blog brother of the Gazzetta of the Apocalypse, there are aspects of our reality that are much less striking, that we go unnoticed and that many times we seem anecdotal and that, however , Will have an infinitely superior effect for the becoming of the human being, than the presidency of one or another candidate in the United States.
We are talking about the development of new technologies of artificial intelligence and robotics.
artificial intelligence
Something infinitely more important and momentous than the election of Trump or the last statements of Putin or the Obama of turn, although many people may seem the opposite.
Here is a couple of pieces of news we have found in the usual media that show what the world might see in the not-too-distant future: people tried in court, not by a judge or a jury, but by a artificial intelligence.

A new Artificial Intelligence system could help the courts decide whether people are innocent or guilty.
Researchers at University College London, the University of Sheffield and the University of Pennsylvania, provided your machine key information on 584 cases related to Articles 3, 6 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and asked to determine whether there was a " rape "or" no violation "of human rights in each case.
The computer analyzed the text of each document using a learning algorithm and was able to give the same verdict as its human counterparts in 79% of cases.
The hope of the project drivers is that the machine will one day help law firms to choose in which cases human rights can help.
Dr. Nikolaos Aletras of University College London (UCL) says:
"We do not see a future in which Artificial Intelligence will eventually replace judges or lawyers, but we think it would be useful to quickly identify patterns in cases that lead to certain outcomes.
It could also be a valuable tool to highlight which cases are most likely to be a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights. "
Robot Human Rights
The machine analyzed the language used in the documents and linked that information with facts related to the cases that helped predict the results, according to a paper published in PeerJ Computer Science.
The author, Dr. Vasileios Lampos, also from the UCL, said:
"Previous studies have predicted results based on the nature of the crime or the political position of each judge, so this is the first time trials have been predicted using the text analysis prepared by the court.
We expect this type of tool to improve the efficiency of high-level courts, but to become a reality, we have to prove it against more articles and case data filed in court. "

In Sputnik, we have found another version of the same technological developments, this time in Russia ...

Students from the Faculties of Law, Mathematics and Programming at the Federal University of Kazan (Russia) will work on a joint project to develop an autonomous algorithm capable of emulating with the work of a judge.
"I would like to see a system that is able to offer possible variants of faults based on the available data. Not having sufficient information to issue a verdict, the program should show exactly what is missing , "said Ilshat Gafurov, Rector of the University of Kazan, in raising the task to the team of researchers.
University of Kazan
This 'robot-judge' is expected to conduct impartial scrutiny based on a thorough analysis of the country's legislation and judicial precedents, which would significantly reduce the influence of prejudices, emotions and even deliberate crimes, such as corruption.
"Of course we do not plan to transfer judicial authority to machines - the verdict must always be taken by a person. However, it is crucial to create such a system to facilitate reaching a fair decision , "notes the statement of the press office of the KFU.
Authority of Machines
At the same time, the young scientists stress that they will have a major challenge, to teach the robot-judge how to interpret the ambiguities of the text, which is a challenge for any such assistance system.
The project of an electronic lawyer, called Ross, was already made by IBM based on its Watson algorithm.
(talk about it in the article A LAW AMERICAN LAWYER HIRED TO FIRST ROBOT )
However, any other nation that seeks to incorporate this technology is destined to go their own way. For differences, not only in the laws themselves, but also in the whole systems of law-Roman, Anglo-Saxon, or other law-require very different algorithms and approaches.
Thus, the volume of changes can be equal to the development of an algorithm of its own. At least two groups will be formed with the young scientists - one headed by representatives of legal experts, while the other will cover only mathematicians and computer scientists - according to the press office of the University.

As we can see, this idea is developing simultaneously in several parts of the world, as if it is destined to form part of our future, inevitably.
In fact, we dare say, that all this is an essential part of what will be the New World Order and the proof of it is that the news shows us that it develops equally in confronted poles in the configuration of that NOM, as they are UK and Russia.
In both news forger we have detected the same argument: "these machines will not replace human judges."
human judges
This is a statement that we dare to describe as a liar, since the logical thing is that as these technologies develop and improve, people themselves tend to give them the power to decide, believing that they are impartial and incorruptible.
So that no one be fooled: these judges-robot, not being developed to "help judge humans , " if not to replace them in this task, in the same way that machines factories are not there "to help workers to do their job" but to replace them .
We know that to many people this type of news seems to them little important.
It seems as though for many people, the words "Robot" or "Artificial Intelligence" sound them bad science fiction movie.
Angry Artificial Intelligence
And it's really hard to make them realize how very wrong they are in their posture.
The development of Artificial Intelligence is infinitely more important and transcendental than any political issue, for a very simple reason: it is that political affairs have influence on geopolitics, society or the economy; however, the development of artificial intelligence will have a direct impact on our essence as human beings, all - encompassing, including the above aspects.
Robots with Human Essence
For centuries, the world has been subjected to the cyclical and repetitive ups and downs of politics and economics, and thousands of leaders have emerged who have provoked effects on these expressions of human society. And we have all overcome and the world has continued to repeat similar or similar structures in the fields of politics, economics or society.However, technological development has never been repeated cyclically.
No matter how we search in the past, never in history, the future of the species has been settled in relation to its very essence, both physically and mentally and even spiritually.
We are therefore, at the most crucial moment in human history, as we have been warning in the Gazzetta of Apocalypse and what is being put into play is not what we will do or will not do, but what we WILL BE from now on.
New World Order
Readers most accustomed to the most diverse conspiracy theories that flood the networks, will be well aware of theories about a New World Order and all of them will know that at the moment, a struggle is being fought between the supporters of a New Unipolar Order Controlled by the US and a New Multipolar Order, defended by opponents like China or Russia.
However, those same readers have forgotten or perhaps failed to detect that the real key of the New World Order is not how the scheme will be organized, but what the human species will become and what effect that transformation will have on the world. Consciousness of individuals.
Google Robot
We may all be distracted by the incessant noise of political news and constant economic and social ups and downs, and we have forgotten what is really essential.
Of course, it is much easier to talk about the last anecdote that a politician has said, or something that can be shaped by a headline, than discussing deep and really difficult issues to address, which also do not have an immediate development that we can see in Few hours or days, but they are part of a long process that will take years or decades.
But let nobody be deceived: politics, economics, and even war, are the least of our problems. Trump, Obama, Putin or even the most prominent of the elitist, will pass, die and disappear.
But the essence of the problem we are entering into as a species will have continued to grow and have taken possession of our lives without us noticing.
Google Artificial Inteligent
Unfortunately, most people, and perhaps many of our readers, tend to think that technological development is a natural thing, and they call us alarmists, saying that the species has already undergone many technological advances and we have continued to make progress.
These people make the habitual mistake of extrapolating the effects of past experiences to the possible future effects of our technological developments, something absurd, since the human being had never been in a scenario in which the essence of his own mind was put into play , for example.
We contemplate this in an article a few months ago in Gazzetta: THE GREAT DECEPTION OF PROGRESS
Those same people, make a fundamental mistake: to consider future machines and artificial intelligence as something external to us, something foreign to our human nature, something like the extrapolation of a very advanced appliance; When in fact we are talking about the creation of new entities whose nature or definition as living being or as a machine, will be difficult to solve and whose capacity of processing will surpass us in much. And all this, will naturally entail that we will be absorbed by them, that we will integrate ourselves to those inventions created by us and we will stop being human as we are now. We will be something else.
Robot Being human
It is curious how the great defenders of the old essences, those who so strenuously struggle to preserve national, cultural and religious identities and prevent them from being diluted in globalization, overlook something much more transcendental, such as the preservation of the essence of the Being human, which is what is really being settled here.
If they want to make it easy and someone to summarize the problem, so that they can read it in the form of a headline, we will try.
The key and truly important issue that we should all think about could be summarized in some questions:
Do we want to continue to preserve what we are as human beings or will we allow them to become a mixture of machine and person, both physically and mentally?
Do we want to govern ourselves, with all our imperfections, contradictions and paradoxes, or do we prefer to be dominated, judged, or governed by technological instruments created by us?
Do we want to be individuals struggling to preserve their differentiated identity in a human society, or will we allow our individual identities to be diluted to form part of a hive mind?
This is what this is all about. It's as simple as that. And so transcendental.
So for a few hours, forget about Trumps, Putins, Obamas or the mortal leaders of the day who torture us every day and do the mental exercise of looking 100 years into the future and imagine what we want Let it be the human species by then ... because what will happen within a century will depend to a large extent on what we decide here and now at this crucial moment for human evolution.

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