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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Our suspicions are confirmed little by little, while the evidence and clues are increasingly clear and conclusive: the elites programmed the victory of Donald Trump from the beginning, as we have been denouncing since election day.
And no, they did not get a winning horse, after Trump won. It is becoming more obvious that it was planned from before the election and that Trump's presidency has some kind of concrete mission to fulfill.
Here we have 3 more indications so that those who still doubt, see it more clearly ...

While half the US was greatly relieved when Donald Trump won his victory over the establishment, there is another group of Americans who may be even more pleased.
Goldman Sachs senior executives reportedly had more than 1 million stock options due next week, but thanks to an unprecedented rally in Goldman Sachs shares since Donald Trump's victory, Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs and his friends made huge sums of money, selling hundreds of millions of shares in the market.
Goldman Sachs Stock
It appeared that more than 1 million stock options granted to senior executives and directors of Goldman Sachs Group Inc. were about to expire without giving money.
The awards, priced at $ 199.84 at the end of 2006, a solid year for bank stocks, were set to expire on the eve of Thanksgiving in 2016. But on November 7, the night before The US vote, closed at $ 181.48, which means that for senior executives, it did not make sense to exercise them.
Goldman Sachs Stock Dumping
However, thanks to Trump's victory, Goldman Sachs rose 16%, allowing executives to exercise options and sell shares for profit. Shares closed at $ 209.63 on Thursday and traded at $ 212.07 this week, the highest since July 2015.
Thus, Goldman Sachs insiders sold $ 205 million in stock since Nov. 8.
That's three times what the group has sold in any month for at least five years, impacting directly on the pockets of top executives.
Lloyd Blankfein
Lloyd Blankfein

After this new demonstration of the true reality, we once again ask ourselves the question that any two-faced people should do: if Donald Trump was the terror of the elites and the establishment, the enemy of the Wall Street mafias and The big banks, and if their election was going to represent an unexpected earthquake for all of them, then why did the actions of those big banks skyrocket just after their victory, allowing those mobsters to earn so much money? Should not they have come down?
The answer to these questions is obvious: everything was a lie and Trump's victory, sold to us as a surprise and a blow to the elites, was orchestrated from the beginning and meets the interests and objectives of those who really have the power.
Do not believe?
Another clue ...

A few days ago, we reported that one of the most recognizable visible faces of the all-controlling elites, Henry Kissinger, had met with Donald Trump, with whom he has had a long-standing friendship.
This meeting has an obvious meaning: Kissinger, has given the public blessing to Donald Trump, in case anyone still had any doubts as to the reality of the facts.
Kissinger, one of the most prominent elitist on the planet, is an illustrious member of the Bilderberg Club, CFR Foreign Affairs Council and RAND Corporation.
As a rule, in most alternative media, when you want to put a face to those globalist elites who are building the New World Order, we always see the same ones: John Rockefeller, Jacob de Rothschild and Henry Kissinger.
Well, in case anyone had any doubt that Kissinger met with Trump to give him his blessing, we just have to see his last statements to CNN, in which he talked about the meeting with the tycoon:
"Trump is the most genuine elected president I've ever seen."
"In the current situation we should not pigeonhole him into positions he acquired in the campaign that he does not insist on later"
Trump is the most genuine elected
(This phrase in particular is really amazing: Kissinger is literally telling Americans: "let no one blame you when you fail to make the election promises with which you won the election")
And finally, the phrase-instruction for all those who must obey: " We should give an opportunity to develop positive goals."
Lastly, let us remember that this elitist and globalist who is one of the visible faces of the New World Order is also an old friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he visited in Moscow in February of this year.
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Generally, in their talks, Kissinger gives his views on the state of international politics and global perspectives.
Lighter water.
Recall that after the February meeting, Kissinger said that the West can not think of a solution to the Syrian crisis without Russia's participation and stated that "can not defeat Islamic state using diplomatic methods."
And how curious! 8 months later, the US elections take place and exactly the candidate who meets the directives given by the globalist wins!

Finally, remember what warned us retired General US Army, Wesley Clark, in 2007, when he said during a talk, the US had planned to attack 7 countries in 5 years, "starting with Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and ending Iran. "

Much of those plans have already been fulfilled by the United States: among them, under the presidency of Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the overthrow of Gaddaffi and the destruction of Libya.
But it is curious to see how Obama has done everything possible, at least apparently, not to attack Iran, with which he has come to realize the historic nuclear agreement, a previous step to lift much of the sanctions against the Persian country and Which potentially gives it a unique opportunity for future economic development.
Mike Pompeo
Mike Pompeo
And now, it turns out that comes to the presidency Donald Trump and surrounds himself with a set of characters totally in favor of breaking the nuclear agreement with Iran and even attacking it, starting with Mike Pompeo, the one chosen by Trump to become director of the CIA and culminating By General Michael Flynn, chosen as National Security Advisor and characterized, not only for being a radical Islamophobe, but a recalcitrant Iranian.
Flynn's testimony of Iran before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Foreign Relations and Armed Services on the Middle East and North Africa on 10 June 2015, a month before the conclusion of the nuclear agreement with Iran, is especially significant.
"It not only affects our security in the country, but also affects our allies and friends in the region, more importantly, the State of Israel. Israel lives under the threat of total annihilation of Iran and other radical Islamic elements in the region.
They have often asserted that they have tried well over a decade to rapidly advance to the nuclearisation of their capacity, and their enrichment at twenty percent and their rapid movement to develop a ballistic missile program are examples of their continued readiness to arm A missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads.
Israel General
Iran's declared desire to destroy Israel is very real. Iran has not once (not once) contributed to the greater good of the security of the region. Nor has Iran contributed to the protection of the security of the region's population. Instead, and for decades, they have contributed to the region's serious insecurity and instability, especially the Levant subregion surrounding Israel.
I believe that Iran represents a clear and present danger for the region and also for the world "
Thus, in perspective, we have that the globalists who have been planning the reconfiguration of the world to reach their goals for years, had for years, the objective of ending attacking Iran, something that Obama has made impossible at the moment when implementing the pact.
And just when it seemed that his evil plan of destruction was going to plunge and that Wesley Clark's predictions would not be met ... Donald Trump wins and surrounds himself with psychopaths willing to start a war with Iran at any moment.
And all this, under the public blessing of the elitist Henry Kissinger, who moves the threads of both Trump and Putin, characters who profess a strange adoration towards his figure.
Henry kissinger vs donald trump

However, despite the overwhelming evidence that shows us who is behind the victory of Donald Trump, both the mass media and a host of (increasingly suspicious) alternative media, continue to insist that Trump is the complete opposite of What it really is.
They continue to insist that Trump is an enemy of the establishment, which is an unexpected political earthquake, representing a revolution and a change, that the elites who control everything, are out of step with their victory.
And as is customary in the manipulations of the last times, we are sold this idea by a double exposure of presumed opposing positions, each one of which, gives visibility of verosimilitude to what is nothing more than a large-scale manipulation and a great lie.
Mass media attacks against Trump only reinforce the false image of their alleged rebellion against the establishment, while alternative media try to distract attention from their elitist ties by telling us how bad Hillary Clinton would have been for The planet, to sell with it the idea that in any case, Trump is a lesser evil. And with that, they get a compliment from all those who have given their support, or rather, feel a visceral rejection by Clinton and his.
Hillary Clinton Nuclear War
Large-scale manipulations are done in this way and use all the resources at their disposal: both mass and alternative means to construct an argument that is self-justifying through the confrontation of alleged irreconcilable opponents.
Remember that, for example, that great maneuver of social-political manipulation in Spain called Podemos has been built and whose sole objective was to create an illusion of political change for all those left-wingers of the Spanish political system who threatened to blow it all In an uncontrolled way. We can have organized them as a herd, put a pastor to follow and basically have lost the time and opportunity to rebel, under the promise of a political change in the polls that will never happen and that is no more than An illusion and a fallacy.
Churches Inda Marhuenda
However, we are not comparing Trump with We can not let anyone fall into error. We only compare the type of maneuver.
The case of Podemos is a local manipulation maneuver without too much repercussion.
However, Trump's play has a global character and represents one of the greatest social manipulations we have ever seen.
The problem is that when you perform such a large operation, it is because you are looking for a very large target ...


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