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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Donald Trump Victory
Finally, Donald Trump has won the US election, something that for many, has represented a great surprise. For us, it has not been so.
A few days ago, we climbed an article titled DO THE ELITES HAVE SCHEDULED A VICTORY OF DONALD TRUMP? In which we echoed suspicions analyst Brandon Smith on the genuine support he received Trump and would eventually lead to the US presidency .
To many people, it seemed impossible (and perhaps still seems to him) that what Smith noticed was something real. Therefore, and above all, congratulations to Brandon Smith for his countercurrent forecast, which seems so right.
Many still insist on believing that victory Trump is something like a victory of the people over the establishment and a "blow to the elites".
Well, it is also an illusion; And orchestrated deceptions, even more.
In this article we are going to make some general considerations, beyond the possible political and economic consequences that can have the victory of Trump and that will be able to find in all means of communication.
We will observe everything from a different point of view ...
Donald Trump Future
One of the highlights of this election result is that it has revealed many hoaxes that have been saying for some time.
To begin with, we have spent months and months reading in a multitude of alternative ways that the elites would by no means allow a victory of Donald Trump, for being a great opponent to the establishment and an outsider to which it would not be allowed to accede to the White House of any of the ways.
We have been told for months that Hillary Clinton is the great protected elites "sionisto-iluminatis-kházaras-Reptilian-Satanists-jesuito-Masonic" and that evil demons comeniños as Soros and the Rothschild family would do whatever was necessary to stop it . We ourselves have echoed some of those complaints in articles we have published.
Many media told us that they had everything controlled and that the voting machines were manipulated to alter the results (we ourselves also echoed some of these complaints).
Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Mesa, Arizona
Still ringing in our ears the constant complaints handling related media Trump, as Infowars or Fox News, accompanied by accusations of Trump himself from the pulpit, claiming that "The election is rigged".
He even threatened not to recognize the election results. We were lucky that he did not contest his own victory if everything was so manipulated against him!
Obviously, advocates of the alleged manipulation of the elites against the "revolutionary" Trump, now we say that effectively the elites have tried to do everything to stop it , all kinds of traps and trickery, but American people, has overcome them as An unstoppable tsunami, driven by his indefatigable yearning for freedom and by the protection of Almighty God.
Some will say: good has triumphed over evil!
And maybe yes, maybe they're right.
But there are far more reasonable explanations.
Trump and Elties
And the most reasonable explanation is that Trump was the candidate of the elites (although he himself did not know, not even many of his enemies) and that they have allowed him to reach the White House; They may have even been given a little push to help him at the last minute (Remember the FBI?).
In fact, everything points to Brandon Smith being right from the start.
Let us reason for a moment what we have seen.
Certainly, the American political establishment and especially the great media of the country, have attacked to him constantly and in an apparently merciless way.
But let's be honest: how have they attacked and with what?
Those media that supposedly have put so many sticks on the wheels, have not stopped constantly taking it on television, making it the epicenter of the campaign, long before becoming a candidate. Obviously, he has his merit in it, but the media have given him comprehensive coverage, leaving at all hours on the air. Did they give it to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic opponent of Clinton, for example? Not much less.
Trump and Bernie Sanders
The big media have made him the protagonist of the pre-campaign and election campaign.
And what have been the alleged brutal attacks by land and sea that the elite-controlled media have carried out against Trump?
Well ... talk about skirts ... and insinuate some problem with taxes, whose echo barely extended a couple of days. The point is that Trump's skirts have been known for decades, because they are in fact part of his brand image, which he himself has generated. Any attack on that side, therefore, was innocuous and, in fact, reinforced his image of womanizing, something not necessarily harmful in the eyes of a multimillionaire like him, in a society so adoring of the triumphant as the American.
Trump multimillionaire
In fact, the worst attacks against Trump, have been taking advantage of their own statements out of tune, the result of their uncontainable language.
Clinton, on the other hand, has seen her crimes, her innumerable cases of corruption, her deceptions and scandals, and her political incompetence when she was Secretary of State.
It is true that the mainstream media have tried to ignore some of these issues, but it is possible that we have an erroneous view of the role of the media as a whole.
We tend to believe that mass media and alternative media are two separate worlds, when in fact they form the same ecosystem, simply because they exert potential influence on the same population.
Alternative or countercurrent media are not prohibited or clandestine means that are communicated with passwords and accessed in dark alleys. They are just a click away from any of us and some have as many followers as some considered masses and reach large numbers of people through social networks.
Trump by Alex Jones
A perfect example of this is Infowars by Alex Jones, a great supporter of Donald Trump and whose level of coverage is enormous.
Therefore, perhaps we should observe them all together, to understand that perhaps things are not what they seem.
What are we trying to say? Well, in a society with such ease of access to information, which means masses engaged in minimizing a scandal, while others are considered "rebels" expose you , with subsequent dissemination in social networks, can have an effect Contrary to the apparent.
Covering Clinton's scandals in the big media of an establishment increasingly hated by the population, but allowing them to spread widely in others considered to be against power, in fact represents a serious prejudice to her. And in the same way that we can conclude that this has occurred because Clinton's protectors have not been able to control the situation, we may also suspect that perhaps they have used this double mechanism, knowing that it would be exposed in the eyes of many as corrupt and which it is actually criminal and "above protected by the establishment".
Ask yourself this question: do you really believe that a billionaire like Trump, with long-standing ties to the mafia (legally inherited from his father), has no greater scandal than a stolen video where he says he puts his hand on women? Does anybody really is naive enough to believe that it is a pure and clean man and has no "dead in the closet", beyond four groped and fondled women?
Let's not be so innocent.
What we have seen is theater. Trump attacks actually have been shot with rifles fair, which have served to legitimarle before the people as a "revolutionary anti-establishment".
Donald revolutionary anti-establishment
And that fictitious legitimization is demonstrated in the fact that the very means of mass communication do not stop repeating again and again that it is the "anti-establishment" candidate, as if to invest it with such a character. They are putting that medal on themselves.
On the other hand, we think that the Clinton scandals, many of which were already known for some time, incapacitated it to be a real alternative; As Brandon Smith pointed out in his article, those elites are too clever to choose someone as hated and evidently corrupt as Hillary Clinton.
And if not, let us think for a moment in the set of contradictory reasonings that most alternative circles have used and which formed their erroneous thesis.
1- First we have sold that Hillary Clinton was the candidate of the elites, in contrast to Donald Trump, supposedly, it was not.
2- After have told us that these elites would do whatever was necessary to get Clinton won the election.
3- And finally, they have stated that the elites manipulate the elections directly, through all kinds of illegal maneuvers and by manipulating the voting machines. 
In short: these alternative means told us that the elites control everything and that Clinton was the candidate "who would win." And that theory, has found widespread.

Trump Manipulating elections
Well, if we continue with the thesis that "these elites control everything and have the ability to disrupt the elections", since Trump has won, we can conclude that:
a- elites have not manipulated the votes;
b- elites have not done everything necessary to win Clinton;
c- and therefore, Clinton was not the real commitment of the elites.
Therefore, the argument that the alternative media "elites control everything and Clinton was their candidate , " was false.
And it can be false for two reasons:
-or because the elites do not control everything;
-or either because Clinton was not her real candidate (or directly they care a horn who wins).
Stay with whomever you want.
Accepted that there were many hoaxes around the presumed favoritism of the elites by Clinton, let us now analyze what Donald Trump actually represents.
To begin with, they have sold us that Trump is little less than a revolutionary who represents the middle and disadvantaged classes; an argument that is stupid as a piano and now, oddly enough, repeated endlessly the general media, calling it the "enemy of the establishment".
Maybe we're wrong and actually Trump is all that. You know, the typical multimillionaire born and raised in luxury thanks to a favorable establishment, who has spent the fucking life surrounded by rich and opulent, but who in reality, is an anti-elitist and a fervent defender of the working classes. Come on, the normal, the logical, the reasonable: the typical Che Guevara with a luxury skyscraper in Manhattan.
Trump Che Guevara
But beyond the incredible level of stupidity that a population must have to swallow such a hoax, what strikes us is its ultranationalist message.
Let's put it plainly: Donald Trump embodies American arrogance in its purest form. His message is "redoing large to the US" (Make America Great Again); is "America First" (America First, something like the "Deutschland über alles")
Do any of you, esteemed readers, hate the omnipresence of the American flag, the insulting American arrogance, and your image of moral superiority over the rest of the world? 
Well, get ready, because we've never seen anything like what's coming under Trump's mandate.

Trump American arrogance
The most unbelievably maddening thing about the affair is that there are a lot of people who hate the US and their arrogance, but instead they are pleased that an ultra-nationalist and superb guy like Trump has won the election, when he has announced that he will do Of the recovery of this American arrogance, its main objective.
It is so absurd, that it even costs to conceive such a level of contradiction.
Trump's promises
Take a look at Trump's promises and start shaking.
He has promised to build an immense wall with Mexico, with Israeli technology and private Israeli surveillance; Has promised to expel Muslims and illegal immigrants; Has pledged to continue Guantanamo, reinforce massive population surveillance with the excuse of terrorism, increase police status, and publicly validate CIA torture methods in illegal prisons. 
What a revolutionary! What a blessing to the world! How contrary is the establishment and the elites!

He has also promised to end the opening toward Cuba and Venezuela has hinted attack "if they misbehave."
He has vowed to turn the US into Israel's bully in the Middle East again, including a possible attack on Iran if it does not bow to Israeli interests or threatens the existence of the Jewish state.
America Trump 2016
And to make matters worse, he promises to strengthen and modernize the US military "so that the world respects them again"; That means more guns, more planes, more ships; That is, greater business for the industrial-military apparatus.
Wow, what a revolutionary anti-establishment! Hey?
From his contempt for Muslims and Latinos, it is clear that he will probably bring troops to the Middle East and will once again consider Latin America as the backyard of the United States. And especially if China starts to put its feet there.
Great. A man of peace. The new Gandhi. Surely the elites do not want any of this.
Let's hope that everything he said during the campaign, just outside electoral posture and that being president, is totally different ... but generally, the presidents greatly worsen what they promise in the electoral campaigns.
Trump the president of all
We have been struck by the reaction of most media to Trump's first speech. It has been the typical and usual first speech, conciliatory and optimistic as they are and should always be the first declarations of a president after the victory; He said what they always say in these cases: advocating national unity, build bridges, to show willing to negotiate with everyone, presented as "the president of all", etc ..
However, the media have highlighted as if it were "a new Trump" as if he had a revelation and under the skin of the monster conceal himself Jesus Christ.
What did they expect him to say in his first speech? That he came out barking and insulting women, blacks and Mexicans? That he came out dressed as a bricklayer to start building the wall right now?
But beyond the curious reaction of the media, trying to wash the image of that Trump that they themselves have helped to get dirty, we have seen that Trump has promised to raise the USA again, to put to work to the whole country, and to renew all the US infrastructure completely, to "make it the best in the world". This implies thousands of kilometers of railways, renovation of roads, highways, ports, airports, bridges, dams, etc ...
And the obvious question is: where will you get the money? Where will he get it if his country has such a monstrous debt?
Maybe borrowing more, as he has done so many times with his companies until they go bankrupt? And who will buy all that debt that promises to create? Saudi Arabia you have insulted and you are in a critical situation? China, whom you consider an enemy? Russia, that already has enough problems and own projects in which to invest for its own development? A ruined Europe? The "evil" Federal Reserve, which has attacked so much, printing money out of nowhere as crazy?
There are many things in Donald Trump that seem really unsustainable ...
Trump and Nato
But amidst a host of deceptions and contradictions, Trump has also opened the door to new hope ... which we will see if it comes to fruition.
One of the great positive things about Trump, at least in appearance, is that it will stop supporting NATO and get along with Russia, which will probably avoid a world war with them or even a nuclear conflict ... something that perhaps was never Really on the table.
Trump and Putin
Has anyone raised this possibility?
Perhaps that danger of war with Russia was never real, because perhaps, there never was a chance that Hillary Clinton would win. In fact, the threat of that (false) war with Russia if Clinton got to the presidency probably also influenced Trump's victory.
In fact, there is a detail that points in that direction and that we should take into account: the European governments, they seemed to know that that contrary Trump to continue funding NATO, was about to come to power ... for months.
And if not, how do you explain that for months the largest countries in Europe are working so actively in the creation of an autonomous European NATO army and plan to put compulsory military service again?
Boosting a European army means facing unnecessary costs in a time of crisis and compulsory military service is an unpopular and socially risky maneuver at a time of rejection of peoples towards governments. They only explain that they have been doing these plans for months, if they knew what was coming: Trump's victory and its effect on NATO. In fact, it is intuited that they knew for sure that he would win, which makes us suspect even more that all this has been orchestrated.
On the other hand, Trump has promised to overturn some of the globalist projects par excellence: free trade treaties such as the TPP and the TTIP.
Trump Top Secret
We will see if it really does and does not back down.
It would really be good news, at least momentarily ... although we fear that what we will actually see, is a delay, an extension until the conditions are the suitable ones to implement them. Or even to bring us something worse. In fact, there is too much popular rejection right now, as to implement them. It is possible that the driving globalism elites think that the population may need to "go through some tough situation convince the finish ..."
To summarize: we do not believe that Trump is the great surprise that we are trying to sell, or that it is the enemy of the elites.
It is true that he is not part of the American political establishment and it is true that there are many people, even in the mass media, political parties or governments, which this victory of Trump has caught them by surprise and has broken plans .
That is because they simply do not have access to insider information, which is handled by a few and properly considered that Trump harms their particular interests. 
But it is possible that in the highest spheres, another game is played.

We also want to make one last consideration about the alleged globalist New World Order that some supposed hidden elites have been pushing for some time.
globalist New World Order
This globalist New World Order is characterized by the almost elimination of national, cultural, religious and ethnic identities and the economic and social integration of all countries, under the domination of a single government on a planetary scale.
For the population to accept this new model, the old model based on national identities must be destroyed. That is, nationalism in any of its manifestations, must be repudiated by all people.
Now, look around, in your own countries: do you know anyone who is willing to give up their nationalism, their distinctive cultural identity, or their religion? Probably not.
And that is because there is no reason to give up such deep-seated ideas.In essence, we continue to live in the same world that 40 years ago, with the same concepts of nationality. And if you do not give up these ideas so deeply rooted in the minds of people, the globalist New World Order, it is impossible.
Basically, there are 3 ways to get all the people of the world to renounce those deep-rooted nationalist, ethnic, cultural and religious sentiments:
1- Through replacing feelings of national, cultural or religious roots, by identifying a new model of higher order, which minimized. That is, substituting the feeling of belonging to a nation, by a feeling of belonging to the whole human race. And that could only be achieved if there were a common threat for all human beings, which made us overcome the differences once and for all, rendering them ineffective or inefficient. To do this, it would take a planetary threat of some kind that would put us all in the same category, even overcoming class feelings. They can imagine what they want: threats of giant asteroids that threaten life on earth, other cosmic cataclysms or an alien invasion.
2- Through a long process of transformation of the economy and society over several decades and is caused in part by technological economic evolution itself of humanity as a whole, which in turn, lead to social transformations and . This seems to be the most viable and peaceful option.
3- Through a short and forceful process based on the shock. A shock that leads us to identify our national, ethnic or religious differences as an odious problem, which we must overcome. And this can only be achieved by reinforcing nationalism in its most extreme form, to the point that it is the source of a great conflict that would wipe out the old system and lead us to the need for a new and totally different one. For this option to be implemented, a large-scale economic crisis, explosions of intolerance in all its possible manifestations, exacerbated nationalists that drag their people to a great war and that the countries do not have any obstacle that prevents them from facing some With others ... and the great trade treaties between blocs and countries, despite their evil and inherent malice, are a reason more than enough not to face a war with your trading partners. 
That is to say, that Trump fits like a glove in the necessities of the moment to take us to a process of shock: it is an ultranationalist (like Putin), wants to break the commercial treaties that to a great extent would prevent a world war and to bring back the protectionism Prior to the great wars), promotes religious and racial intolerance and is in a world that could end up experiencing a large-scale economic crisis at any time.

What a man! What a coincidence! It turns out that Trump is just what the New World Order needs as a previous step to get implemented, when we are precisely being sold as just the opposite.
Well, here we have it ... at least we know we're not going to get bored ...
Trump world in hands
Let no one wait for an economic cataclysm in the next few days. The stock market crash has been an immediate minor reaction, but interestingly, have been controlled a posteriori ... as if "someone" had everything planned in advance, as happened with the Brexit, another maneuver that sold us as a surprise and in fact, Is part of the same context as Trump's victory. Which would show that behind all this, there are always.
If Trump is used as a scapegoat, it will be in the term of months or years and possibly, it is due to some decision or policy "initiated" by himself.
Finally, we ask you what you think Trump will represent for the world.You can put it in a comment or through the survey, where you can choose more than one option.

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