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Friday, November 11, 2016


what represent DONALD TRUMP
The first clues begin to be seen as to what Donald Trump is actually going to represent.
In the previous article HOW SHOULD WE INTERPRET THE DONALD TRUMP VICTORY? , We explained our fears about what really represented the victory of Donald Trump. Consider this article as a complement to the previous one.
We know there are many people who want to believe at face value, that Donald Trump is a candidate opposed the evil establishment, the elites, the "all - controlling Zionism" and Wall Street.
And in fact, the mainstream media, do not stop to introduce the billionaire as the "enemy of the establishment" and some even as an "anti-system".
Donald Trump enemy of the establishment
But one thing is desires (and self-delusions) and another tangible reality, which stubbornly tries to show us the exact opposite of what many alternative means have wanted to instill in Trump.
Let's talk about facts then, through a set of news that we have seen in the last hours.
Let's start with a highly significant piece of news that highlights the reality of Trump's nature ...
If the stock market serves as an indication of what the Donald Trump presidency can represent for the world, then we have a clear diagnosis: after his election as president, quotes from pharmaceutical companies, gun makers and private prisons, Have exploded in the stock market.
Interestingly, when we talk about the rise of gun manufacturers, we do not mean to manufacturers of handguns for civilian use, but suppliers of high - tech weapons for the army, what is known as "military-industrial complex ".
military-industrial complex
British arms supplier BAE Systems and defense electronics firm Thales rose 3 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal. Trump's plans to increase military spending are key to this increase, coupled with Trump's skepticism toward NATO.
In a surprising turn of events, the manufacturers of civilian weapons, suffered with the election of the multimillionaire, probably by the support of Trump to the Second Amendment, that implies that there will not be a massive demand of arms previous to a presumed control.
Yes, they have read it well. It is what it seems.
Had not they sold us that Trump was something like the enemy of the elites and the establishment?
Well, look, Trump arrives, and the Military Industrial Complex doing business with the war on a large scale, private prisons designed to do business with massive police repression on the population and large pharmaceutical corporations, whose level of corruption and evil know They wear their boots.
Apparently none of them have anything to do with the elites or the establishment. What a tease!
Trump enemy of the financial elites
But remember that we had been sold to Trump as well as the enemy of the financial elites embodied by Wall Street.
Well, the Dow Jones has reached a record high following the victory of Trump, (something unusual when an enemy of yours arrives at the presidency of the USA, right?)
The three major US stock indices. Have reached their best result so far this year.
Dow Jones has hit a record high as it rose to 18,717.30 points after a rise of 0.69%, the S & P 500 has gained almost 0.45% and has reached 2,173.00 points, while the Nasdaq has hit 5,271.10 after an increase of 0.38%.
Come on , the typical effects of the arrival to the presidency of "an enemy of Wall Street" and "anti-establishment" defender of the working classes, right?
The odd thing is that, in parallel, the quotations from renewable energy companies operating in the United States have fallen on the stock markets, because the Republican president has previously stated that climate change is a perpetuated deception by the Chinese To paralyze US industry.
Trump enemy of Wall Street
Vestas, a major US wind turbine maker that gets about 40 percent of its US business, posted a 14 percent drop.
But of course, renewable and clean energy must be owned by the evil elite, while the arms manufacturers, large pharmaceutical corporations and private prisons, must be "anti-system".
Do you begin to see how we have been fooled, and much, by selling Donald Trump as an "anti-system" and an "enemy of the elites and the establishment"?
But there are still more clues.
Recall that we have sold that Trump is an "anti-system, enemy of the establishment and financial elites of Wall Street".
Well, at the moment speculation (and it is only speculation and not conclusive news, we must wait), that the main candidates for Secretary of the Treasury are Steven Mnuchin and even Jamie Dimon.
Steven Mnuchin, is a former Goldman Sachs banker, of whom he was most recently a partner. It also happens that Mnuchin worked previously for another well-known elitist character: the billionaire George Soros.
Steven Mnuchin
Steven Mnuchin
We talked about this possibility in Article ESA DONALD TRUMP CALL BIG LIE .
But it is on top of that, it is being shuffled that Trump could give the treasury secretary, nothing more and nothing less than Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JP Morgan Chase, although apparently Dimon would have rejected the position.
Jamie Dimon
Jamie Dimon
Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase! What a revolutionary anti-system is Donald Trump! How contrary to the interests of the elites, my God!
Let's wait and see what ends up deciding the billionaire, because if it really ends up choosing Mnuchin (as it all points now), ex Goldman Sachs and former Soros, the teasing will already be cosmic dimensions. And although in the end does not choose either, the fact that it has been rumored for so long and he has not come out to deny it sharply, is in itself a bad sign.
But let's continue with more indicative of what is approaching with Donald Trump.
There are many people, a follower of alternative information, who believes that the world is dominated by Zionist elites. And apparently, many of these people are convinced that the victory of Donald Trump, goes against the interests of those elites.
Well, here we have a reaction to their electoral victory, which may wake them up from that self-induced dream ...

Israel's hard-line education minister, Naphtali Bennett, has welcomed the election of Donald Trump as US president and has provoked outrage by suggesting that Trump's arrival to the presidency will lead to the end of the international political will of Create a Palestinian state.
Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
"The victory Trump is an opportunity for Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state in the center of the country, which undermine our security , " said Naftali Bennett, Minister of Education, in a press release on Wednesday morning .
"This is the position of the President-elect, as written on his platform, and it should be our policy, clear and simple. The era of a Palestinian state is over. "
Bennett expressed his congratulations to Donald Trump and gratitude to the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for his "friendship with Israel."

Well, well ... it seems that the most radical ultra-Zionists are very happy with Trump's victory. They are already talking directly about ending the possible creation of a Palestinian state, which had made so much progress in recent years ... all thanks to Trump's victory.
And if you have any doubts, here come the words addressed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump as congratulations for his presidential victory, calling it literally as "a true friend of Israel". Netanyahu added, with obvious expression of satisfaction that "I'm sure the president - elect will continue to strengthen the partnership between our two countries and lead to higher summits".
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Remember also that Trump promised a great symbolic gesture Israelis: move the American embassy to Jerusalem, to which the Trump himself considers "the natural capital of Israel".
But Trump not only arouses sympathy among the Zionists ... he also awakens them among other angels, like the Klu Klux Klan ...
Former KKK leader David Duke said night Trump's victory as "one of the most exciting nights of my life."
Duke also added the following confession: " Make no mistake, our people have played a huge role in choosing Trump!"
Come on, the best of every house, as you can see.
Trump anti-system

So, speaking of Trump's benefactors and allies, we've talked about: Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Private Prisons Sector, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Zionists, Netanyahu, Klu Klux Klan ...
You see, all very "anti-establishment" and very "anti-system" ... unless Trump make an ultra-radical turn, betraying all those who have given support. We will see…
Trump Chavez
An "anti-system mogul". Anti-system Tycoon! When someone is able to write a stupid of this magnitude, is that the population has already reached the highest level of bullshit possible and you can be made to believe anything ...

Finally, we want to show, just as an anecdote, the interior of the residence of Donald Trump, characterized by being lined with 24 carat gold, including gold fittings, not only in his home, but his private plane.
The typical house of the enemy of the elites
The typical house of the enemy of the elites
Trump, the great defender of the working classes and enemy of the establishment, waiting eager to serve the people
Trump, the great defender of the working classes and enemy of the establishment, waiting eager to serve the people
The typical gold faucets, so common in people who care about the welfare of the poor
The typical gold faucets, so common in people who care about the welfare of the poor
Come on , like any Arab sheik or African dictator ... to that is that the middle class US workers have voted "the voice that represents them , " the "enemy of elites" ... you have to be idiot!
We know that many people, who have believed that hoax that Trump was a real alternative to elites, do not like these articles and even accuse us of defending Hillary Clinton.
Some limited, rather indoctrinated minds seem to believe that denouncing the lie of Donald Trump is to be in favor of the criminal psychopath who might have led us to World War III.
We trust that the majority of the readers of our blog, if they have come this way, is because they know the level of corruption that Hillary Clinton represents politically, economically and even morally and spiritually, and we do not think we need to be remembering it every time. moment.
What alarms us is to see how much has been played with those people who oppose everything that Clinton represents, causing them to fall into the trap of believing in Donald Trump. And so we insist on denouncing what we interpret as Trump's big lie and scam and denounce how the mass media are making a huge effort to convince people to identify a disgusting elitist multimillionaire as an "anti-system" .
Trump Antisemita
If in the end it turns out that we are wrong, then we will say it and correct it without any problem. But now we see it that way.
And finally, one more comment, at a very personal level, if you allow me.
We have just shown the luxury with which Donald Trump lives, and it is possible that many people believe that Trump can do with his money what he pleases and that does not mean anything that has the walls of his house lined with gold.
Melania Trump Glass Office
Well, everyone can believe what he wants, and if someone has the spirit of vassal, servant or servant of the master, the King or the mandamas on duty, because there he. There are people who have been born to go with their heads down.
Melania Trump Manhattan Penthhouse
But I, personally, and I repeat, at a very personal level, as Robot Fisherman or Gazzetta of the Apocalypse, I consider that anyone, whoever it may be, lives in a house plated in gold, knowing that there are so many people who are hungry or Deprivation of any kind, must be eradicated from the face of the earth immediately.
I think these people are really trash and do not deserve the air they breathe: and I do not care if they are multimillionaires, kings, sheiks, businessmen or soccer players, and I do not care what they have done to get their fortunes. And the same I think of people who collect jewelry, diamonds, expensive watches or other superfluous luxuries, to keep them in a drawer and to show them from time to time before the mob like them.
Sincerely, I consider them the lowest stratum of the human species and although I do not believe in eugenics, perhaps with them an exception could be made.
And gentuza like Donald Trump, is included in this pack, despite who it weighs.
I know that many will sound very radical, but it is what I think on a personal level and I do not expect you to share it.
Has anyone ever thought how regrettable, hopeless and catastrophic it is, that people who say they are fed up with the elites and the establishment ... vote for someone like Donald Trump, believing it to be an alternative?
To what extent of decay can we reach?


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