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Saturday, November 26, 2016


Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?
Secret Electronic Navy Plane
Next we share an article published on the SHTFplan website, which echoes the flight of an American military aircraft over the skies of Denver, Colorado, performing military maneuvers classified as secret and echoed by the local media.
As we always say in these cases, the content of the article contains some elucubrations by its author, Mac Slavo, that should be called into question and we partially do not share in Onbloggers.
However, we leave them to the readers ...

US military Plane
It seems that the US military is prepared for a permanent cyber war against its own people and other governments in the world.
Although tensions with Russia may have been relieved temporarily with the election of Donald Trump, who has signaled peace with Putin, long-term play seems more complicated.
With new powers in Washington setting up the next administration, a government faction has remained silent, making a subtle demonstration of its power.
The contingent Continuity of Government of the shadow government will not be removed from power by no choice, and no matter what decisions I make Trump does and no matter what comment inflammatory can do about it , it will still be there those who have the "finger the "button.And that means possessing a tremendous amount of power.
Residents in the Denver area witnessed a mysterious white plane flew in a "runway pattern" for more than an hour above the city before landing at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, where the plane is housed E-6B.
Mysterious Plane over Denver
Their mission continues to be classified, but military officials admit that they carried out a military maneuver ...
Via ABC 7 Denver:
A plane wrapped in the most absolute mystery captured the attention of thousands of people. No one knew why a high-altitude plane was busy circling the city of Denver for hours. Now the Navy has some answers.
inker Air Force Base
Denver7 tracked the IRON99 flight as it traveled from the west coast to Oklahoma, where it eventually landed at Tinker Air Force Base, but spent about an hour in Denver, circling the area.
North American Command
Initially, the plane's flight was considered a mystery because officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the North American Command (NORTHCOM), the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM), the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and A dozen Air Force bases could not confirm the nature of the flight to the media that asked about it.
One day later - after the plane landed, Navy officials confirmed that the identity of the IRON99 flight was a Navy E-6B Mercury, created by Boeing at a cost of 141.7 million dollars per unit.
The overall mission of the unit is classified, Hubbell said, claiming that the E-6B aircraft is equipped with "skills command, control and communication to manage and use strategic resources".
E-6B aircraft
[...] aircraft are capable of launching nuclear missiles and communicating with various assets, including nuclear submarines.
[...] a senior federal official ... said the plane was involved in a classified training mission organized by the Department of Defense.
The training mission focused on electronic surveillance and involved several agencies that are unlikely to comment on the mission, the source said.
Since the E-6B specializes in "command, control and communications", as well as tasks of electronic surveillance and communications with nuclear submarines and other assets that could launch a nuclear war ... it can be assumed that an important about mission is And that the mission of such an aircraft would be to take control of the nation's vital weapons and resources in the event of a catastrophic emergency, government breakdown or de-powering in Washington.
A similar E-4B was seen flying over Washington during the morning of September 11, shortly after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
Pentagon Plane
He was reportedly conducting a drill, but was later told to prepare to act as a mobile command center. Both aircraft deal with sensitive electronic communications involving, at least in part, codes of nuclear launch and military continuity in the event of a failure of order.

It is important to note that the E-4B is not an ordinary plane. It is a militarized version of a Boeing 747-200, equipped with advanced communications equipment, and capable of carrying a crew of up to 112 people. Aircraft nicknamed "Doomsday" during the Cold War, the E-4B serve the president, the secretary of defense and the Joint Chiefs. In times of national emergency, they can act as centers of command, control and survival communications to direct forces, execute war orders and coordinate the actions of civilian authorities. The US military owns four of them in all. One is always on alert, with a full operational crew. Base in Nebraska Offutt Air Force is the "Main Operating Base" for the E-4B, although there are numerous "Advanced Operating Bases"(FOB) in the United States.

Nebraska Offutt Air Force
In the current context, there are perhaps three different fronts on which this unit of command could be used.
BLACKOUT OF COMMUNICATIONS - The powers of communication and control of the E-6B could be used to disrupt or disable electronic communications in a city or an area. With sensitive military facilities near Colorado Springs, the plane could have obscured much of the Denver area according to the situation. This aircraft of "Continuity the Government, has dominion over the civil population and at a given moment, could stop its ordinary activities. Surveillance, data collection and "detection of drones" may also have been targets of this exercise.
CHECK AGAINST AGGRESSION - The capabilities of the E-6B are a powerful counterweight to possible hostile intentions by Russia, China or other adversaries. Modern warfare is based on the use of electromagnetic fields, blocking communications and, potentially, using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) to eliminate electronics. Depending on the potential situation, the senior US official on board or in communication with this aircraft could launch nuclear weapons, communicate with nuclear submarines around the world or deny airspace to a conflicting force.
military secret plane
Symbolically, at least, that an E-6B, perform a drill a week or so after the election of the new president, sends a message to the President-elect, and perhaps to his electors, indicating that there are limits on the power of A president. Although Trump's power is theoretically limited by the controls and balances of the Constitution, in the real world, the Government's Continuity structure has operational superiority over any president and perhaps I would like to point out to Trump here (or maybe not). If any president "out of line" or begins to "believe that really has the power", this aircraft can void your ego and maintain control of the status quo ... it is a potential blow movement.
This is the true face of the ruling elite. This is the system they maintain, and anything below this threshold has no real power.
This is what democracy looks like, when you remove the silly game of voting, candidates and campaigns.
This is the military industrial complex upon which Eisenhower so much warned the Americans and the world.


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