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Thursday, November 17, 2016


John Bolton
Although the hard core that will form the Trump administration is not yet defined, the first names, based on the trustworthy people who surround Trump and have been advising him for months, begin to ring.
One of them is John Bolton, who sounds like a possible Secretary of State and who already served as United States ambassador to the UN under George W. Bush.
Even the alternative media that have been most enthusiastic about Trump's victory, show their terror at the possibility that Bolton may be the one chosen for the job.
Bolton is characterized by being an uncompromising neocon and although he is not finally chosen for the position, he is one of the people close to Trump and therefore, influence him.
Trump Needs To Confront Russia
This past Saturday, November 12, Bolton explained what he considers the foreign policy priorities of the new administration.
According to Bolton, the main US concern in the face of foreign policy they are "closely related threats from radical Islamic terrorism and chaos in the Middle East."
This is followed by "nuclear proliferation" of Iran, a country that despite what he says Bolton, has no nuclear weapons program.
But the most disturbing thing is that although Trump says he wants to make peace with Russia, that is not on the agenda of Bolton, one of his closest advisers.
"Vladimir Putin's Russia lurks in Eastern Europe and the Middle East in ways unprecedented since the Cold War , " he writes.
John Bolton Neocon
Worst case is that Trump's vice president, Mike Pence, has similar thoughts about Russia.
Mike Pence, calls Putin "small and stalker" leader and said the United States "should be prepared to use military force."
While the new US president, Donald Trump, (allegedly) opposes the war in Iraq, does not oppose the collapse of the North Atlantic Alliance and expresses his respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the future vice president of the new administration American, Mike Pence, thinks practically the opposite.
Mike Pence
"Russia's provocations will have to be answered with the US forces , " he added. "The United States of America must be prepared to use military force to attack Assad's military objectives."
But let's keep up with that psycho called Bolton.
Bolton also wants Trump to confront China in the southern and eastern Chinese seas. "Continued failure to deal firmly with Chinese adventurism and intransigence will result in more Asian states falling under Pekin's rule, as the Philippines seems to be doing, simply accepting their fate as Chinese vassals."
On Sunday, Bolton wrote a disturbing article on the pages of the New York Post.
"Iran is now on the path to nuclear weapons, legitimized by Obama's miserable agreement, which is providing incalculable economic benefits to Tehran through unfrozen assets and renewed trade and investment, especially in Europe. Iran's support for terrorism continues unabated, and its provocative international behavior has only worsened since the nuclear deal. Russia's influence in the region is higher than at any time since the 1970's , "he wrote.
Bolton proposes destruction
Bolton proposes creative destruction and order through chaos, the characteristic strategy of the neocons. "You must create a new state from the remains of Syria and Iraq, or some other durable approach must be found , " he writes.
" I still think the decision to overthrow Saddam was correct , "Bolton said last year during a failed attempt to run for the nomination."I think the decisions made after that decision were wrong, but I think the worst decision taken after that was the 2011 decision to withdraw US forces and the coalition."
But Bolton does not stop there. He also wants to force Russia out of Syria."In addition, the new Russian air base in Latakia, Syria, has drastically changed the strategic environment in the eastern Mediterranean and beyond.
"Unfortunately, the base can not be made to disappear simply by reversing Obama's erroneous policies."
According to Bolton, "Israel and the Arab friends of America are desperately waiting for a strong American president who understands who his friends are."
Israel and its well-organized and funded lobbying effort in the United States have long determined US foreign policy in the Middle East.
John Bolton Crazy man
As for our "Arab friends", this is a reference to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Gulf Emirates, the same people who are responsible for fanatic Wahhabi Islam embraced by al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and the Islamic State.
None of these psychopathic groups would exist if the CIA had not built the Mujahideen in Afghanistan during their covert war against the Soviets.The Saudis, the CIA and the Pentagon are directly responsible for the cancer that is now growing in the Middle East, not Iran.
Senator Rand Paul has warned of how hypocritical it would be for Trump to elect Bolton as secretary of state.
"Bolton is a long-term member of Washington's failed elite that Trump vowed to oppose, one of those types inclined to repeat virtually every foreign policy mistake the US has committed in the past 15 years."
Maybe in the end Trump did not choose Bolton for the position, and many people would then either breathe relieved or come to sign that Trump is against Bolton's stances.
But the problem is that Bolton is one of Trump's closest advisors and if someone surrounds himself with people like that, it's because he agrees with their positions.
And in the event that Trump does not agree with these positions, then he is irresponsible to have such a toxic and psychopathic character as this.
Worst case is that one of Trump's most trusted people, former mayor New York, Rudolph Giuliani, who also sounds like a candidate for the post of Secretary of State, has opinions that do not exactly invite optimism.
Giuliani Nuclear War
When asked about the demands of Trump to break the nuclear deal with Iran, Giuliani said, "You have to set priorities. So if the priority is, we're going to eliminate ISIS, maybe we should focus on that. And get rid of ISIS and then go back to that. "
In other words, according to Giuliani, a new US war with Iran remains on the agenda of the incoming administration. During his run for the presidency in 2008, Giuliani said that the use of tactical nuclear weapons against Iran's nuclear program could not be ruled out.
And although Trump has spoken in vague terms of a rapprochement with Russia, Giuliani has sounded more menacing toward Moscow.
"Russia believes it is a military competitor, but actually it is not , " Giuliani said. "It is our unwillingness under Obama to threaten the use of our army that makes Russia so powerful."
As you can see, the people surrounding Trump who could potentially be part of his government are able to say two opposite things at once.
That leads us to conclude two things: that government meetings will be chaotically amusing, and that this Trump administration promises to be the most schizophrenic in US history.
Donald Trump interventionism
As schizophrenic as present to Trump by many right - wing alternative media as a "guarantor of peace" and a president "contrary to American interventionism", while promising significantly increase military spending in the country, which has already provoked strong Grown in bags for the big arms manufacturers.
This is the level of insanity and schizophrenia that have come the great defenders of Trump in the networks and how important they have been to exercise the brainwashing mass perpetrated on their followers and admirers.
It is highly possible that Bolton will not ultimately be the one chosen to hold the post of Secretary of State, more than anything, because it would mean a real provocation.
And we know what will happen: when Trump elects anyone else, the trumpeting fanatics who now make up the new sect, will come to insult us and tell us that everything we said was false and that Bolton was not going to be Secretary of State.
Secretary of State
The problem, however, is that he has become a potential candidate. And if it has become a candidate, it is because it is someone very close to Trump.
And if a warmonger like Bolton is someone close to Trump, we can conclude two things:
"The first is that we have a serious problem, as we had when we ruled George W. Bush or Barack Obama, or as we would have had with Hillary Clinton.
- and the second, is that nothing Trump says is reliable, as it is highly contradictory to say what he has said about international politics during the campaign and at the same time have as an advisor to someone like Bolton.

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