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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins

Chaos if Clinton Wins
Election day in the US is approaching and the band of Donald Trump supporters is in full swing, threatening, in fact, with a real explosion of anger if the billionaire candidate is not the chosen one.
At the end of the article, there is a particularly explicit written about it , threatening to "great things" ...
The issue is that one of the factors that has contributed to raising the temperature even more has been the news of the last few hours, whereby the FBI has finally dismissed Hillary Clinton for managing classified information in her emails , When she was Secretary of State.
Recall that by the end of October, the FBI, in the mouth of its director James Comey, had announced the discovery of new emails from the Democratic candidate in alien devices and resumed the investigation, which caused an earthquake in the polls and a fall Of the candidate's vote expectations.
However, with the announcement of the FBI that "there is no reason to justify a criminal prosecution Hillary Clinton , " the camp of supporters of Trump has set in anger, and Trump himself, who claims that "it is' impossible 'That the FBI has reviewed Clinton's 650,000 emails in just eight days, to conclude that there is no reason to impute it. "
Clinton Guilty
The point is that a lot of supporters Trump, at least the most radical and those expressed in the alternative media of related internet are fully convinced that if Clinton wins, will have been "because the establishment has cheated".
For example, several armed militias have already announced that they will rise in arms if Trump loses the election.
An example of this we have in the militia called 'Security Force III%', one of the different armed groups that are preparing for possible civil unrest.
U.S. militia
At the moment, the network is full of suspicions, contradictory and sensational news and post-election threats, as we may have never seen before.
Let's see some, starting with a particularly sensational news ...

A solar storm capable of knocking down planes will arrive on Earth on 8 November. It could cause massive blackouts and wreak havoc on communications systems around the world.
On November 5, a NASA telescope observed how a magnetic filament in the northern hemisphere of the Sun became unstable and exploded. The explosion threw the space a "cannon fire" made a huge wave radiation and solar wind, as has informed the portal l Space Weather.
The Daily Star reports that unstable conditions on the surface of the Sun could wreak havoc on the world's electrical and communications systems on 8 November. This event will cause a solar storm capable of knocking down planes and triggering massive blackouts.
It should be noted that the Daily Star is characterized by its sensationalism yellow and exaggerated.

It is already a coincidence that the blessed solar flare hits the earth, precisely on November 8! Although it should be noted, that will be of a magnitude G-1, classified as "minor geomagnetic storm."
But these days, we have met all kinds of filtered on the "extreme wickedness of Hillary Clinton and his" news, which added to its innumerable cases of corruption and the increasingly long list of annoying people allegedly killed by the Clinton clan, only Could contribute to an unpredictable response from Trump supporters if the candidate wins the election.
For example, a few days ago, French journalist and intellectual Thierry Meyssan exposed the links between Hillary Clinton and the Muslim Brothers ...

Filtering emails Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, could contain data that point to a close relationship between one of his advisors and the group of the Muslim Brotherhood, which, if proven, could involve it in "high treason" , Says the French journalist Thierry Meyssan at the Voltaire site.
After the leaking of his mail, the name of Huma Abedin, second aboard the Clinton campaign, has become public domain.
Clinton Vote
According to Meyssan, Abedin was educated in Saudi Arabia and his father runs an academic journal, a publication that regularly collects the views of the Muslim Brotherhood. "His mother presides over the Saudi association of women members of the Muslim Brotherhood and worked with the wife of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, another representative of the Muslim Brotherhood , "he explains.
Since the Republican Party, they accused Abedin of being "a spy of Saudi Arabia" and also categorized as the "brain of a kind of plot designed to hide some of the official business" that the Democratic candidate tried as secretary of state.
Clinton and Meyssan
Meyssan lists in his article a series of people who have held positions of government with the democrats being members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
In contrast it notes that in the Trump team stand diametrically opposed characters like General Michael T. Flynn, "who tried to oppose the White House created the Islamic Emirate (Daesh)" and Frank Gaffney, who denounced "the presence of Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the federal government. "

But Hillary Clinton's ties would be "peccata minuta," if we compare them with her alleged links to Satanism and Witchcraft.
This is how we are told on the Katehon website ...

Four days after the election in the United States, the latest Wikileaks leak has revolutionized the internet. Following the re-release of stolen emails to Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Reddit, Twitter and 4chan users have not stopped commenting on emails that some say incriminate Clinton's team in esoteric, obscurantist and pedophile environments.
An email with an innocent issue FWD: Dinner, is the one that has caught the attention of Internet users.
In it, Tony Podesta invites his brother to a dinner called Spirit Cooking ( https://youtu.be/g9ys-Lfu4Sc ) at Marina Abramovic, the organizer of it.
Spirit Cooking is a ceremony that Marina Abramovic made known in 1997 when she performed it in an art gallery with an artistic purpose. It is a rite in which spirit is supposedly nourished and a connection between the material and the divine is created. To make this mysterious dinner, blood is coagulated with semen and breast milk.
Marina Abramovic
What at first seems a performance unfit for sensitive, is actually an occult ritual of black magic.
As explained by Marina Abramovic own: "If you perform black magic in an art gallery, then it is art. If you do it in another context, in spiritual circles, in a private house or on a television show, it is not art. The intention and the context in which it is done is what determines whether it is art or not. "
Spirit Cooking is a sacristy that arises for the first time - albeit with a different name - the cult created by Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), Thelema "Do what thou wilt: it will be the whole law . " It is one of the pillars of the philosophy of This cult.
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
In addition, Marina Abramovic's repeated references to Babylon, the Babylonian deity to which the followers of the church of Satan worship, has aroused the curiosity of the users in search of more information.
What has caught the attention of those who have launched to read the leaked emails has been the large number of messages about food, which at times lose all apparent logic.
What has caught the attention of those who have launched to read the leaked emails has been the large number of messages about food, which at times lose all apparent logic.
"I understand that you are busy, so feel free to not respond if it is not yours or you do not want it." The lawyer has found a handkerchief (I think he has a map related to pizza. 
">> Mary is not free 
>> Would you like to get a pizza for an hour? O ven " 
"The next three months are going to be tougher in the interior than in Beijing. Between 7 and 1600, it's not fun. I hope you're great. I'm dreaming of your hot dog stand in Hawaii, ... "- Message sent to John Podesta, who has no hot dog stand named in his name. 
They are some of the most prominent, and there are those who associate them with pederasty for the meaningless use of pizza, word associated with pederasty in many forums of varied themes [Cheese Pizza = CP = Child Porn]. Some have even come to propose their own patterns for deciphering 'key messages'.

Add to this the continuing suspicions of Trump supporters and their media that the mass media are already preparing their programs and publications by winning Hillary Clinton before the election.
The last example we have in an alleged edition of the prestigious magazine Newsweek, which circulates through the networks. This would be a special edition under the headline "Madam President" referring to Hillary Clinton and would be already prepared before the election.
Madam President
Images of the alleged magazine have already been circulating on the networks, prompting even more outrage among the increasingly enraged Trump supporters.
Obviously, it seems that it is an interested manipulation and that in no way Newsweek has prepared a "special commemorative edition"with Clinton on the cover behind the words "Madam President - historic trip Hillary Clinton to the White House."
President Hillary Clinton
But the spread of "news" like these in the networks, only contribute to raise the temperature before a possible victory of Clinton. In fact, it seems as if Trump supporters are being provoked to respond violently to election results if their candidate does not win the election.
If we add up all that we have said, (and that are only small details from a veritable wave of similar news, accompanied by an even greater wave of false and exaggerated rumors), everything points to a social outbreak after the American elections if it does not win Donald Trump.
And as a sign of fears of this possible outbreak, we have what this news tells us ...

It seems that the "Prepper" group has made massive purchases of food, well above "doomsday" scenarios above.
Recall that the preppers are practitioners of Survivalism, the name that receives the movement of individuals or groups (called in English "survivalists" and more recently also preppers) that are prepared actively to survive a possible future alteration of the political or social order Or before a possible apocalyptic scenario that leads to a scenario of social and political chaos.
Election Chaos
As reported by NBC News, while sales of "long - term food" usually see an increase around natural disasters and elections, "this time purchases are even more intense than those seen in 2012" Says Keith Bansemer, vice president of marketing for My Patriot Supply, a manufacturer and marketer of survival foods.
For example, during the previous elections, the sale of these products doubled. Now the quantity sold, is the triple.
Another company, Legacy Foods, predicts they will see a 1-2 week increase in post-election sales, "if Hillary Clinton wins," says owner Phil Cox.
Emergency Food Supply
What is fueling this new urgency? Survivalists say they are preparing for post-electoral discomfort that could involve massive riots, power outages, and even a complete collapse of the financial system.

All this seems very exaggerated.
But there are a lot of people who warns of a "Second American Revolution" if he wins Hillary Clinton.
Second American Revolution
Recall about it , which we explained in a previous article ALLEGED IN US MILITARY OPERATIONS ANTICIPATED "CIVIL CHAOS" AFTER ELECTIONS
Next we put a text that has no waste, from a party website of Trump, Superestation95 ...

Some people are talking about getting up in an insurrection and overthrowing the federal government by force. That is certainly his right as sole source of sovereign power in this nation. They certainly have the ability to do it very quickly and the feds know it. The army is so concerned about this that more than one General has produced videos for the troops asking them not to take sides.
But since the overwhelming majority of the military is supporting Trump, it 's easy to see where their loyalties would in any insurrection: people!
Few have talked about plans well underway, consisting of taking all the money from the banks and out of the stock market to cause the collapse of the financial system and financially breaking the government.
Dollar in Fire
Think about what you would do if all the "little people" take out all their money from banks Wednesday, November 9th. This would cause havoc. Banks would be forced to close on Friday, November 11. And as soon as the banks began to close, it would cause panic, causing the spread of the problem ... And panic leads to civil unrest.
Worse, if everyone starts to take their money from the bank, and you do not, then the banks will be the ones that will leave you without money.
But more than that, what if all the pro-Trump people just ... stopped working. No more work. No more production. Stop delivering products.What if they all just stopped? For a week. Two weeks. Two months?
In two days, factories across the country would be paralyzed for lack of materials and components ... and would be forced to close.
Imagine that half or more of the truck drivers stopped transiting and returned to their homes.
truck drivers stopped transiting
The economy of the whole country would be paralyzed in a matter of days. Literally, days! There would be no deliveries of gasoline or fuel.There would be no food deliveries. No delivery to retail stores, or products to sell.
Supermarkets in this nation have only three days of food supplies. In large metropolitan areas, supermarkets have to receive deliveries every day to prevent the shelves from being empty. If the truckers stop, those markets begin to empty into ONE DAY. On the second day, we would see the first riots.
us supermarkets empty
What if all of Trump's supporters stopped paying their bills, too? They would provoke a Financial Armaguedón ... and who could denounce so many people or which courts could handle the huge amount of defaults and denunciations in this respect?
If the truckers stopped making deliveries, in a week at most, the cities in which Hillary Clinton receives their support, they would fall into the most absolute anarchy in four days ... five at the most. Do you remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? After only three days, it looked like Mogadishu!
New Orleans Hurricane Katrina
And all those liberals who do not want weapons, could not defend themselves against the savages who would steal their food.
In less than ONE WEEK, every major city in this country would descend to total anarchy. Local police would probably see that they have no hope of controlling any of this, so they would leave and protect their families.
So, my friends, if the rich and their arrogant public servants in the government think they can cope with stealing the elections for Hillary, the "little ones" seem to have a plan to crush them by simply withdrawing their money from banks and markets Stocks and bonds, and stay home for a couple of weeks or maybe a month.
A massive withdrawal by "small people" would crush banks, stocks and bond markets until Friday, November 11. Stopping work will deprive cities of food and fuel, causing massive violence and self-destruction within a week (maximum 10 days).
Milwaukee riots 2016
In the end, all those presumptuous and arrogant people who think they can do whatever they want, even steal an election, could finally find out who REALLY controls this country: The "little people."
So go ahead, liberals, keep defending Hillary and continue to ignore the electoral fraud and foreign money that has financed her campaign. We'll see how the country works in ten days after that.
As for me, I'll be sitting, eating popcorn, and watching it on TV ...

Well you see ... that's the yard in the US.
Let's face it. Texts like the latter seem more like a "wish list" than anything else.
We fear that if he wins Hillary Clinton, many of those "revolutionaries" who both threaten to "massive stops, withdrawals and general chaos" and many of those "super soldiers of freedom" that are part of armed militias and threatens to rise in Weapons, they will only be drunk to death on election night to forget the displeasure and at best they will spend a few days firing four beer cans in the mountains, while mumbling threats against the state.
US revolutionaries
And if not, to show that such talk is true and that they are not bigmouths ... that they mount a revolution of truth if Clinton wins, that they rise in arms and throw themselves into the mountain.
In one hour, we will see if the election result gives the opportunity for all these "patriots" to demonstrate their vaunted "manliness" ...

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