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Saturday, November 19, 2016


It is becoming clearer and clearer that after the victory of Donald Trump, there are the same elites that the tycoon allegedly claims to fight.
It is something so obvious and is so in the eyes of everyone, that at this point, only the blind, the fanatics or the indoctrinated do not want to see it.
An example of this, we find it in one of its most trusted chief advisers: Steven Mnuchin, who is sounding a lot as a possible Secretary of the Treasury.
Although Mnuchin is not finally chosen by Trump to become Secretary of the Treasury, he is still the key piece in the design of the economic policy of the new Trump government.
Steven Mnuchin
Therefore, even after being given the post of Secretary of the Treasury to Krusty the Clown, who will really be behind the design of Trump's economic policy, will be Mnuchin.
As shown, a button.
In recent days, we have learned that Donald Trump, working on the economic plan he wants to launch in the first hundred days of his term, and the one that has come out in public to confirm it, was precisely Steven Mnuchin.
"Right now we are still in the planning stage , " said Mnuchin told journalists before joining a meeting at the Trump Tower, New York.
Mnuchin said the "economic priorities are clearly taxes, regulations, trade and infrastructure."
During his election campaign, Trump has committed to reducing taxes, making financial regulations more flexible, revising international trade treaties, and launching a broad infrastructure investment program.
"We want to be in a position where in the first hundred days (the mandate of Trump) can execute the business plan," the member of the presidential transition team.
Therefore, it is crucial to know who Steven Mnuchin is, to understand what the triumph of Donald Trump really means.
Well, we'll say it in one sentence: Steven Mnuchin is GOLDMAN SACHS.
Yes, we are saying loud and clear: Trump, the alleged "anti-establishment", the alleged "enemy of elites , " the listed as "anti-system magnate" by the mainstream media ... is serving Goldman Sachs ... as always and like everyone.
Do not believe?
Well, let's see who Trump's highly trusted advisor Steven Mnuchin is.
Steven Mnuchin, 53, has been a Goldman Sachs Group partner for 17 years and is the son of another banker, Robert E. Mnuchin, who also amassed a fortune at Goldman Sachs for 30 years. That is, it is from Goldman Sachs by hereditary means.
You see: "pure anti-establishment".
Zionist enemy
Needless to say that Mnuchin is Jewish, a brief memos indicative for all those who still believe that Trump is "the Zionist enemy" and all that nonsense that have been listening to lately in some alternative media.
As an incision, and for all those who are obsessed with the power of the Jews and the Zionists (and many of whom have stupidly believed Trump represents the opposite), we are going to remind you that Donald's own son-in-law Trump, Jared Kushner, husband of his daughter Ivanka, and who aims to be the right-hand man of the President-elect of the United States, is an Orthodox Jewish multimillionaire.
Jared Kushner
Jared Kushner
And for those who believe in theories that relate these elites to kabbalistic, numerical, magical or satanist practices, we will tell you that Kushner owns the 666 Fifth Avenue building, a skyscraper a few blocks from the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York. York.
As an additional note, we will say that the young Jared won a place at Harvard University "despite his poor grades , " according to Daniel Golden, author of "The price of admission: how the US ruling class Buy the pass to elite universities ".
The year of Kushner's admission, according to Golden's book, the father donated $ 2.5 million to college along with similar donations to Cornell and Princeton. Pure elitism.
That's Trump's son-in-law and his possible right hand ...
But let's go back to Mnuchin, because his is no waste.
As we said, Mnuchin has made his career precisely in all those institutions belonging to the elites, the establishment and Wall Street, which Trump was supposed to fight, he promised his unwary voters during the presidential campaign.
Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses In 'Top Trades'
Not only has Mnuchin been a partner of Goldman Sachs and the son of a Goldman Sachs banker, but he also worked for George Soros at Soros Fund Management (and you know, the height of the evil Zionist establishment) Hollywood blockbuster (remember that in some of these alternative means we have sold to Trump as the "anti-establishment that shakes the evil Zionist elites , " they keep telling us that Hollywood is the quintessential Zionist illuminati control over the population).
Among other films, Mnuchin financed the X-Men franchise (yes, films about a new breed of beings with superhuman abilities superior to the rest of the mortals), as well as Avatar and the last version of Mad Max, among many others.
While working at Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin purchased the remains of IndyMac Bank (now known as OneWest Bank), a California-based lending company that broke in 2008. This top executive had to endure protests on the lawn of his own mansion in Bel Air in 2011, by the owners of the foreclosed homes, because of the bad policies of their bank.
Mnuchin and his partners
In addition, it appears that Mnuchin is quite bailouts to Wall Street firms in 2009. Profit after buying the rescued bank IndyMac per cents per share, "Mnuchin and his partners, who named their new bank OneWest, ended Getting some good benefits. They converted their initial bet of $ 1,550 million in a prize of 3400 million dollars. "
They were able to get these gains as taxpayers took all risks for the bank's toxic assets, costing American taxpayers approximately $ 13 billion in losses. At the same time, the bank continued to foreclose the mortgages of homeowners who were no longer able to pay their mortgage payments.
The main disadvantaged were working-class families, communities of color and the elderly.
Come on, the typical thing you can expect from an anti-establishment representative worried about the future of the American middle class ... right?
Mnuchin Trump
It is curious to see how Mnuchin represents in person, everything that allegedly had to destroy this new modern Batman named Donald Trump, the new "vigilante millionaire who will create a better world."
But also, Mnuchin, also part of the "secret" Skull and Bones society of Yale, where he studied at the university elitist.
The point is that if Mnuchin finally took over as Secretary of the Treasury, he would become the third former Goldman Sachs executive to lead the US Treasury since the mid-1990s. Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson headed the Wall Street firm before becoming Treasury chiefs under presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, respectively.
In fact, Goldman Sachs has been putting bankers in senior management positions at major institutions and governments for years: New York Fed Chairman William Dudley is the firm's former chief economist. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney was managing director of the firm.European Central Bank President Mario Draghi was vice president of its international arm.
Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon
In fact, Trump has already named another member of Goldman Sachs: former Breitbart news head Steve Bannon, whom he has appointed chief strategist and chief counselor and who has raised blisters for being simply and simply a fascist.
Yes, that also went through Goldman Sachs!
The issue is that Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein praised Mnuchin at a conference in New York last week, calling him a "very smart guy," who climbed quickly inside the firm.
"I've followed his career and I know what he has done, though since I have not committed much with it , " Blankfein said.
Lloyd Blankfein
Lloyd Blankfein
It is curious to see how Blankfein speaks of Mnuchin almost as if he did not know him, despite having been 17 years in the firm and being the son of a high executive who was in her 30 years.
A very fine way of saying "we have nothing to do ..."
Interestingly, Goldman Sachs shares have risen 15% since the November 8 election.
Come on , what to expect when he becomes president a 'scourge of elites ", an" anti-system ", an" anti-establishment willing to attack the evil elitists bankers "as we had sold it was Donald Trump ...
The Enemy of Elites
At present, no doubt, there will be many people among the considerable mass of gullible (to say nothing worse) who have swallowed the great fallacy that Trump is "the enemy of elites", which will come under denial ... possibly they tell us that "we must wait to see what makes Trump to try him" ... and they are right, we should expect ... but it is striking that have a type of Goldman Sachs designing its economic policy, without expecting or just to be named president .
For you to see the level of shame Trump has and the colossal scam he represents for all those who have believed in him, we just have to remember that when Senator Ted Cruz disputed the primaries to the tycoon, Trump attacked him harshly with him Argument that his wife had worked for Goldman Sachs.
"Goldman Sachs owns it, will do everything they ask. It is not as reformist! "Trump tweeted on 16 January. A month later, in one of his campaign events in South Carolina, the now president - elect he said: "I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him (Cruz) as much as they have over Hillary Clinton. "
Trump and Ted Cruz
Well, that same guy who criticized Cruz as a server of Goldman Sachs, now shows that he is also at his service.
Needless to say underscores the level Teasing that this represents, nor do epithets on the very low intellectual level you have to have someone to keep believing that Trump is an "anti-establishment" or an "enemy of the elites ".
But for all these people who still doubt the scam, we want to propose a final exercise ... you suppose that the elections were won by Hillary Clinton, and they would have been told that their economic policy is designed by a Jewish financier of Goldman Sachs, the son of another A banker of Goldman Sachs, a member of the elite Skull and Bones society, who worked for George Soros and who has made large sums of money by funding Hollywood successes with which to mentally program the population and who became enraged by cheating people during the Crisis of 2008.
Can you imagine what they would say in some conspiracy circles and propagandist websites like Infowars by Alex Jones?
Conspiranoids shrieks would be heard from the moon, claiming that the "Zionist Evil iluminati Clinton obey their masters satanic cabal of ultra-Zionist, naming one of their agents to manage money USA!"
Zionist Evil
Instead, after a remarkable and very efficient mass brainwashing, those same followers of conspiracy theories constructed by such suspicious alternative media do not say "neither mu" what is more evidence than we have denounced for some time : That Donald Trump is not an enemy of the elites, that no establishment has come to charge and that he obeys the same masters as always and that if they have put him there, it is because he must fulfill a specific mission appropriate to the current situation.
Who does not see it, is because it does not want to see the evidence, more and more showy and palmarias.
In fact, if we raise it coldly, we will see that the current situation is even worse than if Hillary Clinton had won.
And the reason is that at least we had well identified Hillary Clinton. We knew what masters he was, we knew what his intentions were, we knew he was a criminal and a corrupt ... his victory, in the short or medium term, could only provoke a popular reaction against him, coming from below and that might have been difficult To control.
Evil Hillary Clinton
And that reaction would have come as much from the ultra-conservative side as from the ultra-leftist side, as well as from a large mass population of establishment and elites.
However, there are now millions of people deceived, who have been led to believe that Donald Trump is an alternative to those masters that Clinton represented. And by the way, any possibility of popular unity between conservative and progressive people against the political establishment and the financial elites has fragmented.
All those people could have risen in unison, forgetting their stupid ideological differences imposed by indoctrinating education, but because of that brilliant operation of the elites called Donald Trump, that unity has inevitably cracked.
Trump's neo-fascist, racist, xenophobic and barriobed discourse has led the left-wing people to hate him to death and the ultra-conservatives to defend him by the sword, while blindly multiplying their hatred against leftists, now Put in the same bag that the Clintons, the elites and the establishment.
They managed to divide the population opposing his plans in the traditional "left" and irreconcilable "right".
And much of the alternative means that have pushed Trump to the presidency, or selling Putin as the hero against the elites, are playing a crucial role in that social divide.
Now, these ultra-conservative media serving not known exactly who is engaged to label any manifestation anti-system that is not strictly right, of "maneuver orchestrated by George Soros" ... and it is true that many are. But it is that according to the crazy logic of these media, the powerful tentacles of George Soros spread all over the planet, they control everything, they orchestrate everything ... now it turns out that anyone who goes out and protests has been paid by George Soros and the Rothschilds ... but that same George Soros and those same Rothschilds have been unable to manipulate the American elections, which, by the way, the same media had sold us as almost inevitable.
Donald Trump has been a great maneuver of division of the opposition ... and in this case, the opposition, we are the people of the street from all corners of the world, regardless of our ideological inclinations.
It must be recognized that it was a really smart move.
In addition, the elites have become Donald Trump in the face of "anti-establishment" movement, in the same way they have done with the clown and his Brexit Nigel Farage, or European ultra-rightists.
With this, the possibility of being the symbol of their own uprising against the elites has been taken away from the plain people.
Now "the face of rebellion" is an elitist millionaire with gold - plated elevator ... until they have stolen it!
And let no one have any doubts: the election of all these right-wing (not to mention fascist) leaders, making them the faces of anti-elite rebellion, is not gratuitous at all.
The victory of all these ultra-conservative and ultra-nationalist politicians will allow these elites to definitively implement many of their social control objectives: more power for the police without accountability, more mass surveillance, more prisons, more repression, more weapons, More army ... and if people protest against the repression to which it will be submitted, they will tell us that it was the fault of the population itself, "for having voted for the evil populists." They will tell us that we do not know how to choose our rulers, that we let ourselves be carried away, that we are a mob, a mass incapable of thinking ... that perhaps everything would be better if the world were governed by groups of trained people and technocrats and that democracy has proved obsolete .
But that will come later, at the end of the road to the New Order.
Now, Trump's victory has turned out to be a masterful move to strengthen the current system, especially in the North American case.
Republican National Convention
After months raising suspicions through alternative means, that warned us of all kinds of alleged manipulations of the elites to disrupt the elections, the victory of Trump has become a "demonstration" that "elections are never manipulated" and that "the system is clean."
If now someone dares to raise suspicions that elections are manipulated in the West, they say , "How can you say that? Did not Trump win by confronting him alone, nakedly, against the entire political and journalistic establishment? Did not Brexit win? Do you need more proof that nothing is manipulated? "
As we see, Trump's election has already fulfilled several objectives for the elites: it has given air to the system that sustains them, making it credible in the eyes of the most disbelieving; Has robbed the population of the possibility of becoming a symbol of their own rebellion, giving the witness an elitist; Will allow us to fire the profits of the arms companies, the oil companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the banks, giving the impression that we are acting against the establishment; Will consolidate Zionist objectives in the Middle East; Will allow the necessary corrections to be made for a system that collapsed under the umbrella of a presumed rebel and disingenuous; Will allow to apply repressive policies without dirtying the establishment, as they will be applied by someone who has been presented as opposed to him; And finally, it will divide the popular opposition to the designs of the elites, by means of the habitual paradigm of the rights and the left.
What a great maneuver, yes sir! They deserve applause.
And all those who have truly believed (and continue to believe) that they are living a rebellion against the elites, deserve applause too: their candor is admirable.
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