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Thursday, November 3, 2016

THE STRANGE "SUICIDE" of US GENERAL JHON ROSSI Two days before taking Command of Nuclear Missiles

General John Rossi
This is one of those real cases surrounded by the most absolute mystery and give rise to all sorts of conspiracy theories and speculation.
General John Rossi, who this past summer was just two days take command Command Space and Missile Defense US Army, was killed by a suspected suicide.
Rossi, 55, and had 33 years of service, died July 31 at his home in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. He had served as commanding general of the Army Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Before that, he served as director of the Office of Defense Review Army at the Pentagon.
General John Rossi
Rossi grew up in Long Island, New York. He graduated from West Point in 1983 and was commissioned as an artillery officer of air defense.During his time in the army, Rossi served in the United States, Korea, Germany, southwest Asia and Iraq.
They have survived his wife, Liz, her three children and one grandchild.
General John Rossi and Wife
As reported in USA Today, based on the testimony of a US government official: " It seemed that Rossi was overwhelmed by his responsibilities."
It is this statement that causes more confusion about this issue.
Now, apparently, give a position of importance in the army to a two-star general, thus reaching the highest level in his career, it is a possible reason for his suicide.
However, as it indicates the analyst Jeremiah Johnson in his article on STHFplan, it really suspicious of the matter is that the general committed suicide on July 31, 2016 ... and have spent two months until the army has reported that the reason his death was "suicide."
Two stars death ruled a suicide
For two months, no one has said anything about the causes of his death.
Furthermore, the investigation did not reveal any additional factor, such as misconduct or substance abuse, which could have led to the suicide of Rossi, according to the army officer quoted by USA Today said.
In the personal aspect, it should be noted that the general had just moved to his military house of Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, where should play his new position.
And with his new position, Rossi would have been promoted to lieutenant general, which meant a significant rise in his career.
US Army Organization Elements
Ironically, a few months before committing suicide in March Rossi had spoken at a conference on suicide in the armed forces, saying: "We are ultimately responsible for the soldiers inside and outside the service."
Actually, it is a suspicious case and as noted Johnson in his article, there really disturbing elements around this alleged "suicide".
To begin, we must bear in mind that having reached the position (and two days before have not committed suicide), General Rossi would have been aware of all procedures and protocols to defend the United States against an attack ICBM ( intercontinental) or to an attack or event EMP (electromagnetic pulse attack or an electromagnetic pulse of natual origin) ballistic missiles.
New Nuclear Missile
In fact, having held office, General Rossi would have had access to information directly from the White House and the Pentagon in its highest levels and would have had under his command the control of nuclear missile and space defense US .
So how do you explain that a Major General of the United States Army receive a senior command his 55 years and after 33 years of service, reaching the highest of his long career as a military point, accept occupy office, moves to his new post ... and kill himself "overwhelmed by the responsibility , " two days before officially taking office?
The thing stinks from all sides.
United States Nuclear Weapon
As indicated by Johnson in his article, we could be facing a new example of purging, in the same way that the entire United States Army has been purged of hundreds of senior officers of Staff, Admiralty and NCOs ... replaced in recent years by men ready to take orders from Obama.
As Johnson suggests, everything points to a murder: no suicide note, no press coverage on the real issue, and virtually no information from statements from friends, family or colleagues army.
But there is an additional element that adds a new dimension to the issue: this death comes shortly before Obama signed the Executive Order to "protect" the US of a possible spatial anomaly that destroys the entire electrical infrastructure of the country; an alleged event space weather caused by solar flare possible ... at the time when the sun is at its minimum of activity in recent years and is less predictable that solar storms occur.
At this point, it's all so strange, obviously, we enter the field of the wildest speculation.
General Rossi
General Rossi could have been lower in that kind of covert civil war within the American establishment and deep government (and around the world, in fact), factional power struggle to impose its model of New Order World.
This struggle is evident in the own US elections, where the actions of the FBI, first covering up the crimes of Clinton and now exposing them, show that there is a real war between undercover powers, intelligence agencies and government, the same Pentagon and the different factions policies within the US, all topped by external influences of other powers.
And when they arrived here, it's not crazy to speculate that perhaps Rossi fell victim to that hidden civil war.
But there are other options, much more disturbing. Frightening fact.
Nuclear Explosion in US
And the scariest option is that really, the general killed himself.
Why then, that brings us to ask the question: what the general learned after agreeing to hold this position, to drive him to suicide?
As Jeremiah Johnson speculates in his article, if you really committed suicide, he was probably "because he heard something so horrible, I could not live with it and probably could not stop it ."
That is, once I knew what was coming, he preferred to be removed from the middle, rather than accept responsibility.
Well, this is a speculation that leads directly to film apocalyptic scenarios and almost prefer not to take it into account.
In fact, following this kind of speculation, Jeremiah Johnson argues that the next war will be initiated by an EMP device (electromagnetic pulse) detonated on the continental United States, to tear down the power grid in the US, annul its infrastructure, leading to the establishment of martial law and then, a limited nuclear exchange and then a conventional war occurs.
Nuclear explosion
And according to Johnson, perhaps the general would not accept that should be a key part of these plans and took off out of the way (or removed from the middle late, seeing it was "not as receptive" to obey orders as initially they believed).
I honestly believe that these speculations Johnson are more than exaggerated and rub the absolute paranoia; therefore, we do not give too much credibility.
However, the strange suicide of this generally does not exactly dispel such theories "so crazy."
No further information on the causes of suicide, asserting that the general took his own life "overwhelmed by the responsibility , " is so absurd that only invited to read between the lines and imagine disturbing scenarios.
Army Nuclear General in charge
So, let's read between the lines.
If they really wanted to disguise the murder into the shape of a suicide, they could have sought any excuse: "I had a terminal illness" was "depressed", "he was about to reveal a scandal private life", etc ...
They could have invented any justification.
But when a government official comes and tells us that "was overwhelmed by the responsibility , " is giving us a hidden message.
We are suggesting that after his death, there is something big ... a "very big responsibility" that the general would not or could not accept ...
Very strange, right?

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