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Saturday, December 3, 2016


Cyclically, we are getting news, published both in alternative media and in mass media, which point in the direction of a possible terrorist attack with nuclear or radioactive devices.
The intention behind this malicious news, we do not know if it is sowing fear among the population (unlikely, because people are too dumb with their mobile or TV to be alarmed by anything that is not visible, tangible or immediate) or Although it tries to inoculate the idea in the public imaginary so that it is accepted as a plausible and acceptable reality, in the event that it occurs. Something like "we had already warned".
The issue is that we have new news about a robbery of radioactive material, although this time, it would not be a simple geological or industrial device, but directly from a dangerous element coming from a nuclear plant.
Radioactive terrorist attack
As pointed out by the Jerusalem Post newspaper, echoing information from the Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat (based in London and whose intentions are obscure, as we will say later), Iranian nuclear material would have been stolen and with it could be make a "dirty bomb".

Radioactive material produced at the Iranian nuclear plant at Bushehr was reportedly reportedly stolen, raising concerns about making a dirty bomb in the future.

The identity of the alleged thieves remains unknown.

dirty bomb lab
The missing material, Iridium-192, was reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency by the Iranian nuclear regulator earlier this month, warning Gulf neighbors of its potentially harmful use.
A dirty bomb, or radiological dispersion device, is a conventional weapon equipped with nuclear material. The idea behind a dirty bomb is the spread of highly toxic and polluting radioactive materials in the area around the blast.
Citing Saudi intelligence sources, Asharq al-Awsat reported Friday that the Iridium-192 was stolen when it was being transported from the Bushehr facility. The vehicle carrying the nuclear material was later found abandoned with its contents seized.
It is not clear who stole nuclear material and why.
In this regard, it should be noted that the Iranian media Tehran Times argues that the information is not correct.
According to the Iranian publication, based on an anonymous source, the stolen material was actually an iridium-192 camera, used to make X-rays in the city of Ahvaz, capital of the southwestern province of Khuzestan.
The issue, however, is that the news about the theft of Iridium-192 has run through the networks and has been given for certain in multiple media.
The IAEA defines Iridium-192, a highly unstable isotope that emits electrons and gamma rays, as a Category 2 radioactive substance. Substances with Category 2 classification may permanently damage or even kill a human being if exposed to the material in question Of hours or days.
Iridium-192 is generally used in the field of industry, used to locate faults in metallic components, despite the danger it poses to humans.
In July 2015, Iran and six world powers (Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States plus Germany) reached a nuclear agreement on the country's nuclear program.
The agreement, which came into force in January, requires Iran to dispose of most of its nuclear waste in exchange for lifting international sanctions in the country's energy and financial sectors. In addition, Iran undertakes to allow regular inspections of facilities within the country.
Earlier this month, the UN nuclear watchdog said Iran must stop repeatedly overcoming a limit on its stock of sensitive material established by the historic agreement.
The IAEA, which is monitoring the agreement, said in a report in early November that Iran had slightly exceeded the 130-metric limit of its heavy water stock for the second time since the agreement was launched in January.
UN nuclear watchdog
The issue is that as the website Veterans Today (VT) indicates in reference to this news, there are suspicious elements that do not invite optimism.
To begin with, according to VT, the source of the news, the Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper is an Arabic-language newspaper published in London, considered as a piece of propaganda to the direct order of the Saudi royal family dedicated to disseminating disinformation.
In this case, the misinformation is intended to relate Iran's nuclear activities to a theft of dangerous material, a step prior to what could be a false flag attack with such radioactive material and which could even lead to blaming the Iranians for Or at least its nuclear program.
This would make some sense, in the light of new circumstances around Iran: apart from its usual enemies of Saudi Arabia, Israel or Qatar, now Iran will have to deal with a new and bitter enemy in the White House, the Trump administration, ready To complete the work long designed by the elites and consisting of attacking or invading several countries in the area, culminating with the largest and most powerful of them: Iran.
But perhaps we should not consider this news as isolated, but as part of a larger campaign, undertaken by a variety of different media.
Improvised Nuclear Device
And, the news was published in the Asharq Al-Awsat on November 25 and in the Jerusalem Post on November 27. But curiously, on November 27, and without apparent relation to the news, on the North American web The National Interest, appeared a broad article that tried to convince the reader to learn an acronym and to incorporate to its vocabulary: IND.
IND means "Improvised Nuclear Device" (Improvised Nuclear Device), which are defined as pump devices similar handcrafting to IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) but with elements and materials from nuclear weapons.
The issue is that The National Interest website provided a comprehensive explanation of these terrorist devices, warning readers that they should start ringing them because they would soon hear of them because of a possible terrorist attack.
Improvised Explosive Devices
Two days later, RT's website was responsible for reproducing the same propaganda for its Spanish-speaking readers, in what is no more than a propaganda effort, in this case of Russia, to justify any Russian intervention against terrorism in The foreigner and at home (and on the 30th did Sputnik) ... exactly as American propaganda has always done.
And is that the moment of truth, as the manipulation of the term "terrorism" means to justify the most dirty tricks, all seem to go in the same direction.
The issue is that we have, in a few hours, a double propaganda maneuver on a possible nuclear device improvised by evil terrorists, which is spoken on websites of Arab, Israeli, North American and Russian matrix ... and add to that, alternative means Which have echoed the news, such as Veterans Today.
We are not saying that there is going to be a bomb attack with a dirty bomb (something that they insinuate more strongly in the web of VT), but we do notice that this news has an evident load of bad intentions in the respect and it points in a bad direction, At least as far as Iran's interests and balance in the region are concerned.
There are many means involved in constructing a certain story, of different spheres and inclinations and that is not precisely, a news that can leave us alone ...


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