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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Beyoncé shares first photo of twins Sir and Rumi

Beyoncé debuts newborn twins Sir and Rumi

Forgive the Beehive if they are tired on Friday.

Overnight, Beyoncé debuted the long awaited photo of her newborn twins on her official Instagram account.
Naturally, it was glorious.

The photo was just what we have come to expect from the superstar.
It featured Queen Bey cradling her babies while swathed in fabric including a blue veil. She is posed just before a stand of flowers with the ocean in the background. The image is similar to ones she posted to broadcast her pregnancy in February.
" Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today," the caption read.

If you are questioning how followers were so quick to respond, many of them set their Instagram accounts to receive notifications the minute Beyoncé posted anything.
Yes, it's that serious.
Beyoncé's mother, Tina Lawson, confirmed via social media that the twins are a boy and a girl-- a fact that had been widely reported but not confirmed by the parents.

"So Happy my baby shared a photo of her babies with the world," Lawson wrote on her Instagram account. "Proud grandma hello Sir Carter and Rumi Carter. Boy and girl what a blessing."
And since it's Bey and Jay, there couldn't be news without some speculation.

Fan questions ranged from why the singer wrote "Sir Carter" but "Rumi" without a last name to what inspired the name choices.
There was a hint that we might be seeing more of Beyoncé.
Entertainment This evening reported Thursday that fans spotted her out to dinner with her hubby in Malibu, California. It was the first public sighting since she gave birth.
The Instagram post also served as the official affirmation of the babies names. In June, Beyoncé and Jay-Z reportedly filed trademark documents to secure rights to the names "Rumi Carter" and "Sir Carter."
The superstar singer and her mogul husband, who married in 2008, are also families to a five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.

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